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Newfoundland Thread

ElddepElddep Joined: Posts: 1
Just curious if there are any fellow Newfoundland FGC players. I have not heard anything locally around St.John's of any real players, figured if they did play seriously they would be on SRK.


  • enigma mountenigma mount BlavatskysChild Joined: Posts: 16
    hey man, i live in st. john s. i ve been playing sf for many years. send me a personal message, perhaps we can set up to play a few games. i m pretty busy as a father, but i m sure we could work something out. as far as other players locally, i believe there is some kind of social media group set up.

    also, i could only be of assistance as a usf4 sparring partner, i have no knowledge in other current fighting games.

  • DryphDryph Salt Mine Worker Joined: Posts: 8
    Might want to check with these guys -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/newfoundlandfightingjam/
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