Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter: Sequel to my X-Men vs. SF Fan Fic!



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    Thumbs up! I liked it!
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    Ha! I was about to make a similar story to this! I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Saikyo Joe does whatever the hell Saikyo Joe wants to do - Luc

    The answer to your question is no.
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    Thanks! :china:

    I haven't been able to start the next chapter yet, stuff in real life keeps coming up as usual. I'm going to try to start either this weekend or next. I should be up in August, if I'm really late than early September.

    Arg I wanted to update this before MVC2 hit the next gen consoles but that's not happening now. The 360 version is already out and it will take a miracle for me to finish before next Thursday for the PS3 version. :lol:

    Ah well, they are making actual comic book pages for MVC2 now in those featurettes is hosting. :smile:

    Interesting. I get why they are using Ryu with a red headband (to push the Udon comic, and SF4 I imagine) but if I ever get to MVC2 I will write him with the white headband. Too much Capcom artwork says otherwise and he still has a white headband in the game! :lol: How can he have a white headband in MVC2 if he had a red headband in MVC1? Time Travel solves all problems. :looney: Well I'll come up with something.

    Some of the matchups they depict above I already planned to do either in this story or future MVC1 and MVC2 fan fics. However, you are kind of on your own if you want to see a Jill Valentine vs. Storm fight, I'm not writing that one. :rofl: Storm vs. Morrigan FTW! :lovin: Jill vs... um... I have no idea... but I don't have to think about writing a MVC2 fic for a few years... :sweat:
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    Progress Report: Either half or a third of the next fight is written down on paper, not sure if I want it to be 2 or 3 parts just yet but the 'first part' is done. I have 12 written pages so far. I want to push through all the writing of the first draft before I go through the second draft and start posting it here. So right now I'm looking to start posting something up during Labor Day Weekend (September 5-7). Hopefully I will get everything up by then.

    The next chapter involves a pretty big fight, I guess kind of like one with Cap/Chun-Li/Vega/Shadow and I want to try and have it up more or less all at once. I'll see how it goes but I'm hoping to have everything up either in a few weeks but most def before October.

    Writing for Shuma-Gorath and Sakura is a lot of fun and you know I'm a Spidey fanboy so having a good time with this arc! As always thanks for your patience! :sweat:

    EDIT: Edited the previous Info Byte in chapter 4 to put Cody back in jail. Arg I've been wishy washy about that... I tried to honor his background appearance in the game by having him run free but the more I thought of it the better it seemed to just have him locked up because of something I want to do later. Sorry about that, can't always honor the backgrounds in the game. I can tell you that no one is going to be holding up a Rockman AKA Mega Man sign in this fic like they do in the TV studio stage either.... :wonder:

    LOL during the X-Men vs. SF fic I only used ONE background from the game, the final stage... Maybe I'll use only 2 this time. The final stage, AGAIN and something else. :lol:
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    Progress Report: This will be the last progress report before I start tossing chapters up again. I finished writing the second arc of what is turning out to be a three arc fight. During Labor Day Weekend I will write the third part to finish up all of the writing. I'm not sure if I will toss up all 3 parts here all at once or space them out. There's a couple of things on my plate for the rest of September so it's hard to say when I will start putting chapters up.

    I am going to try to get at the very least the first arc of the fight sometime during this month and the rest of it in October. That's my current plan.

    I mean Sakura and Spider-Man are fighting against an ELDER GOD man! I can't just have him go down with a Hadouken and a Web-Ball and write about Spider-Man and Sakura hanging out at the ice ring all day. I mean I can, but still... LOL love writing long fight scenes. It's the product of watching too much Dragon Ball Z... :looney:

    Spidey, Sakura, Shuma-Gorath... Hey all of their names start with the letter S. I just noticed that. BOY am I tired from writing... :zzz:
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    Minor edit to chapter 5. Replayed Sakura's storyline in SFA2 for a bit more research for the next few chapters. Yes sitting around and playing games is considered research, no really! :sweat: Anyway I goofed and said Sakura's camera was red. I think I was confused because the casing she put Ryu's picture in was red. Anyway, in the game it's light green so I went back to edit that. I mean it's not like Sakura could have more than one camera... :wonder: :rofl:

    Starting to put up the next chapter right now. As I went through writing out the Shuma fight on paper it boils down to 4 parts, so I'm getting the first part up either today or tomorrow and the rest of it in August. The second part will be one entry on one day and the third and fourth I will try to get up on the same day. That's the current plan at least. Check back later today or tomorrow for an update!
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    Chapter 19: "New York, New York It's a Hellish Ol' Town!"

    The massive S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier soared above New York City while Nick Fury waited to hear from Sakura and his two field agents. Without warning, several hundreds of small black pyramids (the same ones that destroyed the top floors of the Four Freedoms Plaza earlier) appeared all around the city! Next a huge green hemisphere covered the island extending all the way around to the Statue of Liberty! The giant orb repelled the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier far away!

    Now about 100 feet from the city, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s base of operations which looks like a floating aircraft carrier stabilized after being knocked back. On the Bridge/Combat Information Center (officially called the B/CIC) Nick Fury regained his footing since he was standing when the Helicarrier was hit. "WHAT IN THE BLUE BLAZES IS GOING ON DOWN THERE," barked the high ranking Level 1 Executive Director.

    One of the five pilots sitting around the bridge in different areas answered. "Sir, it looks like Apocalypse placed a force field around the city! Just like the ones he put up around the pyramids in Genosha and the Savage Land! Only difference is this time we can't even see through the field. All we can see is just a big green bubble around the island!" "WELL WHAT ARE YOU YAHOOS WAITING FOR? SAKURA AND TWO OF MY MEN ARE DOWN THERE AND NOT TO MENTION MILLIONS OF NEW YORKERS WHO STILL HAVEN'T EVACUATED THE CITY! POP THAT OVERGROWN ZIT NOW," commanded Fury with a thundering yell.

    Upon his command the airship fired tons of missiles at the force field but each projectile exploded once it made contact. There was no way they could penetrate the area. All Nick Fury could do was grit his teeth in frustration.

    When the bubble appeared Shuma-Gorath manifested within. The giant purple six tentacled being floated high above the skyscrapers of the metropolis. Way down below, Kasugano Sakura who was still running after Gouki and Spider-Man paused to look up at the sky. "It's that... thing Gouki defeated in Japan!"

    Shuma-Gorath floated up to the very top of the green sphere. From up close he could see the bottoms of the small black pyramids all around. All encased in the field's five foot long exterior, creating this rounded wall of energy. Shuma touched the sphere and wound up getting electrocuted with green energy forcing him to pull back!




    Stretching out his tentacles as far as he could, the demonic being looked almost like a gigantic star in the sky. His purple flesh turned green and his green eye turned purple, reversing the two colors while he used this special brand of magic. The green sky turned a much darker shade of that color while a wave of the god's power covered everything within the sphere.

    His first act in crafting this area in a way he saw fit was to start with the sculptures of the city. The Statue of Atlas in Rockefeller Center turned into a metallic skeletal frame of himself complete with his six tentacles! It was being held aloft on the back of a statue who was a long haired shirtless barbarian! Cleopatra's Needle in Central Park become a giant statue of one of Shuma-Gorath's tentacles! The two lions of either side of the New York Public Library became statues of the demon lord N'astirh! And the most important sculpture of New York City and the United States itself, the Statue of Liberty became a statue the beautiful Umar! This other dimensional energy-being was the sister of Doctor Strange's greatest arch enemy, the Dreaded Dormmamu! In Umar's hand of this newly erected statue she held the three 'Iron-Bound Books of Shuma-Gorath' and a wooden torch in the other. The torch was lit with actual light green fire! Any of the civilians in the city that were able to witness these transformations yelled out in shear terror!


    From this height Sakura's loud yell was like that of a faint whisper. To his surprise however, Shuma-Gorath was struck with a barrage of white fireballs smacking him dead center in his giant pupil! The exploding orbs of Ki had no effect on him. He looked down to see who was attacking him several stories below. Sakura, who looked to be the size of a termite at best from this grand distance performed her Super Art which blasts Hadoukens at an upward diagonal angle. "AMUSING! SHUMA-GORATH SHALL FIGHT THIS ONE AT HER OWN LEVEL!" He had the same regard for Sakura as a regular person would of the daily life of a single ant in an ant farm. Yet, he wished to toy with her and greatly reduced his own power to fight against her.

    A portal appeared in front of Sakura and a much smaller version of Shuma-Gorath popped out of it with the portal closing behind him soon after (this is his intro from his video game appearances). He stood on the center of the street, standing on some of his tentacles. The High School student raised her fists and was ready to take him on.


    Sakura went running towards the ancient being with her own version of the Shoryuken! She had perfected it to be more of a combination of the Shoryuken and Hadouken! A big white projectile covered her body while she moved along with it. Shuma tried to fire an eyebeam at the projectile but it acted like a force field and protected Sakura! Once she was close enough the fireball struck him and she delivered a rising dragon punch to his eye! Shuma fell on his back with his flexible appendages seeming lifeless on the ground.

    After Ryu's biggest fangirl fell down from the sky from her twisting uppercut attack, she got close enough to her assailant so she could finish him off. Too bad for her that he was only playing possum. All of his tentacles sprang up at a slight angle (his crouching HK attack) knocking Sakura far away!

    The Marvel Villain caught up to her with a forward dash, which involves him quickly crawling of the floor like a spider. Sakura got up and nabbed him with her famous bloomers exposing Flower Kick! Shuma was able to block the kick by having some of his tentacles turn to white stone and wrap around his eye. Shuma lowered his limbs to attack her, but the Street Fighter was too fast for him! She performed her throw maneuver known as the "Sailor Shoot" before he could initiate another attack! The pride and joy of the Kasugano family jumped to him and turned around so that the bottoms of her sneakers were right on his big purple pupil. Holding on to the sides of his body with her knees bent, she rammed both of her feet into the dreaded diety and hopped off of him like a bunny! Now it was Shuma's time to soar away!

    He didn't have much time to react once Sakura performed her "SHUNPUU KYAK'!" Her variant of this Hurricane kick was accomplished with a long jump that could reach an opponent that was even knocked as far away as Shuma was. The attack was still unsuccessful however. The ruler of many horrific dimensions merely jumped straight into the air while twirling his body; his tentacles spun around like a top. These limbs that felt like a cross between rubber and steel could not be thwarted by Sakura's twirling kick so he knocked her down.

    The girl who learned most of her moves by imitating Ryu rose to her feet only to be met with another attack. "MYSTIC STARE!" Six spinning eyeballs came from the Other-Worldly creature and wrapped around Sakura. The student from Boutoritsu Kyougaku High School had these basketball sized eyeballs wrapped around her waist that pinned her arms down. The eyes began to flash on and off from light blue to white. In that moment, Sakura was shown a vision in her mind.

    She witnessed mankind an untold thousands of years ago. The men of this age were bowing to Shuma-Gorath who floated above a large mountain just beneath him. He retained his gigantic size and was green with a purple eye, just as he was right now. A bald man wearing nothing but a long loin cloth that started below his belly button and a necklace that housed sharp teeth approached an altar that was before the mountain. Resting on the altar was a dark haired woman wearing a simple red gown who remained motionless. The bald man plunged a dagger into her chest! She gasped for life and quickly lost consciousness, dying with her eyes open! The man knelt down and held up the blade that was dripping with her blood! While the blood poured out of her body, Shuma-Gorath laughed while taking on a yellowish glow! He was feeding off of the woman's soul!

    This vision ended when the eyes around Sakura's body exploded! Her body rolled away like a haystack until she landed on her back. The Mystic Stare was a strong attack that assaulted her mind and body at the same time.


    Leaping through the air leaving several after images of himself while performing the Mystic Smash, he pounced on Sakura's resting body! "AAAAAH," she cried and blood flew out of her mouth like a small geyser!

    With a tentacle the villainous creature lifted Karin's arch rival by her hair and then wrapped his body around hers. His form turned yellow and took on a gooey sponge like appearance. He started sucking Sakura's Ki right from her body (this is Shuma-Gorath's in-game kick throw)!


    Ten seconds passed and Shuma was still feeding on her energy! This is much longer than it would take for him to absorb the life essence of an average person!


    Holding her head back while her body was being crushed, Sakura's vision began to fade.

    "No way... There is no way... I will let my life end like this... Ryu... Sensei..."

    In a quick turn of events, Shuma-Gorath's body began to glow white instead of yellow!


    Sakura's eyes took on a white glow and her hair along with her the streams on her headband floated high in the air! She brought her right leg straight up above her head and kicked Shuma away! With her eyes still maintaining a bright glow, she took her fighting stance and white electricity radiated throughout her entire body!


    Sharp teeth appeared all around Shuma-Gorath's eye and his one eyelid slammed shut, like he was closing his eye. Next this closed lid stretched out like an alligator's beak to hit Sakura's mid section (his standing MP attack). With her body still aglow, Sakura intercepted the hit with a punch and knocked all of Shuma's newly formed teeth out onto the street! The god rapidly formed tentacles around his eye to block once more, only this time Sakura's punches and kicks destroyed all of the white stoney layers that went around his appendages! When he tried to hit her with two tentacles, she evaded and went right behind him to perform her other throw move, the 'Sakura Jime!' "HUH! HUH! HUH!," yelled the sixteen year old while choking the tentacle currently above his head (his tentacles never remain in fixed positions). The self proclaimed pupil of Ryu made Shuma's own purple pupil shrink; he was surprised that the attack was causing him this much pain! "YAAH!" Sakura yelled while sending an elbow straight down to the tentacle and caused Shuma to crack the pavement!

    Even more white Ki danced around her body with the young girl going for her Super Art move, the Haru Ichiban! With a Hurricane Kick that soars straight up into the sky like a tornado, she rose high up in the air while spinning and kicking the crap out of Shuma-Gorath with this variant of the Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku! But that didn't end the attack! Once they were 70 feet above the ground she beat the tar out of her enemy with a rapid succession of punches and kicks ending with a two handed chop between her extended legs which looked like a reverse volley ball strike! Shuma went flying straight down causing even more cracks on the street!

    She landed on the floor beside him on her own feet quite gracefully. Her eyes stopped glowing and she returned to normal. Shuma's body rested on the floor and it was reduced to a light green goop. With his eye in the center he looked almost like a fried egg.

    "At last, it's over. Gotta catch up to Gouki." Sakura turned to run but realized she couldn't just yet. She clutched her stomach in pain and tried to hustle as fast as her injured body could.

    Sadly, she turned her back on her adversary too early. The six tentacled terror was not down for the count just yet! "CHAOS DIMENSION!"

    His body washed over Sakura's and formed a bubble around it with this deadly Super Art! Raising her above the street Sakura looked outside and saw the environment around her seem to chop up into one foot long horizontal lines and waver until everything turned back. She was teleported to Shuma-Gorath's very own dimension, the Chaos Dimension!

    Once this Shuma-Gorath styled balloon with a small eye on the side rose 100 feet into the air, the bubble split apart forming two green beams that rotated around her body like very large coiled wires that seemed to have no beginning or end! Sakura went spinning to the ground head first! Yet again her mind was flooded with visions! "NOW YOU SHALL LIVE THROUGH YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

    Her mind traveled back to the first time she met Ryu, in a grassy swamp in Thailand. Off into the distance, Adon, looking badly beaten was walking away. He was clutching one of his arms as if it was badly broken. Ryu's back was turned to Sakura and he was walking away as well. "Wait! Ryu! Where are you going? My name is Sakura and I'm your number one fan! I want to learn more about Martial Arts. Please! Please teach me! Be my sensei!"

    Ryu stopped in his tracks. He held up his right hand, staring at his palm. It along with his entire forearm was covered with Adon's blood. "Sakura, I am still training myself and have a long way to go. There is no way I can take on a student right now. I've got to go. Sorry." "At least give me something to remember you by!" Sakura took out her small green camera. She wanted to take a picture of Ryu. This was Sakura's happiest memory.

    However, in this chaotic dimension things were about to take a turn for the worst. The colors represented in this vision all took on a darker shade. This is where the nightmare portion of the vision began.

    With glowing red eyes, Ryu turned around and grabbed the camera from Sakura. He crushed it with one hand!


    "No... Ryu... I can do a Hadouken, look! HADOUKEN!" Sakura tried to throw a fireball but nothing happened. She performed the movement correctly but there was no fireball to be seen. "Wait a second, what's wrong..." "I SAID GET OUT OF MY SIGHT! HADOUKEN!" Ryu's own attack didn't fail. His giant fireball struck Sakura head on! She went rolling away. "RYU...."

    She stopped rolling once she struck the back of a large man. There she was back at the Japanese Festival where she first met the next person showing up in her nightmare. She got up and looked at him, calling out his name. "GOUKI!"

    Gouki looked over his left shoulder and said. "Hmph. Ryu is right. You are pathetic. I defeated Shuma-Gorath so easily yet you are still struggling. Unless you surrender to the Satsui No Hadou you don't stand a chance!"

    Not playing around, Gouki Ashura Warped towards Sakura and struck her with his strongest attack. Yes, THE SHUN GOKU SATSU! This was quite a nightmare indeed!

    Sakura appeared in our world before Shuma did and suffered a 90 foot drop (they descended about 10 feet in the Chaos Dimension) on the ground right on her head! Even more cracks were caused along the street, now uprooting several portions of it! Sakura's eyes closed and she entered a deep sleep! The physical pain along with the mental agony she suffered in the other dimension was more than she could handle. Even so, she was still strong enough to cling to life.

    Just as he did in the beginning of this fight, Shuma-Gorath popped out of a small portal to teleport back into this world and dropped down to the the street. He wrapped a tentacle around Sakura's left leg and started to float up straight up in the sky with her, rising yet again about fifty feet in the air. He was laughing hysterically all the way.

    With the upside down Sakura having her skirt pointing down thanks to gravity, the tentacle Shuma wrapped around Sakura's leg seemed to be dangerously close to her bloomers.


    Shuma-Gorath looked up and he got a kick from the man who just yelled at him! Spider-Man struck him right in his eye socket (Spider-Man's tag-in move in the game)! This caused him to accidentally toss Sakura away and Spider-Man was happy enough to web swing and catch her. Swinging down to the ground, he rested Sakura on a bench on the sidewalk. He quickly checked her vital signs.

    "Just got here and not sure what Shuma-Gorath did to this girl, but she's still breathing and her pulse is fairly strong. Hang in there kid. I'll get you to a hospital once I take care of One-Eyed Willy!"


    Something came up... AGAIN.... I have to run out to do family stuff so I'll take care of 'Radioactive Bytes' tomorrow. Ack, always short on time. Hope you enjoyed and see you in about 24 hours!
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    Radioactive Bytes: Big up to "The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe" series from the 80s where I get to see an actual map of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and know things like what and where the Bridge/Command Information Center is called and located. Also thanks to Marvel for releasing the series in a TPB because it's a lot easier to turn to the appropriate page instead of looking up the individual issue. The TPB is colorless unlike the old issues though so I still keep them around, just in case.

    Shuma-Gorath reverses his colors when he uses magic, because in MSH along with Storm's ending in X-Men vs. SF (including his cameo in the last stage) he was purple. In MSH vs. SF he's green. So I had to get him to change colors. In the comics he started out being purple and went on to be green, so now whenever he pops up he's green. It's naturally assumed that Shuma-Gorath can alter his appearance to an extent.

    When Shuma-Gorath says "THE WORSHIP OF EVIL SHALL SUPPLANT ALL RELIGION!," that's a direct quote from the comic Marvel Premiere #10 which had his first physical appearance. He says this while he is possessing the Ancient One, Doctor Strange's master. While he says this line there's an image of New York City, only there's a big statue of a Satan-Like figure on 34th street and people are worshipping it. This image is where I got the idea of Shuma-Gorath transforming the statues around the city.

    There are lots of statues in New York City so I naturally picked the most famous ones. If you've never seen what any of these statues actually look like just check below.

    For the Statue of Atlas, I only say that it's a long haired and shirtless barbarian in the fic. You can probably guess that it is supposed to be Conan The Barbarian, I mean what other long haired barbarians spring to mind lol! Okay there's Krull I guess... But Shuma-Gorath did actually meet Conan in issue #260 of Conan The Barbarian... Yeah the only reason I don't directly say Conan's name in the fic is because to an extent I do treat this as if it was an actual comic book coming out now and Marvel doesn't really have the rights to Conan anymore. I mean, I don't exactly treat it like a comic book coming out now because they seem to have a big hang up nowadays about Marvel characters smoking which I could care less about, but I digress. This would be my sneaky way of getting Conan in the story, I suppose the artist would draw the statued Barbarian as generic as possible. Marvel is on really good terms with Dark Horse Comics who holds the comic book rights to Conan now. They even let Dark Horse release the old Marvel Comics of Conan in TPBs. So this one might not turn into a big legal battle either way if this was an actual comic. I do kind of think of this fic in my head as an ongoing anime but the legal rights to Conan on film/TV are another matter ooh... Ah well moving along...

    Missing from the above link are the 'Library Lions' from the New York Public Library. You can see what one of them looks like below. The other one is on the opposite side of the Library and looks exactly the same.

    To me those are famous monuments that I just couldn't ignore so I had to have those two statues transform into something. If you've ever seen the movie Ghostbusters than I'm pretty sure you're aware of those two Lion Statues. BTW, in the newest Ghostbusters video game that came out for the PS3, 360 and Wii you get to venture inside of the New York Public Library along with seeing the lions up close! As someone whose been inside this building lots of times it's pretty amazing how it looks EXACTLY the same in the Ghostbusters video game! They must've done a ton of research!

    The two Lion statues turning into N'astirh is a huge nod to the big X-Men crossover storyline called 'Inferno' and N'astirh was one of the agents behind that. This is my favorite X-Men crossover! Statues and sculptures all around New York City came to life as it was literally hell on Earth. I like this story so much because I live in New York and something like this would be hella wield to see! The two Lion statues even came to life in that story and started attacking people! Now, I doubt Shuma-Gorath ever met N'astirh but just like he put a random statue of Satan in that Marvel Premiere issue well I'm sure he'd put up random statues of Marvel's demonic beings heh! N'astirh did appear in a video game, kinda. In the old Spider-Man and the X-Men video game for the Super NES. Spider-Man fights a robot version of him. This video game falls in the category of "so bad it's HYSTERICAL" so I'm not actually recommended you go seek it out. :P Oh, and N'astirh is much larger than the two Lion statues, he's a giant just like Shuma-Gorath is. But I figure that statues aren't always done to scale anyway heh! You can see what N'astirh looks like below.

    Shuma-Gorath turning the Statue of Liberty into Umar was me having fun lol! I doubt these two have ever met either, but who knows maybe he has a crush on her ROFL! Since Shuma-Gorath is a Doctor Strange villain it just made sense for him to turn the Statue of Liberty into another Strange villain and I can't think of anyone that's more prolific than Dormmamu's sister, and Doctor Strange's very own Mother-In-Law, CRAZY! Yeah she's a good villain in her own right. For me, Umar had me cracking up in the Defenders mini that came out in 2005 written by one of my favorite writers J.M. Dematteis. In it she gets Hulk to sleep with her and... Well it's REALLY FUNNY so if you are able to please check that series out lol! You can see what Umar looks like here.

    The "iron-bound books of Shuma Gorath" that the statue of Umar is holding in place of Lady Liberty's tablet hearkens back to how Shuma-Gorath was created. These books were first mentioned in Robert E. Howard's short story called "The Curse of the Golden Skull" that featured Krull. Marvel seemed to come across this and created the character from there as near as I can tell. The three Iron-Bound books actually do show up in Conan The Barbarian issue #260 and are destroyed in the same issue. These books received a mention in "The Official Marvel Universe Mystic Arcana Book Of Magic" that came out a few years ago as they were listed along with lots of other magical paraphernalia used in the Marvel Universe.

    I'm guessing most people reading this are probably aware of this bust to point out, Sakura's moves in MSH vs. SF are very different from her regular moves in the Street Fighter games. Her Shou'ken is different and her Shinkuu Hadouken does indeed toss fireballs high in the sky at an angle. The moves she is using in this fic are based on MSH vs. SF and that game alone.

    Shuma-Gorath flooding Sakura's mind with images during the Mystic Stare is taken from, again Conan The Barbarian #260. In the issue he floods six minds with images and what he shows them is almost the same exact vision that he shows to Sakura, I only altered it just a bit. The line he says "SHUMA-GORATH IS FED BY BLOOD SACRIFICE, WHETHER BY TRIBAL WAR OR THE RITUAL SLAUGHTER OF MAIDENS, UPON AN ALTAR OF CRIMSON DEATH." is also lifted directly from that issue. Now, I have no idea if this is where Capcom got the idea of the Mystic Stare but I did find it ironic that he flooded six people's minds with this vision and he fires six eyeballs at the opponent. Obviously it could just be a coincidence I suppose.

    The Mountain he is appearing above is supposed Mount Crom, a famous Mountain from Conan The Barbarian stories. Eventually The god Crom had a shaman imprison Shuma in the mountain, before it was called Mount Crom. I don't say Mount Crom in the fic for the same reason I don't mention Conan's name. But this is where he resided the next time he appeared on Earth. This was way before Conan's own time, around 19,000 B.C. In contrast, Conan's time, the Hyborian Age occurs around 10,000 B.C. so that's about 9,000 years later. So the line Conan The Barbarian says about his people, the Cimmerians, since Mount Crom is in Cimmeria - "The Hyborians (most of the other people who lived around that time) do not sacrifice humans to their god, Mitra, and as for my people - by Crom, I'd like to see a priest try to drag a Cimmerian to that altar! There'd be blood spilt, but not as the priest intended!" - in Robert E. Howard's short story "Xuthal of the Dusk" still holds true. Shuma's time was way before, about 1,000 to 1,500 years before the sinking of Atlantis and Conan's people descended from survivors of the sunk Atlantis. Cimmerians wouldn't bow to Shuma but these were not Conan's people that were around Mount Crom at that time, or in this story. Heh, that's a lot of explaining for me to get one of Conan's kick ass quotes in here but it reminded of events in the flashback... The original Conan stories are awesome!

    When Shuma-Gorath appeared in Conan's comic he had a different appearance entirely. He had sharp teeth, crab claws and spider legs! Yet he appeared millions of years before that just being a purple eye. Anyway I didn't want to go about changing Shuma-Gorath's appearance in the flashback of this story since by now most of us know him as just being the tentacled eye. Since he can change his appearance anyway I just figure he showed Sakura an image from when he decided to look the way we are used to and not the, super scary Conan The Barbarian comic variant. You can see this creepier take on Shuma-Gorath three images down... YIKES!

    Shuma-Gorath's dimension is never given a name, but since his move is called 'Chaos Dimension' and he has been called the Lord of Chaos I figured it was okay for me to call his homeworld the Chaos Dimension. He has used the powers of nightmares before to aid in helping him return to Earth, in fact he used a Doctor Strange enemy called Nightmare to do just that. I figured it would be more horrific if when he took people into this dimension they could experience their worse nightmares. That never happened in Marvel's comics when people went to his homeworld really but so far it has only been powerful magicians like Strange and the Ancient One who have traveled there who in theory I'm sure they could protect themselves from horrible visions unlike Sakura. Shuma can control people's minds and everything so he probably doesn't need to take someone to this dimension to show them their worse nightmares. I guess it's just fun to have his super do something else and it will play into Sakura's story in this fic down the line.

    Yeah Sakura can survive a lot, including drops right on her head at amazing heights! Don't try this at home kiddies! Well take it with a grain of salt that in anime and manga settings characters can survive almost anything and have unlimited supplies of blood and so on. Especially if they have any kind of Martial Arts training or are a little girl wearing a short skirt... "AMAJING!" :P American comics aren't like that but... Super-Heroes and Super-Villains are really hard to kill off for good! They come back from the dead all of time LOL!

    I couldn't resist Spider-Man making that Hentai joke HA HA! I mean it's long been thought by fans that the only reason Capcom put Shuma-Gorath in the game is so they could elude to... TENTACLE SEX! Oh I'm not putting up any links going into detail about tentacle sex... I think Shuma was carrying her away so he could offer her as a sacrifice properly is all by way of ceremony, but I did leave a window open for him to be doing something else in case... There's some twisted individuals out there... ^_^;

    I honestly have no idea why in the blue blazes Capcom put Shuma-Gorath and Blackheart into their video games. Those are some really random choices. The best theory I've ever heard regarding this was from Iggy of Madman's Cafe. He said that American comics come out years later in Japan than they do here and they picked two characters that were in books that were currently on the shelves in Japan. Mind you, THIS IS A THEORY and I have no way of proving if this is true or not. I'm not even sure if there's anyone left at Capcom that we could even ask why these two characters are in their games. If anyone ever finds out for certain please let me know!

    Funny story but recently a Japanese artist named Sana Takeda did a cover for Heroes For Hire #13. On the cover there were a few women trapped with tentacles. There were lots of complaints that this was a hentai image and they were eluding to tentacle rape! The entire thing was beyond ridiculous IMHO and it wasn't the artist's intention to depict the image that way! Sana Takeda is an amazing artist BTW who currently draws Ms. Marvel. Check out her website!

    Oh, if you've ever seen the 1985 movie "The Goonies" that was directed by Richard Donner (who also directed the first 2 Superman movies BTW) then you've heard the name One-Eyed Willy before. Spider-Man most likely saw that movie too and that's where that joke name he gave Shuma-Gorath came from. If you've never seen The Goonies than you really should. It's an excellent movie, a classic! Hey Spider-Man liked it! :P


    Next Up: Spider-Man can't take on Shuma-Gorath alone but lucky for him Uncle Scrooge and the rest of the Duck Tales gang arrives just in time to help out! What, haven't you heard? Disney just purchased Marvel and Capcom did make a Duck Tales game before. I am perfectly within my fan fiction rights to use these characters! ROFL I'm just kidding man put the pitchforks down. No Disney cartoons will EVER show up in this story. ^_^; Disney did purchase Marvel though, that part is real... Anyway enough rambling! Check back in a few weeks for Spider-Armor Spider-Man vs. Shuma-Gorath! In honor of the Disney merger, in my best Mickey Mouse impersonation I'll sign out by saying "I think Spider-Armor Spider-Man and Shuma-Gorath well get along really swell!" ^_^
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    love the storys
    mindgames for life
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    Thanks! :china:

    Progress Report: I have October 26 off from work so I'm hoping to put the next chapter around then and finish up the Shuma arc the weekend after that, so in and around November 1st this fight should be done. After that I'll chill until January. The next few big fights should come and go a little faster in 2010 if all goes. :nunchuck:
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    Chapter 20: "Spider-Man and His Amazing Capcom Friend!"

    "No, Ryu Sensei..."

    This slight whisper was all that escaped Sakura's lips. She remained resting on the green wooden bench on the sidewalk. In the fight to save the city from Shuma-Gorath it was Spider-Man's time to take her place!

    Thanks to his incredible ability to walk on walls, Spider-Man was able to run up the side of a building as easily as anyone else can run down the street!

    Shuma-Gorath who was about 60 feet in the air right now (general area he was in when Spider-Man kicked him) started to float down to Sakura. Once Spider-Man was about the same height as his enemy, he did a massive front flip and spun counter clockwise from nine to three o'clock to deliver another kick to Shuma!

    He was aiming for the top of the deity's head, but by creating a stoney covering to his tentacle this attack was blocked! This sent a sharp pain throughout the super-hero's leg but he was able to ignore it for now, leaping off quite some distance away. He attached a line of webbing to a building and started to swing towards his adversary.

    "Eyes forward Mushrooma Glooma! Or should I say, eye forward? I fight a guy with tentacles all of the time and he's a doctor! And what exactly is the highest level of education you received in H.E. double hockey sticks land anyway?" "BOTHERSOME INSECT!"

    Before Spidey could land a punch Shuma knocked him far away with one tentacle! He went soaring horizontally way behind the tentacled being's back! The attack was like a fly swatter swatting a small spider away!

    Reacting to the mighty blow to his stomach, Spider-Man spoke. "OUCH! Is there some kind of convention in town for guys who hit really hard? Better not take chances with these demon types." Pressing a button on a watch underneath his left web shooter and below his costume his body was quickly covered with tiny nanotech spider robots that crawled everywhere. "SPIDER-ARMOR GO," he screamed and with a flash of light he was wearing his white and silver metallic outfit!

    Still soaring away from the blow with his body moving in a straight line, the man with the proportionate strength of a spider attached two long weblines to the buildings on either side of him. Holding on to the weblines and flying a few more feet back, he snapped forward at an incredible pace like a rock being fired from a slingshot! Bringing his knees to his chest Spider-Man started rolling forward, just like Blanka's Rolling Attack! Since he heard his enemy approaching thanks to his body spinning against the wind, Shuma-Gorath turned to face him and got rammed right in his pupil with what felt like being struck with a wrecking ball! Upon the attack, Spider-Man's armor flashed brightly to indicate it absorbed the impact causing our hero no damage whatsoever! "BULL'S-EYE! Well, you're not exactly a bull, I don't know what you are! Weak against fire, maybe?"

