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    So recently I've been looking into this hacked NES rom called kart fighter. is there any tier list for this game?

    No, i don't think so
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    Like all other Supports in JUS, can be used while being attacked (hitstun or blockstun)

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    Omgosh, don't remind me of this game, Ryu's hurricane kick even on fucken hit was unsafe?! :rolleyes:
    Welcome to what Sean players feel in 3s.

    anybody know the Erghgeiz tier list?
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    Welcome to what Sean players feel in 3s.

    anybody know the Erghgeiz tier list?

    Someone made one... I think. Try searching for it.
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    Don't know if anyone did one for this one already but:

    Armadrillo probably best with his spammable drill-seismo whatever move. More Viper than Viper :0
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    ^ i cant download that file, window keeps closing itself for some reason.

    anyway i found this on google, Ehrgeiz Tier list:

    Tier 1: Matsuda, Tifa
    Tier 2: Godhand, Vincent, Yoko
    Tier 3: Cloud, Yuffie, Sasuke
    Tier 4: Inoba, Lee, Clair
    Tier 5: Naseem, Jo, Sephiroth
    Tier 6: Han, Django

    looks about right from what i can remember (not much)
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    My one piece tier list is gonna be updated in a month or so after I hold a tournament.

    Sonic The Fighters
    A tier:
    Knuckles: Scary corner game and has the tools to push opponents into corners. Sub-par throw damage but his throw sets up a great guessing game that, as far as I know, always gives him some reward. He does good damage and has an amazing ability to pressure people. His hyper mode is devastating!!! He can activate it in some situations that guarantee a combo that last throughout the entire hyper mode and beyond. These situations don't come off too often but his hyper mode is still good even when you can't get a full combo in because of his grab. His grab chains into pretty much anything when in hyper form.

    Fang: Tons of projectiles, nearly untouchable when in hyper mode. Good air tech punishes with quick shot. Super shot can be a better for punishing air techs when closer to corners. Powerful throws and follow ups. One of his moves is unblockable at certain distances, proper use of barrier dropping movement can allow characters to avoid this unblockable though. His projectile game is strong and he just does a lot of damage in general.

    Amy: High damage, safe shield breaks, decent projectile and anti-dodge moves. She is very strong near corners because of the damage on dat ass, which she gets to do for free if she grabs someone near a wall. Her combos are pretty good too. Her keep away game is arguably better than even Fang's. Most people who review this game usually talk about her as if she is one of the worst and I don't blame them. She is a little hard to get the hang of and one of her most important moves has a really odd input. So odd that most people had thought that the visuals for it were removed aspects of the game.

    B tier:
    Espio: Deals with projectile spam better than anyone in the game due to a stronger spin move and his long tongue. His long tongue is also able to punish air teching. He has a lot of moves that give him a frame advantage on block, using these moves he can control the distance between him and his opponent very effectively. His grabs are strong and allow you to really control where on the field your opponent will be. His hyper mode is really nice due to the teleport and high damage grabs.

    Bean: Double air bomb add up damage fast and is very useful in pressuring, creating distance, or closing a gap. Decent hyper mode, fast neutral punch combo, powerful and useful throws, strong kicks that can shatter a barrier pretty well. Melee moves are a bit slow though. He is fairly hard to play though. This is the character I feel most unsure about the tier placement of. I feel like there is a lot to him that I don't understand.

    Bark: Powerful moves. Devastating throws. Good barrier breaking moves. Lacks the ability to use hyper transformation in air. Slow, very slow, lacks the ability to crouch. This means that he is very vulnerable to grabs and some jab combos. Once he gets an advantage it is pretty hard to comeback. If he could hyper transform in the air he would probably be the best character in the game. Frankly I am surprised that he doesn't have it. It makes me think that they may have actually tested this game for balance.

    C tier:
    Sonic: Great barrier breaker but those moves actually do weak damage if they aren't blocked. So smart players will often just drop their shields and take the damage. Decent neutral punch combos and a few good launchers, grabs are decent. All around poor damage minus jab combo. He is fast though, because he is Sonic. He has some moves that give him a decent amount of extra mobility and control of the field to go with that.

