My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic Tribute Edition. Anyone there?

meistermayomeistermayo Joined: Posts: 22
I know this game is dead and all and the Mane6 are completely out of business, but does anyone still play this game? I have the Mac version of the game and I am wondering if anyone has a clue of how to get online going. Please help cuz I still love this game and would totally play it if people would play it.

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  • MollyFighterMollyFighter Barkley Fightan Dev Joined: Posts: 630
    .NET Framework is not supported by Mac, so the online client won't run. But you can try running the online client with Virtualbox.
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    I need to get the new build Crashie just released.
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    Why did you necro bump this...

    oops, saw this at top of list and thought it was a necro, and I ended up necroing in the process... Sorry for that.
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