    With his body flipping around high in the air after striking the elder god, Spider-Man started to web swing around the one eyed being. Pressing a button on his Spider-Armor watch (still beneath his armor but he could activate it by pressing the area the buttons were located) he emitted a small stream of flames against Shuma-Gorath! The fire came from where the webs from his left hand would usually spring from. Didn't seem to bother Shuma at all. "HA HA HA HA! CLEARLY YOU ARE A BUFFOON! FIRE HAS NO EFFECT ON SHUMA-GORATH! SHUMA-GORATH CAN SET THE SKYLINE ABLAZE IF HE SO DESIRED!" "Wow, first you try to kidnap a little girl and then you threaten the city with air pollution? I think Santa's skipping your Hell Dimension this year! The only pollution us city folk like is noise pollution!"

    Continuing to circle his opponent while web swinging, he pushed another button on his watched that emitted a sonic noise, like a loud ringing sensation! The waves of sound also sprang from the area his left handed webbing comes from. Shuma lowered his eye half way down to show how pointless this attack was. This was Shuma-Gorath's look of disappointment. He started floating towards Spidey. After the sonic noise died down Spider-Man continued his usual banter. Fire and sonic attacks were included in his armor because they are the two biggest weaknesses against symbiotes like Venom and Carnage. Spider-Man figured it was worth trying against Shuma-Gorath but no dice.

    "Heck, should've known that attack wouldn't work on a guy with no ears. I bet your jealous that your cousin Gumby became a big superstar and Pokey won't return your phone calls. Well now it's your time to shine! Ready for your close up Mr. Shuville?"

    Letting go of the web he was swinging on and now right before Shuma-Gorath, Spider-Man turned on his Spider-Signal by pushing down on his belt buckle! While the colors of his Spider-Signal are usually red and black like his mask with his his eyes in the center, now that he was wearing his Spider-Armor the lights for the signal were a light silver followed by a darker shade of that color for the webs while the eyes were still bright white! The light of the signal covered Shuma's entire body and blinded him! "UUGH..." he expressed while closing his one eye that was bothered by the bright light! Spider-Man's Aerial High Punch, a downward strike sent the Marvel villain hurling down to the street creating even more cracks on the surface!

    Quickly creating a small Web Parachute for himself that he held with one hand, our hero floated down. "These magical types are more up Doctor Strange's alley than mine. Doesn't seem like there's an abundance of Super-Heroes running around the city though. I'll just have to give it the ol' college try," he thought to himself as he landed on the ground rather gently.

    Standing about 12 feet away from his enemy, Spider-Armored Spidey continued with his usual barrage of taunts. "I hit you pretty hard there Shimmy Gimmy! Are you gonna wake up tomorrow with a black eye and how does that work exactly? Would you need a bag of ice to treat that or a full body cast?" Slithering towards Spidey with his tentacles, Gorath's only response was "WASTE OF FLESH!" Peter Parker jumped in the air and fired his "WEB-BALL," projectile move. Two globs of web fluid struck Shuma at an angle and encased him in a web cocoon but he freed himself from the trap in a manner of seconds! Still in the air, Spidey tried to kick him with his Web Swing attack but was intercepted by the "MYSTIC STARE!"

    Before Spider-Man could even get the words of his 'Web Swing' out, six eyeballs circled his body just as they did to Sakura earlier. Unlike Sakura where they eyes went around her waist, since Spider-Man crouches while he swings and also for his fighting stance, the eyes just circled around his body as if you were to draw a circle around the character. It was a bit late to trap his arms in the move once Spider-Man landed on the ground. The orbs started to flash but before they could do his body or mind any damage whatsoever he quickly jumped so that he was on top of his foe like white on rice. He struck him with two blows. First a Light Punch and when that made contact all of the eyes around his body disappeared since Shuma couldn't maintain the focus needed for the Mystic Stare! The second blow was his Medium Punch which is a rising uppercut but not as grand as his Spider Sting. Still, it is another Aerial Launcher maneuver that Spider-Man has!

    Spider-Man was about to follow up with an Aerial Attack but Shuma performed an Aerial Backward Dash. When he does this, his body vanishes and just his eyeball moves back. His body then reappears behind him and seems to swallow up the eye like a man eating plant. "Dude, that's just gross!" was our hero's reply after witnessing Shuma reform his body.

    Still standing on the street, the Armored Arachnid took one step forward until a massive headache overcame him! "MY SPIDER-SENSE IS GOING BONKERS! DON'T TELL ME... YOU'RE ABOUT TO GIVE ME THE STINK EYE! NO NOT THE STINK EYE ANYTHING BUT THAT!" He was still able to joke around while clutching his throbbing head with his hands.

    The environment turned light purple with waves of Shuma-Gorath's power. The excess energy stopped moving about when split in two! After this Chaos Spit Super Art there were now two Identical Shuma-Goraths floating in the air!

    Spider-Man's Spider-Sense was still going nuts but being used to getting headaches because of it he was still able to kid around. "Two against one man no fair! If you make four more copies of yourself and form a team called 'The Sinister Shuma-Goraths' I'm calling a cab!"

    Rapidly springing up in the air to knock both eyes out the Super-Hero was struck with two Aerial HK Attacks! Normally all six tentacles would attack you but since there were two Shumas, Spider-Man faced an onslaught of twelve appendages raining down on him at a seven o'clock angle! The blows only lasted a few seconds but to Spidey it felt like a life time! His body radiated white with each hit but the powerful strikes overwhelmed his armor and he started to feel some of the attacks beneath it all! Thanks to the added power of the Super Art, each hit was much stronger than the punch Thing struck Spider-Man's armored stomach with earlier on! At the end of the attack all of the tentacles extended like long spires and sent the webbed wonder crashing down, causing even more cracks on the street. He remained there looking a lifeless shiny action figure. Spider-Man was out cold!

    The two Shuma-Goraths came down and floated just above the their Friendly Neighborhood nemesis. They struck him with two Aerial High Punch Attacks which consisted of two Eye Beams, only the Shumas were able to maintain the powerful beams on Spider-Man's motionless body for a few more seconds. Each beam pinned one of his arms down. The Spider-Armor flashed white as it absorbed the attacks, but how long would it be before the armor gave out?

    Meanwhile, a myriad of images plagued Sakura's mind while she was still resting on the bench. The first was Gouki defeating Shuma-Gorath with a Shun Goku Satsu as she recalled what she saw at the festival that day. Next was Ryu crushing her camera just as she witnessed in the Chaos Dimension, followed once again by his words, "CAN'T YOU TAKE A HINT LITTLE GIRL? I WON'T TRAIN YOU BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO TALENT! TRAINING A LOSER LIKE YOU WOULD BE A WASTE OF MY TIME! NOW GET OUT OF MY SIGHT AND MAKE SURE I NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN!" After that she heard Gouki say to her what she imagined him saying in the Chaos Dimension. "Hmph. Ryu is right. You are pathetic. I defeated Shuma-Gorath so easily yet you are still struggling. Unless you surrender to the Satsui No Hadou you don't stand a chance!" Finally, she reminisced on the image in her mind that she saw during the Mystic Stare. Before a large mountain that Shuma-Gorath's stadium sized body floated above, a woman was about to be sacrificed on an altar. Only, instead of a woman on an altar it was Sakura's resting body on that sidewalk bench, still with her high school outfit on! She opened her eyes in the vision and saw the man moving to plunge the dagger into her chest! Before he made contact the vision ended.

    In reality, her body moved restlessly on the bench like someone having a terrible nightmare. With her eyes closed she spoke to herself, rather quietly.

    "I... can not die here... I must... win this fight... at all costs... Even if... I have to use... that power..."




    "Sorry....... Ryu Sensei......"

    As soon as she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was the two Shuma-Goraths pinning Spider-Man down with their eyebeams.

    "GRRRR..." Sakura growled and her eyes took on a reddish glow! Her skin turned darker in a flash as if she got an instant sun tan! With her body trembling, she stood up on the wooden bench and bent her knees in front of her. From here, she took an amazing leap high up in the air, about the length of half a skyscraper! As soon as she jumped her Ki residue destroyed the wooden bench rendering it to small toothpicks and tiny metal fragments for the screws it contained! The bench blew away like dust!

    "AAAAAAAAAAAH," screamed the sixteen year old as she came falling down to Earth with a mighty Karate Chop, crashing down like a meteorite from outer space! The Shuma-Gorath the blow was intended for stopped blasting Spidey's left arm and looked up but there was no time to dodge! The powerful chop that resembled Gouki's Kongouko-Kuretsuzan Super Art (from the Street Fighter III series) destroyed Shuma on impact! Sadly, that Shuma-Gorath was just a copy created with the Chaos Dimension. The real one who was blasting Spider-Man's right arm quickly floated away in the direction Spider-Man's rested head was pointing towards! The strong chop cracked the street even further, sending the raised portions of the street to raise up even higher!

    After her attack, Sakura stood there with her back turned towards both Spider-Man and Shuma-Gorath. Her headband floated in the air even though there was no wind blowing! Her fists were tightly clenched at her sides.

    Spider-Man couldn't move just yet. Still the loud thud Sakura's attack made woke him up. "This girl... What is she... For some reason she's reminding me of... Gouki?" Spider-Man wasn't able to sense Ki the same way the Street Fighters can, but even he could tell on some level that Sakura's power was very similar to the man he fought a while ago.

    "GOUKI." Shuma-Gorath thought of his name about the same time Spider-Man did. He continued to think to himself. "I SEE. EARLIER HER MOVEMENTS AND KI WERE SIMILAR TO THAT YOUNG MAN THAT AIDED IN DEFEATING APOCALYPSE."

    Shuma-Gorath thought back to the final battle of X-Men vs. Street Fighter (in the previous X-Men vs. SF Fan Fic), specifically when Ryu formed a Force Field of Ki to protect himself from one of Apocalypse's attack, albeit the sphere did have waves of Ken's red energy running through it as well. Even so, Shuma-Gorath reflected on the Front Field of energy created during Sakura's "SHOU'KEN!" noticing how the move was similar. Next he recalled Ryu using his "SHINKUU TATSUMAKI SENPUKYAKU!" against Apocalypse's huge fist (also in the the previous X-Men vs. SF Fan Fic) and he compared it to Sakura's Haru Ichaban Super Art that she performed against him, which starts off just like the Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpukyaku only it rises high up in the air.

    "NOW, HER KI SEEMS SIMILAR TO THAT MAN." Shuma-Gorath thought of Gouki while expressing this.

    While gazing at Sakura's back, against a black background Shuma envisioned Ryu standing on one side of her looking with his back turned to her side and Gouki on the other end, as if they were two bookends with Sakura in the middle. "IT SEEMS THAT SHE IS AT A CROSSROADS. WHAT PATH HER LIFE WILL CHOOSE AND WHICH MAN SHE WILL PATTERN HER LIFE AFTER."


    The self proclaimed Master of the Old Ones fired an eyebeam at Sakura but she vanished! He fired more beams at her yet with several Ashura Warps she zigged and zagged passed all of the blows getting closer and closer to Shuma-Gorath! When she got close enough the dastardly demon performed his Sekika maneuver, where his entire body becomes a white statue minus his eye and all of his tentacles point straight up so he looks like a rapidly falling starfish. Being right above Sakura and about to crush her like a gargoyle statue falling off a building, she countered with her powerful uppercut! "SHOU'KEN!" she said, only this time her voice had a rather demonic tone! The move had also changed drastically, it was much closer to a standard Shoryuken than it was before! There was no field of energy before her and she rose straight up instead of rising after a running start. Upon impact a huge horizontal streak of gray energy spread from the spot her fist made impact with Shuma's stoney bottom! While she twisted in the air with the ancient being the blow caused seven hits since waves of the Satsui No Hadou went through his body, causing his white shell to crack seven times and on the last crack it broke apart completely!

    Surprisingly, breaking this rock hard casing only caused Shuma to laugh! Sakura landed on the ground and with her fists at her sides, her back was turned away from Shuma-Gorath once more. "YES! THIS POWER! I DESIRE IT FOR MYSELF!"

    Yet again, the ruler of a hundred dimensions' body washed over Sakura's like goo and he turned yellow once he started absorbing her power! He continued to laugh, until his body started to turn a different color. No, it wasn't while like last time, his body turned pitch black! "WHAT IS THIS... THIS POWER... IT'S HURTING ME! IMPOSSIBLE! I AM AN ELDER GO..."

    He would never finish that sentence! Sakura pushed her fists to her sides, held her head back and arched backwards! Gray energy radiated around her entire body and Shuma's flesh was vaporized! Mounds of black goop went flying away from her body until they vanished! All that remained was Shuma's eyeball that tried to float away but Sakura turned around and fired off a "HADOUKEN!" projectile, still with her voice having a rather dark tone! The gray orb of energy was just about the size that she was and it exploded on the back of Shuma-Gorath's eyeball causing him to bounce away like a rubber ball! Spider-Armored Spider-Man witnessed this while he was starting to get up on his feet and he was speechless!

    Shuma-Gorath's body did reform however and caught his eye, just as it does during a backward dash. Another Ashura Warp move and the High Schooler using the power of the Satsui No Hadou was right on top of him! This time he caught her right before she could attack him. "DEVITILIZATION," he yelled! His body washed over hers, scooped her up in the air and slammed her onto the pavement! This was the last blow the street could take and it was destroyed sending Shuma-Gorath, Spider-Man and Sakura crashing down to the sewer!

    Having her head rammed on the street for the second time today was too much for the young girl, even under Satsui No Hadou's influence so she was knocked out once again! Once she crashes down to the floor of sewer, will she survive the impact?


    Radioactive Bytes will be up in a little bit!
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    Radioactive Bytes: I probably don't have to mention this but the tentacled Doctor Spider-Man is talking about is of course Doctor Octopus. He was the main villain in the live action movie Spider-Man 2. Again, I probably don't have to say that but just in case.

    Spider-Man yelling "SPIDER-ARMOR GO!" is me having a little fun as if he was a Power Ranger of sorts lol! I almost had him yell the line from the 70s Spider-Man Live Acton Japanese TV Show, "CHANGE LEOPARDON!" but I figured I didn't want to break the fourth wall that much ROFL!

    Spider-Man doing a Blanka roll is an obvious shout out, to Blanka! And yet another thing I probably don't have to say har har! Arg another SF character I dig but I can't use too much because Capcom didn't put him in any of the Marvel games as a selectable character lol! By the by, the entire beginning portion of this fight between Shuma-Gorath and Spider-Armor Spider-Man is pretty much impossible to perform in a game, but I figure both of them have fought in this story before and once they touch the ground they go back to gaming moves so it's cool I guess heh!

    In case you have no idea who Gumby and Pokey are haw haw!

    Shuma-Gorath saying he could set the sky ablaze if he so desired is a nod to the comics Fantastic Four #314 and Strange Tales #14 where he made the sky above New York City look like it was set on fire for a while. He only did this once but the event was shown in both issues.

    Um yeah, the Spider-Man didn't use the Spider Signal while he wore the Spider-Armor in the comic. In fact he hardly ever uses it! But if you use Spider-Armor Spider-Man in the game, the intro where he shows the Spider-Signal on the ground shows it looking the same colors as his armor. So I figure the game version has that color.

    Sorry but I HAD to have Spider-Man bust out some kind of Spider-Man Parachute. He wasn't that high up in the air, only like sixty feet so I had him create a small one. I'm a big fan of the original Spider-Man stories by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and he did this more than once lol! Nowadays whenever I see Spider-Man create a Web Parachute it tickles me more than it should heh! Another thing Spider-Man rarely does nowadays.

    It was kind of tricky for me to explain but yeah the Mystic Stare attack looks differently on Spider-Man than it does on Sakura due to Spider-Man always crouching. That is what it looks like though. Draw a circle around Spider-Man's sprite on your TV screen and there you go. Or... just do the move against him in MSH, MSH vs. SF or MVC2 man that will work! :P

    Spider-Man's comment about the "The Sinister Shuma-Goraths " is a joke since he often fights the Sinister Six, which tends to be a group of six of his greatest foes teaming up. The first appeared in the very first Amazing Spider-Man Annual by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. So it would take 4 more Shuma-Goraths to form such a team lol! Two variants of the Sinister Six have shown up on both seasons of the new Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon BTW.

    Since I'm entertaining the notion of an actual SNH (AKA Evil) Sakura she's a little different than she is in the games. Her moves are the same, but the attacks are presented with white Ki instead of gray. Also she doesn't speak in a demonic tone in the game either. All of her moves between this variant of SNH Sakura and 'Hiyakeshita Sakura' (AKA Sun Tanned Sakura) are the same with the exception of one. In MSH vs. SF she obviously can't perform anything that looks like Gouki's Kongouko-Kuretsuzan so that was me having a bit of fun, to show off her change and stuff!

    The street cracking every five seconds in the last two chapters lol is a nod to the background stage in MSH vs. SF were you can break the street and go down to the sewer. It does take less cracks then I caused, but better to have more cracks than less! I'm not the best at figuring out how to incorporate video game backgrounds into this fic and sometimes it's not a good idea to do so, but the sewer will be just like the sewer from the game. Yeah probably can't do the rest of the stage like the game did since I think it would be odd to have cops standing around watching this fight and I did have the sky turn green ROFL! Ah well, at least I'll have half of one of the background stages in this story! ^_^;


    Next Up: The conclusion to this fight is still slated for this weekend! Catch you then!
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    Chapter 21: "With Great Power Comes Great Fighting Abilities!"

    Having sent Sakura down to the sewer, Shuma followed by forming his body into a round ball and leaving after images of himself when he hurled down. Similar to when he performs his Mystic Smash. Spider-Man was clinging to one of many chunks of the street that was falling down, he hadn't moved much since Shuma destroyed the area. "That's enough spectating from the peanut gallery. Time for Aunt May's favorite and only nephew to get to work," he thought to himself.

    Quickly attaching a webline to the one eyed diety, Spidey swung him around performing his Aerial Web Throw only he didn't call out the name of the move this time. He spun Shuma-Gorath around many times so that he could break several pieces of the street that were falling down! The Armored Arachnid wrapped things up by tossing him away so he could slam against a sewer wall! This dazed the villain for a bit.

    The sewer had a rather bluish tint. There were a few lightbulbs on the wall that flashed off and on. Rats ran along the sides of the wall from time to time. Tunnels with streams of water could be seen all around.

    Since she was slammed down so hard it caused the street to break apart, Sakura rested on her back practically motionless thanks to the pain she felt. The dirty water she was lying on was about three inches thick. Some of her blood was flowing away from her, mixing with the stream. Her current position reminded her of another event that happened a few months back.

    When Sakura witnessed Ryu in the first Street Fighter Tournament she became his biggest fan. After winning some prize money from defeating Karin in a local tournament, she started to travel around the world so she could find Ryu. Of course, she lied to her parents telling them she was staying with her best friend Kei's grandparents in Toba, Japan during the Summer. Sakura's parents still think she's there right now.

    The first time she caught up with Ryu was on a sunny morning in a thick bladed swamp in Thailand. She finally laid eyes on her hero, and there he was, fighting against Adon! Only, he wasn't really fighting. Adon was pummeling him and Ryu did nothing to attack or defend himself!

    This was shortly after Ryu fought Gouki (as seen in Street Fighter Zero 2, BTW Apocalypse's ghost-like image witnessed that fight as stated during the X-Men vs. SF fic) and his mind was in flux. Ryu was wandering the Earth and did not wish to fight against anyone right now.

    "JAGUAR KICK!" The diagonal kick to Ryu's face sent him down into the swampy water that was roughly about a foot deep. The blow forced him to sit down since he lost his footing. Ryu held his head low and looked as if he was in a trance.

    "C'mon Ryu! You beat this guy during the Street Fighter Tournament with only one Shou'ken! I know you can do it!"

    Adon was oblivious to Sakura even being there since he was furious with anger. "NEVER! I will never except that a little whelp like you defeated Sagat! If you don't fight back I will kill you right this second!"

    Even though Adon lost so easily to Ryu a year ago, he still could not fathom that anyone could defeat his master Sagat.

    The Muay Thai fighter lifted Ryu by his shoulders and repeatedly sent powerful knee thrusts to his stomach! After about five blows blood started gushing out of the white gi wearing warrior's mouth! This was all he could stand and after many attacks with Adon alternating his knees with each hit, Ryu's survival instincts kicked in! His eyes started to glow red and he snarled like a vicious animal!

    He placed his right hand on Adon's left rising knee stopping it from making contact with his stomach. Sending his Ki through Adon's leg caused random streams of blood to jettison from it all around! With that knee still held up in the air Adon hoped back, causing splashes of water with each jump.

    "GO RYU," yelled Sakura, not fully aware that a dark and sinister power came over him.

    Ryu rushed to Adon and pushed him back with a massive amount of blows! The first punch to his face knocked out a few of his back teeth! The next punch to his stomach made Adon spit out way more blood than Ryu did earlier! Powerful blows to Adon's chest, arms and body followed with Adon feeling his bones breaking! The onslaught came so fast that the kickboxer had no time to block any of the attacks! And so it went with Ryu continuing to pound on Adon, pushing him away with streams of his blood flying everywhere.

    It wasn't too long before Sakura realized that this wasn't the same Ryu that she was looking for and admired. The look of glee on her face quickly turned to one of shear horror.


    Sakura's scream stopped a blow to Adon's face that would've completely caved his skull in. When she yelled his fist was only a few centimeters away from Adon's face. Ryu's eyes stopped glowing red and he looked as if he woke up from a horrible nightmare.

    Sagat's disciple fell into the swamp with his blood flowing into the water. It looked like clouds of red smoke mixing with the liquid.

    "Heh, so this is the only way you could defeat Sagat. Using this power I have heard about, the Satsui No Hadou. Pathetic, utterly pathetic," commented Adon with a giant toothy grin, even if he was missing a few teeth. Ryu still had his fist stuck out that was covered with Adon's blood. Looking at Adon on the floor he was horrified by his actions. Adon laughed slightly. "Heh heh heh..."

    Back in present time, Sakura was in the same exact position as Adon was with her back resting against the water.

    Having touched down, Armor Spider-Man ran up to where she was resting. "Little girl, are you okay?"

    Her skin was still tanned and her eyes were still red, but they were no longer glowing. She got up before Spider-Man could give her a hand. She stared at her open right palm. The sixteen year old spoke normally, without a howling echo in her voice and she was no longer growling like a beast.

    "My name, is Sakura. This power... comes from the desire to defeat anyone that stands in your path, even at the price of becoming a monster. I fully understand... why Ryu's mind was in turmoil when he struggled with this power. For now, I must try to find a balance between light and dark, so I can win this fight." From her right hand white electricity started to flow out of it as opposed to the gray coloring her Ki took on earlier.

    "I... have no idea what you're talking about but as Spider-Man, except for one brief lapse in judgement that cost someone dear to me I've always tried to live by these words."

    "With great power there must also come great responsibility."

    Her body still having white energy flow around it, Sakura dwelled on those words for a bit. "With great power there must also come great responsibility." She repeated those words in her mind.

    "Sakura, I'm not sure what you are going through right now but I'm going to need your help to defeat this monster."

    She clenched her fist and took on her fighting stance, bouncing left and right. With white Ki surrounding her and her skin still keeping its tan, she truly was walking a path between Ryu and Gouki right this second.

    Spider-Man crouched down low for his fighting stance and bounced from side to side as well. "Heh, not the usual speech I give during one of my almost monthly team ups but it'll do!"

    All the while, Shuma-Gorath was standing in the stream of sewer water quite some distance away from the two. Standing on his tentacles his pupil was circling all around his eye and he moved about dizzily. As a matter of fact, he swore he could see the six Infinity Gems circling around his head! That's how dizzy Shuma-Gorath was! Closing his eye he shook his body really quick to snap out of it. He began to crawl towards his opponents!

    Taking a small hop in front of Sakura, Spider-Man said "How 'bout it Sailor Moon! Let's finish this guy off with our most powerful attacks right now!"

    Sakura held her hands to her sides as if she was holding an invisible ball. Even more brightly lit Ki danced around her. Spider-Man said "SHOWTIME!" At the same time Sakura said "SHINKUU HADOUKEN!" Yes! It was their Tag Team Super Art!

    Sakura shot a large white beam from her hands that was about her size and it looked exactly like Ryu's very own Shinkuu Hadouken Super Art! The attack went over Spider-Man to drive him forward, but thanks to his armor plus Sakura's excellent Ki control the attack didn't harm him at all! The projectile did harm Shuma-Gorath however, big time and drove him back! With the Spider-Armor flashing white, the same color as the Hadouken he practically rode the beam to almost fly right on top of his assailant! He performed the massive punch and kick combo that comes with his Crawler Assault Super Art, letting out the grunts "HUH HA HU HA..." and so on with each hit! With the last blow he kicked him away with both feet while yelling "HAH!" and at the same time the Shinkuu Hadouken attack exploded all around him! A large column of white light emerged from the big hole in the street as if someone just dropped an atomic bomb! With the strong armored blows and the incredible Hadouken attack, never did Shuma-Gorath imagine that these two could do this well against him!

    Knocked against the wall again and crashing into the stream of water, the tentacled being still had plenty of fight left in him. Rising up and performing his Chaos Split Super Art, he separated in two once again! Sakura and Spider-Man ran up to one Shuma a piece and fought side by side! Just like before, the doubles lashed all of their tentacles at their opponents but the outcome was very different! Spider-Man was not about to fall victim to that attack again and this time he only had six appendages to evade and not twelve. So he ducked, backflipped, side stepped and evaded every single attack! On her end, Sakura blocked every blow with speedy elbow and knee movements! The attack ended with Spider-Man performing his throw move by getting behind his opponent and tossing him away with both of his arms so he could slam against the wall for the third time! Sakura blasted her Shuma-Gorath with a one handed Ki blast and she destroyed the copy once more!

    Dizzy yet again, Shuma snapped out of it a lot faster than he did the last time.


    Floating a few feet above the ground he stretched out his tentacles as far as he could so he looked like a star! The entire area was immersed in his demonic energy that took on a light green coloring! Spider-Man went soaring back with his armor flashing brightly the entire time to deflect the blow! Even with his armor on he felt this wave of power attack his very soul so he screamed in agony! Sakura managed to create a force field around herself using her own Ki, but even she couldn't hold out forever! Her hands were stretched out in front of her as if she just threw out a Hadouken and she created an orb around herself for protection. Still, green bolts of power were starting to break through her force field and while she was lucky that none of these streams of power touched her she knew that she couldn't hold out forever! A tear came down her left eye and ran down her face.

    "Ryu Sensei... I tried to find a balance between Hadou and Satsui No Hadou, but I have failed. To save Spider-Man... no, to save the entire city... I have to use that attack... Just this once. Forgive me... Ryu Sensei."

    Abandoning the force field she Ashura Warped straight to Shuma-Gorath and perfectly imitated the attack she saw Gouki use against him before! The Shun Goku Satsu!

    The green light that blanketed everything instantly turned white! Several blows were heard while the attack was going on! The outer shell of this attack looks to be lily white but within the dome it creates there is nothing but pure darkness. In this black area, Sakura was punching multiple times at such a rapid speed that it seemed like she had hundreds of arms!

    And the reason this area was so dark was because the Shun Goku Satsu temporarily sends the victim and the attacker to Hell! Spirits of gargoyle looking demons appeared and flew through Shuma-Gorath attacking his very soul!

    All of this, and it only caused the ruler of a hundred dimensions to laugh hysterically!


    Suddenly he stopped speaking and looked off to his left, while still being punched and the demonic denizens of Hell were still flying through his body. Off in the distance, he saw a small yellow light that continued to grow in size. "THIS LIGHT... IT CAN'T BE... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

    Mere seconds later, the monuments of Cleopatra's Needle, The Statue of Atlas, the Statue of Liberty and the Library Lions all returned to normal. The green sphere that covered the city was gone. With Shuma-Gorath no longer in the city the small black pyramids that floated about could no longer feed off of his power to shield the island. They vanished on their own, returning to Apocalypse's secret headquarters. The nightmare was truly over.

    From the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier hovering in the sky about twenty flying cars flew out of it and descended to the city.

    After a bit Spider-Man woke up since Shuma's powerful attack knocked him out for a while. He didn't see Shuma-Gorath anywhere in sight. Now about twenty feet away from him he looked at Sakura's back as she was standing there, with her fists clenched at her sides once again and her headband floating about gently even though there was no breeze in those tunnels. He could see that she was different. Her skin no longer retained the tan that he saw her with prior.

    There was something else that surprised Spider-Man who was slowly rising to his feet. The area was covered with thousands upon thousands of cherry blossoms floating everywhere. The odd thing was that there were no cherry trees anywhere near that area. He caught one cherry blossom in his hand and soon it disappeared, along with the rest of the blossoms. Much later Spider-Man would chalk that up as an illusion he saw after enduring Shuma's attack, his mind playing tricks on him if you well. In reality however what he saw was a manifestation of Sakura's Ki residue.

    Right when the cherry blossoms vanished, Sakura went falling down into the stream of water again, this time face first. "SAKURA!" Spider-Man ignored his own pain to run up and check on her.

    Soon after, Sakura was piggy back riding with Spider-Man while he was web-swinging with her through the night sky. His Spider-Armor was turned off and he was in his regular red and blue uniform. He created a webbed sling around his waist that she could sit on while rested on his back. Her eyes were closed and her face was next to Spider-Man's left cheek while she hung on. She had a slight smile on her face. The battered and bruised teenager could only speak slowly with a very soft tone.

    "Wow. I always imagined what it would be like to swing through New York City with Spider-Man. I only wish I could enjoy it more." "Hang in there kid. Midtown Medical Center isn't far away. I promise I'll give you another ride across the city once you're all patched up, just stay with me! Gotta say kiddo, you handled yourself really well against Shuma-Gorath! When you're a little older you can be a Super-Hero in your own right!" "No. In the end, it was someone else that defeated Shuma-Gorath. Someone... Very powerful..."

    Sakura stopped speaking for a bit. Spider-Man wanted to keep her talking so he tried to continue the conversation. "Even if that's true, you're still here and he isn't. And the city is back to normal. I call that a win in my book!"

    Ryu's biggest fangirl did continue to talk, but her voice sounded even weaker than before. "Spider-Man... I'm not the only one who needs medical help. You took a lot of damage too. There's also two S.H.I.E.L.D Agents. And...." She went to sleep before she could say Norimaro's name.

    "SAKURA! SAKURA!" With a free hand he touched two fingers to her neck. "She's still with me but her pulse is really weak. Well the Hospitals only a few buildings away... HUH?"

    Stunned by what he saw, he stopped swinging and stuck to the side of a building. There were about twenty S.H.I.E.L.D. flying cars floating all around him. One of the pilots said, "Spider-Man! S.H.I.E.L.D. needs you to come with us! Bring the girl with you!" "Great timing! S.H.I.E.L.D.'s a tight nit bunch so my guess is I don't have to worry about those two agents you mentioned! And with their High Tech Medical Staff you'll be good as new in no time Sakura! Still, I don't need Spider-Sense to tell me this adventure is far from over."


    Boy, I'm super exhausted from wrapping that fight up so give me a couple of days for Radioactive Bytes. Spell Check will come a little bit later. This does conclude the New York Arc and now the Fic is officially half way over! HOORAY! Now time for sleep... Happy one day late Halloween to those who celebrate!
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    Radioactive Bytes: Like I said in the last Radioactive Bytes, the sewer is patterned after the sewer from MSH vs. SF after you break the street and fall down to it. There you go, half a stage in this fic so far hooray!

    The Street Fighter Tournament in SF's Official Storyline has been called the World Warrior's Tournament. Studio Udon calls it The Street Fighter Tournament so I'm going along with that. Because when I say Street Fighter Tournament pretty much any one can tell I'm talking about SF1 right off the bat. With World Warrior's Tournament, I'd have to say '(SF1)' or something like that. So I'll stick with calling it the SF Tourney from now on.

    SF1 took place one year before this story and X-Men vs. SF. I'm writing this story 'as if' it was taking place in 1990 so that would put SF1 in 1989 in this world. Officially in the games, SF1 takes place in 1987. I have a few reasons for the change but the main reason is most of the events from the Zero/Alpha series are either occurring in these fan fics or around this time, so that's kind of my outlook on it.

    I guess if the entire notion urks you or whatever I never mention years in the actual story. Big reason for that, like I've probably said before is that SF deals with years and dates while Marvel works on a 'sliding timescale' and doesn't. Well for me, this is all going down in Marvel's 'tenth year.' The stuff that's happening in Marvel's comics right now is somewhere between their 15th and 17th year. Just my opinion on that and there are tons of theories of how time in Marvel actually works and some people will arrive at different numbers than I've come up with. Well, best to move on for now. The events of this story take place one year after SF1 no matter where you place it, '87 or '89, up to you but I'll provide more reasons for the shift to '89 muuuch later.

