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Looking for Artists to Join Network

jmanDMCjmanDMC Focusattack.comJoined: Posts: 2,576
Hi all,

My name is Jaleel Beck from Focus Attack LLC. In a few weeks I'm launching a service called FA PlexWorks, which like Arts Hobbies, allows customers to order custom etch Fightstick plexi and printed artwork.

A part of that service available now is "Fightstick Artist Network". FAN's aim is to connect artists with prospective clients and vice-versa.

There is no cost to you, not specifically limited to fightsticks, and FA has no involvement in any of the interactions between client and artist. If you're looking for additional exposure, FAN is one more way to get it.

I hope you might check it out.


It's simple to add your name and samples of your artwork to the list:


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