    Tails: A worse Knuckles, lower damage, worse hyper mode and all around slower. He has a higher damage grab than Knuckles though. He lacks a lot of Knuckles ability to close gaps, but is still decent at it. One of his attacks seems to be unblockable at some distances. He isn't that bad, but I can't really say anything good about him that I can't say about Knuckles.
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    OP should edit first post with all the BS here written so ppl dont have to dig so much on the thread.
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    He doesn't seem to be active.
    Maybe someone make a new thread?
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    Or a Mod edit it. Both ar ok IMO
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    I pm'd the OP a few days ago about it, he hasn't responded yet
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    So someone posted a tier for Budokai Tenkaichi 2
    DBZ Sparking Neo

    tentative ( meaning possibly retarded ) tier list yay
    SS: ss4 gogeta
    S: tapion, hirudegarn, ss4 goku, syn shenron, ss4 vegeta, baby vegeta, bojack, brolly, kid buu, super buu, super 17, gotenks
    A: dabura, majin buu, lord slug, janemba, piccolo, pikkon, perfect cell, cell jr, cooler, trunks (no sword), ultimate gohan, uub, evil buu, frieza, majin buu, majin vegeta, metal cooler
    B: ss vegeta, ss goku, cell 1st form, bardock, gohan, grandpa gohan, kid goku, krillin, supreme kai, great saiyaman, teen gohan, trunks (with sword), videl, yamcha, android 13,16,17,18,19, burter, dr. gero, garlic jr., guldo, mecha frieza, recoome, saibamen, turles, zarbon, zangya
    C: chiaotzu, tien, nappa, normal goku, goten, kid trunks, mr satan, kid gohan, master roshi, yajirobe, captain ginyu, cui, dodoria, tao pai pai, jeice, raditz, salza, normal vegeta

    *when a character transforms they raise a tier with the exception of:
    trunks w/o sword's "USSJ"

    I'm going to complete disagree with this tier list. I think that it needs to be condensed. Because everyone in the game is not that different from each other with the exception of a few characters..

    The game has a lot of characters, I'm not going to bother tiering them, I'll just explain the ones that stand out.

    Tapion: IMO Tapion is probably the best character in the game. He has a nasty melee string, his dashing speed is awesome. His dashing melee is beyond good, and the best part about him is that he isn't a meter hog. Tapion's main strength is his Blast 1 and Blast 2's are AMAZING. Hero's Flute is barrier that will block a surprising amount of blast 2's and regular ki blast. It also knocks anyone away from him (Anyone who has a barrier type move is amazing).

    His afterimage is alright, but you should really be using Hero's Flute.

    His dashing smash attack is pretty hard to beat, it's a mobile version of Zero's pizza cutter, and if he hits you with it, it leads to a hard knockdown and means you're going to take 8k damage. Why you ask?

    Brave Slash! It cost 3 ki bars, and it's UNBLOCKABLE. It is completely unblockable. And it comes out incredibly quick, so if they dodge, you're still safe.

    Tapion's whole game revolves around this move. Dashing Smash attack into the follow up for hard knockdown. Brave Slash them on wake up. If they can't TP out, then oh well. Welcome to Pain Town.

    He honestly does not need his UB at all. Or Brave Cannon. Brave Slash is monstrous.

    SSJ Fighting Trunks: This trunks is the only Trunks you should be playing IMO. Sword Trunks is cool, but Fighting Trunks just does...damage...and does extremely horrible things to people. His strengths are the fact that he has access to rolling hammer. RH is a move that turns your opponent around (this is important), they will take more damage if you combo them from the back. This move can also extend your combos by quite a bit. You can only RH twice in a combo. The next RH you do will send them spinning away from you.

    Trunks' RH allows him to put so much extra damage on an otherwise mediocre damage combo.

    He also has Explosive Wave as his Blast 1 which is similar to Hero's Flute. He also has a short power-up called Finish Sign, which is okay, but not essential to his game plan.

    F.Trunks also has a quick power up time. It isn't the quickest in the game, but it goes by extremely fast, and F.Trunks can reaching Max Power very quickly if left unchecked.

    Max Power mode is where he shines. Heat Dome. Thats all you should be concerned about. Once Trunks reaches Max Power, your opponent can't throw any Blast 2's at you, because Heat Dome will beat them out. How? It has a controllable flight. Meaning you can dodge attacks as you're going to Heat Dome them into oblivion.