    Sakura beating Karin in a Tournament and winning some prize money to travel around the world is loosely borrowed from the Sakura Ganbaru! manga. Her lying about staying with Kei's grandparents is taken straight from Studio Udon's comic where she did the same. That made the most sense to me as to why Sakura would travel around the world and her parents would be cool with it. In Sakura Ganbaru! and also in SFZ3 she was traveling with Dan which would work too, but I decided not to go that way.

    As you can probably tell, Sakura's flashback here happens before the memory she had in the Chaos Dimension, that's why Adon was walking away all bloody a few chapters back.

    One big reason for the Ryu and Adon flashback was I wanted to establish just how Sakura knew what SNH was. The entire Ryu and Adon sequence borrows heavily from their fight in Masahiko Nakahira's Street Fighter Zero (Alpha) manga since that had SNH Ryu fight Adon, their confrontation in Studio Udon's comic since Sakura was a witness to that fight also and the first Street Fighter Zero (Alpha) anime since Ryu was reluctant to fight and I had him in a similar trance like he was when Shun disappeared. So an extra big thanks to everyone involved in all of these projects! ^_^

    I almost used one of Adon's stages from either SFZ1 or SFZ2, but I wanted a swamp so it could be similar to Sakura's state in the sewer. Well at least they are in Thailand so I got the country right ha ha!

    Ryu did defeat Adon with only one Shoryuken in Street Fighter 1 in SF's storyline, that's actually true. Sakura calls it a 'Shou'ken' because she just mispronounces it is all heh! Adon's still pretty furious with Sagat for losing against Ryu, even if he did much worse against Ryu during SF1... Just the kind of guy he is. Adon rules!

    Sakura in this chapter, after she stands up is much closer the the 'Sun Tanned' Sakura in the game since her Ki is white and she yells out the names of the moves without a demonic tone. And the Sun Tanned Sakura's Shinkuu Hadouken does look like Ryu's, while the regular Sakura's Shinkuu Hadouken is a bunch of fireballs shooting up diagonally in the air (like she did against Shuma-Gorath when she first saw him here). In this game Gouki's Ki is always white so it remained that way in this story. I figure this is because he has no real conflicts about Dark and Light the way Ryu and Sakura do. He embraces SNH fully and has no real turmoil about it. I'd imagine his Ki attacks, while still white would still seem a bit dimmer than Ryu's or Sakura's. Just my take on that.

    Another thing I probably don't have to point is when Spider-Man says "...brief lapse in judgement that cost someone dear to me..." he's talking about how his Uncle Ben died. Even if you don't read comics I'm naturally going to assume everyone knows this story from either the cartoons or all of the Spider-Man movies.

    The line is often misquoted, hell I even misquoted it in the title of the chapter for fun lol! But the line from Amazing Fantasy #15 which had Spider-Man's first appearance actually reads that way. "With great power there must also come great responsibility" and not "With great power comes great responsibility" the way it gets misquoted all of the time. Hmm, actually in the comic it reads "'With great power there must also come--great responsibility" but I'm not sure how you fit two dashes in dialog that way. Remember, the line in the comic was stated by the narrator and not any of the characters, so double dashing is probably okay. Or it was back in the 60's... Eh continuing...

    I was having some fun with Shuma-Gorath getting a dizzy animation ha ha! From playing SF games you see these all of the time. Even Namco x Capcom borrowed SF styled dizzy animations for their game ROFL! Having him see the 6 Infinity Gems instead of stars and things like that the way SF characters see in the games is my little joke since he was in MSH. Yeah, in the comics Shuma-Gorath hasn't really shown any interest in the Gems, at least not that I know of. But for some reason when Marvel gave him a Marvel Universe Entry in their appendixes they said he was interested in them, perhaps as a silent nod to his appearance in the MSH game that involved the Gems. Not sure.

    Spider-Man talking about his monthly team ups is a nod too... Marvel Team-Up of course! Despite the name, the book was just an excuse to team up Spider-Man with another Marvel character every month for lots and lots of years. If you've ever seen the new Batman Brave and the Bold cartoon it's kind of the same thing, only swap Batman teaming up with somebody every week with Spider-Man teaming up with somebody every week. And swap all DC characters with Marvel ones. TA DAAA!

    Spider-Man 'riding' Sakura's Shinkuu Hadouken doesn't exactly happen during their Tag Team Super. But since both attacks are side by side and I'm using both of their alternate versions, Sun Tanned Sakura and Armor Spider-Man I figured why not heh! As for the idea of someone 'riding' a projectile it comes from part Masaomi Kanzaki's SF2 manga where Ryu rode his own Hadouken against Vega (cape) and a little of the Ranma 1/2 OVA, Akane and Her Sisters where something like that happens too. Spoiler free, well not totally since Ranma's a few years old and probably mentioning this much is a bit of spoiler, ack...

    The Shun Goku Satsu is shown pretty much the same way I interpreted it during the last fic when Gouki did it to Wolverine. Part the way it is described in the Street Fighter Plot Guide - - and part the way it was shown in the Ryu Final manga. The white dome thing that I described this time around was shown during the Ryu Final manga, only there the entire area was white. I interpreted the inside to be dark for it to show that this part was Hell. After you pull off the attack in the game the screen, if you win the match the screen turns black with Gouki's Kanji most of the time anyway. Well the entire area was black when Gouki did it to Wolverine in the last fic, I just had no reason to describe the outside of the attack - a white area. To me the whiteness is what the player sees when the attack is going on.

    In the Warrior's Fate Thread in this forum where SF's storyline gets discussed a lot - - it has come into question if this is how the SGS actually works, namely the aspect of going to Hell and denizens of Hell attacking your soul. For right now, I'm going with vasili10 still saying that it is that way. I already used it in such a way in the last story and that's kind of a big thing to go back and edit. Like almost everyone has told me the Wolverine vs. Gouki fight was their favorite fight in that story so it's best I don't mess with it.

    Alls I can say is for me I needed a way to get Shuma-Gorath out of this dimension and this seemed like the most convenient way, and to have a Capcom character do it at that. You just... CAN'T have someone as powerful as Shuma-Gorath roaming the Earth and eating dinner with Dhalsim's family like Dhalsim's ending shows lol! Hell does exist in the Marvel Universe so there's that (actually, various Hell dimensions) and it most definitely exists within this game with Blackheart being present and all.

    As for the light Shuma-Gorath saw and Sakura saying that someone strong was the one to beat him... This will be cleared up later, at least I think it's a pretty cool idea but I would be giving too much away if I explained all that right now. The reason for all that... Well I powered up Sakura as much as I could, gave Spider-Man a much stronger Spider-Armor variant and I STIIIILL have a really hard time wrapping my head around any Capcom character or even any of the Marvel characters in this game plain just beating up.... A GOD THAT'S AS STRONG AS SHUMA-GORATH IS... The only character in the game who I think can give him a run for his money seriously is Blackheart, and I don't think anyone wants to read about those two fighting as opposed to each one of them fighting a Capcom character or against Marvel Heroes.... I know that in the Marvel games the SF characters are depicted as being stronger with super jumps and crazy supers but, I just can't wrap my head around one of them taking him out, sorry... That's why I had Shuma massively reduce his powers when he started this fight. At the very end he turned on his powers in full - I still didn't have him grow up to be the size of a stadium though.... This kind of a thing isn't as much of a problem in later games when we get Darkstalkers and strong Capcom characters like that, so if I do get to write fics for MVC1 and MVC2 having fights with uber strong Marvel characters will be a little easier to handle. As for this story, like Spider-Man said, in her own way Sakura did defeat him since she's still around, the city is saved and he's gone and she had a big part in getting him out of here. With Spider-Man helping out of course to keep Sakura alive so she can get to that point. The victor is the last one still standing and all of that... Arg more headaches like this when I get to Blackheart ROFL!

    The cherry blossoms (or... Sakura as it is called in Japan, just like her name) appearing is a HUGE anime and manga cliche that happens all of the time lol only this time they are not real. It happens at the end of when Sakura performs an SGS in the SFEX series and Rival Schools.

    Midtown Medical Center is a fictional New York Hospital used in Spider-Man comics. Most recently used in the new Spider-Man Clone Saga story and that's why it was on my mind. The new Spider-Man Clone Saga comic is retelling the Clone Saga the way the original writer intended without editorial screwing with it. So it's out of regular Marvel continuity, it's like a 'what if' comic of sorts and will only last 6 issues as opposed to... like the 100s of issues the original Clone Saga took... Anyway, two issues in and so far it's awesome! If I have to reference a Clone Saga in this series it might just be that one! On second thought NAH better not mess with different Marvel continuities and stuff... This story happens before all that clone stuff, the end! :P Anyway here's a kick ass review for the first issue in that series if anyone wants to check it out -


    NEXT UP: I'll be catching up on other things for the rest of this year but I will turn my attention to this fic after January 1, 2010. So roughly the next chapter will be up some time in January or February by the latest. So next time, the Hero Team from X-Men vs. Street Fighter returns, Ryu and Cyclops! They will take on the Horseman Of Famine and _____! Ack, I've said too much! Have a good one and don't be a "WASTE OF FLESH!" That's my job ROFL! Thanks for reading and take it easy. ^_^
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    Progress Report -

    Finally got around to checking Rival Schools and SFEX 3 to remember which game it is that cherry blossoms fall out of the sky after Sakura performs the Shun Goku Satsu in those games. Well it happens in both. I didn't get around to checking SF EX1 and 2 even though I have them but I changed that bit in the above 'Radioactive Bytes' to just say it happens in the SFEX series and Rival Schools. Good enough for me! :razzy:

    I wanted to update the fic this month but as usual I don't think that's going to happen. I'm in the middle of compiling research for the next chapter. Playing a lot of MSH vs. SF, reading comics, watching Street Fighter Anime, yes that's what I call research. :looney: So a safe bet now is I'm shooting for February for the next chapter if all goes. Hopefully early February but we'll.

    Playing the US release of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and having a blast with it! Versus games are back hooray! Arg would love to write a fan fic based on that game but I'm way more familiar with the Capcom side than the Tatsunoko side. I've watched Gatchaman, Yatterman, Casshan Sins (the remake which doesn't count lol), Karas (only six eps say word!), Tekkaman Blade and that's kind of it... :wonder: Ah well, here's hoping someone will come along and fan fic something pretty good. :cool:
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    Going to start tossing up new chapters today, if it gets a little late than definitely check tomorrow or Tuesday.

    Wrote out the next fight and basically it is so big, as usual LOL - I have to break it up into 3 to 4 parts. I'm putting up the first 2 parts today and the next one / two parts either during the week or next Sunday by the latest. Any all 'Radioactive Bytes' will wait until I finish up the entire fight.

    So yeah check back in a few! I will reveal the identity of the Horseman of Famine very soon! And yeah if you've managed to figure it out please keep it to yourself for now. :sweat: Anyway thanks again for your patience! :smile:
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    Chapter 22: "Land of the Lost Soul!"

    "Wow! This view is absolutely breathtaking!"

    Ryu and Cyclops teleported inside the Aztec Pyramid located in the Savage Land. Unlike the pyramid centered in Genosha which Chun-Li and Captain America were sent to, the interior of this base more closely resembled an ancient pyramid. No metallic walls, floors, or ceilings. Everything was made up of yellow-orange square blocks of stones that were two feet squared. Lighting was provided by torches that ran across a banister against the walls. There was a modern convenience however in the form of a large rectangular window that Ryu had his hands pressed against. He couldn't believe what he was witnessing.

    The pyramid was surrounded by a massive magnetic force field so a blue wave of light took the place of a skyline in Ryu's line of vision. Beyond the field planes swarmed about firing missiles at the hemisphere of magnetic energy just as they did in Genosha, and just like that base the missiles had no effect. Though it was the area caught within the sphere that had Ryu's attention.

    The field was wide enough to cover some of the Savage Land's surrounding environment. It looked very much like the Amazon Rain Forest Ryu, Cyclops, the other Super-Heroes and Street Fighters visited not too long ago. There was of course one big difference. The presence of dinosaurs!

    Ryu gazed at a pterodactyl screeching and flying about. He became a bit startled when he saw a mighty tyrannosourus rex rise up above the trees and let out a giant roar! The dinosaur started to walk about making a loud noise whenever he took a step. Off into the distance the young street fighter saw the long necks of two brontosaurus' while they chewed on some leaves.

    "This Savage Land really does have dinosaurs! This place is amazing!"

    Cyclops was delighted that his new friend was enjoying the view, something very few people in this world will ever get to see. As an X-Man Cyclops had first entered the Savage Land when he was a teenager (Uncanny X-Men #12, original series) so he wasn't as surprised at Ryu was.

    "Not too many people know of the Savage Land's existence. It is located amidst a ring of volcanic mountains in Antarctica. There's dinosaurs and cavemen all around. It really is a scientific marvel that such a place exists. Wolverine likes to come here every now and then, to hunt dinosaurs, savage beasts and to get away from it all. It's his idea of recreation."

    "Fascinating! Perhaps I can accompany him on his next journey! I would love to try my fists against these mighty beasts!" Clenching his fists, curling his eyebrows with a smile, it was like he was challenging the tyrannosourus rex that was walking by right then and there! However the giant dinosaur paid him no mind as he walked about looking for his next meal. "Sorry, Ryu. Wolverine's not much for company."

    Lowering his fists and closing his eyes the martial artists let out a slight sigh, but was still in rather pleasant spirits since he was witnessing one of the amazing hidden wonders of the Earth. With a more serious expression he continued the conversation.

    "Near Japan we have Monster Island, filled with creatures who have grown to enormous sizes thanks to failed radiation experiments. The Island is barricaded and no one is allowed to enter. Dinosaur like monsters from the island have attacked Japan several times." "Right. Some of the X-Men were in Tokyo a few years ago to fend off an attack from a female flying dragon (Uncanny X-Men #181). She didn't exactly come from Monster Island though." Turning around to face the X-Man Ryu said, "I remember reading about that. A lot of buildings were destroyed during that attack. Several lives were lost sadly. Japan's national hero, Sunfire was there to help stop the monster correct?" "If I recall, I wasn't actually there myself. Sunfire's a former X-Men too." "Really? I've never heard that before." "Well he was only an X-Man for a little while. Ryu..."

    Placing a hand behind his head and grinning, Ryu knew what Cyclops was about to say. "Yes, I know. Enough sightseeing. We have an important mission to accomplish." The two agreed with by nodding at each other. To make up for any lost time they started running down the large corridor in the base.

    The X-Man and the Street Fighter ran for about five minutes at top speed. Since both of them were in top physical condition the sprint did nothing to make them perspire or run out of breath. They came to a halt once they saw a large rectangular metal door, with the yellow-orange coloring everything else in the pyramid had. It slid open right before them slowly like a garage door (exactly like the door Captain America and Chun-Li found in the pyramid located in Genosha). Cautiously our heroes walked inside. And once they were in the area the door closed behind them.

    The entire of this room was exactly like everything else in the pyramid only it was a rather large area with an incredibly high ceiling. Torches running along the walls still kept everything lit, but the tone was a bit darker since there were no windows in site. Big difference of course was the metallic door Ryu and Cyclops walked through and another one that was closed and all the way on the other side of the room.

    About 50 feet away from them in this 100 foot long area was a giant demonic pentagram in the exact center of the room. The blood red circle housed several designs of satanic symbols. Sitting behind the circle and directly facing our heroes was the Horseman of Famine. His yellow cloak covered with black hieroglyphics hid his face that was covered in shadows. Even with the huge cloak draping over his body you could tell that his legs were folded together while he sat on the floor.

    "Yavalk, Dhimli, Vashatoo, Wanadune, Shekto, Kaopoke, Umyu..." were the words the Horseman kept chanting over and over. With each word you could see his gray hands forming different signs. The first sign was his two pointing fingers touching each other pointing to the ceiling with his hands folded. The second was all of his fingertips touching each other and the last was his hands folded once more but his pointing fingers and pinky fingers were touching. All of these signs were made with his hands were across the center of his body. Along with the chant he repeated these three hand symbols over and over again.

    Approaching very slowly and trying to access the situation, Ryu and Cyclops were now about 20 feet away. "His voice, it sounds like a voice I've heard before only I can't place it. Only... it sounds darker, somehow," pondered Ryu.

    The red pentagram seemed to come to life emitting a bright red glow.

    "It is time," spoke the Horseman. "The Temple in Genosha and the base in Cape Citadel all have troops lying in wait for anyone who manages to enter those areas. Since most of our other forces are defending our home base, Apocalypse figured an army of demons would more than suffice protecting this layer!"

    The circular alchemic symbol became red in its entirety becoming a portal to Hell itself! Several gargoyle demons rose out of the red circle! More than fifty of these creatures flew around the ceiling like a flies near a light bulb!

    "WHAT KIND OF ILLUSION IS THIS?" "I get the feeling this isn't an illusion, Ryu."


    With his fists stretched above his head, from the portal arose a being that was twice the height of anyone in the room! His skin was as black as the night sky. His eyes had a red glow that seemed to look deep into the sins of mankind. He had no visible mouth but it seemed like he breathed through the pores on his skin, since each time he took a breath his chest showed a grey visage of light. His hair was made up of black sharp quills like a porcupine would have only they ran down his back like a lion's main. Sharp nails on his fingers and toes along with a large reptilian tale completed the devilish package! With but a wave of his hand every gargoyle in the room vanished! The symbol on the floor stopped glowing and returned to normal while the hellish being stood in its center.

    "That thing! He's even taller than Sagat! And that awful stench!" Ryu covered his nose and mouth. "He smells like, burned ink and roses!"


    "...Not sure what that thing is but if he is in fact the son of Mephisto we are definitely in for the fight of our lives! As best as I can explain it, Mephisto is like the equivalent of Satan." This was the best and quickest way Scott Summers AKA Cyclops knew how to phrase things. "SATAN? Such a thing exists?" "There's quite a few demons out there posing as the biblical interpretation of Satan. Mephisto, Belasco, Satannish and Thog to name a few. Not sure if any of them are the actual Devil but for all intents and purposes they might as well be. Each of those demons are incredibly powerful. A son of any of them might prove to be quite a handful!" "Devils and dinosaurs! You X-Men lead very interesting lives." "Never a dull moment." Tensing up the two assumed their fighting stances ready for whatever might come next.

    "To think I was able to summon Blackheart, the son of Mephisto! That was not my intention. I only desired an army of obedient demons. Still it matters not. A being that can summon armies of demons whenever he chooses will more than suffice."

    Extending the nails on the fingers on his left hand so they became long claws Blackheart turned half way around to face the Horseman.

    "YOU ARE A FOOL IF YOU THINK YOU CAN COMMAND BLACKHEART!" He tried to claw the cloaked man but before he could touch him, Famine placed a hand on the circular symbol Blackheart was standing in. This caused the pentagram to glow and zap Blackheart with red energy! The creature howled and eventually dropped down to one knee.

    "By the very nature of this spell you have no choice but to obey my commands! Fight alongside me and do not stop until both of our opponents cease to exist!" "...VERY WELL. I SUPPOSE WHEN THIS IS ALL OVER WITH I SHALL HAVE THE SOULS OF THREE MORE SOLDIERS THAT WILL JOIN MY ARMY AGAINST MEPHISTO! HAHAHA! HAHA!"

    Blackheart's body stopped radiating with red electricity as he started to walk towards the left side of the room (his left) while facing his opponents. His chest lit up with every breath. With his fists to his sides his slouched approach was quite menacing, similar to the way Gouki walks towards his adversaries. Famine stood up and walked to the right. Because he was wearing a big cloak you couldn't see his feet so he seemed to move like a ghost. If you consider the area the red pentagram was in as a starting point, the directions the two started to started to walk in would form a perfect letter u.

    "Cyclops! You take the man in the cloak. I wanted to fight a dinosaur but I guess I'll settle for a demon instead!" "Right! Just be careful and don't do anything crazy! Try and keep him busy and I'll join you when I can." The most powerful tag team from X-Men vs. Street Fighter was back and ready to take down anyone that stood in their way!

    With a speedy run Ryu was standing right in front of Blackheart! He had to leap straight up in the air so his right foot could connect with the demon's chin causing Blackheart's neck to arch back! From here he spun around to kick Blackheart in the chest, but the being that was born on a cursed field in a place called Christ's Crown managed to block the kick! His body took on a very hard outer shell while his form became fuzzy. He looked as if he was on a TV set with bad reception! A slight curl of his lips was the only way you could tell that the Karate fighter's foot was in a lot of pain! Instead of his kick causing Blackheart any damage it forced Ryu to jump off of him with the thrusting kick!

    Quickly, Blackheart crossed his arms and five small red cherub-demons flew out of his chest and towards Ryu who was still soaring through the air! These small winged creatures exposed their fangs and were ready to sing their teeth into Ryu. "HADOUKEN!" yelled the white headband wearing warrior who destroyed all of the demons with an aerial blast of white Ki that was as big as he was! Finally his feet touched the ground but he wasn't able avoid Blackheart's second projectile. "DARK THUNDER!" This bolt of demonic electricity came from his hand, travelled along the ground and struck Ryu's feet! Flying back yet again, letting out a loud yell and landing on his backside, Ryu knew he was in for one hell of a fight. With a denizen from Hell at that!

    Meanwhile, Cyclops kept trying to tag the Horseman of Apocalypse with eye beams but each and every time he managed to disappear and reappear in a new spot. Finally, Famine materialized right before Cyclops and placed a gray hand upon his head! Cyke saw several visions of poor, starving children run through his mind. And the images themselves made Cyclops become really hungry as well!

    "Images... Flooding my mind... Still... I've trained with two powerful telepaths... Professor X and Jean Grey... Resisting this mental attack is nothing for the X-Men! OPTIC BLAST!"

    This huge blast covered the Horseman of Famine's entire body! It instantly burned his cloak off into smithereens! The Horseman landed on the ground and it was none other than Dhalsim himself!

    Dhalsim stood up with his open palms held up and ready to continue fighting!


    HA! Get to end on a cliffhanger lol! Starting to type up the next chapter right now so check back in a few hours. Next time, Cyclops vs. Blackheart and Ryu vs. Dhalsim! WAIT A MINUTE! THOSE AREN'T CROSSOVER BATTLES GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK! Um, I can give you the same money I'm getting paid to write this which is zero dollars. How's that! ROFL just have to switch things up here and there to keep you on your toes. Besides it's not like Cyclops and Blackheart have ever fought in a comic before. Mainly because Cyclops and 70% of the people who work at Marvel have no idea who Blackheart is most likely. :P Anyway, check back in a few!
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    Chapter 23: "Blackheart Down!"

    There stood Dhalsim with his knees bent and his open palms waving around and making small circles, his classic fighting stance. The colors of his flesh and clothing were not the colors we are used to seeing. His skin was light gray. The facial paint Dhalsim wore had an orange tint. His pants and bandages around his arms and legs were light purple. The skulls around his neck and the rings around his arms were off yellow.

    "DHALSIM! IT CAN'T BE!" Cyclops was stunned but not half as stunned as Ryu was! "DHAL...SIM..." was all that Ryu could let out since he currently had his own problems. Which involved being choked to death by Blackheart!

    Blackheart's back was turned away from Dhalsim and Cyclops since he was not interested in the outcome of their fight! Ryu on the other hand was very much so, but he could only look across the room since his fight escalated to a point where Blackheart picked him up with one hand and began to choke his neck! With renewed vigor since Ryu really wanted to see what was going on with Dhalsim, the Street Fighter knew he had to break away from Blackheart somehow.

    The dastardly demon continued to chuckle away. He was like a cat playing with a dead mouse. Little did he know that toying with Ryu in such a way was a very big mistake.

    Ryu raised both of his thumbs above his head and rammed them as hard as he could in the space between Blackheart's forearm and bicep. Since his hand was around Ryu's neck, this caused his arm to bend and send Ryu's forehead to Blackheart's giving him a massive head butt! Once he let go of the martial artist he put both of his hands on Blackheart's shoulders, flipped over him and threw his assailant! He didn't throw the demon too far away however. Once Ryu landed on the ground he performed his "SHINKUU TATSUMAKI SENPUU KYAKU!" Super Art!

    The first three hits of this hurricane kick missed Blackheart but the vortex it created sucked him in for the remaining thirteen hits! And since Blackheart was upside down after being thrown, the first kick hit the back of his head! Now rotating every time he was struck, the blows alternated from the back of his head to the front of his face! The entire time white Ki flowed throughout Blackheart's body with each and every blow! Despite not having a mouth Mephisto's son let out a dreadful scream while being suspended in air during this onslaught of blows! The final kick sent Blackheart soaring away after a giant flash of white light!

    The Hellish entity was able to stand on his feet, but he was dazed and spun around for a while. Rotating upside down and in mid air like that while being struck in the head can even make a being as strong as Blackheart dizzy. Now with a few seconds of leisure Ryu ran to check up on his fellow Street Fighter.

    "DHALSIM! HOW CAN THIS BE," Ryu wanted to know. "Apocalypse must have brainwashed him to become one of his Horseman. It's a technique he's used several times in the past." answered Cyclops. "When Dhalsim touched me, I instantly felt an intense hunger. I saw images of several starving children in my mind. The children were from India, I believe."

    "The starving children of my home village." Dhalsim finally spoke. "The skulls around my neck are of children I promised to save and failed. This is why I serve Apocalypse. Once he rules the entire world he will eliminate hunger and poverty amongst all nations and all people."

    Putting everything together, the leader of the X-Men spoke. "I see. Apocalypse used your desire to save your village and amplified that desire to bend you to his will. And with a newly gained ability to show mental images of starving children into victim's heads along with making them feel as famished as your own people you became the perfect Horseman of Famine."

    "DHALSIM! YOU ARE WRONG! I have faced Apocalypse (during X-Men vs. Street Fighter). He only cares about those with strength! If he ever comes into power he will wipe your people off the face of the Earth," yelled Ryu.

    "You are mistaken. It is only through our benevolent ruler Apocalypse that all people will enter a golden age of growth and prosperity."

    "Forget it Ryu, he's long gone." "NO! Cyclops! Deal with Blackheart! I will awaken Dhalsim from this nightmare!" With a nod, Cyke agreed and ran off to fight the twelve foot demon.

    Raising his fists and staring down Dhalsim, the winner of the first Street Fighter Tournament let out, "Dhalsim! You're better than this!"

    Standing in place now ten feet before Blackheart who was still wobbling about dizzily, Scott Summers touched the side of his visor and let out a regular Optic Blast. With the beam quickly approaching Blackheart snapped out of his predicament pretty quick and performed his Long Forward Dash. Becoming like a black form of ink or black liquid, his body with a long hop jumped over the beam and splashed in front of Cyclops. At best this looked like a geyser of water hopping over a fence. Once this black puddle was before the Super-Hero, the villain reformed only the upper half of his body. From here he attacked with his crouching Light Punch, which involves his tail wrapping around his arm and then springing from beneath his wrist. Looking close to the way Spider-Man shoots lines of webbing. The sharp end of the tail cut Cyclops on his right leg, below his waist and underneath his crotch! A grunt came from the X-Man thanks to this razor sharp slice!

    Blackheart's full body formed and he attempted his Medium Punch Launcher where a black scythe appears below his rising forearm. Cyclops dodged the blow just enough so it didn't cut too deeply into his left chest plate but it still sent him flying high in the air!

    The maniacal menace laughed to himself and waited a bit too long to jump after Cyclops to perform an Aerial Rave. By the time he did jump up the X-Man was already starting to descend. Before Blackheart could touch him Jean Grey's fiance landed two aerial punches! The first Light Punch landed right on the demon's head and the second Medium Punch (Cyclops yelled 'HUH!' during this hit) landed square on Blackheart's chest since he was still rising and Cyclops was still falling. Actually this punch was more like an uppercut given the speed the two were traveling (the actual Aerial MP is an Aerial Uppercut really). Blackheart countered with his Aerial Medium Kick where all the bristles on his back attacked in a downward motion (now the falling Cyclops was at Blackheart's knee level). Quickly Professor X's favorite student put a foot on an approaching tendril and managed to black flip away. He landed on all fours ready to execute his "OPTIC SWEEP!" A beam hit the floor, bounced off of it and hit Blackheart's stomach while he was in the air!

    The self proclaimed Assassin of Mephisto landed on one knee. With his own Forward Dash maneuver Cyke ran up to him with a speedy sprint run. Blackheart tried to attack the Marvel Hero with his tail but this move was dodged and Cyclops struck him with his Crouching Medium Punch move. With his hands interlocked he sent a rising right elbow to the foul smelling foe's rib cage! Blackheart's Light Punch attack where his nails on his left hand extend to come right at Cyclops' eyes failed since the leader of the X-Men rolled away with a Backward Dash. Soon enough with another quick sprint Scott "Slim" Summers was on top of the demon with his Rapid Punches move! Two quick left and right punches, two quick kicks, another elbow and a close range Optic Blast sent the beast sliding back a few feet!

    Now getting pissed off, Blackheart stomped on the ground and five green demons with shark fins on their heads rose from the ground and latched on to Cyclops' legs! With half of their bodies exposed while the other half seemed to swim on the floor as if it was water, these hollow beings who were all flesh with no skeletal structures howled "UUUUGH..." like true souls being tortured in Hell! Struggled as he might Cyclops couldn't free himself from their grasp!

    "INFERNO!" A circle appeared below Cyclops' feet and huge chunks of ice started to rise from it! The green demons vanished while the pieces of ice stuck to the Mutant and wound up freezing him like an ice statue! Up he rose in the air and went crashing on the floor, with the sections of ice chunks stuck to his body breaking off after his ten foot drop!

    Shivering on the ground like he just took a dive in ice water, Blackheart picked him up with one arm. Several spirits of human skulls entered Cyclops' body! His entire body became lily white, costume and all as these beings attacked his very soul! The mighty being whose powers were almost godlike tossed his opponent away and he landed lifelessly on the ground like a puppet with no strings.

    "ARMAGEDDON!" Blackheart attempted to finish this fight with this mighty Super Art! He raised his hands up in the air and several flaming red boulders fell from seemingly out of nowhere! With Cyclops lying there on the ground how could he possibly survive this onslaught of rocks from Hell raining down on top of him?

    That's just it. Thanks to his ordeals with the X-Men he has seen and survived far worse than this! With his survival at stake he was able to rise up off the ground and dodge all of the falling boulders! Side steps, front flips, back flips, you name it and Cyclops did it looking as stealthy as a Ninja! Thanks to the intense training regimen in the X-Men's very own Danger Room this attack was like a lot of the heavy obstacle courses he has been training in for years! In fact, while he was dodging the boulders he flashed back to his first few years as an X-Men where he dawned a black and yellow outfit that covered his hair. There was a similar exercise where he dodged several falling metal balls and this was almost the same thing! Heck Cyclops even performed the same moves to dodge the attacks as their descent was similar!

    And that's not all! Back to the present, Cyke was able to leap high up in the air, about fifteen feet dead center of the raining fiery boulders without being touched! And once he was high enough he yelled "OPTIC SWEEP!" Looking at a boulder just beneath him with this Super Art an Optic Blast struck it, destroyed it and bounced to another boulder! The beam kept destroying and bouncing off flaming boulders until it hit every single falling boulder remaining! With this path of beams that zigged and zagged all over the place if you were to take a snapshot of this event it would look like a really complex atomic structure! Being a master at deflecting his beams and quickly being able to calculate it's path this went down exactly as Cyclops planned! This wasn't the end of the attack however. When the Optic Blast struck the last falling boulder it ricocheted to hit Blackheart dead on which was also a part of Cyclops' plan! The massive beam of red light washed over his entire body! "NOOOOOOOOOO!" yelled the demon as his outer shell was seemingly ripped to shreds!

    When the dust cleared Cyclops stood in the center of several pieces of crumbled rocks. His fists were at his sides yet he was panting heavily. He kept his vision focused on a pool of black liquid.

    It wasn't too long before the liquid reformed itself to recreate Blackheart's entire body! He was good as new and there wasn't a single scratch on him! He wasn't even breathing hard or seemed as worn out as Cyclops did!



    Next Time: Ryu vs. Dhalsim and the conclusion of the Blackheart fight! Also, Ryu and Dhalsim's very first meeting via yet another flash back, but I think it will be my last one for a while ha ha! Oh and a cameo from an X-Factor character! Much like today the next part will be broken up into either one or two parts but I plan to put them up on the same day. I may put it up Thursday night but if not then I will get to it during the weekend. Radioactive Bytes coming a bit later since there will be some references to talk about heh! Anyway see you in a few days. ^_^
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    Chapter 24: "We Didn't Start The Yoga Fire!"

