All you old fogeys here at SRK, here's a blast from the past - The Ultimate Video Rumble!

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Chances are unless you've been around SRK since the early 2000's or even further back with the newsgroup, you've never heard of Ultimate Video Rumble. It was a series of votefics that began in 1994 by Christopher "Birdman" Bird. The idea behind it was a battle royal style match involving over a hundred different fighting game characters, where the readers would influence the results, to comedic effect. The series ended with UVR3 in 2006, though a number of the old fans may have never seen said conclusion, as this fic was spread across several websites over its 9 year production, and a number of chapters thought long lost.

Well, I managed to track them all down and archive them on FFNet. For fans new and old, I present to you: The Ultimate Video Rumble Trilogy.
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