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P4AU Xbox 360 players

QuantumPrime_QuantumPrime_ NO MEAT BUNS, NO LIFE!Joined: Posts: 49
Any out there? Just got the game and I love it. So far maining Yukiko. Also like Chie, Yu, and Akihiko. Would like to know if there's dedicated players to test my skills and learn from.


  • TheWigglyTheWiggly Forever Free Joined: Posts: 3
    I'd call the XBL version a dead version but theres still some faces out there. If you want I can send you to someone to help you learn some Yu shenanigans.
    XBL and PSN: TheWiggly
    P4AU: Kanji, Junpei
    GGXRD: Sol
    BBCP: Azrael
    USF4: Decapre, Hugo
  • Onslaught2000Onslaught2000 WHEN'S MAHVEL.........2?! Joined: Posts: 3,222 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Haha, just picked up this game a few days ago as well. Managed to run into a few players on ranked but I was playing the same 4 or 5 people over and over for the most part. I'm having fun with the game so far but I'll definitely be going to the PS3 version in a few days when I pick up a PS3. But since I'll have both versions I'll be down to play as well if anyone ends up seeing this. GT: MikeJonesJaxson
  • QuantumPrime_QuantumPrime_ NO MEAT BUNS, NO LIFE! Joined: Posts: 49
    Damn! I forgot I made this. Haven't logged in in awhile. Sorry about that. I recently picked up a refurbished PS3 a bit ago and may get the PS3 version myself.
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