    Dhalsim kept Ryu at a safe distance, about seven feet away thanks to his extending limbs. His High Punch Maneuver sent both of his far reaching arms to Ryu's chest. Yet Gouken's student rammed his forearms into Dhalsim's wrists to deflect them away. This left Ryu wide open for a brief second which the Street Fighter from India took advantage of. With both arms reeling back Dhalsim quickly fired off his right arm for his Medium Punch move and struck Ryu in the face! Dazed by the blow, Ryu wasn't able to block an extended Medium Kick to his face either! Folding his arms and spinning around Dhalsim let loose an even stronger kick (HP) to Ryu's head! After this three hit combo Ryu was naturally even more dazed, so it wasn't that hard for Dhalsim to knock him off his feet with a Crouching High Kick move. Cutting the distance between them very short and looking almost like the rubbery man was sliding into home plate for a baseball game, once Dhalsim's heel hit the Karate fighter's foot he was down on the ground.

    Leaping half way off the floor Ken's best friend tried to spin kick Dhalsim in the stomach but with a Yoga Teleport he vanished and reappeared ten feet away. Dhalsim's legs were folded in his constant Yoga position while he floated a few feet above the ground. Thanks to his Fuyuu move he was able to rise even higher. When he was fifteen feet in the air he began to move forward in a straight line! Ryu took his fighting stance and was ready for whatever might come next!

    Dhalsim came raining down with a diagonal Drill Kick. His folded arms rested on his shoulders and he had his left foot behind his right leg while his entire body was spinning at a 5:00 angle. So Ryu tried to counter with his famous Dragon Punch. "SHORYU..." was all the young Martial Artist could get out. He attempted to predict Dhalsim's descent and wanted to hit him in the stomach but his opponent was moving through the air slower than expected. Dhaslim's foot collided with the back of Ryu's fist and from here Dhalsim canceled his move and quickly turned his body around so he could perform a Drill Head butt! Otherwise known as the Drill Zatsuki, Dhalsim's spinning head collided with Ryu's face! If ever someone didn't need to get struck in the face yet again it was the warrior in the white gi!

    Lifting his opponent off the ground the brainwashed Horseman rammed his rubbery stomach into Ryu sending him far away! With a back flip the Ansatsuken Practitioner was able to land on his feet and with knees bent he went sliding back a bit until he stopped. "YOGA FIRE!" Since the two were yet again a safe distance away from each other now Dhalsim fired off his projectile which involves him blowing a ball of fire from his mouth! "HADOUKEN!" Ryu fired off his mighty Ki attack that was much larger than Dhalsim's fireball. Heck it was about as big as Ryu himself! The two blasts of energy collided and destroyed each other causing a bright light to emerge! This gave Ryu the distraction he needed and when the bright light died down he was right before Dhalsim thanks to his Forward Dash Maneuver that looks like his feet are sliding on the ground while he quickly moves forward. Almost as if it was payback for all of the blows he had landed on his face Ryu struck Dhalsim's face four times with strong left and right punches! "DHALSIM! SNAP OUT OF IT!" Even as Ryu yelled his attack wasn't letting up just yet. A Karate Chop to the neck and a knee to the stomach made the Indian Monk wobble back. Ryu jumped up in the air and attempted to kick him in the head but unfortunately for him, the blows to Dhalsim's neck and stomach did nothing to stop his fiery powers. "YOGA BLAST!" The upward gigantic wall of flame kept Ryu in the air and the flames increased four times, keeping Ryu in the air for four hits! His body was burned with intense fire! Soaring away Ryu rolled on the ground to douse the flames, the same way a person would if he was actually set on fire.

    His gi was burned in a few areas and parts of his flesh had minor burn marks. Streams of gray smoke rose from his semi-charred body. With not a second to spare Dhalsim Yoga Teleported in front of the path Ryu was rolling in and his feet stopped Ryu's roll completely since that's what Ryu crashed against! Now Dhalsim was ready to end this fight with his mighty Super Art, the Yoga Strike!

    "YOGA," yelled the latest incarnation of Apocalypse's Horseman of Famine who grabbed Ryu with one arm and spun him around clockwise while rising in the air! Once he reached about twelve feet he slammed Ryu against the ground! This wound up throw was so powerful that portions of the floor he landed on rose up as if someone dropped a ten ton ball from a high building!

    Floating down with his fists at his sides the Horseman gazed at Ryu who remained there lying on the floor. Ryu's eyes were wide open with a glazed look. Even though he was conscious he was currently deep in thought. Still, you wouldn't be able to tell just by looking at his motionless body. "This... This isn't the Dhalsim I know," he thought to himself.

    He remembered first time he met Dhalsim. This was just after Ryu won the Street Fighter Tournament and before he learned of Gouken's death. He continued to seek out strong fighters and perhaps learn more about the mysterious power he used to defeat Sagat, the Satsui No Hadou. Even so, he was in much better spirits than he was when Adon and Sakura found him in Thailand later on (see chapter 21).

    It was a sunny day on a cliff in India that overlooked a mighty waterfall. There Ryu and Dhalsim were trading several blows. Dhalsim's limbs extended to strike Ryu but the two weren't that far away from each other. Punches and kicks were delivered, some blows were blocked and some made contact but all in all the two seemed evenly matched.

    Ryu hopped back and yelled "HADOUKEN!" This incarnation of the fireball was much smaller than we are used to seeing since Ryu has grown as a fighter since that time. The blast was about the size of a basketball. Dhalsim managed to catch the blast of Ki in his open palms like someone would catch an oncoming dodge ball. "Such an attack will not work against me." he said as the fireball became nothing but white smoke in his hands! "Impossible!" commented Ryu. "YOGA FIRE!" yelled Dhalsim and his own fireball struck Ryu's left forearm! Ryu rolled on the ground to put the flames out. When he looked up he saw a rather strange sight.

    "YOGA YOGA YOGA YOGA YOGA YOGA YOGA...." chanted the Monk in a low tone who floated in the air in his ever constant yoga position. But what Ryu found to be strange was six spots on his body were lit up in a straight line! One spot of bright light was on the top of his head and the others were on his brow, neck, chest, solar plexus and stomach. The bright lights displayed a single white line that connected to each other and seemed to go up to the heavens! Soon the light vanished and Dhalsim landed on the ground. He lifted his hands in the air ready to continue the fight.

    Bewildered and rising on one knee, Ryu asked "That fire that came out of your mouth! And... those spots lit up on your body? What was that?" "Hmph. I suppose since you mastered Hadouken I shouldn't be surprised that you can see my Chakra Points." "Chakra?"

    Continuing the explanation Dhalsim went on, "Using a special breathing technique I can open the Chakra within my body. Causing the living Ki swirling around me to sublimate from the head as Saharara Chakra. This method is known as Kundalini. It is through the use of this technique that I am able to release attacks like the Yoga Fire."

    Now on his feet Ryu's eyes widened and his mouth dropped a bit. Since it didn't seem like Ryu wished to continue the fight just yet, Dhalsim relaxed his fighting stance and continued.

    "There are seven types of Ki which flow through the spine. That is what my people call Chakra. What you used when you fired the Hadouken blast was the sixth type, Swadistana Chakra. In your language Tanden, of the abdomen."

    "Heh. Interesting! My friend Ken's Ki attack sometimes manifests itself with flames too! Training with him I developed a special attack. One that can defeat your Yoga Fire!" "Huh huh huh! Very well. Be warned that I will counter with an even more powerful attack than the Yoga Fire!"

    Waving his arms about and channeling his energy, you could see a bright yellow light coming out of Dhalsim's mouth as he geared up for his next attack (similar to his fight with E. Honda in the Street Fighter II Animated movie). Ryu put his hands on his side like he normally does when he's charging up his projectile move. However, instead of white electricity seeming to form around his body to create a ball of white light in his hands this time there were red flames!

    "YOGA FLAME!" A huge stream of flames came from Dhalsim's mouth! How exactly was Ryu going to stop this attack?


    Ryu fired his projectile just like always only this time it looked like a ball of fire! It cut right through Dhalsim's Yoga Flame and set him ablaze! Yelling in pain the monk landed flat on his back!

    For a second Ryu was happy thinking he won the fight but when he saw his opponent lying there with minor burn marks he became worried! "DHALSIM," he screamed running to his side.

    "Hmph. I cannot move a single muscle. Looks like you win Ryu. To think I could be defeated by such a young warrior. I suppose I will have to train harder to prepare against the next generation of fighters." "No Dhalsim, I only won because you underestimated me towards the end. I just caught a lucky break is all. Let us both continue training so we can cross fists once again!" With a big smile Dhalsim replied "Yes. I would like that very much, Ryu!" Helping his newly found friend rise up to his feet he held Dhalsim up by his shoulders. The two walked back to Dhalsim's village which was close by.

    Back to the present, Dhalsim now stood directly above Ryu's seemingly unconscious body trying to determine if he was alive or dead. Ryu was still deep in thought. He recalled the other day when he saw Dhalsim for the second time that night in front of the ruined X-Mansion (Chapter 2 of the X-Men vs. Street Fighter Fan Fic) and said "Dhalsim! It's been a while. Care for a rematch? I almost lost last time!"

    Ryu continued to ponder. "Dhalsim. I did want to fight you one more time, but not like this. If only there was some way to wake you up from this nightmare." Suddenly Ryu remembered Dhalsim's Chakra points being lit up. "Wait a minute. That's it!"

    White streams of Ki danced all around Ryu. He joined his index finger and middle finger on his right hand and pointed with them. A ball of white energy seemed to form on their tips. With a Shoryuken styled dragon punch he rose straight up minus his body twisting in the air. His rising two fingers created a wave of energy that managed to strike Dhalsim's six Chakra points causing them to light up! "UGH," said the Horseman of Famine while stumbling back. But Ryu wasn't done just yet. With his body still swirling with energy he yelled "TATSUMAKI SENPUU KYAKU!" What was different about the attack this time was that thanks two Ryu lifting his body up a bit higher with every spinning kick he was able to strike the rotating Dhalsim in each of his six Chakra points injecting even more Ki to those areas!

    With those areas lit up on Dhalsim like a Christmas Tree his mind was in turmoil! He held his head in agony and howled for dear life! He rolled on the floor and banged his fists against it a few times before standing up yet again! The colors of his flesh and clothing began to waver from their normal colors that we are used to seeing (tan, yellow) to the ones he had on now (light gray, light purple). "DHALSIM! WAKE UP!"

    Ryu performed a Hadouken but this time his Ki took the form of a straight line with six points lit up! And yes, these six points struck Dhalsim's points head on! When the projectile struck Dhalsim he yelled in pain while his body was surrounded with a column of bright light that reached the ceiling!

    About a second earlier, Blackheart swatted Cyclops away with his tail. Cyclops was pushed back even though he blocked the attack with his forearms. When Dhalsim's body erupted with the column of white light Blackheart stopped fighting Cyclops to look at him. At this very moment, something surprising occurred that went unnoticed by everyone!

    The second Dhalsim's body was struck with the projectile, Cyclops' stomach lit up with a bright light! He grasped his stomach and rolled on the floor! Soon enough the white light died down. Thanks to Ryu's attack against Dhalsim he inadvertently awoke the Ki within Cyclops' very own body! Exactly what this means we are not able to find out right now since the light in his belly died down after a while.


    Next Up: Wow this fic has gotten over 20,000 views so HOORAY! I've probably checked it 19,950 times so thanks to the other 10 people who helped drive the number up a bit by checking five times a piece ROFL! Nah seriously big thanks to anyone who has bothered to stop by. I know us fan fic writers say we like to write these things for ourselves but that isn't entirely true otherwise these things would stay in our personal diaries or something lol! So thanks again. Anyway check back a little later today for the conclusion!
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    Chapter 25: "That Blackheart Devil May Cry!"

    With his tanned skin, red markings, yellow clothing and white skulls the Dhalsim that we are used to seeing had returned with his appropriate colors. Sitting up with one hand on his forehead he spoke two words. "BLACKHEART DESIST!"

    Blackheart stood there not moving a muscle but kept his eyes on Dhalsim.

    "It is just as Cyclops said earlier." admitted Dhalsim. "Apocalypse and Shadowloo used my desire to save the starving children in my village to transform me into the Horseman of Famine. Over the last year I trained under Doctor Strange who was also brainwashed. He taught me many secrets of the occult." "A year? But you were just with us in the Amazon Rain Forest a short time ago." "Yes Ryu. Apocalypse managed to transport myself and everyone who was captured one full year into the past." "Time Travel," questioned Ryu.

    Cyclops walked towards Ryu and Dhalsim slowly while clutching his stomach. Naturally Ryu and Dhalsim assumed he was massaging a blow he received while he was fighting Blackheart. "Dhalsim, you mentioned Shadowloo. Could Vega still be alive somehow (Cyclops believed he died during X-Men vs. Street Fighter)? And can you tell us the identities of the other three Horseman along with the location of Apocalypse's base of operations?" "...I am sorry. Either I was not privy to that information or the technique used to brainwash me is preventing me from recalling such details."

    "...Well, first things first," declared Cyclops who was quick at sizing up situations like this. We have to take out whoever is erecting a magnetic force field around this area. I'm assuming they lie beyond that door across the room. Dhalsim, any chance you can get rid of that... thing?"

    Rising up and facing Blackheart, the Monk raised two fingers before his bowed head. "Blackheart! I command you to return from whence you came!" Buzzing with red electricity, Blackheart started to walk towards the area where the demonic pentagram he rose from was located. It started to glow so that it looked like a portal to the nether region. Blackheart fought against the spell as the red energy all around him was forcing him to walk back to the circle. Snarling like a beast he struggled so strongly against this magic he looked almost like a drunk man trying to walk in a straight line.

    Suddenly, like a strong man breaking free of his chains Blackheart stretched his arms out to his sides and the red energy that was all around him vanished! A small tremor erupted underneath the symbol and the floor beneath it cracked! No longer a portal, the demonic symbol was split like a pie cut three ways!


    "Let's go! Together we can defeat this monster!" "No, Ryu. He is merely toying with us. His powers are like that of a god's. If you two can distract him long enough, I can cast an even stronger spell that will send him back to the netherworld." "Okay, leave it to us. Let's go Ryu!" "Right!"

    As the two ran off to fight Blackheart, Dhalsim began his spell. He folded his legs in his Yoga Position and began to float a few feet off the floor. "I call upon the element of Earth! Whose strength is as solid and lasting as the world itself!" Upon saying these words his flesh became a darker shade of brown, his red markings turned light brown and his pants and bandages turned orange.

    "GENE SPLICE!" "SHORYUKEN!" The two heroes uttered these words at the same exact time while they caught Blackheart with two rising uppercuts! The two rose through the air side by side (exactly like they do in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter's intro) making Blackheart fall down flat on his backside!

    "I call upon the element of Air! Whose strength sustains all life on Earth!" Now Dhalsim's flesh became as white and snow while his facial markings became blue. His clothing became light blue.

    With a quick run Cyclops grabbed Blackheart who was sitting on the floor, took a big leap with him up in the air and body slammed him to the ground! This was his Running Neckbreaker Drop move!

    "I call upon the element of Fire! Whose passion burns as hot as the sun itself!" His flesh turned crimson red while his markings turned white. His clothes took on a reddish orange look.

    Blackheart threw Cyclops away from him so he was next to Ryu, who was rising through the air and about to punch Blackheart. "INFERNO," said the demon but this time he sent out two different attacks to both of his opponents! A ring on the floor opened underneath Ryu sending flames that covered his entire body! Another circle opened beneath Cyclops and doused him with bolts of lightning! Being tossed away, Ryu had to roll on the floor yet again to put out the flames all around him! Cyclops was also knocked back and in a lot of pain too! "Ryu... You okay?" "Heh. If these are the flames from Hell then it pales in comparison to Dhalsim's Yoga Fire!" "Yeah... This electricity is nothing compared to getting struck with one of your Hadouken attacks," which Cyclops had felt when they were fighting earlier. Both of them slowly rose up and were ready to continue battling.

    "I call upon the element of water! Whose malleability of form is exceeded only by the mobility of the human spirit!" This time Dhalsim's flesh became light blue and his markings turned green. His clothing took on an even lighter shade of blue.

    "HAHAHA! HAHA!" Blackheart performed his deadly Heart of Darkness Super Art against both Cyclops and Ryu! A giant circle formed on the floor around both of them and the two were caught in this devastating move! From this portal that opened beneath them Gargoyles arose and each of them clawed our heroes while rising up! There were also broken mannequins with no legs that swung their arms to attack the duo! Both of them were set on fire with hellish flames and went rising up in the sky! On fire they went spinning down to the floor from a twenty foot height drop and landed head first! Both were down for the count and blood was pouring from their scorched bodies!

    "With my body acting as a catalyst for the primal elements of the World, I implore to return Blackheart to the Nether World from whence he emerged!" Now Dhalsim's colors were back to normal and like a mecha firing missiles in random patterns in an anime, beams of brown, white, red and blue energy emerged from his back and moved about until they struck the demonic symbol on the ground where Blackheart emerged from! The symbol repaired the cracks in it and reformed its circle. Then it started to suck Blackheart in like a hole in an airplane! Mephisto's son started to edge back! "NEVER!" he yelled and something quite shocking occurred!

    Blackheart grew to be the size of a giant! He was as big as Shuma-Gorath's largest size! Now the tiny portal trying to suck him in had no effect! "HAHAHA! HAHA!"

    Dhalsim Yoga Teleported near Cyclops and Ryu who were lying on the floor. "It is now or never! We need to give it all we have to push him back into the portal!"

    Small dots of white energy began to flow into Ryu. He was gathering his Ki for the task at hand. "One more... attack... to finish him off. Up for it Cyclops?" Small dots of energy also started to flow inside of Cyclops! This was thanks to Ryu awakening the Ki inside him earlier but once again, this went unnoticed by everyone! "Heh. Try and stop me," Cyclops responded!

    The massive giant took one step and his giant toenail was to the left of the trio! All three of them leaped really high, an unprecedented thirty feet with Ki energy dancing all around them! Once all three of them were in the air, Cyclops yelled "HERE WE GO," and Ryu yelled "YOSH," and they combined their massive projectile Super Arts into one big attack! It was lucky for Cyclops that he was able to fire off Optic Blasts and already had an outlet to release Ki energy thanks to that. Only now, his Mega "OPTIC BLAST," Super Art was more powerful than ever! The attack combined with Ryu's "SHINKUU HADOUKEN," and Dhalism's "YOGA INFERNO," creating an ENORMOUS pink beam with flames dancing all around it! The attack struck Blackheart square in the chest and forced him to move back! His right foot touched the edge of a portal and it sent red streams of light that looked like energy ropes with small stubs at their edges like little fingers all around Blackheart's arms and legs to help drag him in! The projectile on his chest finally exploded and covered everything in a pink light! The portal then managed to shrink Blackheart down to his regular size and drag him back down to Hell all while he was screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Once the pink light died down the symbol on the ground had vanished along with the demon. Blackheart was defeated! The fight was officially over!

    Ryu and Cyclops had spent all of their remaining energy and fell down to the floor lifelessly.

    Ten minutes passed by. Dhalsim's hand had a yellow glow while it was above Cyclops' chest. He finally woke up. Ryu was lying down next to him and he woke up shortly after.

    "I have done what I can to heal the wounds the two of you have received. Still, both of you are in need of serious medical attention." "Don't worry. I'm sure S.H.I.E.L.D. will be able to patch us up fine. Right now, we have to go see what's behind door number one," spoke Cyclops who rose to his feet. Ryu stood up soon after.

    The gigantic door on the other side of the room slid open and there stood Polaris. She had two metallic orbs in front of her that she used to control the Island Smasher on the base and to amplify her Magnetic powers so she could erect a giant force field around the area. Wearing her X-Factor outfit, when the brainwashed Mutant saw our heroes she fired green magnetic beams at them but they all dodged and Cyclops quickly took her out with an Optic Blast to her stomach.

    Running to her side he took the green haired beauty in his arms. "So they used Polaris to do their dirty work." "Cyclops, you know her," questioned Ryu. "Yeah, she's my brother Havok's fiance."

    With the force field taken down the fighter jets outside were determined to destroy the base for good!

    Inside, the base started rumbling due to the heavy fire. "Looks like it's time to scram," declared Cyclops. "Dhalsim! Come with us! Help us fight against Apocalypse," implored Ryu. "I... I am sorry but I cannot do this right now. This is the second time I have been brainwashed (he was brainwashed during X-Men vs. Street Fighter). I must meditate, focus on mental defenses and train my mind so such a thing never happens again. YOGA YOGA YOGA YOGA YOGA YOGA YOGA..." Dhalsim folded his legs, floated above the ground and managed to Yoga Teleport far way.

    When he was vanishing Ryu went to grab him but once he disappeared he realized it was futile. With Polaris in tow, Cyclops touched Ryu's shoulder. Ryu touched his neck and said the word that would allow them to teleport to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Helicarrier. "BAMF!" Soon after, the pyramid was destroyed.

    Next Up: Radioactive Bytes coming in about a week! Some of it is pretty easy to spot, like I used a lot of bits from the Street Fighter II V anime heh! After that in the next chapter we get to see the fight everyone was asking for. The strongest Street Fighter of all time versus the strongest Marvel character of all time. DAN VS. HULK! Oh no Hulk better call him some back up man how can he handle the mighty Dan OH NOOOOOOS! :P Next chapter should be up around April / May. Catch you next week with all of the liner notes for the last 4 chapters! MEGA MAN 10 COMES OUT THIS WEEK WOOT WOOT! ^_^
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    Radioactive Bytes: Chapter 22 starts off with me having some fun with Ryu witnessing the Savage Land. Hey it's a background in X-Men Children of the Atom and there's at least a jungle stage in MSH vs. SF, so I'm halfway getting a background in! Ryu 'challenging' the dinosaur is reminiscent of his fight against Hauzer in his Pocket Fighter ending, and without spoiling a lot a few things in a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom ending, but perhaps I've already said way too much ack! It does seem like Ryu gets to fight lots of different creatures and beings in crossover games!

    Cyclops mentions Wolverine's trips to the Savage Land and there have been quite a few over the years. Wolverine even has a child there that he doesn't know about! But it's not something that comics talk about nowadays. It's kind of a forgotten fact especially now after his biological son, Daken has resurfaced and is being used in a lot of comics now.

    Ryu starts talking about Monsters attacking Japan. This is of course, a reference to Godzilla. Godzilla does exist in the Marvel Universe and even rampaged through America for a year with heroes intervening! Marvel doesn't bring up the name Godzilla too much because they no longer own the license but they love to make references to that time period and there's even a few long standing things like Red Ronin's origin being featured in the Godzilla series! Some fun tidbits about Godzilla in the Marvel Universe -

    Monster Island, the Island Godzilla lives on also exists in the Marvel Universe. Recently it was named in one of the Marvel Universe Atlas books as being located close to Japan. And they even bit the bullet and used Godzilla's name that time!

    Now of course in Street Fighter's world there's not much of a reason for Godzilla too exist, but for an extended Capcom Universe world it makes sense that he or creatures like him are around. In MVC1 you have Saki as an aid who is a member of the Earth Defense Force and there are some Godzilla movies where there are teams like that to fight them off lol! And there is of course Marvel's version of Japan which has teams of Super Heroes in place, so if you were to say, have the Tatsunoko characters from TVC exist in this world (not saying that's the case, that's really up to the reader) then lots of teams like Gatchaman existing make a heck of a lot of sense since the real Japan doesn't even have their own military. Perhaps it's just me but things like this seem a lot of fun to obliquely reference heh!

    And what Godzilla movies would take place in the world this fic exists in? I mean that's really up to you. Most of the Godzilla movies I've seen seem to agree that the very first Godzilla movie happened so that's almost a given. So at least that one, perhaps the second one. Godzilla vs. King Kong is a must on Marvel's side of things since that is referenced during their story. Though I'm siding with the Japanese version of the movie where Godzilla wins! No way King Kong would win. NO WAY! :P After that it's kind of up to you. Hey even the recent Hollywood movie gets referenced in some of the Japanese movies. Only to get made fun of or have that monster get beaten up by Japan's Godzilla though ha ha!

    Uncanny X-Men 181 is referenced and that is the story of what happened to the X-Men when they returned to planet Earth after the big Secret Wars crossover. Cyclops was with them during Secret Wars but did not wind up with the X-Men in Japan in that issue. Another fun tidbit is during that story Wolverine takes on his Japanese adopted daughter, Amiko. She rarely gets mentioned in comics but fairly recently she was kidnapped and Wolverine went to save her. Wolverine's friend Yukio takes care of Amiko in Japan. Boy Wolverine sure has a lot of kids!

    Sunfire appeared in that story and gets mentioned in this fic. Fun fact: Sunfire is Silver Samurai's cousin. You know the same Silver Samurai from X-Men Children of the Atom and MVC2!

    Also in Uncanny X-Men 181 when a few kids see the Dragon in that story attack Tokyo one kid pulls out a book that details a lot of monsters. One of them is "Gojira" which is how the Japanese refer to Godzilla, even in the Marvel Universe. The others are Space Cruiser Yamato, Astro Boy (In Japan Astro Boy is Tetsuwan No Atom), the afore mentioned Red Ronin and Hulk! Now Astro Boy does a fair amount of time traveling and if you ever read the manga Pluto Urasawa x Tezuka there is a way more serious interpretation of Astro Boy in there. That one I can totally see, heck Astro Boy's future is not that different from Rockman's AKA Mega Man's! I don't know about no Leiji Matsumoto's Space Cruiser Yamato though, unless they time travel too... But hey it looks like MVC2's Ruby Heart may have been partially influenced by another one of Leiji Matsumoto's characters, Esmeralda since she too is a French Pirate. So there's a possibility of that existing in this universe too? Or you REALLY shouldn't take all of this too seriously LOL! Okay moving on.

    Dhalsim's chant, "Yavalk, Dhimli, Vashatoo, Wanadune, Shekto, Kaopoke, Umyu..." is taken from the Devil May Cry anime, episode 8. Without trying to spoil the episode in case you haven't seen it, someone does that chant in order to summon a demon. Even the hand symbols he uses are the same ones Dhalsim performs. Just a nod to start showing bits and pieces of a shared Capcom Universe. I myself am a big fan of Capcom's Devil May Cry franchise, if you couldn't already tell from the chapter I called "That Blackheart Devil May Cry!" LOL!

    Blackheart's appearance in this story takes place after Mephisto banished him from Hell and before he takes over Hell temporarily from Mephisto. I had him use some un-named spell to get to Hell so we could still have "BLACKHEART RISES!" and all of that good stuff! In Marvel's comics, Wolverine does encounter him during this time but I'm not making any strong decisions either way whether that happens in this world for the time being. If he did or didn't, I dunno I just don't picture Wolverine telling Cyclops everything he does on non X-Men adventures or updating the X-Mansion's data files on villains every time he comes back from his solo adventures. So yeah, just assuming Cyclops doesn't know of Blackheart either way. The X-Men have had encounters with his father, Mephisto throughout the years though so no way Cyclops doesn't know about him.

    As Cyclops says there are quite a few Devil characters in Marvel's Universe. Which works quite well in an extended Capcom Universe since they have quite a few if you start putting games together like Ghouls 'N Ghosts, Darkstalkers and Devil May Cry. Arg there I go mentioning Devil May Cry again. ^_^

    Blackheart actually does smell like burned ink and roses. In some comics Shuma-Gorath is said to smell really bad too but I omitted that or didn't mention it. Yeah I don't want two smelly demons! Maybe Apocalypse scrubbed Shuma down when he held him captive! Now that would be funny!

    The red demons that fly out Blackheart's chest are called Cherub-Demons in Daredevil #282 so that's why I called them that in this story heh! Seems pretty clear cut that this is where Capcom got those creatures from.

    Some of the things in this fic are impossible to perform in MSH vs. SF, like Ryu performing a Hurricane Kick on Blackheart's upside down head or Cyclops dodging an Armageddon Super and performing an Aerial Optic Sweep so don't try this at home! For me I am trying to switch things up here and there since I did have Ryu and Cyclops perform a lot of their signature Marvel Vs. game moves in X-Men vs. Street Fighter. Besides, Blackheart is another character like Shuma-Gorath that is almost like a GOD... They gotta do outrageous things to survive or else! Ah well it's good fun I think. Blackheart does a few things that are impossible like performing a double Inferno move and catching both Ryu and Cyclops in a Super Art. So everybody is cheating a little... ^_^;

    When Dhalsim cancels his Drill Kick into a Drill Head butt that actually will work in the game. Of course for it to work that Drill Kick has to make contact in the game, so that's why it strikes Ryu's fist. So after you hit someone you can cancel into the Head Butt. If this works in every game I don't know, not really a 'Sim player and I'm not going to check out the other games to find out.

    For Ryu I totally changed things around for him in comparison to how they happen in the Street Fighter games. Let's see, in the Street Fighter games first he defeats Sagat, heads to his dojo to find out Gouken is dead and then he goes after Gouki for his SFZ/A 2 ending. I put a bit of distance away from him finding out that Gouken is dead. In X-Men vs. Street Fighter I already established that Ryu and Dhalsim knew each other and fought before so it seemed to me that putting it right after SF1 made a bit of sense for this world's story.

    Ryu having beaten Dhalsim before came about because of that quote he has to Necro in the SF3 NG where he tells Necro he used to beat a man in India who could stretch. I always figured this meant that Ryu had beaten Dhalsim before, at least more than once. Well now (thanks vasili10 for this and so many other things about SF's story that he has helped clear up) I know that this quote doesn't exist in the Japanese version of SF3 NG, only the English translation. So there's really no official confirmation that Ryu ever defeated Dhalsim. But since I ran with that scenario in X-Men vs. SF it seems kind of pointless to go back and change something like that. Might as well stick with it.

    Their fight in the past borrowed heavily from Masaomi Kanzaki's Street Fighter II manga. Dhalsim caught Ryu's fireball and dissolved it, Dhalsim set Ryu's arm on fire and he rolled around on the ground to put it out. So those bits are the same. Yes more ripping off from yours truly HAR HAR!

    The bit about Ryu using a Shakunetsu Hadouken came about from Udon's Street Fighter comic. In it he trains with Dhalsim and it seems he learns / develops the Shakunetsu Hadouken (or the red fireball) from training under him. Well... My Dhalsim's not as strong as Udon's so I had Ryu learn it from his training with Ken! Hey don't look at me, blame whoever translated that SF3 quote! Seriously though, I try to depict Dhalsim as being as strong as he was in Masaomi Kanzaki's manga comparatively to Ryu. He can do a few things Ryu can't like teleport and breath fire but Ryu manages to edge out a victory is all. Overall the idea of Ryu using the Shakunetsu Hadouken did come about from Udon's comic so that's the inspiration. You can't perform a Shakunetsu Hadouken in MSH vs. SF, but it's a flashback story and there are a bunch of games where Ryu can hit 'Sim with a red fireball.

    I'm sure most of the readers have gotten this much but a lot of Dhalsim's speech about the Chakra points comes from the Street Fighter II V anime, the episode entitled "The Legend of Hadouken." Even the place Ryu and Dhalsim fight in this flashback is based on that area, a cliff overlooking a waterfall. Dhalsim's speech about Chakra is just tweaked here and there. For fans of the Naruto anime and manga you know they use Chakra points a lot (but there are a lot more Chakra points in Naruto) and of course there's Seth using the Tanden Engine. Seems like some fun things to bring up again! Officially Dhalsim gets his powers through... channeling a GOD... And of course there's nothing wrong with that here with Blackheart and Shuma-Gorath running around, but I dunno I always liked the Chakra explanation in SF2V better.

    In Street Fighter II V Dhalsim has seven points of chakra lit up and the seventh spot it supposed to be well, his crotch. It's the area between the genitals and anus, so if you light up a spot on the body it would be his crotch... Yes that is the seventh Chakra point actually according to people who believe in the concept, the Root Chakra. In the anime they danced around this by having a very small spot behind Dhalsim's folded legs light up for the seventh spot. Me I assume that Ryu couldn't really see the seventh spot lit up because of Dhalsim's legs. Dhalsim remarks there are seven spots later on anyway. Um... I didn't want to have Ryu sending Ki to Dhalsim's crotch... I already have imaginary moms after me for Shuma-Gorath having tentacles around Sakura's leg because I'm INSANE... Well I figure after Dhalsim's body got blasted with a column of light all of his Chakra points were lit up and stuff...

    Cyclops having Ki awaken inside of him is similar to what happened to Ryu in that same anime episode. Much like Captain America having Ki swirling around his body earlier on, these are things that will come up again later.

