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WWF No Mercy Frame Data

j1mmmyj1mmmy Joined: Posts: 1
Hey guys. I'm currently working on writing out the Frame Data for WWF No Mercy. It'll include all the hidden characters too, this includes The Hoe(s) character as well. I'm hoping to provide this site with as much knowledge about the game as I can. This is in the hope that the game manages to attract some type of popularity because not many people realize that this game can be played at high level. While it's an easy game to pick up and play with your friends, at high level this game can be extremely competitive. It generally feels like the game is random because of how fast characters can recover, it helps with changing the tides of the game but at high level, it's very intense and competitive. Hoping that others can help with the Frame Data list, I know there is some what of a community for this game here on this site.


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    everything is safe on block.
    I was hung over from both drinking and smoking yesterday so to clam down the smoking and hangover I smoked some more...
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