    SSJ Goku - I'll make this quick. Instant Transmission is amazing. Goku also has Angry Kamehaha, even though it's costly, it hits like a mack truck, and it's quick as hell. Also Goku's melee chains are sweet, his dash melee chain is nasty. He's just solid in this form.

    Mystic Gohan - He's like his father minus the Instant Transmission. Using his Blast 2's aren't really worth it IMO, because they cost so much and Gohan doesn't power up extremely fast like his father. His UB hurts, and it's hard to dodge...it's pretty amazing.

    SSJ and SSJ4 Gogeta - IMO, SSJ Gogeta has the edge because of his speed and his ki charge speed. SSJ4 Gogeta has the pure damage, but his moves are costly. Beware of that.

    Janemba - Treat him as a more durable Tapion. You don't need his UB at all.

    Mr Satan: OKAY! Here is the thing. Mr.Satan is probably my number two character in the game. Yes, I just said that Mr.Satan is quite possibly the 2nd best character in the game. Why? Present for You. Unblockable, invincible in some cases...Hercule charges his ki AMAZINGLY quick. And he can Present for You spam on your wake up. And Teleporting out of a cinematic attack is hard as hell, literally..Hercule can dash at you...Present for You, dash at you...Present for You on your wake up...and you'll take consistent nasty damge...the only way out of that is to Explosive Wave/Hero's Flute. I think this move even breaks after images...I'll have to test that out, but yes..Hercule's Present for You is nasty...
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    Mutant Academy 2 tier list? help pls
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    Havent played game for a long time but from what I remember based on AI difficulty


    S Tier:
    Portal, Staine (?)

    A tier:
    Savage, Ravage (?), Ug, Buddy (?)

    B Tier:
    Chi, Spice, Pierre, Jinsoku, Mojumbo

    C Tier:
    Asylum, Vlad, Lazarus
    too slow!
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    edited May 2013
    Another revision:

    One Piece Grand Adventure
    a.jpgA tier:
    Bon Clay (Bentham), Robin, Kuina, Crocodile, Kuro, Mihawk, Eneru

    b.jpgB tier:
    Shanks, Smoker, Buggy, Zoro, Don Krieg, Usopp, Luffy

    c.jpgC tier:
    Ohm, Zeff, Ace, Chopper, Wapol

    d.jpgD tier:
    Arlong, Nami, Sanji, Vivi

    f.jpgF tier:

    Character added to list:
    23204.jpg?t=1265455234Ohm enters the list after some more extensive playtime. He is extremely annoying and has a specific glitch associated with him that makes arguing for him to be banned, or at least use of that glitch, pretty easy but for now I think he deserves a place on this. His placement is a bit hard to make since there is so much debate around him in my circle of players. I am throwing him at top of C tier because of his ability to force people to either burst or enter accel-heat mode in order to beat even approach him. He will be playable, glitch and all, at a tournament I will likely be holding soon. I will try to record all the matches in the tournament. Hopefully someone will play Ohm for some of them.

    Characters that moved up:
    th_Mr2.gifBon Clay moves up to #1. His crazy karate is extremely strong and can be more-or-less an infinite if the opponent has no special bar. There is even a player in my group that thinks he should be banned. I don't think Bon Clay nearly as overpowered as that player does. I would actually say he is tied for first with Robin but I will have to get more match data so that I can make another match up chart to verify that.
    th_Crocodile.gifCrocodile can control a lot of space. His ability to limit his opponent's options are insane. If his opponent makes a mistake in their position in relation to Croc then Croc is going to have his way with them and drain them of their life. He is a bit hard to play which is why I thought he had worse match ups than he actually did. I used to think just Mr. 1 was his only viable assist but now I understand that Ms. New Year's Eve is better for some match ups.
    84845.jpgEneru has probably moved around the most from revision to revision but he is back in A tier. A few more tricks that I didn't even consider have been being employed by some friends of mine. These tricks make him hard counter a few character and increase his standing in match ups across the board. He is hard to approach when he hides in his assist, and if he is able to enter accel-heat mode he can throw out unblockable projectiles and other ranged moves. It is still possible to give him a decent amount of punishment for this but if you make a mistake you are likely to lose more than half your health.
    47211.jpgBuggy controls an INSANE amount of space but often only does a small amount of damage. He has some strong combos and his pressure game can't be stopped by a single burst. His higher placement is because it has been shown that his match ups are better than I originally had thought.

