Should the Elisabeth (Elizabeth) team return in the next King of Fighters installment?

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I am still a newbie to this forum but I have been acquainted with the King of Fighters series since when it came out on GameBoy and I recently went back to playing it on steam, I am now actually wondering should the Elisabeth team return in the next installment of the King of Fighters?


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    Elisabeth, Duo Lon, Shen woo? All great characters, so I don't see why not.

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    Yes, they're great. Bring back Adelheid too.
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    Elisabeth is my favorite KOF character so I'm disappointed that she didn't make it. If that leaked DLC list is true then she's not coming back anytime soon either.
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    Magegg wrote: »
    Yes, they're great. Bring back Adelheid too.

    Momoko, and above all Oswald and Adelheid would make me so very happy.
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    I think the next time it will be Ash, Elisabeth and Shen.
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    I would definitely love to see Elisabeth and Duo Lon.
    Adelheid is also not a bad choice either.
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