CVS 2 netplay easy tutorial

wtbrianwtbrian Joined: Posts: 33
so my friend made this quick and easy tutorial on how to set up cvs 2 online enjoy hmu for some games new to the game and trying to learn it


  • raam_n_noodles4raam_n_noodles4 Joined: Posts: 3
    gonna test this out when i get back from work im gonna pm you to see if you have skype so we can set up some matches
  • wtbrianwtbrian Joined: Posts: 33
    im a be on around 5pm est
  • wtbrianwtbrian Joined: Posts: 33
    good games dude the connection was smooth
  • TheBlackHombreTheBlackHombre Aesthetic Joined: Posts: 1,672
    I'm gonna test this out as well, would love to get into this game if this provides smooth gameplay online.
  • extravagantextravagant Joined: Posts: 964
    Hey bro u down to play sometime?
  • wtbrianwtbrian Joined: Posts: 33
    hey guys if anyone wants to play hmu sorry for the late reply
  • autobotclownautobotclown Joined: Posts: 12
    I got it workn. Just need some one to play!
  • BiggzyBiggzy Keep it claussy! Joined: Posts: 2,199
    I wanna get some games in today.

    Does anyone know if this Hamachi program is safe to use/connect to someone?
  • BiggzyBiggzy Keep it claussy! Joined: Posts: 2,199
    I think I got it working on Kaillera. If someone wants to host, i'm browsing the games now.
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