The Great Item Debate - 4th Edition



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    ....still talking about validity when talking about ranking
    The point of this thread is to discuss ASSUMING that items are valid. Thus discussing whether they are valid have no place. I don't see how this can be made clearer.
    Anywho. With my rankings, do you feel anything is entirely out of place based on my reasoning
    I'm not sure, honestly. I still think 6 ranks (technically 7) is too much to decide on. If anything, I'd say it should be pared down to 4 (5) ranks in some manner, but overall, I don't think your list is exactly that far off mine, tbh.

    In the end, while I agree that disruptiveness should be a huge factor in the rankings, I don't think it's the only one. I'd say three factors really are involved: disruptiveness, potency, and risk factor, in that order of impact.

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    I did calculate that as well but i kept a general idea: how different is the game with these items?

    Like gooey bombs explode but i have it in rank 3 while almost all other exploding items are rank 4. Most battering items are rank 3 but i did the hammers and bat in rank 4, etc

    I separated into 6 ranks because of power, rank 6 is anything goes. There are no drawbacks to those items and change the game too much. 5 is uber but still have a metagame around them
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