    Fairly sure I mentioned this before, but during X-Men vs. Street Fighter I went through this whole Nano Chicken Sentinel robotic thing to explain how Dhalsim can change colors. And then Udon comes along and in their comic he can change colors at will! So I figured EH and gave Dhalsim that ability in this world too. He picked that up when he trained under Doctor Strange here, yeah that will work LOL! The colors he uses as a Horseman are his actual 2P colors in MSH vs. SF. The other colors he assumes during the spell... Well in the beginning I was trying to use actual Dhalsim color swaps he has in the games but after a while I said screw it so now I'm not sure which ones he has in the games and which ones I made up. Err... Dhalsim's in a few games that have a Color Edit mode so I'm going to assume that you can create any of those color swaps yourself in one game or another so there! :P

    The spell itself came from the Fantastic Four 1999 Annual that featured Blackheart. Of course the dialog used for the spell is tweaked here and there because it is not exactly the same. That story would take place much later than this one but it was a fun tale to reference. The spell that is used in that comic had the Fantastic Four characters working as avatars for the spell. Mr. Fantastic represented water, the Invisible Woman represented air, the Human Torch represented fire and the Thing represented Earth. Me I'm one character short and I think Ryu could represent either wind or water, but Cyke and Dhalsim can represent... Fire and fire LOL! So I thought it would be fun to have Dhalsim represent all 4 elements himself. And so I could do some more freaky color edits while having a bit of fun. ^_^

    In that same Fantastic Four issue Blackheart is HUGE and that's where the idea came to have him grow to be giant sized. Hey I gotta show these guys like Blackheart and Shuma-Gorath being crazy powerful whenever I can heh!

    The Ryu, Cyclops and Dhalsim aerial triple tag team super art is possible. At least it is in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 anyway ROFL! Obviously Ryu's projectile doesn't exactly combine with Cyke's Optic Blast and Dhalsim's flames for one big pink projectile so just chalk that up to some fan fic fun. In MSH vs. SF, when Cyclops does a tag team Super Art he does actually say "HERE WE GO!" and Ryu does say "YOSH!" Dhalsim on the other hand says something in Japanese (I think) that I couldn't make out so I just had him remain silent...

    Polaris cameo! Yeah she used to be a member of the team X-Factor around the time of this story and she was dating Cyclops' brother Havok. She changed outfits plenty of times over the years but her original X-Factor outfit looks like the image on your left, the first image and that's what she should be wearing in this story -


    NEXT UP: BOY that was a lot of rambling! Well it was 4 big chapters so there was a lot of stuff to cover all at once. Anyway Hulk, Dan and an unknown Hound of Apocalypse will show up next time. I'm shooting for either April or May. It might take a while because I want to read a lot of Hulk back issues and try to figure out a place in his storyline where he can fit, either that or try to pin down the time frame in his story that Capcom was using. Hulk went through A LOT of changes in the '90s. I know the games use the "Professor Hulk" but even during that period there were a lot of changes. So yeah more research. IE sitting around and reading comics. Thanks for reading and check you next time! Now I'm off to play more Final Fantasy XIII AKA do even more research. Yeah no one is buying that one ROFL! I'll be back in April / May!
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    Progress Report:

    I have been trying to get the complete collection for The Incredible Hulk on DVD-Rom - - to help me read through some of the holes in the collection. To try and figure out what I should do with Hulk in the next chapter and to try and pinpoint a few things that were going on with the character at the time. The first time I got the DVD-Rom in the mail it arrived cracked in half so I sent it back. The second time there was a problem with the address but this week I finally have my copy so hooray! Took about an entire month to get this sorted out.

    The way these things go I may read a bunch of issues and decide not to use any of it, but I at least want to do my homework. There?s lots of comics I read and I wind up not using / referencing anything from them, it?s just part of my approach. It?s always good to try to find the character?s voice if you can by reading lots of stuff though.

    So after I find time to review about 12 issues or so of the time frame I think best fits Hulk in this game / story I should start typing up the next entry. April?s definitely out, there?s no way I?m going to update this month. So really shooting for May or Early June now. As usual there?s a couple of other things in real life I have to wrap up before I start up again.

    Now for a bunch of random / pointless storyline stuff with regards to things happening outside of this fic. I mean MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED HOORAY so if you want chalk everything below to a nerdy fan fic writer?s reaction who has told himself that anything he jots down in his fan fic even matters LOL! :rofl:

    Before all that, I have to talk about Udon?s SF2 comic and Super Street Fighter IV (NEXT WEEK) a little bit so some spoilers. Well I won?t spoil anything for SSF4 since I haven?t played it yet and have avoided reading spoilers so at best I?ll speculate about things.
    So in the last issue Gouken shows up, revealing that he is alive in that world! How did he survive we really don?t know, but we still don?t really know how he survived in SF4?s world really or if that?s him or a copy. Same as the comic right now. Maybe SSF4 will shed light on Gouken's situation, but then again maybe it won't. Hmm.

    How does that relate to my story well? I pretty much had Gouken killed the same way Udon did so?. Whatever reason / scenario or what have you that brought him back in that world can apply in this world if you want it too. Hmm, Udon?s a bit worse off than I am because I never had him buried like they did and if you want you can always go with the story of his body ?disappearing? while Ken was knocked out lol! Making it so SGS didn?t really work on him and he wandered off somewhere. But again it really isn?t important if Gouken never shows up in MVC3 or is never mentioned / referenced in that game or anywhere in this pocket 'universe' really.

    Some pointless MVC3 stuff heh heh ?

    My plan has always been to push this story up to MVC2. If I?ll ever get there in my lifetime well who knows LOL! I probably won?t touch anything in MVC3. It?s already been stated that the game will have an actual story so there?s not really much of a need for me to come along and fan fic something. Maybe a side story, sure, but not the entire game. Oh and hey if whatever story they come up with contradicts the tar out of anything write well hey them?s the breaks lol! I will be happy to get a game with an actual story! Would love a comic and an anime too ha ha but one step at a time. :sweat:

    If their story pulls that usual ?The Marvel and Capcom universes are merging? stunt then it already has nothing to do with anything I jot down because here, the Marvel and Capcom characters co-exist end of story. Although no matter what they do I imagine some variant of that game plays out in this fan fic world no prob.

    So, going by the MVC3 trailer we have Wolverine in his Astonishing outfit and Iron Man in his Extremis Armor (2006 and up). Then we have Chris Redfield in his RE5 get up and that game takes place in 2009 within RE?s timeline (Chris joins the BSAA in 2003 but I'm going to guess his appearance in MVC3 will be rather close to RE5 and not that far away). So that story is happening as close to ?today? as you can get. But? I?ve been depicting my fan fic as if it was taking place in 1990? ACK! Well for the sake of anyone wishing to connect this story to MVC3 or just say some variant of it happens in this realm, you can say this story takes place around 2000 or so. Making MVC3? 9 years away but it?s better than 19 years away ROFL! Hmm maybe we should just leave this story happening in 20XX Mega Man style. :P I will still treat technology as if it was the ?90s in this story, even though I have cheated a little bit with laptops and DVDs, but no one will pull out a cell phone, digital camera or IPod I promise!

    Yeah having this story takes place in 20XX seriously upsets SF?s official timeline, but Namco x Capcom put SF?s story in that time frame too. I dunno, RE?s timeline is way more complex than SF?s IMHO and maybe it?s better to be more flexible with SF?s story than RE?s? I mean if you played Resident Evil 5 and have viewed 'The History of Resident Evil' then you know what I'm talking about. Heh well gotta leave it to the reader. I never mention actual years in this story so anything goes. Besides there?s always time travel to fix up discrepancies I suppose.

    Oh and there?s some things to point out in this interview with regards to MVC3?s storyline.

    First and foremost it has been stated that the story will not fall within Marvel?s canon. Which is usually a given in these scenarios so there is no doubt about that now. My story obviously doesn?t fall into Marvel?s canon either or really tries to, but I try to make it fit as seemingly as possible and ditto with Street Fighter?s world. Later if I ever get to MVC and MVC2 it will pretty much be an extended Capcom world where all those characters co-exist. Seriously no Alternate Universe hoping. Alternate Future hoping, okay sure I mean MVC2 already has Cable. ^_^;

    And the other thing to point out in that interview is that if Spider-Man is in the game (highly likely) that he will be depicted as being married to Mary Jane. See, via retcon he?s not married to her anymore in the comics. So for this fic, me sticking with Spider-Man being married to MJ like he was in his Capcom?s endings and ignoring Marvel?s recent retcon was a good thing so hooray! LOL well as a Spider-Man fan who prefers him being married I am SOOO GLAD that MVC3 will ignore his deal with Mephisto to get rid of his marraige oooh...

    BLAH BLAH BLAH get back to writing! :rofl: My apologies and like I said, just had to geek out on a few things. Great time to be a Capcom fan! :cool: MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rock:
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    Bumping this since I'm updating now and I don't want to dig around for it again so I can check things lol! The next few chapters have all been written down on paper so it will break down to either 2 or 3 parts. The first part should be up later today and if I don't get to all of it today then check back during the weekend or after. Hulk vs. Dan coming up! No seriously! Hulk better WATCH OUT! :rofl:
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    Chapter 26: "Stand By Your Dan!"

    The Hulk was sitting on a rock close to a campfire he had built for himself. He was knocking back a few beers and relaxing.

    Aside from a few coyotes howling here and there it was a rather quite night in Arizona's Soronan Desert. While the ground was composed of mostly dirt and sand there where occasional patches of grass and plant life along with cactuses throughout.

    "Just wanted to have nice relaxing night at a bar drinking my sorrows away. Next thing I know Thunderbolt Ross shows up attacking me with some giant Hulkbuster robots. As if my marriage didn't have enough problems without my Father in-law trying to lock me up all of the time. Stupid robots messed up my nice purple suit too. Ah well, guess the ripped pants are a classic look for me."

    Doctor Robot Bruce Banner, the man who was doused with gamma radiation during an experiment gone wrong to become the Hulk was not as savage as he had been in previous years. Not too long ago Doctor Leonard Samson working alongside the Ringmaster helped merge the three aspects of Hulk's conflicting personalities. So now he had the strength of the Savage Hulk, was just as sneaky as the gray Hulk (otherwise known as Joe Fix-it) and he had the intelligence of Bruce Banner. He no longer transformed back into Bruce Banner since he stayed in his Hulk form all of the time. People have dubbed this incarnation of Hulk 'Professor Hulk.'

    At this point in his life he had long since been pardoned of all of his past crimes now that he was in full control of his mental capacity and not just a raging monster. The fact that he had helped save the entire world several times over was enough of a reason to absolve him of many of his earlier actions, much of which involved massive property damage mainly. Even so, that didn't stop General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross and his team of Hulkbusters trying to incarcerate him all of the time. While the Military no longer had a reason to track down the Hulk it would seem that certain high ranking officers turned a blind eye to Thunderbolt Ross's actions. In fact unbeknownst to him, Shadowloo had infiltrated the U.S. Military long ago and were secretly funding his current Hulkbuster operation.

    The attack that happened this time went down in the city of Phoenix Arizona once Ross located the Hulk's whereabouts. Bruce was calmly drinking at a bar wearing the purple suit he was talking about earlier. Through a loud speaker and peering out of a tank, the General demanded that he surrender himself. So our Hero left the bar and tangled with three ten foot tall robots. After a relatively short battle where he just left Ross and his wrecked tank cursing him out Hulk went to the nearest shopping mart store and picked up a few beers (Robert Bruce Banner was never much for drinking this incarnation of the Hulk loved alcohol). The person behind the counter was stunned to see this really tall green person wearing only a pair of pants walk into his store and just looked at him with his mouth wide open the entire time he was there. Hulk overpaid purposely by leaving thirty dollars on the counter. Once he left the store he took a gigantic leap to be alone in the desert.

    He was married to the love of his life, the General's daughter Betty. They were not living together at this time. Her father's endless pursuit of the Hulk was one of the many problems the couple faced. Still Hulk loved her dearly and always hoped that the two could work things out one day.

    After downing his sixth and last can of beer Hulk grabbed all of the cans on the ground and crushed them all together turning them into a fine silver powder that blew away with the wind. Thanks to his massive size and his regenerative powers this wasn't even close to the amount of liquor it would take to make him drunk or even tipsy. With a wave of his hand he put out his camp fire. "Maybe I should just take a break and head out of the country for a while. I hear Brazil is nice this time of year." The green goliath stood up and started to make his way down the desert.

    From a distance he spotted a large cloud of dust coming his way. Just beyond it he could see a standard issue S.H.I.E.L.D. Tomahawk helicopter, large enough to house a vehicle. With the cloud of debris getting closer he started to make out said vehicle which was one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s flying cars.

    Floating a few feet above the air the car had three people on board. Two helmeted S.H.I.E.L.D. agents with dark sunglasses (they were dressed exactly like the agents that accompanied Sakura earlier) were in the car, one in the front driving and another in the back seat. Also in the front seat on the passenger side was Dan, but he was trying to drive the vehicle and gain control of the steering wheel! Both himself and the driver struggled for the wheel while the guy in the back seat had his arms around Dan's shoulders trying to get him to let go! The car was still fast approaching even though it kept swerving left and right!

    "MR. HIBIKI! PLEASE RESTRAIN YOURSELF! YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO OPERATE THIS AUTOMOBILE," yelled the driver. "Oh come on don't be such a spoil sport," responded the Martial Artist in the pink gi. "It's not often that I get to drive a flying car! In fact it's not often that I get to drive period but no worries. I'll get my driver's license one of these days just you wait!"

    The car continued speeding towards the Hulk. Dan finally ripped the steering wheel completely off by mistake and all he could say was "Whoops!" When that happened the car was in a mid swerve and the area where the front right wheel would usually be located hit the ground and caused the vehicle to flip over! Both S.H.I.E.L.D. agents flew away from the overturned the vehicle! They landed on the ground and were knocked out cold.

    Dan on the other hand went flying right at the Marvel Super Hero! "HULK! S.H.I.E.L.D. WANTS YOOOOOOOUUUU," screamed the self proclaimed master of Saikyo Ryu as his face slammed right into Hulk's chest! His arms and legs wrapped around the former Avenger and it looked like he was giving him a big hug. "Heh, looks like you want me even more than S.H.I.E.L.D. does. You okay there buddy?"

    The disciple of Gouken who studied under him for a very short time period released his grip of the Hulk, staggered away and fell down like a drunkard.

    Ramming into Hulk at that speed was the equivalent of running into a brick wall! However Dan was no stranger to pain since he had lost almost every fight he had ever participated so he quickly got back up on his feet.

    "Mr. Hulk! I'm sure that with two legendary heroes like ourselves on the scene introductions aren't really necessary but just to be polite I'll go first! I am the greatest Martial Artist ever known to mankind and the creator of Saikyo Ryu! No doubt you've heard of all of my breath taking victories in the world of Street Fighting! The one and only Dan Hibiki at your service!" He closed his eyes, gave Hulk a giant thumbs up, housed a big toothy grin and stuck his butt out a little. Hulk just looked at him with a stupid look on his face.

    "I know what you're thinking. You think that you are not worthy to be in the presence of the king of fighters whose movements are so swift and powerful he may as well have invented the art of fighting itself! So you find yourself at a loss for words! Fret not, I got just what you want right here but are too shy to ask for. My autograph!"

    With his Premium Sign move, Dan pulled out a pen and signed an 8 x 10 glossy portrait of himself! He tossed the picture at Hulk! It him square in his left pupil but he din't blink or flinch at all. The picture eventually floated its way down to the ground.

    "...Dude I have no idea who the hell you are."

    Facing away from the Hulk, Dan curled up into a little ball while rivers of tears poured out of his eyes. He let out a really quiet "Oyajiiii..." Oyaji was how he referred to his dearly departed father.

    Now with his pride in tatters, the Saikyo Ryu practitioner stood up and was furious! "HULK! S.H.I.E.L.D. HAS AN IMPORTANT MISSION FOR YOU AND THEY DEMAND THAT YOU COME WITH ME RIGHT THIS INSTANT!" "Boy, and I thought I had anger management issues. Listen up Stan." "IT'S DAN!" "Right. Over the years S.H.I.E.L.D. has tried to kill me, capture me and they've stabbed me in the back more times than I can count. I trust Nick Fury about as far as I can throw the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier with my tongue. So I'm gonna have to decline his invitation for the time being. About to hop south of the border so if you'll excuse me." He prepared to take one of his mighty leaps that allow him to travel hundreds of miles at once, at least until Dan threatened him.

    "NO WAY! I'LL TAKE YOU DOWN BY FORCE IF I HAVE TO!" "HA! I'd love to see you try. Give me your best shot Rand!" "IT'S DAN!" Hulk folded his arms and stood tall apparently mocking Dan with his big smile. "YOU'VE BEEN WARNED AND NOW YOU WILL FEEL THE WRATH OF SAIKYO RYU!"

    Rolling himself into a ball (his Forward Dash Maneuver) Dan stopped right below the seven foot tall wonder. "KOURYUKEN!" With his own self styled variant of a dragon uppercut where his body turns in the air after it strikes much later than your standard Shoryuken he nabbed Hulk right on his chin! Unfortunately this attack hurt Dan much more than it did Hulk! He fell to the ground clutching his fist in pain! "OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! You said I could have the first shot! No fair hitting me first," Dan complained. "THAT DOES IT! I'M GOING TO TAKE YOU DOWN WITH ONE MOVE! NOW YOU WILL FALL VICTIM TO THE GREATEST LONG RANGE ATTACK EVER DEVISED! GADOUKEN!"

    From Dan's hand rose a fireball that was slightly smaller than a baseball. It traveled three feet very slowly and vanished on its own before it even came into contact with the Hulk.

    "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! You're a riot Dale!" "DAN!" "HA HA HA! It's been fun but if you don't mind I think I'll mosey..."

    Suddenly from the sky fell a gigantic figure that wore a red cloak that covered his entire body. There were gigantic spikes sticking out from a few areas of the cloak. It was Apocalypse's Hound whose sole purposes was to track down heroes for Apocalypse and Hulk was the last target on his radar. The mysterious figure rose up and removed the garment he was shrouded in. There stood a Russian Wrestler that we are all too familiar with.

    "Zangief!" Hulk called out to him since he recognized who he was right off the bat!

    "Wow I'm a big fan of yours! I saw your fight against Rainbow Mika about four months ago. I didn't think you would pull out a win at the last second man that was an intense match! My best friend Rick Jones is also a fan. Maybe I can get you to sign something for him? Hmmm, I don't think I have anything for you to write on let's see.... Wait I have an idea!"

    Giddy like a fanboy he picked up Dan's picture that was on the ground and turned it around. "Maybe you can sign this picture on the back. Hey Dave! You still have that pen on you?"

    Dan just stood there with his mouth wide open and even more streams of tears pouring out of his eyes. He was shocked that Hulk recognized who Zangief was right away but had no idea who he was! "It's... Dan...," he was able to whimper.

    "Hulk. Apocalypse is in need of your assistance. Come with me immediately." Zangief spoke to him in such a cold and disrespectful manner.

    "Wait, wait, wait. First S.H.I.E.L.D. tries to recruit me and now Apocalypse? Boy I must be the Michael Jordan of the Super Hero game. Pass. A crazy Mutant bent on world domination is even worse than S.H.I.E.L.D., if only slightly."

    "If you do not come with me peacefully then I will deliver either your unconscious body or your corpse!" The Street Fighter lowered his back and assumed his menacing fighting stance. Hulk tossed the picture away and did the same.

    Unexpectedly, Dan put his hand in front of Hulk motioning him to stay back. White bolts of energy danced all around his body and his eyes also had a white glow! The green giant was stunned at the amount of power and Ki Dan was showing off right now! Perhaps he underestimated Dan all along?


    Quickly he slid towards Hulk much like Gouki does during his Shun Goku Satsu. He went around to Zangief's back and wrapped his arms underneath the wrestler's underarms holding him in place. Then Dan let out a mighty cry, "YATTAZE... OYAJIIIIII!" While he was screaming his entire body turned so white that from a distance he'd look just like a paper cut out! Then there was a gigantic explosion that eclipsed everything in the same light! Even the Incredible Hulk had to put his hand in front of his face to hold back the waves of Dan's fighting energy! This was Dan's most powerful attack! His Level 3 Super Art, the Otoko Michi!

    When the bright light died down and everything went back to normal Zangief was still in his fighting stance as if nothing happened. Dan on the other hand was blown far away and was lying on the ground with grey fumes emitting from his body! This attack only caused very slight damage to Zangief but it did much more damage to Dan Hibiki himself!

    So out of it he wasn't even able to open his eyes the Karate fighter stood up. He stated to wobble back to where Zangief and Hulk were standing. He couldn't really walk regularly since he was in an immense amount of pain. While he approached he was only able to speak very softly.

    "Hulk... I did it right... I defeated Zangief and kept you safe..." His eyes were still shut so he didn't know any better and wasn't aware that Zangief was still raring to go. "Yeah, I'm amazed at the power of Saikyo Ryu. Thanks for saving my tail Dan Hibiki!" The Marvel Hero straight up lied to him with a smile. It was in part that he took pity on him but it was also in part that he had grown to actually like the guy.

    "You... You said my name right... I... impressed Hulk... I did it... Oyajiiii..."

    With that, Dan collapsed on the ground. He fell to his knees like he was praying and was knocked out for good.

    He was able to walk up be a little bit off to Zangief's right, just behind him before falling down. That really was not a good place for him to be resting. Without even turning to face him, Zangief sent the back of his fist right to his face and this made Dan soar fifteen feet away! When he finally landed he hit the ground face first with his knees on the floor and his butt sticking up in the air! If he wasn't down for the count before then he certainly was now!

    At this point Hulk started to become aggravated and as everyone knows you shouldn't make him angry, because you just won't like him when he's angry.

    "The honorable Zangief I saw in the ring would never attack a defenseless man like that! You really must be a brainwashed like Dan said. Maybe my pal Doc Samson can hypnotize you out of that fix. C'mon let's fight! I'll make this quick!"



    Next Up: Hulk vs. Zangief followed by someone vs. someone else LOL coming soon! Catch you in a few!
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    Chapter 27: "HULK THRASHED!"

    Hulk and Zangief charged at one another and soon their fingers were interlocked (as seen in the promotional artwork for this game by Bengus). Being the expert grappler that he was Zangief quickly sent a mighty left kick to the back of Hulk's right knee and used Hulk's own momentum to make him lose balance. Zangief side stepped and slammed him into the ground and once he hit dirt Hulk released his grip of Zangief's hands! This move looked a lot like someone tripping somebody and the victim falling right down because essentially that's what happened.

    When Hulk got on his feet Zangief spun around like a top with his fists extended performing his Double Lariat move. "ROOOAR," howled Hulk as he ducked to avoid getting hit and punched the wrestler's face with the back of his fist! He hit Zangief so hard he flew a few miles away and landed in the mountains of the Soronan desert! Yes, that was it! Hulk defeated Zangief!

    "Crap. I let my anger get the best of me once again. I hope I didn't go too far that time."

    And to his surprise it soon became clear that he didn't go far enough!

    With a giant leap the Street Fighter rolled through the air with his hands around his knees! When he was about fifty feet directly above Hulk he put his fists to his sides and let out his own vicious growl! "ROOOOOOOOAR," yelled Zangief who remained there suspended in mid air! A red glow emitted from him and soon covered the entire area! If Hulk thought Dan's Ki was impressive well it was nothing compared to this! This mighty aura was enough to slam even the Incredible Hulk flat on his back! The insane pressure of this red energy pinned him down to the floor and he couldn't move a single muscle! Like they were caught in a hurricane the two unconscious S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and Dan Hibiki along with the downed flying car all went soaring far away!

    While red aura was pouring out of him thousands upon thousands of microscopic Chicken Sentinels came crawling out of his mouth. These little nanite machines had the heads of Sentinels (the same Sentinels seen in the Capcom fighting games) but instead of a body they had four insect like legs underneath their heads to move around. They were all gray with the exception of their eyes that had a reddish glow. Once they all covered Zangief's entire body they sent really small needles from the center of the bottom of their heads that went into the wrestler's tiny pours like acupuncture needles. They opened their mouths and in unison let out a robotic scream but they were pretty much drowned out by Zangief's screaming! Soon their bodies decomposed like liquid and covered Zangief's entire body (this is really similar to what happened to Dhalsim in Chapter 5 of the X-Men vs. Street Fighter fan fic)!

    The self proclaimed Red Cyclone finally landed down on the ground, approximately twelve feet away from Hulk's position. He landed with such a large thud that it created as small crater beneath him! When the dust cleared Hulk could see that his flesh was now completely gray! The only other difference he could note while looking at his back was that his yellow belt and the yellow straps at the top of his boots had turned red to match the rest of his clothes.

    Turning around with his joints making the noises a machine would make while he moved, soon Hulk could see that his eyes and teeth also took on a red coloring. While it was true that Hulk defeated Zangief, now he had to deal with his alter ego. Mech-Zangief! Crouching down and ready to go, Mech-Zangief breathed heavily and about a pint of blood sprayed out of his mouth.

    Standing up and dusting himself off Hulk said, "I get it. Apocalypse gave you an Archangel style makeover. Doesn't matter. A color swap isn't going to help you. Take it from a guy who used to be gray! So like Joe Fix-It would say... Nah I think a quote from my savage days is more fitting. HULK IS STRONGEST ONE THERE IS!"

    "HUH," uttered Hulk who ran up to Mech-Zangief with his his regular Light Punch attack, a thrusting blow with his right! When his fist collided with Mech-Zangief's face a clanging noise was heard but this blow had no effect on the recently mechanized marauder. With Hulk's fist still touching his face, the Red Cyclone of Russia opened up his mouth let out a stream of light blue flames that covered Hulk's entire body! The fire was so strong that even the great gamma irradiated hero could feel its intensity! He rolled on his side to douse the flames quickly. "That fire, smelled like vodka. Looks like whoever did this to you has a warped sense of humor." This was in fact Mech-Zangief's Vodka Fire move indeed!

    With Hulk's Gamma Slam move he dug his fingers into the Earth and raised them, causing a tremor of boulders heading towards the direction of Mech-Zangief! So he took a giant leap to avoid the blow and nabbed Hulk in the head with his Elbow Drop! From here he grabbed the dazed Bruce Banner and bit him three times on his right breast! With each of these rapid fire chomps green blood oozed out of Hulk's body! Since Hulk did have strong regenerative powers these bite marks would heal a few seconds from now.

    Hulk spread his arms to break Mech-Zangief's hold and jumped a few feet above him. Then he clapped both of his hands for his Aerial High Punch move! Not only did he box both of Mech-Zangief's ears but when Hulk usually claps his hands it sends a strong gust of wind so he was able to blow his opponent down to the ground! From here he grabbed the Hound of Apocalypse's leg and performed his Gamma Tornado! With just one hand he spun Mech-Zangief around a few times counter clockwise and tossed him far away! While the man who's been known to fight with bears went flying away Professor Hulk slowly walked backwards. Mere seconds before 'Gief touched down he heard the words "GAMMA CHARGE!" Seemingly gliding on the floor Hulk came right at him with a devastating punch! This blow was quickly followed by a second Gamma Charge where Hulk rammed his shoulder into Mech-Zangief at a 2:00 angle causing both of them to rise up diagonally!

    Although these were two really strong attacks as one could deduce from the really loud clanging noises heard when they struck Apocalypse's minion seemed to recover at an incredibly alarming rate! With the two still in the air Mech-Zangief folded his hands together and came down on Hulk's head like a hammer to a nail! From here he grabbed him and turned him upside down for an Aerial Screw Piledriver! Spinning down with the Marvel Super Hero in tow he slammed into the ground so hard that it made a crater triple the size of the one Mech-Zangief made when he first landed!

    Bruce got up but wobbled around unsteadily. Meanwhile Mech-Zangief's body began to radiate with thick red bolts of electricity! Jumping up with his Aerial High Kick he rammed both of his legs into Hulk's chest causing him to get zapped with red energy in the process! Hulk growled and threw a few wild punches and despite all of them connecting they seemed to have no effect against Mech-Zangief who just kept walking up to him very slowly. In fact it looked like these punches did more harm to Hulk since he was harmed by red energy each and every time!

    Interrupting the founding Avenger member's poorly executed three punch combo the brainwashed baddie laid him out with an Atomic Suplex! First he grabbed the Hulk and slammed him on his back. Then Mech-Zangief leaped up to slam against him for another hit completing the Suplex! With both blows our hero was electrocuted even further! But all of this excess energy was just 'Gief charging up for his Super Art, the Siberian Blizzard!

    First the Mechanized monster dragged Hulk up by his hair and started his deadly Super Art by rotating his fists around just like he does during his Double Lariat. He soared high up in the sky while his spinning fists hit Hulk in the face eleven times! Like two gears working in tandem Doctor Robert Bruce Banner spun around with each hit and got zapped by red electricity which intensified with each punch! When they were both seventy feet in the air and Hulk was stuck with the eleventh hit a red light blanketed everything and he howled in agony like a wild beast! For all intents and purposes the Red Cyclone had actually become a red cyclone and not just in name only!

    After being knocked away by this vicious maneuver Hulk fell to the ground face first and portions of the Earth rose up causing a ten second tremor! Meanwhile Mech-Zangief landed as effortlessly as a five year old jumping off of a sidewalk, even though he still made a loud thud thanks to his enormous size. Looking down at his downed foe the two were about twenty feet away.

    Here's the thing about Hulk. Even though in his current stage he's not as savage as he used to be one thing still remains the same. The angrier Hulk gets the stronger he gets and at this point he was royally pissed off! He rose to feet and roared like a mighty lion and waves of green energy swirled all around him as his body started to emit more and more gamma radiation! Mech-Zangief felt he was up to the task so he let red energy swirl around him once more!

    Crouching down with his fists balled up for his usual fighting stance our hero yelled "HULK SMASH!"


    Next Up: This is all I was able to get up to this weekend so I'll have to toss up the rest next time. Hopefully I will be able to get to that next weekend. The dramatic conclusion to Hulk vs. Mech-Zangief coming soon! Radioactive Bytes will have to wait until all three chapters up but I'm hoping I'll be able to get that up next weekend too. See you in seven if all goes!
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    Chapter 28: "You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound of Apocalypse!"

    Hulk now overflowing with green waves of gamma radiation ran towards Mech-Zangief who slowly walked up to his opponent. The Hound of Apocalypse was ablaze with red electricity once again. The two were originally twenty feet away but Hulk ran ten feet and Mech-Zangief walked about five so now they were directly in front of each other.

    Next they started dishing out a massive barrage of blows with their fists colliding again and again and again in rapid succession! The red and green energized fists rammed against each other and the massive sonic eruptions from the blows caused an Earthquake below their feet! The Earth was destroyed even further and gains of dirt, sand and pebbles began to float in the air as a direct result of the raw power unleashed from these fists slamming against each other over thirty times! Mech-Zangief remained silent but Hulk roared like an untamed animal the entire time!

    The former Avenger and former Defender was the first one to land a body blow sending a powerful right onto the wrestler's chest! The punch was so strong it caused metallic pieces of his armor to break off and you could see Zangief's real hairy chest and his actual flesh was exposed! 'Gief slid a few feet back reeling from this punch. The armor quickly reformed over the area that was broken off covering the Street Fighter's chest once more. Still Hulk leaned in and punched the same area with his left! This time Mech-Zangief went soaring thirty feet away and landed flat on his back! He stayed there for a while without moving a single muscle!

    Green energy stopped flowing around Hulk and he calmed down a bit. "Not sure what happened there. My left punch wasn't that much stronger than my right so why did it have a much greater impact?"

    He looked down on the ground to see the pieces of the armor that he broke off with his first right. They started to decompose and turned into small Chicken Sentinels. The hundreds of tiny robots moved around for a bit with red lights in their eyes that eventually died down. Soon they remained motionless, like they were small toys that just had their batteries removed.

    Doctor Robert Bruce Banner put his keen scientific mind to work. "Hmm I think I'm starting to see what's going on here. These small nanomachines somehow feed on Zangief to survive, possibly through the nutrients in his body. They are something like the Techno-Organic virus (virus in the Marvel Universe most commonly associated with the Phalanx) with self replicating metallic organisms only they seem to reproduce at a much slower rate. When I crushed the armor the first time it couldn't replicate the area fast enough so it used nanites that were already in use in other parts of the armor to cover his chest. Such a quick method wasn't fast enough to heal his armor to its maximum defensive strength which is why the second punch caused more damage. I think I know how to defeat this guy now. All I have to do is tear and wear until he's worn out," Hulk deduced with a smile.

    Mech-Zangief rose up and was running while howling for a change! The now calm and confident Hulk quickly side stepped when Apocalypse's Hound was close enough and tripped him. While he was falling our Hero dug his fingers into his left side and ripped a big chunk of armor off. Like he predicted the armor instantly reformed but it just wasn't as strong as it was mere seconds ago. So he spun around and laid a karate chop on the left side of his rib cage making the mechanized menace's fall even more painful!

    The Russian ruffian jumped up for his Body Press move but while he was in the air Hulk rammed his fingers into the sides of his legs cracking the armor on his legs into little pieces! As usual the armor reformed but the green goliath slammed Mech-Zangief back to the ground knees first! From here he caught the kneeling neanderthal with two thrusting Medium Kicks to his chest. The first one snapped the armor off yet again and the second sent Zangief flying away!

