Why are boss characters banned?

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I understand that shin akuma and god rugal are overpowered but what gets e ryu and orochi iori banned besides not being playable on the aracde version


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    There shouldn't be a ban on them anymore. Most people play on consoles nowadays commonly the PS2 version. Only because Dreamcasts are harder to come by so PS2 is the commonly used platform. So using the PS2 version it's open game. Anybody can pick the boss characters. In SF4 Capcom allows you to use Evil Ryu, Oni, Seth, and all other characters, so why not CvS2?

    That's just my two cents. I personally wouldn't use them though, unless it was just for fun.
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    Bosses should remain banned. Arcade version was the competitive version of the game, and if people want to play tournament CvS2, that's the version they want to play. There's no reason to divide our small, on-life-support community.

    O. Iori is overpowered as well FWIW.
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