    Characters that moved down:
    jus_chopper_idle_by_emerald18-d4zy3xn.gifChopper moves down. He isn't nearly as good against Eneru as I thought. Some of his other match ups I thought were favorable for him were not. Simple as that.
    one-piece-usopp-040811.gifUsopp has a couple of his match ups have been shown to be be less favorable than originally thought. I wouldn't be surprised if I raise him again on later revisions because he is an extremely difficult character to play and has a lot of strange tricks in his arsenal. However, from current theory and win/loss data, he has to go down for now.
    tharlong.gifArlong is one of my favorite characters in the game because of how fun and flashy he can be. He hits like a truck and controls a decent amount of space. He may have a lot of safe and high range moves but his sluggish nature makes him have quite a few hard counters. I am working hard to find new tools to use against those hard counters so I am hoping I will be able to put him higher again in the future. However, it seems that as players continue to understand the game and the match ups that Arlong's weaknesses are going to make him fall even further. :(
    th_sandy.gifSanji is very flashy and brings a ton of pain on the people who are unfortunate enough to get touched by his glorious legs. This doesn't help him when playing to win though. He doesn't control much space and he has a hard time getting close enough to most characters to be able to apply pressure.

    Other notes:
    one-piece-kuro-040811.gifKuro didn't move from his position this time but he will probably move in some way next time. I understand his strength and weaknesses better since he has gotten a lot more playtime. Some of his match up scores are likely to go up, while others will go down. I have no idea where he will be in the revision.
    Shanks.gifShanks scares me. I recently got another player to pick this game up and he has chose Shanks to be his main. He has a better understanding about which assists to use in which match ups than I ever did. I have seen Shanks do some pretty insane things. His playstyle changes dramatically depending on match ups so there is a high likelihood that the match up data I gathered on him is incorrect. After I get more time playing with everyone, specifically after the tournament, I will be able to give him proper placement. I am guessing that he will probably move up into A tier.
    Nami.gifNami. I don't have much data on her so don't take her positioning too seriously. If someone knows about this game and plays Nami I would really love to get some information about her and her match ups. I feel like she has potential but I have been unable to figure out how to use the tools that she has to get around a lot of the tools that other characters have.
    vivi.gifVivi is another character I simply don't feel like I understand. She doesn't get played enough for me to give her proper match up lists. I know she has a touch of death on Kuina, and likely a few other characters, however that alone is not enough to make me put her any higher. I hope to learn more about her in the future.
    17273.gifLuffy is probably going to be moving around next time. There is a Luffy player that has played with the people I most commonly play against and they tell me he is a formidable opponent. I am hearing some amazing things but have yet to see them myself, he is currently is on vacation out of the country, so I am hesitating to move Luffy's position. I think Luffy is going to move up next revision based on what my friends have been saying about Luffy's match ups.
    robin.gifRobin makes people unhappy.

    I should probably start posting up this stuff on the one piece thread.
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    You should record some of these matches
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    Ok fuck it, when i get some cash, i'm buying the One Piece game.
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    You should record some of these matches
    I have some recorded but I am getting used to a new editing program. Watches are fairly long as well.

    I got this up. Might give you an idea of why Bon Clay is top. I have no idea why my friend tried to block there.

    I will start posting more in the following thread; http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?threads/one-piece-grand-battle-rush-discussion-thread.11851/
    Ok fuck it, when i get some cash, i'm buying the One Piece game.
    Be warned that the game has some hideous mechanics. It was created to be a party game akin to Smash Bros but doesn't have options to turn these things off. One of the major reasons I am playing the game is because it has a lot of good first time ideas. For the majority of 2012 I have only been playing 2 fighting games; Power Stone and One Piece GA. The only reason for this is because a small group I am involved with plan to make a 3D fighter akin to these games.
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    I hate calling it a shitty game (since it's my favorite Dreamcast game), but I wouldn't mind getting some discussion going on a tier list for Tech Romancer.
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    have we talked about this yet?

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    Tier list for tekken 1 and tekken 2 and tekken 3?
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    Yeah, Tapion is probably the best in the game, and LSSJ Broly's somewhere behind IMO. SSJ4 Gogeta is okay...NSFHS hurts him bad, and he's easily GnP'd because he's so tall. Can't GnP back as well, either. Combined with his slow meter building, he's like upper tier at best.