    Laying on his back yet again and in full armor since all broken parts reformed instantaneously, there was Mech-Zangief with blood trickling out of his mouth. He was trying to stand up but he just couldn't manage it. The pain inflicted on his chest, left side and knees was just too much to bear.

    "Gotta say this has been one of the bests fights I've had in a while! Maybe I should send Apocalypse a gift basket or something. Still it's time to end this. Two punches to the head should put you down for the count!"

    The seven foot tall terror jumped high in the sky and was about to pounce on Mecha-Zangief to end the fight. For Bruce it seemed that this time brains proved more powerful than brawn making him the victor this day.

    Unfortunately for him that assessment was dead wrong! When his fist was two inches away from Mech-Zangief's face the Hound of Apocalypse opened his mouth and let out a gigantic stream of light blue fire! The flames from his Vodka Fire attack were much more intense than the last time he struck Hulk with this move! "AAAAAAGH," screamed Bruce who got caught with this move while he was still in the air! This was one of the most excruciating experiences he has ever had in his entire life! Why this wasn't just ordinary fire. It utilized Zangief's Ki making it similar to Dhalsim's Yoga Fire, but the technology used to create this sensation magnified the attack a thousand times more! Just when Hulk thought he was about to win the fight Mech-Zangief quickly turned the odds in favor!

    Quite some distance away fell the Marvelite. His skin was charred so badly he looked like a green zombie. His hair and eyebrows were completely burned off. His pupils had rolled back in his head. Laying on his left side his mouth was wide open with a stream of his drool pouring to the ground. His pants were completely burned off except for the portion around his waist that was now jet black. It almost looked like he was wearing really short shorts. Black smoke was rising from his body.

    Falling back to the ground three times, Mech-Zangief was finally able to stand on his two feet. He was still in a lot of pain so he staggered about for a while until he regained his footing. His orders were only to capture Hulk and return him to Apocalypse. Even so, at this point the fight had gone so far that he figured it was best just to end Hulk's life once and for all. Maintaining control of him would be quite an ordeal and Hulk would make a troublesome foe if he ever opposed Apocalypse. So he hunched down, clenched his fists and a ball of light blue fire formed in his mouth. At this point it just didn't look like even the Incredible Hulk could survive this attack yet again.

    The stream of Vodka Fire was quickly approaching Hulk. Meanwhile green energy started to flow out of our hero with much more intensity than before! His pupils rolled back in place, he got up and yelled "LET'S ROCK," and performed his Gamma Wave Super Art!

    At face value it looked like his Gamma Slam move but it was much more powerful than that! Lifting up a portion of the ground he sent a wave of newly constructed boulders coming straight at Mech-Zangief but that's not all! The boulders were all charged with Gamma Rays and there was green energy all around them and seven feet above them as well! Once this wave of energy touched the stream of Vodka Fire it snuffed it out like a breeze putting out the flame of a candle! When the final boulder from the Gamma Wave struck the wrestler a massive column of green light about the size of a baseball field erupted and rose to the heavens!

    The zapped Zangief went soaring about eighty feet in the air within this giant beam of green light but he wasn't alone! Hulk jumped a hundred feet in the air all while his flesh and hair were being healed at the same time! Landing on Mech-Zangief he put he wrapped his legs around his stomach practically sitting on the guy. "ROOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAR!" With his mighty yell he was endlessly pounding away at his opponent's chest, face and body! Portions of his armor kept breaking away and reforming but each time it kept getting weaker and weaker! After Hulk punched him rapidly over a hundred times in a matter of seconds Mech-Zangief landed on his back and the green light blanketed all after a tremendous explosion!

    Moments later the two stood in a gigantic crater caused by the attack. It was about twenty feet deep and as big as a football stadium. In the center of it all was Zangief lying on the ground, with his eyes closed and his head facing the sky. He was no longer Mech-Zangief since all of the portions of armor were completely broken off! Hulk stood above his defeated adversary. After a bit he stepped back a few feet, sat on the ground and took a quick nap.

    About a half hour later the two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents came to the edge of the newly formed crater. One of them had a small Geiger Counter with him. "Okay, looks like the levels of gamma radiation have died down and it's safe to approach the area." Hulk opened up his eyes and yelled at the two agents. "I've been absorbing any excess gamma radiation back into my body. I think this guy's okay but S.H.I.E.L.D. should still check him out. Last thing we need is a green Zangief running loose." "Hulk, not too sure what happened here. When we woke up all we saw was this green light off in the distance. S.H.I.E.L.D...." "Yeah, Dan was telling me about it. I still don't trust you guys but if I can get into a few scraps as good as this one then count me in!" With a smile and a thumbs up it seemed that Hulk was on board!

    Speaking of people who like to give thumbs up, Dan was awake now. Walking slowly he had a hand on his back. He was still in a lot of pain, thanks to his own attack! He looked at the crater and said, "Wow! I knew my Otoko Michi was powerful but I didn't know it was this powerful!" Closing his eyes and making a fist streams of tears rolled down his face while he joyfully cried "OYAJIIIIII!" Moments later Dan collapsed from fatigue and slid down along the sandy exteriors of the crater. He went down a few feet and stopped when his body was half buried in the sand. About half of his open mouth was covered in sand too. Hulk still sitting there and looking up at this spectacle just closed his eyes, scratched the back of his head and smiled.

    Meanwhile unbeknownst to everyone, within Zangief's closed mouth a small Chicken Sentinel crawled up to his tongue. Then it started multiplying. It turned into two, and then the two became four and the four became eight. Soon all eight crawled back down Zangief's throat. It would seem the world has not seen the last of Mech-Zangief just yet.


    Next Up: Will probably get to Radioactive Bytes sometime after the Holiday but this here's my last chapter for 2010. Next time, around 2011 and hopefully in January Ken and Wolverine are going to face off against a bunch of ninjas as we edge closer and closer to the end! Why? Because ninjas make any story better! Remember kids, in fiction a single ninja is always more powerful than a group of ninjas! Why? The hell should I know I don't make the rules I just execute them very poorly ROFL! Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. Thanks for reading and be safe!
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    Radioactive Bytes: The decision regarding when to use the Hulk in this time frame pretty much came from his ending pictures from MSH which Capcom 'borrowed' from Marvel and tweaked. The first one is taken from The Incredible Hulk issue #412.

    And the second one is from issue #410.

    So that is pretty much why I'm using this time frame. It also more or less fits with the time frames I'm using for X-Men, Captain America, Spider-Man and everyone else. If you put everything under a microscope things may not line up perfectly but I try.

    During this time Hulk is leading the Pantheon, which is um, pretty much an army of gods. It's just not going to get mentioned in this story because it would probably further complicate things. In my mind Hulk's having fun and probably feels this situation doesn't need those extra gods. And even if Nick Fury knows about the Pantheon in this world he is still going by the S.H.I.E.L.D. prediction that only involves the Hulk. While Hulk buried himself in his work with the Pantheon I figure this is one time where he got fed up and took a little break for a spell. The Pantheon is really irrelevant to Hulk and current Marvel anyway so not much of a point of mentioning it in the story I feel.

    At this time Hulk was married to Betty Ross in the comics so he's still married here. They were going through lots of problems which is why they were not living with each other at the time. Hulk was living with the Pantheon, but again not mentioning it within the story. Betty also suffered a miscarriage but that's WAAAAAY to depressing to bring up in this story. Me I just chalk everything up to being problematic, I mean being married to the Hulk can't be easy...

    A big change is that Thunderbolt Ross was dead at this time, in this story he is still alive. The reason for his resurrection in this story was I basically needed a simple explanation that anyone who has ever watched a Hulk cartoon or a movie would get right away regarding Hulk's absence at the beginning of the tale.

    I'm not entirely sure Hulk was ever pardoned for past crimes during this time but it make sense to me that he would be since the military was not tracking him down during the comics this time frame is based on. Just me it made sense if Ross was still alive he'd still be after him. The thing about Shadowloo helping him made more sense since we do know that organization did corrupt the US Military. And with Vega's 'death' in the story well that help would end soon after anyway.

    Since then Thunderbolt Ross has come back to life. Betty died but she has come back to life too. Lol well Betty's death is probably important so Planet Hulk can play out and Skaar can be born. Thunderbolt's death not so much I think, I suppose slightly in regards to Red Hulk. I'm curious how MVC 3 will deal with those two characters if at all. Interesting!

    The Hulk Capcom used, while mainly Professor Hulk is still a bit of an amalgam. Professor Hulk was Hulk 24/7 and wore regular clothes so he wouldn't have ripped purple pants at all. The thing about him having a purple suit that Hulkbuster robots messed up was just me getting the purple pants in there so things would line up.

    Professor Hulk did drink beer in the comics at that time so that's true.

    Early on I chose Arizona as the place Hulk was located in the story so wound up sticking with it. The Soronan Dessert and the city of Phoenix are all real places in Arizona, and there is a chain of mountains there.

    Hulk resting by a fire is a nod to the background in MSH vs. SF where Beast and Blanka are also by a fire. Only I can't use Beast or Blanka because currently Apocalypse has them captured. Ah another 'almost background' shows up in this story.

    Most of you probably know this already but Dan saying he is a king of fighter who invented the art of fighting is taken from some of his win quotes from the games, just tweaked slightly. Dan was created to make fun of SNK games, mainly KOF and AOF. I'm obviously not hating on either series lol just having fun!

    I mentioned this before but Hulk's red cloak with spikes coming out of it is based on Rachel Summers' old costume, the one she wore when she was a hound. - - Only she was a hound for Ahab and not Apocalypse, but it seemed like a good idea. Mirrors the red cape Zangief uses too a bit.

    Hulk seeing a fight between Zangief and Rainbow Mika is a nod to Udon's comics where they fought before. I wanted to have Hulk know Zangief and not know Dan for laughs lol! While I was writing it Rainbow Mika's name popped into mind and it worked. I could've went with Slam Masters but decided against it. Oh and in Udon's comics Rainbow Mika wins twice, but since she's not in this story she has to lose ack sorry Rainbow Mika fans. Hulk saying he remembers when Rainbow Mika kicked his ass doesn't sound as flattering... :P

    Dan's Otoko Michi does some damage to the opponent in the game and not zero, but zero damage here was just funnier ROFL! It does do way more damage to Dan then it does to the other player. It leaves Dan with very little energy.

    Hulk and Zangief grappling is straight from the promo art for this game like I mentioned. In case you've never seen it well there they are on the right side.

    I didn't use the whole Chicken Sentinel transformation thing to transform Dhalsim in previous chapters in this story, but for some reason it really fit to use that again for Zangief. Don't worry, anime rules. The first time someone transforms into anything it has to be a big deal. Then second time and beyond not really. In the future he can just flash into being Mech-Zangief with no worries ha ha!

    About Mech-Zangief and Zangief being one person. Among the many many MANY things I've read about this game's actual story games but can in no way confirm Mech-Zangief and Zangief were originally two different people. Later on Doctor Strange of all people combines Zangief and Mech-Zangief into one person. Again I cannot vouch for this being true. It does make sense since in MSH vs. SF they are two separate characters and later on they do become one. Me I didn't go with any of that because we already know that they will become the same person anyway and it would make a fight against the Hulk more fun. We know what Zangief can do realistically but not really Mech-Zangief so I got to power him up into a guy that would stand a chance against the Hulk. Well with some leeway, it's a fan fic after all... The thing I heard about Mech-Zangief and Zangief being two people, supposedly Hulk and Zangief both jumped Mech-Zangief so he must be pretty strong at that. Wells just chalk it up to this being a fan fic that changes a lot of stuff anyway.

    In the character drawing shown when Mech-Zangief wins a match in MSH vs. SF he is spitting out blood. That's why I had him spit out a pint of blood. Why they have him spit out blood in the game I have no idea. If you ever donate blood you'll see how much a pint of blood looks like. Seemed like the right amount to me! I imagine something about the transformation made him spit out blood. Or Hulk knocking him to a freaking a mountain. Or like who cares really man in anime, manga and video games spitting out blood is cool. :P

    Hulk mentions Archangel who I had appear in the previous X-Men vs. SF fic for a spell. Apocalypse did totally transform him into that when he made him the Horseman of Death. Here Zangief went through a similar thing. Only Shadowloo was involved as well since they are working together.

    In the game when Hulk performs his Aerial High Punch move and claps it will not knock the opponent down. Now if you watched any of the old Hulk cartoons or read a bunch of comics you know that when Hulk claps his hands it causes a mini hurricane. So Just me I wanted it to at least knock Mech-Zangief down. Maybe he just couldn't do this in the game because they didn't want to give Hulk another projectile move like the Gamma Wave. Just a hunch.

    "HULK IS STRONGEST ONE THERE IS" and "HULK SMASH" are famous Hulk quotes from the comics. I think everyone knows "HULK SMASH" since toys say it now so here I am repeating what is painfully obvious... x_X

    He mentions the Techno-Organic virus which is more commonly associated with the X-Men. Cable of MVC2 fame is infected with it. I have no freaking idea if Hulk at this time had ever encountered the Techno-Organic virus or really knew what it was but it's just better to assume that everyone has heard of everything and go from there. It's better than having Hulk say something like, "The Techno-organic virus, what's that?" And then coming across an old comic where he dealt with it. On the flipside there's a chance that Hulk encounters the virus oooooh 100 issues after this story and says "The Techno-organic virus, what's that?" But I dunno, better to mess with the past instead of the future... Ack so many comics to read and so little time...

    And for more painfully obvious stuff, Mech-Zangief cannot perform a Vodka Fire move while he is lying on the ground in the game. Creative license and all that.

    The idea for Hulk to become covered with green energy came from the fairly recent World War Hulk story. In that limited series he had a massive fight against the Sentry and punches unleashed waves of green light from him and yellow light from the Sentry! I thought it was amazing and very anime-like, go Greg Pak man awesome writer! After the battle there wasn't any excess gamma radiation and no one was infected with anything but just me it made sense for Gamma Radiaton to be all over the place and not just be a light show like World War Hulk depicted (otherwise I think everyone would be transforming into Hulks lol). That's why the Geiger counter was used to detect Gamma radiation (those are real - Geiger counter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) Me I think if in current Marvel they are able to cure people who temporarily turn into Hulks (as shown in the recent Hulked Out Heroes story) draining Mech-Zangief of any gamma radiation is probably not a big deal for S.H.I.E.L.D.

    I honestly have no idea if Hulk can re-absorb gamma radiation like he does in this story but in this world where people use Ki and things like that it seemed to fit and make sense.

    Oh and I had to leave a little ending in there where Mech-Zangief wasn't done away with because he shows up in MVC 1 & 2 after all. And there's an alternate costume for Zangief as a new model of Mech-Zangief in Super Street Fighter IV for fun man! S.H.I.E.L.D. will find any gamma radiation in the guy no prob, but not Chicken Sentinels! Maybe they use cloaking capabilities or something MWAHAHAHA....


    Next Up: Yeah this will be it for 2010. Catch you guys again in 2011! I'd like to update before MVC 3 comes out but gotta play it by ear. Wolverine and Ken mix it up with some ninjas and a surprise guest star before facing off against the Horseman of Pestilence and a Dark Rider! LOL I know how painfully easy it must be by now to figure out who the Horsemen of Pestilence and Death are by process of elimination and even who the last Dark Rider is but please keep the secret... ^_^ Well there's more Dark Riders coming up for you to guess about as we race (or... slowly walk in my case) towards the ending! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. Be safe! SHUMA-GORATH IS IN MVC 3 WOOT WOOT! ^_^
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    LOL just bumping since I'm working on the next few chapters so it will be a little easier for me to reference things in this fic. Currently I've finished all of my video game research for the next few entries so I'm about to work on my comic book research. I can't say when the next few chapters are going to be up, but hopefully within the next few weeks or months. Have to see how things will go.

    So yeah pretty much going to use this space to point out some very pointless no-one-really cares continuity timeline stuff as an excuse for the bump... Well hey maybe some of this will be food for thought for other Marvel / Capcom fan fic writers more qualified than I am, IE most fan fic writers... :lol:

    Slight correction on something I said before, well sort of a correction. Earlier I suspected Spider-Man was at least 30 years old now in Marvel comics bases on the information provided by this link.

    However, Marvel's very own Tom Brevoort claims that Spider-Man is 27 years old now and sheds light on how Spider-Man's age was pressumed to be 30 based on years given during the Clone Saga.

    "I've followed Peter's history form the very beginning, and in my estimation he's 27--it's been about 12 years since he first became Spider-Man. And that remains a consistent measurement relatively as we move forwards in time, and events in his history compress behind him (as they do with all of the Marvel characters.) So the fact that the Clone Saga claimed that it had been five years since the original Clone stories will itself adjust the further we get away from it (in the same way that the 20-or-so years between those events had at that time compressed down to five years.)

    Thinking about time in comics is always a difficult thing for people to understand."

    I suppose that does make sense when you think about it, but myself I have a hard time thinking that the current Marvel universe is only 12 years old and not 15 or more. So for me in my mind this story works best around Marvel's tenth year and here Spider-Man's 25. Of course that is my perception and it's not things I put in the actual story so that's up to the reader. I think it would take more than 2 years to catch up to a lot of current Marvel stuff. Hmm.

    Brevoort's quote can be found here - Comic Book Resources Forums - View Single Post - Tom Brevoort sounds off on Spider-Man. Round 2 - but it originates from his Form Spring account actually. Tom Brevoort (TomBrevoort) | Formspring

    From here I want to talk about a lot of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 stuff, which I am enjoying immensely by the way!

    I think I mentioned this before but within the game Spider-Man is supposed to still be married to MJ. As most of you know, he is no longer married in the comics. From Chris Baker of Marvel -

    "Take Spider-Man, for instance. When the average person thinks Spider-Man, they think Peter Parker, photojournalist, married to Mary Jane. It's classic, iconic Marvel, and that's what Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 will strive to represent."

    Source - Kotaku, the Gamer?s Guide

    However there is no real evidence in the game that he is married to Mary Jane in the game. There's only one quote that mentions Mary Jane at all. ?Ugh, late again? MJ is going to kill me.? Which works equally as well if Spider-Man and MJ are only dating. Spider-Man is working for the Daily Bugle in the game at the very least so that much can't be disputed.

    There's no real evidence in the game that Spider-Man is single either.

    I think it's a case of Marvel wanting their Spider-Man wedding cake and eating their single Spider-Man cake too. With Marvel's Frank Tieri writing all of the dialog, it's probably not a good idea to push a married Spider-Man too strongly. Because if someone who plays the game comes out thinking Spider-Man is married and wants to find a married Spider-Man in current Marvel comics, well they are just not going to find him there honestly.

    On the flip side they really push the fact that Storm is married to Black Panther in the game, but hey that's definitely something you can find right now in current Marvel comics.

    Even so with the above quote from Chris Baker I take it as a confirmation that Spider-Man is married in MvC3 and certain things like the One More Day storyline that got rid of his marriage NEVER HAPPEN IN ANY CAPCOM GAME but that's just me. :rofl:

    By the by, MvC3 as it stands seems to have no connection to the previous games. In the comic that comes with the special edition, Jill doesn't recognize Hulk when she should from her time during MvC2 I'd imagine.

    Assuming that the comic is at least partially canon, even though Jill is hanging out with Chris when in the game Chris keeps talking about how he lost a partner (which would be Jill as seen as a flashback in RE5) and Jill's with her Wesker brainwashed outfit which she gets after she vanishes... Man I dunno.... :looney: LOL well RE5's storyline is probably the Capcom game that got tweaked the most to fit in Jill and Wesker.

    Oh and obviously MvC3 as it stands bears no connection to the world I'm crafting here (NO DUH) lol because they are treating it the way the previous games have, with the worlds merging together. Me I treat it as both Marvel and Capcom characters exist on the same world, the end. However to play devil's advocate, maybe during MvC3 they merged the worlds so well that it altered the history of both universes so this story can take place there a few years earlier! NAH that in itself gives me a headache thinking about it ha ha! So yeah some variant of MvC3 probably takes place in this universe, but I doubt it's a story I'll ever tell. Too busy trying to finish this story! :blush:

    In one of MvC3's endings (spoiler free as I can get so I won't say which ending) they point out that the year is 2011. As some of you know, I'm depicting this story as if it takes place in 1990. So I guess for me time works like this, with SF years in place too.

    1989 - SF1
    1990 - X-Men vs. SF, MSH vs. SF
    1991 - SF2, MvC1
    1992 - MvC2, SF4 & SSF4
    1993 - MvC3
    1994 - SF3
    1995 - SF3 Third Strike

    Roughly. All of the SF years have been tweaked from the actual ones but that is kind of how I picture things working here.

    So basically if you wanted to use MvC3's time frame and tie it into everything here (why would you want to do that lol) I guess it would work like this.

    2007 - SF1
    2008 - X-Men vs. SF, MSH vs. SF
    2009 - SF2, MvC1
    2010 - MvC2, SF4 & SSF4
    2011 - MvC3
    2012 - SF3
    2013 - SF3 Third Strike

    Something like that. For info on actual SF timelines check the first link in my sig naturally. I'm still more or less trying to depict this story as if it took place in the '90s. So there will be no use of the internet, google map searches or anything like that.

    Oh, and in both scenarios for me MvC3 would take place in Marvel's 13th year. With Brevoort's scenario of current Marvel time being Marvel's 12 year, which MvC3 should fall into well that would put my current fics in Marvel's 9th year. Hmm I guess that's not so bad. IE lots of rambling on my part for pretty much nothing... :wonder:

    Speaking of sliding timescales, I had this great conversation with Matt Moylan of Studio Udon, with regards to if Street Fighter now uses a sliding timescale the way Marvel does. You'll note that in Street Fighter IV, birth years are removed from the character's bios.

    "Timeline is kind of a non issue. As you mention, these games no longer take place during fixed dates (even if they once did). If the characters aged in normal time, Ryu Ken and Chun-li would all be in their mid forties by now. Sagat would be closing in on 60! So the year the games are set in is constantly changing to match the modern era."

    This conversation originally took place on Capcom's forums, but I usually don't link there since it never quite works for me. I reposted the conversation in it's entirety here.

    As gamers there's two ways to look at this. The calendar dates remain in place and technology develops at a different pace in Street Fighter's world. Which is why Crimson Viper has that cellphone in the '90s. Or the timeline is elastic like Matt says. Like many things ultimately I feel this is one of those things for gamers to decide for themselves.

    Ah well going to close this out with a fun Marvel / Capcom world tidbit I came across. With Spider-Man 2099 getting a lot of attention thanks to the Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions video game and the new game coming soon - Spider Man Crawlspace » Spider-Man: Edge of Time ? Now with more trailer! - here's a fun factoid.

    In Spider-Man 2099's world, which obviously takes place during 2099 LOL the United States has seperated, with part of it being called the United States in the East and the Federation of American States in the South which includes parts of Mexico as well.

    Why am I mentioning this? Well with Bionic Commando's new retconned storyline (Bionic Commando Rearmed 1, 2, the 3D game respectively) which MvC3 dives into thanks to Rad Spencer's appearance, the United States in the far future the series takes place in now becomes the F.S.A, which stands for the Federate States of America.

    Federate States of America? Sounds kind of like the Federation of American States! Coincidence? OF COURSE IT IS lol but a pretty neat one. You probably wouldn't have to work to hard to think of a world where both the BC world and Marvel's 2099 world both exist with just some slight tweaking. Ah and in the 2099 world in, 'America' let's call it the two most dominant languages are English and Japanese, which wouldn't harm Capcom characters much at all heh heh! :cool:

    So yeah in my mind variants of MC2 (the Spider-Girl world) and Spider-Man 2099 all take place in this world just fine! And so does the Bionic Commando stuff. Except for...
    ...the stuff that they reveal about Super Joe turning into a villain... :sad: With the exception of Bionic Commando Rearmed 1 where Super Joe was the same old guy, that dude in 2 and the 3D game is a clone or something in my mind. ACK in MvC3 Spencer mentions what a jerk Super Joe is. CLONE I TELL YOU NO WAY THE FIRST CAPCOM CHARACTER I EVER CONTROLLED IN COMMANDO 1 BECOMES A VILLAIN AT LEAST NOT IN MY UNIVERSE! GO GET YOUR OWN UNIVERSE!!!1!!!!!!!! (Sano foams at the mouth for five straight minutes.... :rofl:)

    Yeah if BC's world is just an alternate future that may or may not happen then none of it matters, but just me I like to think of all of the future games depicted in the versus games (Bionic Commando, Captain Commando, Cyberbots, the Mega Man series, Star Gladiator, Strider, etc. etc. etc.) to all take place in one future, the way it's depicted in Namco x Capcom. With a few tweaks you can probably fit most of them since when you put a magnifying glass to them almost none of these games occur in the same exact years. Oh I don't think these games are connected by themselves, but in versus games they at least seem to be. It's probably simpler to imagine one future instead of a bunch of different possible timelines for fan fic purposes. NxC boiled down most of the future games as happening at the same time. Which has it's benefits too I guess, especially when you get cool stuff like Dig Dug being one of the Diggers of the Mega Man Legends-verse. Stuff like that is incredibly awesome I think! :wink:

    Ah I guess that's about all this CONTINUITY PORNAGRAPHER has to say at the moment. :clown: Back next time with an actual entry hopefully! Maybe in a weekend or two if all goes.
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    Chapter 29: "Talk to The Hand!"

    Ken and Wolverine materialized in a hallway of Cape Citadel located in Florida. As expected of a military base, the ceilings and walls were all sheet metal green. Most of the lights were out and the room was fairly dark, but not so dark that they couldn't see. Wolverine started to walk down the hall with Ken right behind him. The Mutant had his fists balled up looking like he was ready for anything. Meanwhile Ken had his fingers interlocked behind his head and leaned back while he walked. It looked as if his thoughts were drifting off into space.

    "Sigh, no offense Wolverine but boy is Chun-Li lucky!" After this remark, Ken became more excited, leaned forward and looked down at his open palms like a kid in a candy store. "The chance to work the legendary Captain America!"

    "No offense taken, rookie. Captain America is one man that lives up to the myth. Could tell right away that there was somethin' special about 'em. Even when I met 'em way back in World War 2." "World War 2? Boy I knew you were an old geezer but how old are you exactly?"

    "Healin' factor keeps me lookin' younger than I'm supposed to be an' let's leave it at that. Met Nick Fury way back when too, he's also a lot older then he looks. Still, unlike Cap I don't really trust that guy. My gut tells me he's not levelin' with us and he's hidin' somethin'. Watch yourself, rookie."

    "An, no worries. Old people creep me out anyway," joked Ken, who still had a relaxed air about him unlike the tense X-Man. "Just make sure the next time we hang out you pay for lunch with your senior citizens discount card. I may be rich but it's not easy carrying around a wallet in my gi, you know?" Wolverine smirked and responded, "Huh. Smart ass. Wait, hang on..."

    Logan put his right hand out motioning for Ken to stop and stay back. His nostrils flared while taking a good whiff of the area. "We got company." His keen sense of smell detected they were not alone.

    "Eh?" The Martial Artist quickly assumed his fighting stance. "You sure about that? I'm not sensing anyone else's Ki in the area." "Yeah, you wouldn't with these guys." Wolverine bent his knees a bit and looked at the ceiling. Ken's eyes followed his gaze and looked up as well.

    There were about fifty red clad ninjas hanging from the ceiling! Some of them had weapons similar to Wolverine's claws to hang from the ceiling. Others had their Katana swords stuck halfway into the metallic surface while their bodies remained upside down in the same yoga position that Dhalsim always assumes; legs folded and all. Some of them were even able to stand on the ceiling thanks to spikes on their heals. Wolverine yelled, "IT'S THE HAND!" A ninja clan that he has fought against several times in the past.

    As they were descending on them from thirty feet above ground, Ken had time to get in a joke or two. "The Hand? Are these the ninjas those four green amphibians are always fighting?" "Nah, that's The Foot," answered Wolverine while popping his claws and getting ready for action.

    "No, THIS IS THE FOOT!" Ken uttered that sentence at the same time he spun around and kicked a descending ninja in the face knocking him back! He knocked down a few more ninjas with punches and kicks and finally let out his famous "SHORYUKEN!" Thing was, this rising uppercut knocked a ninja's head clean off! Green blood flew out of his neck like a fountain and his body erupted in green flames! Soon there was nothing left of the decapitated deviant except a green puff of smoke and the weapons he had on his person which fell to the ground.

    "Huh?" I didn't hit the guy that hard!" The Street Fighter was stunned but since his opponents were still attacking him he really didn't have the luxury of being able to stand around in awe. Even while he was talking to his partner he spun around and caught three ninja stars between the spaces of the fingers of his right hand and flung them back into the shoulder blade of another ninja, who also bled green blood.

    "These guys are already dead. Their bodies are a lot weaker than regular folk," answered Logan who was still fighting. Currently he had his arms around another ninja's arms who was using the aforementioned claw weapons. He gave him a massive headbutt and ripped the guy's forearms off with the ninja soaring back, bleeding from his head and burning up in green flames! Four more Hand assassins approached him wielding Katana swords but Wolverine was able to dodge their attacks and make short work of them with his deadly adamantium claws, taking them out with one claw strike a piece and painting the floor green with their blood!

    "Zombie ninjas? What will they think of next?" Knowing he didn't have to hold back Ryu's best friend went all out. He punched one ninja's head right off! Ramming an elbow just past the forearm of a ninja wielding a sword, Ken grabbed the now disemboweled arm still holding the weapon and used it to slice that ninja and a few more in half! After destroying about three of them he got bored with the arm, tossed it aside and let out a "HADOUKEN!" The fireball destroyed five ninjas at once!

    "This is takin' way too long! Let's end this," said the original Weapon X. Ken, while still fending off some enemies took a quick look at Wolverine and saw what appeared to be streams of flames going inside of his body. The Mutant's arms were crossed while he was powering up for his Berserker Charge Super Art! He began to move so fast that it looked like there were three Wolverines at the same time, one right behind the other! His claws were moving very quickly while weapons, limbs and body parts of the remaining villains flew up in the air! The last foe he pinned to the ground while he seemed to take delight in clawing his face and upper torso to ribbons! He hopped back and just like the other ninjas he was covered in green flames before vanishing. He was the last of The Hand and all that remained were various ninja weapons and streams of green smoke all around.

    After a whistle that lasted about two seconds Ken complimented his partner. "Nice move! So, did you focus your Ki within your body to move faster, the opposite of my Hadouken? I use a similar technique with some of my Shoryuken attacks, but there is still a Ki discharge. It takes on the appearance of flames just like your aura." "...Yeah, somethin' like that. For me, it's more like focused rage. Not the easiest thing to control at times." Logan quickly turned his head and declared, "So you gonna hang out in the shadows all day or what?"

    In the adjoining hallway to their left, the lights were out in that entire area but you could make out a small yellow light that would flare up and vanish.

    After the sound of a few footsteps, out of the shadows stepped out a Japanese man smoking a cigarette. He had on a long green trench coat, a red tie and brown slacks. His hair could best be described as a spiky haired mullet with two long streams of hair coming down his forehead. He had quite the devilish smile as he blew a steady stream of smoke from his lips. In his left hand he was carrying a sheathed Katana, that was a bit longer than the average Japanese sword.

    "Matsu'o Tsurayaba!" "Ah, Logan san! It's been a while," responded the deadly criminal while taking another drag.

    "You know this guy? I couldn't sense his Ki either. Another zombie? Boy this mission is turning into quite a biohazzard..." "Nah, he's just really good at hidin' his Ki. The scent of those cheap dime store cigs he likes, not so much."

    "I suppose not all of us can be cigar men like yourself, Logan san."

    "Loanin' out your Hand ninjas to someone like Apocalypse? That's low even for you! Apocalypse doesn't give a rat's ass about non Mutants. The second he takes over the world the first thing he'll do is wear your intestines like a garter belt!"

    "The famous Wolverine, simple minded as always. No one in this world gains power without making a few, alliances along the way. Once Apocalypse succeeds Japan has been promised to The Hand. Oh, and there is a certain... Killer Bee I've taken quite an interest in. Perhaps I can mold her into something, quite exquisite. I've done wonders with Psylocke, wouldn't you say?"

    "One of the many things I'm gonna make you pay for you sick bastard!" Swinging both of his claws to the side to remove green blood from them, he knelt down and raised his fists in front of him while snarling.

    Matsu'o stepped on his cigarette to extinguish its flame. The leader of The Hand held his sheathed Katana at arm's length parallel to the floor and across his line of sight. "To dance the dance with the gaijin beast again. Why don't you show your friend Ken Masters the great samurai spirit within, instead of the raging animal he has grown accustomed to seeing?"

    Wolverine retracted his claws and stepped on the hilt of one of The Hand's Katana swords on the floor so it could flip up. Upon its rise he caught the grip with both hands and started to maneuver slowly with the sword pointed towards the ceiling. "Suit yourself, bub!"

    Soon Wolverine stood before Matsu'o Tsurayaba, who in turn held the sheath two his side, bent his knees and grabbed the handle with his right hand. The two faced off in front of each other, from Ken's perspective it was almost like they were on stage putting on a samurai sword fight exhibition at a festival.

