GigaMaidens - A Game About Way Too Big Anime Lady's



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    I assume you'll be adding streets, landmarks, hills etc. Do you have any concept art for how the environment is supposed to look?
    I would put some mountains or a coastline or something to make it a bit more visually interesting...
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    As I said, it's just a test level. The actual level is going to have more variety. It's set in a city with a bay.
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    Shot of the character select screen. This environment is similar to the test level we're building.

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    So you'll see the actual character model when selecting and see a preview of the colors you are choosing like Blazblue, GG, KOFXIII, Skullgirls and others? This is always cool in my book.
  • PSYCH0J0SHPSYCH0J0SH Joined: Posts: 4,979
    We're looking into adding a post-process shader that will make the game look more stylized and cartoony. Hopefully it works.
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