    SSJ Fighting Trunks is brutal. Videl is good, but has such awful matches vs giants. As far as I'm aware, SSJ Goku has NSFHS too, but his FK is so damn godlike. SSJ2 Goku is better in melee, otherwise, though. SSJ2 Gohan is stupid, despite having NSFHS, as well. NEVER STAY GROUNDED VS SSJ2 GOHAN. He gets to your back once, you die. No seriously, you die.
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    Yeah, Tapion is probably the best in the game, and LSSJ Broly's somewhere behind IMO. SSJ4 Gogeta is okay...NSFHS hurts him bad, and he's easily GnP'd because he's so tall. Can't GnP back as well, either. Combined with his slow meter building, he's like upper tier at best.

    SSJ Fighting Trunks is brutal. Videl is good, but has such awful matches vs giants. As far as I'm aware, SSJ Goku has NSFHS too, but his FK is so damn godlike. SSJ2 Goku is better in melee, otherwise, though. SSJ2 Gohan is stupid, despite having NSFHS, as well. NEVER STAY GROUNDED VS SSJ2 GOHAN. He gets to your back once, you die. No seriously, you die.

    Yeah, Tapion is without a doubt #1, if Tapion EVER gets to your back on wake up? Put the controller down and pray to whatever Deity you believe in that you teleport out or the other guy drops the combo.

    Yeah SSJ2 Gohan is quite silly. This dude sits up here and shoots you all day long and laughs at you. "Oh? You're not getting up? Let me take that quick stroll 'round ya back buddy." /dead

    Someone else who does surprisingly well is Piccolo. Piccolo is..weird...he needs to get behind characters as well on wake up, honestly anyone who gets behind your back on wake up is going to almost kill you if you can't teleport.
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    Dragon Ball Final Bout (somebody had to do it)

    This is an old game, it has a great animated intro and a nice OST, but everything else is horrible. One of the biggest problems is It has bad input lag, normal attacks either come out like a second after you press the button or they don't come out at all, especially jumping attacks.


    In this game you can cancel special moves by doing the motion of a special move during the animation. For example if you do QCF+P and during the animation you input QCF+P again, that special move will be canceled. Its similar to a Roman Cancel except without any cost which of course leads to infinite's, but not all special moves can be canceled.

    This part might sound a little confusing.

    Normal attacks (punch and kick) can also be canceled with special attacks, but only if the normal attack whiffs. If you cancel into a special attack on hit or on block it wont cancel "into" the special move, the animation of the normal attack will just be canceled and that's it. However if you whiff a normal attack late enough into the animation when the hit box is active you can cancel into the special afterwards, which may look like you're canceling into a special on hit/block, but it's still technically whiffing.

    Another mechanic this game has is being able to cancel out of hit stun. This is done by pressing guard at the moment you get hit, however this is dependent upon the property of the attack. You cannot cancel the hit stun if the attack launches you into the air or knocks you back.

    As far as the Meteor Smashes go, its not worth it. It all depends on who presses the 2 buttons first, and you put yourself in danger if your opponent presses first.

    Energy attacks like the Kamehameha are a little more useful because you can get fatigued fairly easy in this game, some characters can also hit with an energy attack after a launcher and ki blasts can be good for zoning.

    The game is pretty simple, characters that have abusive specials and infinite's dominate this game.
    Also some characters have different forms (Super Saiyan ect) but they're pretty much clones, they do have some differences but they're not that significant.
    The tiers are not in order.



    GOKU/SSJ GOKU(Z)/SSJ GOKU(GT)/SSJ 4 GOKU - Only 1 of his special moves are useful (2 for SSJ 4 Goku), But that's all it takes. If you get hit by Forward, Forward +P you lose because it knocks back and it cancels into itself and you can't cancel the hit stun, which makes it an infinite. His F, F+P is like a rushing elbow type move, and it covers a fair amount of space.
    SSJ 4 Goku's damage and defense is a little higher compared to the other characters, and he can also cancel more specials than his other clones, which makes his QCF+P good for chip damage and pressure.

