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    Nm guys, I found a work around to get my audio through my ps4 controller. Just made the joystick sign in with my regular log in account and the ps4 controller I set it as a guest and all's good
    Haggar(Double Lariat)/Hulk(Gamma Charge)/Chris(Gun Fire)
    She-Hulk(Torpedo)/Spider-Man(Web Ball)/Hawkeye(Kamikaze)
    Jill(Arrow Kick)/Storm(Whirlwind)/Doctor Doom(Hidden Missiles)
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    @GOGO.Zippy is there anything that can be done about my converter before NCR? I don't want to have to go to NCR without a viable stick
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    PowerA FUSION_Controller can work with X360/XB1 to PS4 Converter.
    Click to enable compatibility controller updated
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    Having some issues with Brooks converter of 360->PS4 giving me unwanted inputs. I'm pretty sure that the converter was somehow registering Left Trigger presses while I was holding the analog stick down.... it happened before, but happened a lot more this weekend. Not sure if it's that the LT is just extra sensitive and I'm accidentally brushing it (I'm fairly cognizant of this now because it was my explanation for a while), but then I'm pretty sure it was just registering my LT as being pressed while I was maneuvering with the analog stick at random.

    In Marvel, I was getting random Light attacks because that's what I have LT mapped to. This happened at NCR over the weekend.
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    Has anyone been having trouble with timeouts suddenly. I was using my 360->ps4 converter today and noticed that it kept timing out when i was on sfv. Also noticed they came out with new firmware today and whenever i go to download the new 360->ps4 update it gives me the xbone->ps4 update. Please any info would be appreciated
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    I'm experiencing time outs too. Is there a fix?
  • GOGO.ZippyGOGO.Zippy Joined: Posts: 972
    I'm experiencing time outs too. Is there a fix?

    @Megacouncilman and @graverobIV
    Please go brook website to download the latest version into your converter.
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