Saskatchewan Thread 2015

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Happy new year!

It's a new year and we got a lot of new fighters to look forward to soon. Hopefully this year and be the start of bigger and better things for the sask scene.


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    I wish the last time FGC was at its peak in saskatoon, not sure about Regina was 2 years ago in 2013 with a mere 10-15 people
  • burzy306burzy306 Joined: Posts: 152
    So I have a venue.

    With Mortal Kombat coming out, I'm wondering what attendance would be like if we hosted a tournament with stream. MK/USF4/Marvel/??????

    10 dollar venue fee.

    proceeds don't go to the greasy matrix who don't give anything back to the community, and we'll have a functional stream.

    need to know weekends people are available in late may.
  • burzy306burzy306 Joined: Posts: 152
    This is in Regina, of course.
  • FlubsyFlubsy Joined: Posts: 87
    I'd come out for Marvel (and any anime game you would run, like Xrd or UNIEL).
  • DarciusDarcius KILL IN THE SPIRIT WORLD Joined: Posts: 180
    Xrd or Uniel would get me over there.
    Don't think that I can be stopped.
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    I would at least try my best to get the weekend/day off work, if a date gets made.
    Nothing clever to say.
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    edited April 2015
    Any Canadian MKX players, add me on PSN (merlando306) to get some games in.

    I will also be streaming a lot of my play which can be found at

    PSN: Merlando306
    Merlando306 on
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