    PAN - 2 of her specials are useful. Down, Up+P which launches the opponent into the air, can be canceled and is pretty much a Flash Kick/DP type move, and QCF+P which can also be canceled. If you get hit with the Flash Kick you lose. She has an infinite with the Flash Kick, and it also makes it very easy for her to get in close, and QCF+P comes out fairly quick and is decent for pressure and chip damage. She can also take advantage of a glitch, which i explain later.

    FRIEZA - 2 of his specials are good. F, F+P can cancel into itself and knocks back which makes it an infinite, and HCF+K covers good range and can be canceled. He also has one of the longest reaching normals in the game. Frieza can also take advantage of a glitch, which i explain later.


    PICCOLO - F, B, F+K is decent, it has low recovery which makes it pretty abusive and it has decent range, but the damage is low. His dive kick is also pretty safe

    D: They both have one special that's pretty safe, but that's it.



    F: Not Much to say, they all have poor tools that are useless and risky.






    EDIT: I found a glitch (I found others too but this one is big), some characters have graphics with their normal attacks (like fireballs ect.) if you cancel the normal when the graphic is out, the graphic will stay out and the hit box will remain active as long as you don't go back to a neutral state. Pan and Frieza are the only 2 that can do this with normal attacks.
    You can also do this with canceled special moves, but for some reason the hit box doesn't remain active
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    anyone here has a tier list of fighters destiny 1 & 2 and killer instinct?
    fighters destiny 2

    Fabien, Federico, Dixon, Ninja

    Master, Cherry, Kate, Mei-Ling

    Saeki, Pierre, Abdul, Ziege, Adriana

    D-Dog, Mou

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    Batman forever
    Double Dragon V
    Fighting Force 1,2
    Streets of Rage 2,3(versus mode)
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    Can we PLEASE get a tier list for BATTLE MONSTERS for the Sega Saturn?
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    Can we PLEASE get a tier list for BATTLE MONSTERS for the Sega Saturn?

    I did this 5 years ago 8thx to NEBULOSO from here for hosting)

    Try to get an idea of the damage inflicted by the chars
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    Primal Rage tier lists~

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    world heroes 1 pls?
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    You guys did Daraku Tenshi and the Asura games?
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    Primal Rage tier lists~

    Vertigo is the truth. :coffee:

    Arcade 2.3:

    S: Chaos, Talon
    A: Diablo
    B: Sauron, Blizzard, Armadon
    C: Vertigo

    Midway Arcade Treasures 2:

    S: Chaos, Talon
    A: Diablo, Sauron
    B: Blizzard, Armadon
    C: Vertigo

    OLD as dinosaurs match vid using the PSX version:

  • *Above Omnipotence*Above Omnipotence Semi-Supreme Being Joined: Posts: 305
    I did this 5 years ago 8thx to NEBULOSO from here for hosting)

    Try to get an idea of the damage inflicted by the chars

    L.....O.....L Thank you very much. This game was broken as all hell. LOL
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    Having a few more years with the game, and playing it much more now, with other people, I've made a new tier list a few months back for Gundam Battle Assault 2. This one seems to be sticking for me, I haven't felt the need to make changes in a long while.

    Devil (Dark)
    Psycho mkIII

    Deathscythe Hell
    Wing Zero
    God (Burning)


    Char's Zaku II-S
    Neue Ziel
    Tallgeese III
    FA ZZ

    Zaku II
    Quin Mantha

    Big Zam

    Arcade 2.3:

    S: Chaos, Talon
    A: Diablo
    B: Sauron, Blizzard, Armadon
    C: Vertigo

    Midway Arcade Treasures 2:

    S: Chaos, Talon
    A: Diablo, Sauron
    B: Blizzard, Armadon
    C: Vertigo

    OLD as dinosaurs match vid using the PSX version:

    Hanzo knows his PR. ;)
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    God I wish I could put my hands on those proto PR2 boards... Oh well...

    BTW slight off topic: What about the very first two Naruto Gamecube games? Are they good? Tiers please with info!
  • Sephiroth73003Sephiroth73003 Joined: Posts: 4,291
    God I wish I could put my hands on those proto PR2 boards... Oh well...

    BTW slight off topic: What about the very first two Naruto Gamecube games? Are they good? Tiers please with info!

