Anyone play USF4 in the Berkeley, CA area?

SakimotoSakimoto Joined: Posts: 3
I'm looking for some offline comp in Ultra Street Fighter IV, I'm in Berkeley. Does anyone in or around here hold games regularly? Or is there a good arcade nearby? Etc.


  • Newtype_Newtype_ Where is your will to be weird? Joined: Posts: 61
    As far as I know there are no arcades I'm the east bay. I'm down to meet up for some practice. I live in Oakland so I'm not too far away
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  • part_time_balrogpart_time_balrog Joined: Posts: 2
    Hey I'm down to get some practice too. I'm from Hercules and would be down to play.
  • SakimotoSakimoto Joined: Posts: 3
    Ah, damn me for going so long without checking this - still totally up for local play to whoever's interested.
  • ElGiganteElGigante Joined: Posts: 4
    Im from vallejo but im always down to roll for some casuals.
  • SIKWIDIT510SIKWIDIT510 Where's my flowchart?!?! Joined: Posts: 655
    Look up the SRK Ex-Factor group on Facebook. The NorCal fgc is there

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