Forum Rules: READ ME FIRST Or You Will Be Banned

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Welcome to's Street Fighter V forum section.

Before you post anything, please be aware of the following rules.

1. Only threads related to Street Fighter V are allowed in this sub-forum. Generally, the following are allowed.
* Threads discussing mechanics and characters related to Street Fighter V
* Please note that until we have separate character sub-forums, you are allowed only one thread per character, and only if they are confirmed. Unconfirmed characters do not deserve their own threads
* Threads about new and unique discoveries regarding Street Fighter V
* Discussions of aspects of Street Fighter V's community
All threads that DO belong here should have clear titles. Titles such as "LOL LOL LOL" or "a new idea" are needlessly ambiguous: make it clear what the topic is about. Ambiguous titles can and will be edited for clarity

2. The following threads do not belong here.
* Threads asking us to decide something for you or provide suggestions to you upon any issue of any sort. You being uncertain is not a reason for a thread, it's a reason for you to do some homework.
* Linkspam to other sites. SRK isn't a site for links to other sites: have the discussion here. If you need to link to another site, have the discussion of that content here.
* Redundant threads discussing topics that are already the subject of, or being discussed in an existing thread (i.e. threads for unconfirmed characters when we already have an existing character speculations thread).
* Anything involving any sort of poll whatsoever.
* Individual character request threads.
* Obvious troll threads.
* Balance threads. At least not until the game has actually be released.
All threads not conforming to this will be locked and the creator infracted.
If you are uncertain about whether your thread belongs here, you might want to simply post it in the Street Fighter V General Discussion Thread:

In addition to these, forum rules, as stated in the FGD rules thread still apply here.
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3. Be part of the community. Do not create a thread until your account has been here for a month. Hang out, visit the Newbie Dojo, get to know how things and people work. If you REALLY want to create a new thread but are a new account, PM a mod. Low quality or troll threads will tend to get locked without notice. If a thread sucks, you do not need to post that it sucks. Just don't post in it.

4. You get one shot at somebody. This is a very passionate community and tempers do flare up. If somebody posts an insult, you get one post to reply. Anything further should be moved to private messages. If it continues past this first post, both parties will get infracted on a per posts basis, which can quickly add up to a ban. We appreciate good natured ... "criticism" but these threads are not boxing rings. We will not tolerate any threat made towards any member of this community. Any threats on the forums or through PM will result in banning. Generally, criticism that pertains to the thread will be more tolerated. Outright flaming should go to private messages. Anybody whose contributions solely consist of attacking others will likely be banned: don't make a habit of this. It's a community: act like you're part of it.

5. You get to reply to a derailing comment once. Derailing can happen naturally in conversation and it is similar in threads. You get one reply. If you want to discuss it further create a thread for it here if it concerns FGD, if not take to GD. If someone frequently derails threads: Report them and the mods will warn them.

6. Please use the "Flag" button for bot spam (and bot spam only). We cannot monitor every thread at all times. It is up to the community to let us know when things are being derailed, when people are creating threads they shouldn't, and when something has deteriorated into a sparring match with insults. For bot-spam, use the Flag:Spam flag. For everything else, PM a mod or "@mod"; to loop them in. Do not take things into your own hands. Any time you plan on saying "but he started it" or "did you infract him?", you will be politely ignored. A moderator is typically not equipped to stop all wildfires: that's your job to not be part of them. A moderator can only clean up the mess in the best way they can figure out. Don't make yourself a target for moderator diligence.

7. Do not reply to trolls: that only encourages them. Responding to trolls will get you infracted too. Also note that someone disagreeing with you is not necessarily trolling: learn to tolerate different views. It's not like everybody always plays Ryu: there are always different ways to approach things.

8. Please use the Ignore function. If the one shot did not resolve the issue and things did not get resolved by private messages, please simply look away or completely ignore the person willingly or by the functions of the forum. Click on their name on the left. In the popup, click that sexy "Ignore" button. This saves you grief and saves us from being annoyed and you potentially being infracted or banned.

9. Don't derail or metamoderate. Someone on the internet is always wrong: let it go. If you feel the need to attack someone, you damned well better be sure to educate them as part of it.

10. If you have a problem with moderation, PM that moderator in a friendly fashion: we are, after all, only trying to help. If you don't like that answer, PM a supermoderator. We're human and do make mistakes. :)

On top of this, do not reply to bot threads. Doing so only marks the forum as active to the botnet resulting in more bots being sent our way. Replying to bot threads will likely get you infracted, depending on whether or not this triggers bots.

For further information, please refer to the Shoryuken forums Terms of Service.
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