    Well the 3rd and 4th one (japanese only) had an active american scene with it's own major (Willvolution) which would draw a go number of people from all over the nation. It also got incorporated as a pretty big side tourney in other majors. The first two were pretty bleh if I remember right. Y-canceling I don't think got incorporated till the 3rd game and really made the game unique but the basics like tick throws (you can throw people during blockstun in this game so the idea is use a move that puts you at high advantage and throw them during blockstun ... not all characters can do this) were in there but very few people had them. Also the tierlists people claimed for those games never had some of the cheaper techniques found out in the later games tested.

    For the first game I imagine Haku, Zabuza, and Sasuke are the best (by a pretty good margin) because they all have tick throws which is all that really matters since they have legitimate mixups. Haku would have his needle pressure and combo's which is really good even in the later games and Sasuke has his sharingan cancels. If Phantom Sword glitch exists in the first Zabuza could be the best character (unblockable move that is a glitch in the later ones ... pretty hard to do with any consistency ... one frame timing). Essentially they were the highest tiered in 4 of the characters that existed in 1 and most of the cast didn't have anything changed for them besides supers for the duration of the series.

    Second game is broken because Orochimaru's super is unfair. It seals your chakra for the round so basically you lose the ability to burst, combo into super, or use abilities that require chakra (Haku can't needle pressure for example). So basically ... knock you down ... super ... with no downside. In later games this a bad idea because you want to hoard chakra and you start building chakra after like 5 seconds but since you will never have chakra against orochimaru again it pretty much means he wins since he has access to much more damage and bursts whereas you don't. Also his double hit sword super deals a lot more back then. Other supers in later games drain it .. that's not the deal it's the fact their is way to have any more super for the rest of the round and since super carries over between rounds he'll super you every round and you'll never have super for the match basically ...

    3rd was dominated by Neji because his kaiten was really easy to combo off of and if you combo after a super the combo is un-KNJ'able (unburstable). Plus Y-cancels were introduced I believe so basically you got death combo'd if he threw you and you didn't have burst. Though if Temari has fandrop she would be just as good, that technique wasn't pioneered till 4.

    4 is an actually good game with about 5-6 tourney viable characters and another 5-6 that are effective but might not win tourneys. The game is all about tick throws because the throw break window is only 1 frame in this game (really stupid hard to break throws so tick throwing and mixing up a BB when they think you are going to throw them is the staple mixup of the game). Tierlist was posted it in this thread earlier but basically:

    OTKN (one tailed kyuubi naruto .... pretty much broken in every way. A boss character who is just fair enough to not be banned really. Invincible KNJ's, really small, fast as shit, well above average health, and high damage. He has an advantage against every character in the game except arguably Temari and Kisame ... I leave them as bad matchups below only because some people argue they are.)
    Temari (only bad matchup 4.5-5.5 is otkn ... fan drop is broken and she has a super combo that deals 75% that rebuilds all the chakra it uses and isn't KNJ'able. Very difficult to play well but it has been proven that it can be done and is insanely effective.)
    Kisame (only bad matchup 4.5-5.5 is otkn ... seems much worse till you learn a lot of high level tactics one called the jump out..Highest damage character in game and his normals drain chakra. Has without question the best combo in this game and is the reason he dominates like 90% of the cast utterly.)
    Itachi (on paper god like in practice the other 3 are above him because of his bad matchup vs temari and otkn. Unblockable combo's, a decent tick throw, and other stuff. Trust me years of experience has the top 4 in this game locked in really hard in this order.)
    Kankuro (low health lots of tick throws and tricky setups though)
    CS2 (Cursed Seal level 2 sasuke... if he didn't auto lose to otkn he'd be higher but that matchup is 7-3 at best)
    Awakened Hinata
    B+ (notably better than the trash but still not spectacular)
    Rock Lee
    B or worse
    Everyone else
    SF3: Makoto and Ken
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    What are the tiers in Strekken?
  • Hanzo_HasashiHanzo_Hasashi Primal Rage rules Joined: Posts: 1,447 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Awesome post Seph, really apreciated.
  • SSJ_SonikkuSSJ_Sonikku Fighting Game Maniac! Joined: Posts: 623
    Very informative Seph, I love the Gekitou Ninja Taisen games.

    However, I should inform you that Y cancel was first added in GNT4.

    Also transformations were not in the first game, that was introduced in GNT3. So Sasuke does not have Sharingan cancels in GNT1 or 2.
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