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I was wondering how does a Pad does for this game , Is it good ? I heard D-Pad is extremely terrible for pulling off fireball/shoryuken motions but good for characters like Sabrewolf or TJ Combo

So Id like to have some insights from high level Pad players regarding this topic


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    I got a PS2 to Xbox One converter, I don't think many high level players use the Xbox One controller, some special moves are harder to do when you're on the right side for some reasons. I also had troubles using high manuals in combos. I'm currently using a Sega Playstation controller, so much better.

    I guess it's possible with a lot of practice, you might end up getting use to the Xbone controller though.

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    Xbone pad is garbage. Your best bet is to get an Xbone converter and use your favorite pad with it.
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    I use a pad. It's not great but far from garbage. I used to use stick for everything but if you have good input fundamentals eventually it won't matter and you will adapt.
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    All the inputs are Quarter Circle, SRK, and back and toward inputs. A pad should be fine.
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    Its not garbage imo.
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    Lots of top players use a pad. Its really whatever works for you
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    Xbox one pad is great for KI, as far as D-pad quality goes it's certainly not up there with the Saturn pad but it's easily one of the best around and doesn't ware out your thumb like PS2/3 pads and picks up diagonals far better than the PS4 pad.

    I use stick on SF and Marvel but find pad a much better fit for KI (And MK) I can use characters like Cinder far more effectively on pad, I'm much quicker doing his air specials.

    I don't find any of commands at all difficult on the pad, the only issue I find is sometimes getting kick ultras when you go to press A+B+RT (for consistency you could just press LT but that's not in my muscle memory).

    By the sheer amount of top players who use XB1 pad you can see that the hate and elitism you see in some people's posts is just crap.
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    The pad is fine,
    D-pad takes a bit to get used to in hitting the DPs and QCF/QCB motions at first but once u get used to it's fairly comfortable
    Also the Analog sticks work alright too, especially for the B,F moveset characters. The analogs are much more precise than 360 pad and the diameter of the analog movement is smaller.

    It's also worth noting is that timing for manuals and combos in general is easy to pick up on pad. I had a hard time adjusting to stick after first 6 months, still find myself hitting buttons too fast compared to pad.
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    Analog Player, got no problems with inputs. In fact I prefer Analog for KI over Stick.
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