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[USF4] Need help de-rusting for a local tourney on 3/26

DiscoCokkroachDiscoCokkroach Robot MasterJoined: Posts: 149
I haven't played Ultra Street Fighter IV in a long time (probably about two or three months), and my friend Vito just informed me that there is a local tourney for it on March 26, 2015 (next Thursday).

I need some help getting back into the groove of playing SF, and experience playing as Cammy and/or Ryu is strongly preferred (Vito is going; he plays a good Cammy & Ryu, and he could very well eliminate me if we play). It's okay if you don't play either of them, though; I mainly need good feedback on maximizing my gameplay. Even if I don't win, I just want to walk away from this tourney knowing that I was at 100% battle capacity going into it.

To get an idea for how Vito & I play, here's a video of an offline FT5 set we did a while back:

Personal Info
XBL GT: DiscoCokkroach
Region: East Coast, USA
Mains: T. Hawk; Ryu; Guile

I mainly play games in the evening and late night. If you feel like you could give me a helping hand, I would greatly appreciate it. Either post in this topic, PM me on here, on message me on Xbox Live if you're interested. Thanks in advance!
Amingo is great he has both kinds of options Jumping High Kick and ducking light kick
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