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  • ikuzeexodiaikuzeexodia Cloudius Joined: Posts: 82
    Just tried the beta version of PS3/PS4 to PS2 converter. I used it with the Dreamcast EMS adapter. It works like a dream now. No lag (at least I didn't notice) playing CVS2. I used a Universal Brook pcb in this setup.

    This folks at Brook are amazing. They brought the same PS2 to Dreamcast Adapter to make it compatible.

    I still need to test it with 2 of the same converter is attached to the Dreamcast. So far though, it looks good.

    Just adding more to my post.

    Did some more testing with ps3/ps4 > ps2 into a dreamcast adapter.

    The double adapter set lags behind around 2-3 frames behind a dreamcast stick (well, it is behind 2 adapters).

    I would love to see Brook come out with a Ps3/ps4 to Dreamcast converter.
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    New Brook XBox One to PS4/Switch/PC adapter on kickstarter, supports wireless gaming



  • collaaapoppin91collaaapoppin91 Graphic Designer Joined: Posts: 549
    I just bought a brand new 360 to x1 converter, been using my MadCatz SE 360 and it works great. My only issue is when I press the xbox button, it doesn't bring up the menu, I have to press it on the original controller. Is there something wrong with my converter? Besides that, it's flawless.
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    Does anyone have experience with the PS3/PS4 to Xbox 360 converter? The fact that I can't find it on the Brooks website and only on the Paradise Arcade website has me kinda of skeptical. This is considering the fact that there are so few PS3/PS4 to 360 converter that exist.
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