    Being the skilled Martial Artist that he is, Ken was one of the few people in this world that was able to see Ki. Matsu'o's aura took on a purple coloring that seemed to move about him like water. Wolverine's on the other hand looked like yellow flames, almost like parts of his body were on fire. After watching the two stare each other down for a bit, Ken relaxed his focus so he couldn't see their Ki anymore. The second Tsurayaba unleashed his sword their epic sword fight began!

    The two swordsman moved their blades so fast it was difficult even for Ken to see the sword swings most of the time! Wolverine wielded his sword with both hands while Matsu'o used only one his right arm to swing his sword while his left remained on the sheath. The two swords never clashed against each other because real sword masters tend to avoid that if possible to stop their blades from dulling over time.

    While none of the blades were connecting their were scratches on the walls and floors without them coming in contact with anything; such was the strength of their Ki! When a metallic surface was scratched Ken could see that there was a Ki residue that lasted for a little while before vanishing. He could tell whose blade the mark was from judging from the different colors, purple or yellow.

    It was an amazing sword fight indeed! Ducked heads, back flips, front flips, and so on and so forth as each blow was perfectly dodged by each assailant! They moved about each other striking at arms, heads, legs and body parts at amazing speeds and kept missing each and every time as they circled each other over and over and over! All while neither sword touched the other! It looked like an amazingly well choreographed dance more than a duel to the death!

    Ken was amazed that Wolverine could handle a sword this well. He was already impressed that he managed to survive his fight against Gouki, but he never knew just how immersed the X-Man was in Japanese culture. Possibly even more than Ken himself who was three quarters Japanese and spent most of his youth in Japan at that.

    Like all things in this world, the sword fight finally came to an end. Matsu'o rammed his Katana into Wolverine's stomach! Out hero spit out a ton of blood and hopped away from the blade covering his wound.

    "Poor, poor, Logan. It would seem the gods have smiled upon me first. Allow me to send you to the afterlife." The ally of Apocalypse finally dropped his sheath to the floor and held up his Sword with both hands. He walked to Wolverine slowly ready to put Wolverine down for good.

    "I don't know about that, bub. Maybe the gods smiled at you, but not before Satan gave me a thumbs up."

    Matsu'o Tsurayaba paused and then he looked down at his chest. He noticed that half of his tie was missing! The other half has a few feet behind him, where he was standing earlier! Wolverine was actually the first one to wound his opponent! The blow was so fast that the leader of The Hand didn't feel the blow until now! "NO! IT CAN'T BE! YOU STRUCK ME FIRST? SUCH SPEED! WHEN DID YOU...." Blood started to spray out of the area just below his chest since Wolverine made a ten inch horizontal strike! Tsurayaba edged back clutching his wound and fell to his knees! Wolverine on the other hand stood up since his Healing Factor already started to repair his injury!

    "I'm the best there is at what I do. And what I do best, IS KILL SCUM LIKE YOU!"

    Howling like a creature of the wild, Wolverine rushed at the villain with his Katana ready to chop his head off!


    Just then, Ken's fireball knocked Wolverine's sword right out of his hands!

    "WHAT THE HELL KEN!" "WOLVERINE! His blood, it's not green," Ken said as his arms were still stretched out from firing a Hadouken. "He's not a zombie like you said, right?" With one fist in front of his body and his hand across his side, the pony tailed warrior bent his knees and was ready to fight against Wolverine if necessary.

    Matsu'o edged back a little further, picked up his sheath and put his Katana back inside. He drew back his green trenchcoat back a bit to reveal a small black device on his left side that looked almost like a beeper. With one tap he teleported away. A purple light flashed all around him when he vanished, but not before he was able to say "Another time, Logan san," with his devilish smile.

    The angered Mutant threw his Katana away and unleashed his claws! "YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO JUST LET GO! That man is a monster responsible for killin' thousands and will probably kill thousands more! I would've done the world a favor by ending his miserable life here and now!"

    Ken lowered his fists and remained in a neutral position.

    "Wolverine. The style that me and Ryu practiced was originally intended for killing. Our master, Gouken removed all of the killing aspects from Ansatsuken when he trained us. We no longer live in an age where he have to kill our enemies to win battles. You defeated your opponent. He is gone. Killing him is not part of our mission."

    Wolverine retracted his claws and turned away from Ken. "I'll say this much, you got guts Ken. Just don't make me want to show them to you one day."

    The Street Fighter smiled and knew that it was best if he remained silent for now.

    Soon they came to the end of the hall. There was a door that had a touch key pad with numbers used to punch a code to open the door, but it opened up automatically anyway. Wolverine and Ken entered the area and it was the control room of Cape Citadel. There was a huge control panel in front for communications and a giant glass window where you could see outside.

    In the center stood the Horseman of Pestilence, wearing his white cloak with red hieroglyphics all about. Standing behind him was a Dark Rider with a blue cloak and red hieroglyphics.

    The Horseman of Pestilence removed his cloak, and it was Omega Red underneath!

    The Dark Rider removed his cloak and it looked like Captain America, but his outfit was gray instead of blue!

    "OMEGA RED!" Wolverine recognized his deadly enemy right away. "THE WEAPON X! We meet again! For the last time!"

    "But, who's that guy with him? We just left Captain America..." After taking a good whiff of the air Wolverine was able to properly answer his question. "Nah, that ain't the real Captain America. That's U.S. Agent. He took over for Cap for a while."

    "NO! I AM THE REAL CAPTAIN AMERICA!" U.S. Agent got pissed and threw his shield right at Wolverine's neck! It came so fast that he didn't expect it, so it's razor sharped edge cut deep into his throat! It pushed him right out of the room and U.S. Agent ran right after him! The door shut behind him leaving Omega Red and Ken in the room alone.

    "Separated once again, just like when we fought Sabretooth and Juggernaut (during the X-Men vs. Street Fighter fan fic). Let's go, tough guy!"

    "I live only to destroy the Weapon X! But now with that fake Captain out of this room I can release my Death Spores without worrying about harming an ally!" And Omega Red did just that. Ken fell to the ground lifelessly and started to lose consciousness.


    Next Up: Wolverine vs. U.S. Agent! Followed shortly by Ken vs. Omega Red! It will have to wait until after the July 4th Holiday most likely, but hopefully only a week or two if all goes. Radioactive Bytes will come once I finish all three chapters. Thanks for reading as usual and a safe Holiday to those who celebrate!
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    Chapter 30: "Tame Canada! Tame Canada!"

    U.S. Agent's shield pushed Wolverine right out of the room Ken and Omega Red still resided in. The X-Man went about 10 feet back and landed on his rear. His six adamantium laced claws held the shield off from pushing deeper into his throat than it did. He pushed the shield away with his claws tossing it off to the side. The slit in his throat was about half an inch deep. If it wasn't for his healing factor he would probably bleed to death. Even so it was quite a blow and he bleed out, slowly. He wasn't able to talk just yet thanks to this injury. The Mutant snarled in anger with small bubbles of blood forming in his mouth.

    Not giving him much time to recover, the U.S. Agent who looked exactly like Captain America except for the fact that his suit was gray instead of blue ran up to Wolverine and gave him a strong jab to the face!

    Normally it would hurt someone's fist more than it would harm Wolverine punching him like this, thanks to his metallic skeleton. The U.S. Agent however was given superhuman strength thanks to a mutagenic augmentation process, making him physically stronger than Captain America himself! The devastating punch was even enough for Logan to feel it in his skull and it made his teeth rattle to boot!

    Laying on his back the now muted Mutant rose up to perform his Berserker Barrage! He still wasn't able to talk but a trail of small blood bubbles escaped from his mouth while he charged at the West Coast Avenger. So he didn't yell out the name of the move he performed the way he usually does this time.

    The former Captain America dodged each one of these claw slashes with several timely back flips! The split second he saw an opening between the space of Wolverine's swinging arms U.S. Agent rammed his foot into his chest! Since this was the first part of his Double Kick maneuver, with the same right leg he quickly followed up with a kick to Logan's stomach!

    A bit winded after these strikes since it was already tough for the Canadian hero to breath given his slashed throat, Wolverine wanted to separate himself from his opponent right now. So he executed his High Kick Aerial Launcher. Forcing his claws halfway into the floor and positioning himself upside down he kicked U.S. Agent in the chin and sent him soaring away! Wolverine didn't follow up with an Aerial Rave because he just wanted to distance himself from the Dark Rider. And that may have been a huge mistake on his part.

    U.S. Agent back flipped high in the air and landed on his feet. White Ki surrounded him as he rushed Logan with his Charging Star Move! As you may recall U.S. Agent did not have his shield in hand so he came at his opponent solely with his crossed arms! Unlike Cap, the red white and gray soldier was not one to yell out the names of moves while he performed them so he remained as silent as Logan. The charging move knocked Wolverine square in the chest and he felt like he'd just been hit by a speeding bus! Blood started to gush out of his mouth instantly! U.S. Agent didn't let him get too far away after the impact so he grabbed his right hand immediately after striking him. Even more white Ki encircled around the Agent who nabbed the Mutant with his Hyper Stars & Stripes Super Art! He still had no shield in hand as he crossed his arms and caught the super-hero with three Shoryuken styled uppercut blows! The last time his rising crossed forearms struck the X-Men he connected eight times and set Wolverine ablaze with his white aura! Down came tumbling Logan!

    Even after these two attacks the U.S. Agent still wasn't letting up! He picked up the motionless Wolverine of the floor with one hand and with his throw move slammed him back down hard! So hard in fact that Wolverine's spine not only cracked the metallic floor but he bounced and went five feet back!

    Wolverine slowly started to rise. U.S. Agent took this opportunity to go pick up his shield. He removed the blood stain from it caused by Logan's neck wound with a quick jerk. This left a straight red line on the floor.

    The rather quiet man finally spoke.

    "So this is the great Wolverine? So not impressed. What can you expect from a guy that was trained on a Canadian team. Everyone knows that Canada isn't even a real country!"

    Poking fun at his home country is a good way to get Wolverine all riled up. He snarled while still trying to get back on his feet.

    "How dare you say I'm not the real Captain America? I WAS THE GREATEST CAPTAIN AMERICA THAT EVER LIVED! Boo hoo, the public couldn't take it because I murdered a few people. A few people WHO KILLED MY FREAKING PARENTS! What did they think that other Captain America was doing World War II? Giving Nazis time outs? He's killed ten times more people than I have and they want to bitch about me going after a few dorks called the Watchdogs. Give me a break!"

    "So those good for nothing pencil pushers at Washington made me the U.S. Agent and eventually demoted my ass to the West Coast Avengers. A team of misfits, slackers and losers! You know, just like you X-Men freaks!"

    Back on his feet, the so called X-Men freak's neck healed just enough for him to respond.

    "I've worked with you in the past, U.S. Agent. You've always been a jerk but you were also one of the good guys. I'm gonna assume that Shadowloo, Apocalypse or both brainwashed you into joinin' the other side. Probably honed in on your ever lovin' bitter streak and multiplied it a thousand fold. So I'm gonna let a lot of your dumb ass comments slide for now."

    "Wrong Wolveroach! Apocalypse and Shadowloo offered me the chance to become the real Captain America once again! No more of that sissy Steve and his due process BS. You break the law under Apocalypse's rule and I'm judge, jury and executioner! Got that Mr. Mutato Head?"

    "Wait, you actually thought that you ever had a chance of permanently takin' Captain America's place?" At this point his throat had finished healing up so Wolverine was able to raise his voice. "YOUR NAME IS JOHN WALKER! YOU WERE NAMED AFTER A BOTTLE OF LIQUOR! YOU DIDN'T STAND A CHANCE!"

    "YOU BASTARD!" U.S Agent now enraged came at Wolverine with his shield in hand. "DRILL CLAW!" Going right towards him while spinning much like Vega's Psycho Crusher move, his spinning claws came at the U.S. Agent! The adamantium claws brushed up against the vibranium shield and sent sparks while Wolverine spun around. Quickly spreading his arms during the last spin his claws caught the ends of shield, spun once clockwise and disarmed John Walker yet again! With his Double Claw, perhaps his revenge for the Double Kick he received earlier he slashed the Dark Rider twice, yelling "HA," each time for both hits! The red slashes he left on the West Coast Avenger's chest were enough to set his enemy off balance. Leaving him open for a "TORNADO CLAW," uppercut strike!

    Now with nine red claw marks on his chest U.S. Agent was brought down to one knee. Leaving him wide open for Wolverine's Weapon X Super Art! His vicious claws moved around his opponent for twelve strikes! When he jumped up in the air for the last blow a huge 'X' made from U.S. Agent's blood appeared in the air! The U.S. Agent went down for the count and lost against the man who is the best he is at what he does!

    "Held back as much as I could, Johnny boy. None of your wounds are fatal. With your endurance being stronger than most you should heal up fine. Once this is all over S.H.I.E.L.D. will patch you up nice." Wolverine spoke with his back turned away from his fallen adversary.

    "Wolverine... Logan... Sorry. My mind... was being controlled like you said. Looks like your last attack was the shock my system needed to snap out of it." U.S. Agent spoke with his back to the floor while his body was covered with multiple claw slashes.

    "No worries. Gettin' brainwashed now and then is all part of the super-hero gig. Even happened to Steve a few times." "You mean the real Capain America..." "Well, one of the Caps anyway." Wolverine's words put a smile on John Walker's face.

    "The things I said back there... I don't think I'm as great as the real Captain America. That's a tough legend to live up too. And, I don't really hate Canada. Michael J. Fox is a fine actor."

    "Hah! You got jokes. When this is all over the next bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label is on me!" Wolverine, grinning yet still never turning to face U.S. Agent left him with these words as he ran to help Ken Masters against Omega Red.

    U.S. Agent smiled, sat up and started to rip off pieces of his outfit and tied them around his multiple wounds.


    Next Up: There were a ton of personal things in my life that got in the way of me updating this as soon as I wanted too, which unfortunately always seems to be the case with me. There are a bunch of other things I put off during that time too so I have to catch up on those things before I come back here for the next entry. So I will try my best to get the next chapter, Omega Red and Ken up in about a month from now. Worst case scenario, I have a week in October off from work but I really want to try to get the next entry up during September. Radioactive Bytes will follow shortly after the next chapter. On the plus side, the two chapters after that require next to little or no research on my part so if all goes everything will be set for the final stage of this story! The final stage of course involves a TON of fights so that will take a while so not out of the woods yet but getting there slowly yet surely. Thanks for reading and see you in thirty for Omega Red vs. Ken!
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    Chapter 31: "Super Fighting Russian! OMEGA MAN!"

    The tall muscular blonde man with blood red eyes to match his armored outfit and pearly white flesh stood with with his arms folded in the control deck of Cape Citadel. Arkady Rossovich, who goes by the name Omega Red had his back turned away from his opponent. His body was glowing with red energy. Ken remained on the floor with his mouth wide open and his eyes rolled up into his skull.

    Omega Red looked out into the night sky outside of the large windows this room contained that overlooked various computer panels as you'd expect to see from a control tower of a military base. The reddish aura around his boy soon dissipated.

    "Excellent It appears my Death Spores have finished you off while I drained your life force. Fret not, after the Weapon X defeats U.S. Agent I will use this power to destroy him. You're death will not be in vain young whelp!"

    "The name's Ken Masters and the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated!"

    The Russian super soldier was shocked that Ken was still alive! Quickly he turned around and saw Ken rising to his feet!

    Once he stood on his feet he put one palm horizontally across his chest and put another palm stretched out and pointing vertically while bending his knees (the same pose he assumed in Street Fighter II The Animated movie during his fight with the leader of Shadowloo). He closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. Soon a red force field bubble surrounded his entire body! The bubble seemed to diminish as it shrunk to surround his Ken giving him a red glow for a while, until it was so close to his skin even the glow vanished!

    "IMPOSSIBLE THE LIFE FORCE I DRAINED WAS ENOUGH TO KILL A NORMAL MAN! I SHALL UNLEASH MY DEATH SPORES ONCE AGAIN!" Clenching his fists and gritting his teeth, Arkady did just that. Since these spores are of course invisible to the naked eye the only indication that they were being unleashed was Omega Red's trembling movement.

    "Heh. Guess I just have more life force than a normal man. Were you expecting S.H.I.E.L.D. to send Wolverine with some loser like Forbush Man?"

    "MY DEATH SPORES! THEY ARE NOT WORKING! INCONCEIVABLE!" The angrier Omega Red became the thicker his already thick Russian accent seemed to sound.

    "Yeah, me and Ryu picked up a new force field trick recently. I guess you can say it was inspired by Magneto (as seen in the previous X-Men vs. Street Fighter fan fic). Works a little better with Ryu by my side, but I have enough Ki to form a protective layer around myself. At least long enough to kick your butt to Russia and back!" Ken assumed his regular fighting stance with his usual cocky grin, motioning for Omega Red to come hither with the two fingers that were in front of his face!

    "OMEGA STRIKE!" Inserting his twin coils into the floor by punching holes into it, he used their extendable properties to launch himself feet first straigth towards Ken's chest! The martial artist blocked this move by intercepting Omega's feet with his left elbow joined with his left knee. Wrapping his right leg around the Wolverine villain's legs he slammed them down causing Omega Red to stand off balance. From here the man with the red gi struck his red armored foe with his Inazuma Kakato Wari maneuver. "HIYA," he expressed while sending a right kick to Omega Red's head followed quickly by a right to his chest! A quick punch to his eye caused Arkady to bleed a little!

    Omega's long coils still intserted into the floor about twelve feet away retracted until they were only about a foot long by his arms. "HUH," grunted the Horseman of Pestilence performing his Crouching High Punch maneuver. Kneeling down his foot long Carbonadium tentacles spun while holding his arms up. It looked almost like a cowboy spinning his twin guns around. The coils struck the Anstatsuken practitioner's shoulders a few times bringing him down to his knees.

    With a a Carbonadium Coil move Omega wrapped a tentacle around Ken, holding his arms down. "DEATH FACTOR!" He began siphoning Ken's energy, and at this close range it was hard for Ken's force field to resist him! Ryu's best friend could also see the blood that was spilling from Omega's eye retread to the point where it looked good as new. It was obvious that Omega Red was using Ken's own life force to heal his wounds!

    Carbonadium's a hard metallic substance but nowhere near as strong as Adamantium so our hero was able to break free! Extending his arms enough to break the hold he quickly fired of his famous "HADOUKEN!" The blast made Apocalypse's minion take a few steps back.

    Taking a small hop for an Aerial Alternate Kick move Ken was able to strike Omega once in the face! From here Omega performed his throw move. With his bare hands he grabbed Ken who was still in the air by his obliques and arched his back like he was doing a German Suplex. Only difference was instead of slamming Ken to the ground he threw him far away! So far away in fact that Ken went crashing right through the window that the Russian was staring out of earlier!

    When the villain turned around he saw Ken's forearm reaching out across one of the control panels! He was able to grab onto something before falling to his death!

    Hoisting himself up he stood on top of the various computer keyboards. He had a cut on his left cheek and a few bloody scrapes across his arms and chest, thanks to the broken window. He pulled a piece of glass from his right shoulder as he spoke seeming quite cheerful considering.

    "Heh. Nice move. I'll have to remember that one. My force field protected me from some of the glass but all of it. Guess you drained just enough of it. Oh and there's another move of yours I'd like to learn. Could use your Death Factor to heal up some of these cuts. Tetanus shots aren't free you know!"

    "Hmph. Come closer and I will give you another demonstration."

    "Not today pal!" Forming a ball of Ki about the size of a soft ball with his right hand alone he tossed the small projectile up to the cieling directly towards the light panel that was right above Omega Red! Since they were not the only lights in the room the area was not completely darkened. Split seconds later Ken leaped up in the air. When Omega Red looked up he was blinded by the flash of the exploding light, so even though he sent his coils to grab Ken in the air, he saw three blurry images of him so he missed entirely! Ken came raining down with a powerful right punch to Omega Red's face that sent his teeth shattering! This was followed by four more rapid punches to his face! Next he executed a great combo that involved more punches and kicks all around Omega Red's body! Even though most of Red's body houses really strong armor the blows were eventually taking their toll! The Russian blocked none of the American's punches and while the armor helped lessen some of it his arms and face were fully exposed!

    The Horseman finally had enough and with his standing Medium Kick, he turned around until his chest faced the floor and sent the bottom of his foot to Ken's face! Ken staggered away being struck with the metallic boot!

    Next Omega Red assaulted him with vicious whip slashes of his Carbonadium coils! Even when Ken was able to block the tentacles they would just wrap around his forearms and still strike his chest leaving black and blue slashes instantly!

    After 10 of these blows Ken once again jumped up in the air to either punch or kick his foe in the face. We'll never know which move he was going for because Omega Red's tentacles went at an angle and grabbed him midair! "ENERGY DRAIN!"

    This was a little different from his Death Factor. Streams of orange flames seemed to exit Ken's body and enter Omega Red's! The pony tailed fighter yelled like a bear caught in a trap! He was being drained of so much energy his skin began to crawl back as if he was losing weight!

    Soon he stopped struggling and remained motionless. After absorbing all of the flames he could Omega tossed him so he slammed to the right of the door Ken originally entered. He fell onto the green metallic floor with his eyes closed, seemingly down for the count.

    "No wonder you were able to resist me for so long, Ken Masters. Your life force is tied directly to you Ki, as is the case with many Martial Artists. Unfortunately for you, my Energy Drain can absorb Ki as well!"

    "I commend you for lasting as long as you have Ken Masters. But now I will use your very own Ki to rip you to shreds!"


    With this mighty Super Art his coils extended twenty feet a piece and swung wildly across the room! Not only that but streams of orange flames surrounded the coils since Omega Red was using Ken's very own Ki against him! With these Carbonadium laced tentacles swinging all about and Ken still on the floor it looked like Ken was done for.

    Looks have never been more deceiving with Ken back on his feet in a few seconds and with the exception of the few cuts and bruises he received earlier he looked good as new! Even the weight he seemed to have lost was back! He front flipped over the first flaming coil in his way, arched backward to escape another part of that coil, hopped, back flipped and side stepped every single coil attack! Even Spider-Man who is used to dodging Doctor Octopus' tentacles would be amazed at Ken's reflexes and agility!

    Omega Red was completely oblivious to Ken's stealthy dodging. Assuming he had already won the fight he was just laughing to himself like a maniac. "HA HA HA THE STREET FIGHTER IS DONE FOR HA HA HA!"

    Ken came rolling up to him in a ball as if he just performed a roll cancel! Omega looked at him, still moving his coils about and said "Huh?"


    His hurricane kick moved at a 2:00 o'clock angle and struck Omega Red in the face three times knocking him away! The stunned villain landed on his backside!


    "You were right about my Ki being tied to my life force. Thing about Ki is, I'm able to absorb it from Mother Nature itself. So even if you are able to drain all of the Ki I have I can still gather more. This might not work in every environment, but here we are in a military base located in the Everglades of Florida. There's an abundance of Ki for me to draw upon!"

    Suddenly Omega Red was able to see exactly what Ken was talking about. He saw hundreds of swirls of white dots enter Ken's body. These small white orbs of evergy looked almost like snow, only every flake was flowing into Ken instead of hitting the ground. Standing there smiling with clenched fists by his sides, Omega could see Ken's right fist look like it was set on fire!

    Still sitting on the floor this was one of the very few times Arkady felt fear in his heart! He started to back away as he yelled, "NO! STAY AWAY FROM ME! YOU'RE SOME KIND OF MONSTER!"

    "You calling me a monster. Heh, talk about irony! ITAZE! SHORYU REPPA!"

    With his Rising Uppercut styled Super Art, Ken struck Omega Red with three consecutive Shoryuken styled uppercuts with his fist connecting with Omega Red's body a total of ten times! Omega Red looked like a burn victim while he screamed in agony with his body in flames! He went flying out of the window Ken was tossed out of earlier! When he finally hit the ground several stories below there was a massive glow of white light that even reached the broken windows of the room Ken resided in! Ken won the fight!

    Moments later, the door to the room slid open as Wolverine entered. "KEN! ARE YOU... Where's Omega Red?"

    "I took care of him."

    Ken was standing on the computer panel once more since that's where he landed after his Shoryu Reppa. He didn't seem thrilled about his victory as he saw Omega on the ground remaining still.

    "I give you this big speech about killing Matsu'o, and here I..."

    Wolverine got up on the same panel next to Ken to look down at the fallen foe. "I wouldn't worry Omega Red. He's much more resilient than you think.

    Just then Ken saw Omega Red move his head slightly, before coming to a full rest once again.

    Now somewhat pleased that he did not commit murder, Ken jumped down to the floor with the X-Man doing the same.

    "I'm impressed Ken. First Sabretooth (during X-Men vs. Street Fighter) and now Omega Red. That's two of my enemies you've beaten. Gonna have ta stop callin' you rookie!" Ken joked, "Yeah, well if you want you can take down some of my enemies too. The Masters Foundation always has rival corporations, lawyers and tax collectors who always want a piece of..." "Wait a second."

    Logan sniffed the air and popped his Adamantium claws. "So he is alive!"

    Wolverine turned to face the window but soon he was electrocuted and pinned to the ground just like Ken with light purple energy!

    When they managed to look outside they saw Magneto floating in his magnetic force field! That's not all! He freed four giant nuclear missiles from their silos and they were floating along beside him! Omega Red's resting body was also floating in another magnetic bubble!

    "HA HA HA HA! Well done, Wolverine and Ken! Why don't you gather the rest of your little friends and join me and Apocalypse on my newly constructed Asteroid M!"

    "MAGNETO! ONE OF THESE DAYS I'M GONNA GUT YOU," screamed the Canadian Mutant who was still pinned to the ground. "Promises promises! HA HA HA HA HA!" Laughing away Magneto floated up into the sky with Omega Red and the missiles in tow.


    NEXT UP: ACK sorry about the long delay, what can I say I suck lol! Next time Marvel vs. Capcom 2's Cable pays us a visit with the rest of the '90s X-Force squad! More Magneto, Exodus and a lot more Dark Riders! Radioactive Bytes for the last few chapters will come in about a week. Fun times ahead!
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    Radioactive Bytes: This will cover chapters 29 - 30. Starting with chapter 29.

    A quick note about Nick Fury with regards to his appearances in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I may have touched on this before, but that game is using the Ultimate version of Nick Fury. The one that is based on Samuel Jackson who is in turn playing Nick Fury in the movies. He shows up in at least 1 MvC3 ending (don't own the console version of UMvC3 yet, holding out for the PS Vita version) and he shows up as a Heroes card too. Pretty sure this is because the game is going with the versions of the characters most commonly known to the public and with the live action movies and including the more recent Marvel cartoons that would be this version of Nick Fury.

    It's funny to note that Capcom has now used both versions of Nick Fury. The Caucasian one or 616 Nick Fury appears in Capcom's old Punisher game. Of course there is nothing to suggest that that old Punisher game is in the same world as MvC3 / UMvC3 so it doesn't have to be viewed as a contradiction really.

    Anyway back when I started writing this fic in 2006 I obviously had no idea Capcom was going to use the Ultimate version of Nick Fury all of these years later, so for me I'm still using the 616 version of Nick Fury. The way I am and I try to tie in as many things as possible, if I started writing this fic today I would definitely use the Ultimate version of Nick Fury. I actually like both versions of Nick for different reasons so I don't have a preference really. This fic is being as if it was occurring in a world that's as close to 616 as possible so that for me means 616 Nick.

    To point out, this is a fan fic and you can probably just imagine any version of Nick Fury you want to. I don't recall if I went into details describing him, but even if I explained his hair you can probably just imagine it's like the Nick Fury from the Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon who is African American and has the same hair and that he just didn't go bald yet or something lol!

    Both versions of Nick Fury have different speech mannerisms. The ones I've already used for Nick are based on the 616 version so I'll be sticking with that. I guess if you imagine Ultimate Nick being alive as long as he has it's totally possible he'd speak that way too.

    Oh and 616 Nick Fury smokes a big cigar and I've already had the Nick in this story do that. Ultimate Nick Fury was created during Marvel's stupid "characters are not allowed to smoke" rule so he doesn't smoke anything. I hadn't really planned on having Nick Fury smoke again anyway so beyond this point it's not an issue I guess. Though yeah, this fic is based on comics from the '90s and characters smoked a lot back then.

    So regarding Wolverine's comment about Nick Fury serving in World War 2, both versions of Nick Fury have so it still works. I'm not too sure about the movie version of Nick Fury since he did not show up during the World War 2 segment of Captain America's movie, so if that really is the variant of Nick Fury MvC3 / UMvC3 is using then it's possible that he didn't serve in WW2. But EH.... Moving along...

    I had the plan to have The Hand long before their background appearances in MvC3 and UMvC3, no really ROFL! As you might be able to tell most of chapter 29 is based on Cammy's ending from X-Men vs. Street Fighter. Matsu'o Tsurayaba's appearance was difficult for me to include during the X-Men vs. Street Fighter fic. I just couldn't wrap my brain around it so this was my way of including him and the Hand ninjas. Him mentioning Killer Bee is a shout out to that ending. I have to say it's really awesome that The Hand appears in MvC3 and UMvC3 though! Makes me feel all current and stuff. ^_^

    A couple of notes on The Hand ninjas. The ones that are standing on the ceiling is a Naruto reference. In that anime and manga ninjas are able to do this by concentrating their Ki / Shakra into their feet. So yeah having fun and wanted a more logical way to do it so spiked heels and there you go. I bet the weight would eventually give out and they would fall in reality, but yeah having a bit of fun.

    Ken's four green amphibian comment and later 'The Foot' comment are obvious references to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Fun fact, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic was partially influenced by Frank Miller's run on Daredevil. So The Foot are partially based on The Hand.

    Oh and I think the ninja turtles are awesome but they probably don't exist in this universe and Ken is just bringing them up like most of us would in conversation. Of course if you want them to actually exist in this story I have no problem with that. They'll NEVER show up though. They could just elude Apocalypse's capture because they work in secrecy and there you go! Sure could've used you guys when Shuma-Gorath was tearing stuff up though Raphael. JUST SAYIN'! :P

    Wolverine tearing into the last Hand ninja is similar to what he did to Malcolm Colcord, AKA The Director. After he endured the Weapon X project that gave him Adamantium, Wolverine went berserk but for some reason he especially went ape crazy on the last soldier there named Malcolm Colcord, tearing him to shreds. Him doing that to that last Hand ninja is my little nod to that. Malcolm later becomes The Director and becomes one of Wolverine's villains. At this point in time, The Director has not appeared before Wolverine. Of course if he ever does or doesn't probably doesn't matter for the Capcom games I suppose. More info on The Director -,_Malcolm

    More on Matsu'o Tsurayaba. Pretty much every time I've seen the guy, especially in the '90s he was smoking so that's why he's doing it here. Regarding his clothes, I've only ever seen him wearing a black suit and black clothes with just a white shirt, black tie too. In his X-Men vs. Street Figther ending appearance he is wearing a green trench coat, brown slacks and a red tie. I don't know if Capcom referenced some comic where he was wearing those colors or if they just wanted to add a bit of color themselves to the scene. Or maybe they were having fun because A LOT of Marvel villains wear green (Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Loki, Kang, etc., etc., etc.) but whatever the reason I had him retain the same color scheme here.

    As for when he appears, in the comics Matsu'o had one of Wolverine's lovers Mariko killed and Wolverine takes vengeance on Matsu'o by cutting off a piece of his body every year. Matsu'o's appearance in this story is way before all of that. Since Wolverine in the Capcom games never seems to go past a guy who pines for Jean Grey and doesn't have her relationship-wise anything regarding if Mariko's death will happen in this world probably doesn't matter. Given the Shadowland UMvC3 background, I assume Matsu'o's no longer leading The Hand and currently Daredevil is and he's going through his Shadowland tale. Even without all of that Matsu'o hasn't lead The Hand for quite some time.

    If you want a lot more info on Matsu'o's role with Psylocke's current incarnation and Mariko's death but don't want to hunt down a bunch of old comics this recent Psylocke TPB covers most of it. It's well written and drawn too.

    Regarding Matsu'o's sword fighting style and Katana, I'm a big Sengoku Basara fan so that whole thing about the purple streaks on the floor is largely influenced by that game's Mitsunari Ishida. The character and his sword style are also based on Vergil of the Devil May Cry series, who is now a playable character in UMvC3 so you can look at it that way too if you want. Neither leave purple streaks on the floor but there are purple lines that are left in the air that can also cut you when they perform a slice, so that's my nod to that.

    I ALMOST had Matsu'o use the same exact sword Mitsunari Ishida uses but ultimately I decided against that for a few reasons. One was for all I know Capcom could later make a game where that sword is broken to pieces or something leaving me out in the cold. Also it does seem that the versus series seems to honor the Onimusha series more, and Onimusha and Sengoku Basara contradict the crap out of each other. Not only does Onimusha's Soki show up in TvC but he also shows up as a card in UMvC3. So it's fairly safe to say that if the versus games are going for a 'one world for Capcom games theory' it honors Onimusha more than Sengoku Basara.

