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    ImagineVC wrote: »
    he didn't use any V-meter.

    the lariat spin thing he did was his v-trigger (the guy had activated it with infinite v-trigger meter before he started recording)

    normally stand strong is not special cancelable or regular lariat doesn't reach

    so you do have to spend v-trigger as well to get this to work

    edit - actually it's even more situational than i thought, this combo apparently only works if v-trigger is already activated before the wakeup DP (he can't activate it mid combo and have it work)
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    Like you did?
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    It's so tempting to make a new thread right now

    Edit: also happy new year
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    I wouldn't completely believe that Gief combo btw. The hack version of phase 3 has issues with Gief, Laura, and Sim. In the video you can't really tell if he V-Trigger cancelled or if he already had V-Trigger activated since his V-Gauge doesn't go down at all. It seemed liked he had it activated already since we didn't see the V-Trigger activation but that could also be an issue with the hacked version. If he had V-Trigger activated prior to the combo then you won't actually get that long float state as well. This combo seems like it wouldn't work properly in general.
    ImagineVC wrote: »
    i knew i was gonna get that type of response but lets have an intelligent discussion tyler, i agree wakeup dp should be punished but not this hard. that's not balanced gameplay. zangief did blow an entire super bar on that punish but he probably gained at least half a bar before using the Super and he didn't use any V-meter.

    Uh...You saw similar damaging punishes in SF4 when someone had full Ultra and 1-2 meters stocked anyways. The only reason we didn't see that level of punish as often is because of the FADC on block mechanic, which heavily favored anyone with an FADCable invincible special from vanilla to AEv2012.

    What you're seeing is someone punishing a DP with full meter and V-Trigger so the damage is going to be high plus Gief does more damage than other members of the cast. As mentioned in my first half of this post Gief needed to use V-Meter because that lariat spinning move that launched Cammy is his V-Trigger but it only launches if you used an entire bar of V-Trigger. If he did this midway through his V-Trigger it wouldn't juggle that high. You're making judgments on the game without knowing what's actually going on in the game.

    If you guessed right on your DP then you reset the momentum in your favor because you've just scored a knockdown. You're not going to get any ambiguous mix up options afterwards though. You can aim for a meaty, throw, or other option to perpetuate your offensive momentum. Gief has no invincible reversal and slow normals so he's going to have to accept your pressure for a bit. I think that's already a significant enough reward for a reversal DP. You shouldn't be rewarded with high damage or an ambiguous mix up option off of an invincible reversal like in SF4. That's skewing the risk/reward in favor of the person on the defensive. If you choose not to DP and the opponent decides to bait a DP then they have to give up offensive momentum and you're back at neutral with maybe the opponent being at positional advantage. Pretty good trade all because you have this special move in your arsenal.
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