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    That shouldn't be too hard. I can switch it up to do dash throw or dash low so that you can practice slightly delayed tech throws. I'll work on the script when I get some time this weekend.

    Forgot about this because of work obligations, but I did the script earlier tonight, as well as some modifications to the base code. All the scripts are now loaded dynamically from whatever relevant files it finds in the folder. You select one from the pause menu and the dummy plays it back. The low/throw script makes the dummy walk back and forth within a defined range from the opponent, then randomly dash in and does either low short or a throw. The player has to input a late tech that will block the block and tech the throw. If you input too quickly you'll potentially get hit by the low. Too late and you could get thrown.

    Because of how badly Mame handles 3S save states this is mostly just a proof-of-concept as far as 3S is concerned. I'll eventually add this stuff to github for interested parties to play with and/or modify.
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