Official Montreal 2015 Thread (Talk Pas Shit)

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New changes New Faces same hype same quality MTLSF will keep bringing it to you like it always did.
Stay on the lookout for more news as we pass on the legacy to the new bloods!

What up MTL ?

Talk here Have fun and enjoy 2015
Montreal Street Fighter Community


  • SolsolidoSolsolido Saikyo Apprentice Joined: Posts: 7
    Hey guys. I've been playing fighting games for a while and I finally decided to step it up and join the local FGC.

    I will attend my first local tourney at the Underground Hype VI this weekend and I hope to meet some of you guys there!

  • GrieversGunbladeGrieversGunblade Joined: Posts: 331
    Montrealer here. I haven't won any tourneys yet, but I will continue to put in the effort to get better.
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    March 26 Super Gonq Battles for anyone interested!
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    Hey guys,

    I am from Austin Texas (play at arcade ufo) and will be in Canada. Do you guys meet up for ranbats or casuals?
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