Net code discussion. Rollback confirmed!



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    Some days all I get are 3 bar connections. Kind of a weird thing. No 4 or 5 bars. Anyone else?
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    Weekend wifi warriors lmao
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    Thanks to the efforts by /u/l2edford, he managed to get something from John D ("Left behind" guy). Keep in mind that this is not an official statement by Capcom (that's why I put it in quotes in the title) :

    "One-sided rollback is something that is on their radar and they are currently researching the causes and fixes. I can't speak to what the timeline for approval is (i do know but can't officially say), but please know that the dev team is listening to feedback and are continuing to work on these issues."

    We posted some examples in the /r/kappa thread, but if you have some more examples of one-sided netcode, please tweet them to John D. The ones where the same match is recorded by both sides are especially useful.
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