Please. I can't take it anymore. How do I deal with Villager's slingshot? It's a fun killer

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Comes out instantly. Covers half of final destination. Very few recovery frames. Interrupts literally everything. Has a very real smash potential at 100+ HP. It makes playing against villager infuriating, especially since he can pocket any projectile. I've been playing smash since 64 and it's by far the most frustrating thing I've ever experienced.

I used to love playing as Samus, even though she's garbage tier, but the character is ruined playing against my friend who uses Villager. I switched to C. Falcon with more success, but that goddamn pea shooter just makes every game a frustrating, uphill battle. It's like playing Cammy without her projectile-avoiding moves against wave after wave of Sagat. Even if I choose to high jump to approach, he can either short hop backwards to hit me, or just use his crazy hitbox fireworks upsmash.

I can't take it any more. It makes me want to quit playing. There's got to be some huge weakness, or flaw, or SOMETHING that makes the move anything but the most easily spammed game-killer in the entire series.


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    Theres these buttons at the top of your controller... L and R I think theyre called... Use them.

    Also try walking and shielding. Shit can't hurt you if it doesn't hit you.
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    Slingshot clashes with a ton of shit, has less damage and knock back the further away it hits, and is more unsafe when used up close for a kill move.
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    Villager is good at mid range but not so good at dealing with people who can rush his shit down. He does have plenty of disjointed hitboxes so he does a pretty good job of being abke to defend himself if you can read the situation but he probably has one of the worst shield grabs in the game. You are gonna have to work around the hitboxes and feel out what the villager does when you are in his face. If you are playing samus then i believe foward tilt and down tilt should out footsie him on the ground. Use charge shots sparingly...I know its probably her best kill move but in the case of this match probably just having the threat of it is going to be better than using since you might be able to capitalize off of a pocket hard read. Missles aren't nearly as bad to use and its possible to just throw them out there to occupy his pocket she doesn't get the charge shot. Respect the tree and beware of using tether if villager is already close to the edge. Think thats all the advice can give.
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    Learn how to shield.

    Specifically learn do quick shields as you approach. Keep closing your distance to him and shield for a split second when he's doing the slingshot. Hit him with something once you're close enough.

    You have to learn how to do things faster.

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