    ....But none of that stops me from referencing SB ROFL!The Mitsunari Ishida of Onimusha Dawn of Dreams is cool but not as cool as the one from Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes! And yes they are very different.

    I did hear one explanation why there were no Sengoku Basara characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Because most of the characters are based on real people and they are not real Capcom characters. It would be like putting Abraham Lincoln in the game or something. I dunno, maybe an SB character alongside Marvel's INSANE interpretation of Leonardo Da Vinci from their current S.H.I.E.L.D. comic would be something heh!

    Off hand I'd say that the Onimusha games probably fit in better with the Marvel universe, because the Sengoku Basara games are FREAKING CRAZY! Well it might not matter anyway because I doubt that Marvel has really touched the Warring States Period of Japan (I could be wrong) and this story will not go that far into the past, so you can imagine either version of the past happening here or a mix of the two (particularly since Oda Nobunaga is the same guy in both worlds). The closest thing I can recall to Marvel touching that stuff was a story where Wolverine fought resurrected zombies of the Shinsengumi, but the Shinsengumi came years after the Waring States period. The Shinsengumi are probably most famous to most of us because of the Rurouni Kenshin manga and anime, where my avatar of Sagara Sanosuke comes from. Yes now I'm making a nod to my avatar LMAO!

    Matsu'o and Wolverine fighting without having their swords touching is true, most sword masters avoid having their blades come into contact. This is best seen during the fights that take place in the Samurai Champloo anime since they tried to honor actual sword fights. Nothing against sword clashing as it plays a pretty big part in the Sengoku Basara anime and games, but every now and then I feel I have to inject some bits of realism into all of this Ki, Mutants and zany stuff. That might be why Samurai Champloo did that too since that took a lot of liberties depicting Japan's past.

    Ah well Sengoku Basara was 100s of years ago anyway, sword fighters have gotten better... ^_^;

    On to chapter 30!

    The U.S. Agent fight was inspired by MvC3 but probably not in ways you might think.

    Captain America in MvC3 can't drop his shield and fight without it ever like he could in previous Capcom games. Not really a Captain America player so this is not something that bothers me. Still since U.S. Agent and MSH vs. SF's Captain America can fight without his shield this is something I wanted to highlight, so I could at least differentiate U.S. Agent and Captain America's fighting styles. Because in MSH vs. SF U.S. Agent and Captain America are EXACTLY THE SAME minus the outfit. So I needed something to separate them. Also something for MvC3 players to see since he can't drop his shield anymore (I haven't played UMvC3 yet outside of cons and gaming events and haven't used Cap there but I'm fairly certain he still can't drop his shield).

    U.S. Agent not shouting out the names of moves the way Cap does was another thing I used to separate them. In the game they have the same exact voice, so I figure U.S. Agent in reality has a different voice so whatever he'd be screaming it would be in a voice that you haven't heard in the games really. Silencing Wolverine too was a nod to those MvC3 intro movies where no one speaks or says the name of moves. Love anime and manga so I don't have a problem with people yelling out the names of moves while they perform them but it was nice to switch it up for once. Wolverine starts yelling out the names of his moves at the very end to kind of show that things are going back to normal. Ain't that right Cyclops? "JESUS CHRIST!" :P

    Regarding when U.S. Agent appears in this story - If you start to line up these characters as best as you can then U.S. Agent fits best during the time he was with the West Coast Avengers. For a time I wanted to advance him further because this character to me works best when he is as bitter as possible LOL, but the more I thought about it and read old comics I figured he was already bitter during his stint on West Coast Avengers. So no real need for me to tweak his timeline.

    Speaking of that time, he actually did refer to his West Coast Avengers team mates as slackers, misfits, losers and other negative names. This probably shouldn't bother anyone here, but if you are a fan of Hawkeye who is in UMvC3, well he was a West Coast Avengers member back then so this means him too oooh... Note that this was quite some time ago and with Hawkeye's time with the Thunderbolts, him dying and coming back and all that well Hawkeye is no longer the goofball he used to be in the comics. He's matured a lot in the last few years. It seems like UMvC3 and the upcoming live action Avengers movie are going with this more mature version.

    About U.S. Agent's Canada rants. First and foremost if there are any Canadians out there reading this I'd like to thank you for not sending me any death threats ha ha! It's largely a nod to the fact that U.S. Agent later joins the Canadian super hero team Alpha Flight. If you think his comments here were bad you should check out some of the stuff he says in those comics oooh... It's all in good fun though.

    Oh and I love Udon comics and my favorite band is Metric so I have nothing against Canada. I even visited once! Well my plane stopped there for four hours while I was on my way to Japan but whatever. It counts! Go Michael J. Fox!

    A fun note is that later U.S. Agent joins a team called S.T.A.R.S., but it's obviously not the same exact team of S.T.A.R.S. from the Resident Evil games. Funny coincidence though! The Marvel S.T.A.R.S. stands for Superhuman Tactical Activities Response Squad. The one from the Resident Evil games stands for Special Tactics And Rescue Service. It would be funny if this world there were one in the same. Only most of the S.T.A.R.S. from Resident Evil were killed off oooh... A good thing they shipped U.S. Agent off to Canada! :P

    Lastly chapter 31 -

    Lots of exaggerating on my part because Omega Red's another guy that would probably destroy a lot of Street Figthers, so I did whatever I could to give Ken an edge. I mean c'mon Ken has gotten the shaft and wasn't included in MvC3 or UMvC3 man he needs all the Marvel universe props he can get! Obviously a lot of the stuff came from SF2 The Animated Movie (particularly that stance he assumed when he started chanting in the movie) and SF2V with the white dots and all.

    About when Omega Red appears in this story. It happens after his appearance in the Soul Skinner story that was featured in X-Men #17 - 19. During X-Men vs. Street Fighter I have already used a lot of characters from that story, particularly Darkstar, Alexi Garnoff and Colonel Vazhin (who Apocalypse has imprisoned now in this story). Capcom sort of references this story with Colossus running into Omega Red in Russia in a few endings so it seems relevant (but the actual Soul Skinner's existence isn't I guess). Without giving too much away, at best I can say that a version of this story happens in this world but it's not exactly the same. This will kind of make sense once this fic finishes so bear with me for a while. If you wish to read up on what happens in those comics -

    Regarding Ken's reference to Forbush Man - He's kind of a long running joke in Marvel comics. Stan Lee would often have the characters make fun of someone called Irving Forbush, and eventually Forbush Man became a character. He doesn't really exist in 616 as he's been given his own universe to play in. But I figure Ken probably knows about him thanks to the comics that actually exist in the Marvel comics 616 universe (I talked about that stuff a lot more when I was discussing Norimaro). Or maybe Forbush Man can exist in this world since we already have Dan and Norimaro for laughs I guess ha ha! More on Forbush Man -

    Magneto's "HA HA HA HA HA" laugh is strongly influenced by the X-Men arcade game, that I can now play on my PS3 and even my cellphone! I really had to resist the urge to have Magneto say "WELCOME TO DIE!"


    And that wraps up my contributions for this fic for this year. Be back in 2012, hopefully by February. Cable and X-Force vs. Magneto, Exodus and a lot more Dark Riders coming next! Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays! See you next year!
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    Chapter 32: "The Nutty Professor Program!"

    Two weeks before the events of this story.

    Hovering above the planet Earth in the depths of space, cloaked in such a way that it was undetectable to neighboring satellites was the newly constructed
    Asteroid M. However, this new station was quite different from the previous version. In essence there were pieces of meteor rocks encircling a gigantic space station with a large communication tower to it's extreme right. These were bits of pieces of Asteroid M that remained after it was destroyed (X-Men 1-3 and Capcom's X-Men Children of the Atom) along with Avalon being part of it's center.

    Avalon was really the space station Graymalkin that Magneto took over while Cable was lost in the time stream after the events of X-Ecutioner's Song. Avalon was also destroyed (after the events of Capcom's X-Men Mutant Apocalypse) so this new base consisted of remnants of the two stations.

    Teleporting into Graymalkin's, or better put the newly formed Asteroid M's central core was Cable and his team X-Force. And along for the ride were members Cannonball, Boomer, Feral, Warpath, Rictor, Shatterstar, Siryn and Sunspot.

    The central core was composed of several rectangular pillars that stretched up to the ceiling with foreign and alien technological computer components all throughout.

    "Graymalkin doesn't seem the same as it used 'ta be," pondered Cannonball with his usual southern accent. "That is correct, Sam. Magneto took over the base while I was lost in the time stream and dubbed it 'Avalon,' a haven were Mutants, criminal or otherwise could live as an independent nation.

    "The United Nations attempted to attack the base, and Magneto retaliated by shutting down the electomagnetic field of the entire planet. Planes fell out of the sky, coma patients were lost, millions died that day. The X-Men Cyclops, Wolverine, Psylocke, Gambit and Beast teleported into the base, defeated Magneto and after the confrontation the base was destroyed," recounted Cable.

    "When I returned to this time I thought Graymalkin and The Professor were lost to me, but The Prof managed to send me a distress signal earlier today. It seems like Magneto was able to put Graymalkin back together and combined it with parts of Asteroid M so now it resembles more of a mesh of the two bases."

    The team followed Cable's lead while making their way slowly and stealthily down the core. With the exception of Boomer who was anything but stealthy. Looking all around like a kid in a candy store, the beautiful teenager spoke after her bubble gum bubble bursted. "Reality check time. This is the big M we are talking about here. I don't like 'Grand Theft Outer Space Station' as much as the next blonde but what exactly is the plan here?"

    "We kick Magneto's ass and make it home in time to watch Sabado Gigante," quipped the long haired Mexican Rictor. "Ay, dios mio. That show still can't be on the air," added the furry feminine feline Feral.

    Pressing an area just below his thumb but past the wrist of his robotic arm, a small rectangular space opened on Cable's forearm. Next he stuck his arm into a square hole in a wall.

    "We're going to defeat Magneto alright, but it's best we avoid a direct confrontation. First I'm going to try to free Professor. There are several Mutants and Super-Heroes that have vanished in the last few days. If any of them are here I'm going to attempt to hack Graymalkin and teleport them all back to Earth with a massive body slide. Then I'm setting this place to self destruct after we all beam back home."

    "So, we're only here as back up just in case we get attacked? Droga! I was looking for some action!" "Chances are you will get your wish, Sunspot. Do not think for a second that Magneto will go unaware of our intrusion for long," responded Shatterstar.

    "Cable, ye sure this is somethin' ye wanna do," questioned Siren. Warpath was curious as well. "Destroying Graymalkin. In the past you called it the place that reminds you of where you've been, the life you lost and where you need to go."

    "...Make no mistake it still pains me to do so. Graymalkin was everything to me. Until I met you guys. X-Force is my family now. I no longer need a space station to tell me where I'm headed."

    This was an extremely rare showing of emotion on Cable's part. There was no response except for Cannonball smiling and touching Cable's shoulder. "Keep your guard up Sam," was all Cable had to say. Withdrawing his hand and still smiling, Cannonball and the rest of X-Force formed a defensive semi circle around their leader.

    "Systems Datanet Access: Processing." This was the computerized voice that Cable could hear in his head.

    "Come on... Come on... All this for a stupid computer program."

    "Why Nathan, I am not certain if I should be thanking you for your tenacity or chiding you for your insults." The Professor spoke to Cable with a different computerized voice that all could here. "Professor! You're alright!" Cable was happy since this computer program that has guided him through the years was really important to him and a true friend during times he had very few.

    "Other than a mild case of indigestion due to this alien programming, I am online."

    "Yeah, Magneto probably used lots of Shi'ar technology he acquired during his time with the X-Men to rewrite your netcode. Download's complete. There won't be any need for you to stay here once I blow this place to smithereens."

    "I believe allowing you to retrieve this small piece of your past was more than gracious of me. Surely, you do not expect me to allow you to destroy my home!"

    This voice came from a yellow tornado or energy and once these winds died down all could see that those words were spoken by the Master of Magnetism. Magneto had teleported to the area thanks to the Mutant power of his right hand man Exodus. Also accompanying them were eight Dark Riders. Each of various sizes and weights and all wore blue cloaks with red hieroglyphics that covered their entire bodies.

    "Looks like you're going to get the fight you were looking for Sunspot. X-Force, MOVE OUT!"

    Cable pulled out two futuristic hand guns and started blasting away while the rest of X-Force attacked!

    With his body generating a field of thermo-chemical energy to create a blast field all around him, Cannonball came flying towards his opponents like a guided missile. "Sam Guthrie, Cannonball of Xavier's second generation (referring to Cannonball's time as one of the New Mutants), you shall not harm our lord and savior Magneto this day." With these words Exodus floated up in the air and attacked Cannonball with a massive yellow surge of both telepathic and telekinetic energy. This caused Cannonball's blast field to shut down. Before he hit the ground however, a Dark Rider leaped above him and a shower of black ooze poured out from the bottom of his cloak. This black goo covered the X-Force member and tossed him away until he hit a wall off in the distance knocking him out!

    Boomer tossed several balls of explosive energy at one Dark Rider who even beneath her cloak you could tell had a very shapely figure. Stealthily dodging all of Boomer's bombs, when the Dark Rider was in range a blade composed of purple energy sprung out of her right hand. She shoved the blade into Boomer's forehead and after a scream another X-Force member had fallen!

    The Irish Mutant Siryn, daughter of Banshee who also inherited the same powers flew while her Sonic Scream pushed one of the Dark Riders back. He countered with a Sonic Boom projectile, which was similar to Nash's move only he used both arms. The Sonic Boom cut through the waves of Siryn's Sonic Scream and smacked her in the face! The Dark Rider immediately ran beneath her and followed this up with a Sommersault Kick!

    Rictor tried to erupt the ground beneath a feminine Dark Rider with a rather small frame. Putting her arms around her knees like a ball, she leaped through the air while rolling to avoid the shaken ground. Once she was by Rictor's side her body radiated with light blue energy. A back knuckle to the back of Rictor's skull zapped him with that same energy taking him down!

    Feral came viciously clawing away with her sharp nails, but unfortunately for the Puerto Rican Mutant the opponent she chose was much more ferocious than she was. Thanks to the long sleeves of his cloak you couldn't see the Dark Rider's own claws, but he made a bloody mess of Feral's mid section with several lightning fast claw strikes! She fell to the ground a downright bloody mess!

    Shatterstar attacked with his two twin blade swords while his opponent revealed a long red Katana that emerged out of his right sleeve that had several black splotches all around it. In a crouching position, this Dark Rider countered every one of Shatterstar's sword strikes! The blades clashed against each other until the Dark Rider made a diagonal strike from Shatter's right chest area down to his left oblique winning the fight!

    Warpath, the Apache Native American who was the younger brother of the deceased X-Man Thunderbird decided to pit his super strength against the largest Dark Rider. He was so gigantic his cloak looked more like a blanket that was tossed over his body. With each punch he landed there was a clanging noise, but Warpath performed no damage to his assailant. A single punch to the face from the Dark Rider was all he needed to knock Warpath out! The blow sent him flying away until he collided with one of the many pillars in the area!

    With his black energy field flowing all around him, Sunspot tried to knock one of the Dark Riders out. To his surprise, out of nowhere a field of small boulders floated around his enemy blocking all of his punches! The Rider raised his arms up and to beams of yellow energy fired from them and attacked Sunspot in the stomach defeating him instantaneously!

    Putting his small handguns away, a huge stapler like rifle appeared in his hands and he unleashed his "VECTOR BEAM," at Magneto. "FORCE FIELD" countered Magnus and the sphere of energy blocked the path of the beam.

    "Since half of you is made out of metal, the fact that you have chosen to do battle with the overlord of fatal attraction makes you utterly devoid of reason! E.M. PULSE!"

    Magneto's projectile move all but shredded half of Cable's metallic body! He remained on the floor with one arm, half a face and most of his left leg was torn apart with computerized parts sticking out of it. He trembled as his computer program Professor was able to still keep him alive, for now working with what was left of the techno-organic parts of his body.

    "With your X-Force squad defeated, I leave you with a parting gift Cable. Apocalypse is on this base and he still lives. Your greatest enemy is about to succeed in taking over the Earth and the apocalyptic future that you hail from will come to pass!" "...No... It can't be!" "Your time traveling mission to prevent Apocalypse's reign has ended in utter failure!"

    With this final gloat over his fallen foe, all there was left for Magneto to do was laugh maniacally. "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"


    Next Up: Okay it's really obvious to guess who a lot of these Dark Riders are, but I'm going to reveal all of them in only two short chapters so if you've managed to figure any of them out please don't say so on this fic until I get there! I hope I at least have you guessing over one or two! Anyway next time, our heroes all get together to compare notes with Nick Fury to decide their next move. Also we'll get to see Apocalypse, the Horseman of Death once again and Sabretooth's helper Birdy! I will update around April. Radioactive Bytes for this chapter I'll toss really soon. See you in a bit!
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    Radioactive Bytes: I tried to put this in bits and pieces throughout the story, but in short this is how the events of X-Men 1, 2 and 3 by Chris Claremont and aspects of Fatal Attractions happen in this world.

    Suffice it to say, for the Capcom video games X-Men Children of the Atom and X-Men Mutant Apocalypse for a large part of the story of both games Capcom merged both storylines. Both are available in trade paperbacks if you want to check them out.

    There's a few variant TPBs for X-Men 1-3, but this one will give you up to issue 7 which is a good bet.

    And here's the trade paperback for Fatal Attractions.

    While Capcom's fighter Children of the Atom changed some aspects of X-Men 1-3 in this world they remain exactly the same way as they were depicted in the comic. No real changes there. For Capcom's game the changes were that Exodus was with the original Acolytes and the battle took place on Avalon and not on Asteroid M. Which are aspects of Fatal Attractions. In this world none of that is true. X-Men 1-3 take place as is.

    For the Fatal Attractions events in this world, Magneto does take over Graymalkin and turns it into Avalon. He survived the destruction of Asteroid M the same way, with the Acolyte Chrome saving his life. In this world it happens after Cable gets lost in the time stream so he is unaware of the entire event. Cable does return some time after, as he is needed to 'displace' Apocalypse as he does to lead to the events of X-Men vs. Street Fighter but during this time he is absent.

    It plays out just like the Capcom video game X-Men Mutant Apocalypse, with Cyclops, Psylocke, Gambit, Wolverine and Beast teleporting to the base, facing Exodus and defeating Magneto (I thiiink I referred to it as Asteroid M and not Avalon in the past as a goof. I will fix once I start re-editing). In Fatal Attractions, the actual Mutants who traveled to this base were Wolverine, Jean Grey, Quicksilver, Rogue, Gambit and Professor X.

    Avalon was created to be a safe haven for Mutants, and those aspects of Fatal Attractions still remain here. The attack on the base by the United Nations and Magneto's retaliation still occur as is.

    One difference in this world is in the game Magneto once again stole nukes, which is a nod to X-Men 1-3. I'm chalking that up as a gameplay thing to give you something to do so you can have a reason to fight Exodus a bunch of times lol! I think what actually happens in this world is the X-Men run around beating up a lot of second generation Acolytes before fighting Magneto and destroying the base, but I won't spell it out so make of it what you will. The only reason is I selfishly want to use the nukes myself and Magneto using it three times is a bit redundant ROFL! Even though Graymalkin / Avalon supposedly has the power to destroy the Earth itself, I think the nukes are more for a showing of strength if all else. Besides since I've never seen Graymalkin even come close to destroying the Earth, I'm not even sure how that would work unless it wanted to collide with the Earth or something. But moving on.

    So yeah, even though Avalon was already a fusion of Graymalkin and Asteroid M, it didn't really resemble Asteroid M at all. So this time Asteroid M is more of a visual fusion of the two bases.

    I'm not keeping the name Avalon because that was more Magneto's thing, creating a haven for Mutants. While Apocalypse has some Mutants, villains and brainwashed villains for him that's not what he's all about. He's ready to destroy the world with nukes and earthquakes and if any more Mutants remain on Earth they'll have proved worthy for salvation. Survival of the fittest is as always his main agenda.

    I think the name Asteroid M resonates with more people too. The name's been used a lot more and heck it's the final base in Konami's X-Men arcade game.

    Ah and after Fatal Attractions, most of the second generation of Acolytes were either presumed dead or missing for a while. This holds true here, with Exodus being one of the survivors. Particularly since he was a character in X-Men Mutant Apocalypse, he's already been 'Capcomized' lol so he's gotta show up here.

    So you can chalk up a lot of what's going on in this story as the second half of Fatal Attractions. Why well, I try to merge whatever I can from comics and video games as much as possible. Also, there are two really big elements that occur during Fatal Attractions that Capcom left out in both Children of the Atom and Mutant Apocalypse. They have to be put in this world because they have a direct effect on characters Capcom chose to use in both Marvel vs. Capcom 1 and 2. If you are a comic book junkie like me you know what I am talking about but if not don't worry, all will be revealed in time.

    And yeah, Capcom did Fatal Attractions without Cable, I mean it's his base that was captured lol! So my whole 'lost in the time stream thing' is why he wasn't around until now. He has to get Professor out of there before Graymalkin blows up man really important! Somewhat important going all the way up to Marvel vs. Capcom 3, because the remnants of Graymalkin eventually become Providence and that has a lot to do with how Deadpool teleports! Ha well I said somewhat important. :P

    Speaking of X-Men Fatal Attractions, this entire chapter is based largely on X-Force #25 that is also featured in the Fatal Attractions paperback. Whenever I could I lifted dialog straight out of the book or tweaked it here and there. There are differences however. X-Force came to the base with Rusty and Skids along who were recently brainwashed by Strife during X-Ecutioner's Song. Magneto cured them using the iron content in their blood. That part is left out and for now let's say Rusty and Skids were eventually cured by Professor X. I LOVE both of those characters, but I thought it was a bit much to include those characters.

    Also in that story, Cable appears at the beginning of the tale after his travel through the time stream. Like I said before, he's already been here for a while so the grievances Sunspot and Rictor had against him, thinking that Cable did things against them that were really committed by Strife and Gideon respectively are all already settled.

    Funny tidbit about X-Force #25, when Magneto appears he is wearing a purple cloak that covers his entire body, and it has yellow designs around it but not hieroglyphics like I've been using. There is a bit of a mystery until it is revealed that it is Magneto. At this point I can't remember if this is where my idea for having all of the Dark Riders and Horseman wear cloaks originated from, either on a conscious or a subconscious level. I think it's also part of another thing I picked up from watching tons of anime, cloaked and masked warriors happen a lot there lol! Anyway, mad props to the writer Nickieza and the artist Capullo either way since it might just be a visual that stuck with me many years later and resurfaced in this story.

    A quick note about Sunspot. This takes place before X-Force #28 so he hasn't gained the power to shoot blasts of flames just yet. Three issues away D'OH!

    About how the X-Force members look in this story. In my mind they are all wearing the same outfits they had in X-Force #25 but these characters have changed outfits so many times you can pretty much imagine whatever. Boomer has had multiple names such as Boom Boom, Meltdown and Time Bomb but during this story she was called Boomer so I stuck to that.

    Cable's outfit in this story would be the '90s one (like what he was wearing in the '90's X-Men cartoon) but since in this world MvC2 is only two years away you can feel free to imagine his MvC2 outfit, no big. His move set would be exactly the same anyway, except for his uppercut move since he hasn't gained his spear just yet.

    Hey I can use my knowledge of being Latino for laughs lol! Sabado Gigante is a long running Spanish show and I guess the American equivalent would be The Price is Right. Only it lasts for hours and hours on end every Saturday and there are half naked woman dancing to advertise things like Cap'n Crunch cereal! LOL I love my culture. And yeah the show has literally been on the show forever so it's probably all well and good with Marvel's sliding time scale whenever you want to place this story.

    Exodus' comment to Cannonball, yes both Cannonball and Sunspot were original members of the team New Mutants and they go quite a ways back.

    Magneto was for a time a member of the X-Men (well in comics he's an X-Man once again as of right now) and during that time he gained access to the alien technology the X-Men use thanks to their familiarity with the alien race the Shi'ar. This was true in the original Fatal Attractions story as well.

    Cable was indeed shredded up by Magneto in X-Force #25 too. He didn't use his fighting game move "E.M. PULSE," of course lol but it had the same result. Another reason to check out X-Force #25 within the Fatal Attractions TPB is you can get a good visual of Cable being jacked up. Hey if you were ever playing MvC2 and you got beat up a Cable, Storm, Sentinel team maybe it will give you a good laugh! ~_^


    Boy, that was quite a lot for such a short chapter. Looking forward to playing Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on the PS Vita later this week! Take it easy, play some video games and read some comics. They are good for you! Lol see you in April!
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    Progress Report: I've been working on the next entry for a while now whenever I've had free time.

    Since all of the heroes will gather there's a bunch of stuff I don't recall from 6 years ago when I started this thing. So rereading, making small corrections and fixing up gramatical errors when I see them.

    Nothing too major so no reason for anyone to reread if you don't want to as far as corrections go.

    A lot of my older links placed here are broken and no longer work. Some of that is due to all of SRK's old links not working thanks to one upgrade or another.

    I've fixed the X-Men vs. Street Fightet Fan Fic link in the first post since that is the most important link. As for the rest, I'll have to look into either fixing or removing at another time.

    Of course any questions and stuff on older links you can always ask here or toss me a PM.

    Ah, I will say that long ago I said I wouldn't go into which members comprised the Avengers at this time in this story. For quite a few years I've been thinking about touching upon it. Roughly it will probably be close to the same Avengers team featured during Infinity Gauntlet/Crusade, give or take. Not 100% sure I'll go into that and that's still a ways off.

    Boy, having to write a SHIELD debriefing scene after the great ones Joss Whedon did in the Avengers movie. I'm in awe lol! Amazing flick.

    New Spider-Man movie coming soon! I hope it doesn't suck lol! Happy Fourth of July and not sure when the next chapter will be up. Definitely working on it whenever time allows.
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    Still cleaning up and fixing things. A quick note about a few of the chapters. Sometimes, most of my edits wouldn't go through at first because it exceeded SRK's current letter limit. So I chucked 'Info Bytes' stuff. Mostly me rambling here and there, nothing too important.

    Hopefully I'll be able to continue soon! I'm in the final stages of editing at least!
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    Wow edits to chapters finally done.

    A quick note that the edits still aren't perfect. I had printed the entire faq out and made really detailed edits on paper. Then like a slob I left the notes on the floor. Later I had a small pipe leak during a flood in my basement where I tend to work. It 's all good, no damage done to my property. Except I lost some of the notes but not all. D'OH! So I mostly reread and fixed what I could when I didn't have notes on hand.

    I will do another detailed edit at some point but I have roughly five to six chapters to get through first so I'll touch back on that at another time.

    A couple of notes on the end of the Blackheart fight. Chapter 25 to be exact.

    I always wanted the red streams that drag him down the satanic circle to have little fingers on their ends but at the time I thought I was copying Bayonetta, the scene that plays out when she dies and these black streams with hands drag her to hell.

    Later on I remembered that Jedah in Darkstalkers 3 has a move like that where blood hands drag you down to a big blood pool.

    So I added the little fingers back on the streams because now I can say it's inspired by a Capcom property and not from a game made by Kamiya who used to work for Capcom? Man I dunno. :rofl:

    Lol well the little hands thing is kind of a common anime / video game thing I guess. Hard to rember every instance I've seen them, but the recent Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood anime seemed to be fond of the black streams with little hands.

    Also originally Cyclops was the one to say 'Bamf' to get himself, Polaris and Ryu out of that temple. I forgot that you have to touch your neck when you say that to teleport. With Cyclops carrying Polaris and touching Ryu's shoulder his hands seemed busy, so now Ryu says bamf. And since Cyke is touching Ryu all three safely travel away.

    Other than those two things not much point in re-reading the story for those that have since the edits were mostly about grammar. Again, it's still not perfect but I will revisit and for now I have to move on.

    It will either be one or two chapters coming soon and I plan to put them up in a couple of weeks.

    Can't wait for MvC Origins this Tuesday! The more Capcom Marvel games I can access on my PS3 instead of hooking up ooold systems for reference the better. Of course they really need XvSF and MSHvSF up there so I can finally retire my Sega Saturn that has been rigged to play Japanese games lol! Hopefully next year or so!

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    CHAPTER 33: "Not So Brief Mission Debrief!"

    On the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier our heroes enter from the two opposing sides of the war room, with doors sliding before them and closing once everyone was inside. On the left side the Super-Heroes Captain America, Cyclops, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Hulk enter while on the right the Street Fighters Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li were present. Lying against the wall that was in between both groups was Nick Fury with his arms folded.

    "Chun-Li! Looks like you're all better," pointed out Captain America. "Yeah, all patched up!"

    "S.H.I.E.L.D.'s docs took care of you guys good," interjected Nick Fury. "Through the use of cold silicone compounds to heal bones, flesh tone silicones to cover injuries and microscopic nano machines that will dissolve into nutrients for your body the healing process has been speed up for you guys. You're all as good as new. And of course the Costume Changer fixed up any rips and tears in your clothing easy peasy."

    "Nice! I guess the Costume Changer ran out of batteries when it came to the Karate Kid parts 1 and 2 along with the golly green giant. Should've used Duracell! It keeps going and going and going..." "Just like you're mouth," said Hulk in an effort to shut Spider-Man up. "Strictly by choice," added Ken. "Haven't you heard the torn look is in! You know Spider-Man, your outfit might look better with less webbing and a blue shirt with the sleeves torn off, I can totally see it!" "Yeah, gonna pass on that one thanks... Say, how's Sakura doing?"

    "She's recovering fine," answered Fury. "So is Dan, Zangief and U.S. Agent. Polaris is resting. We didn't use the same advanced medical procedures we used on you guys since none of them are imperative to the next phase of the mission. Rest assured, all of them will return home injury free."

    "I think a few proper introductions are in order," noticed Captain America. "Spider-Man and Hulk, these are the Street Fighters Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li." Hulk greated with a simple wave and said, "Yo!" Spider-Man on the other hand quickly Web-Swung across the room and held out his hand in front of Ryu. "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man at your service. Pleased to meetchya!" "Um... Yes... Hi..." Ryu put one hand behind his head and shook Spider-Man's with the other. He looked extremely uncomfortable.

    Spidey crossed both his arms to shake Ken and Chun-Li's hands at the same time. "What's his problem? Let me guess, a Daily News subscriber..." "Don't mind him. He's not a big fan of spiders." "KEN!" "When he went camping as a kid a spider crawled into his mouth while he was sleeping!" "YIKES! I can relate. I went camping as a kid with my uncle once and I woke up with an action figure in my mouth with the Kung-Fu grip!" "Tee hee!" Chun-Li chuckled at Spider-Man's joke and Ryu's embarassment, Ryu turned red and looked off to the side. "AWKWAAAARD..." Spider-Man pointed out.

    "With intros out of the way it's time to get down to business." "Couldn't agree more Cyclops," said Nick Fury. "Yeah, better listen to the two one eyes and compare notes on our recent adventures," declared Wolverine.

    Sometime later, everyone was sitting at the long table of the War Room with the Street Fighters on one side and the Super-Heroes on the other. Nick Fury was naturally at the head of the table.

    Everyone had finished telling their tales of the battles and everything they had witnessed during this fight against Apocalypse's minions and machinations. So now they reflected on everything they've just heard.

    "While I am glad that I didn't end his life (during X-Men vs. Street Fighter), it is a shame that Magneto is still up to misfortune," said Ryu. "I feel the same exact way about Vega," added Cyclops. "But I guess he's out of the picture for good now." "If he's anythin' like one of our villains you can never be too sure Cyke." "True Wolverine, but his defeat came at a high price," stated Captain America. After Chun-Li said "Nash..." everyone remained quiet, as if they were giving Nash a moment of silence for his heroic sacrifice.

    Soon Ryu interrupted the silence and spoke. "Spider-Man, thanks for looking out for Sakura. And you held your own against Gouki! You're alright. Sorry about when we first met back there..." "No problem Ryu, she's one strong kid. That Gouki's no joke either. He's really the brother of your master? Small world." "Gouki's a tough one alright," agreed Wolverine. "You fought him before too Canuckle Head? A Wolverine vs. a Lion. I think I saw that one on the Discovery Channel!"

    "Hey Hulk thanks for bringing back Zangief, and for not killing Dan," quipped Ken. "Ah Dan's not so bad. Spider-Man's WAY more annoying." "Couldn't agree more," said Wolverine. "Ah my adoring public and fellow Substitute Fantastic Four members. It's cool, Ghost Rider still digs me. You gotta see him root for me in his cheerleading outfit!"

    "So to bring us to our current dillemma, Magneto has captured four nukes and taken them up to Asteroid M," said Nick Fury. "Any idea where that is?" Ken wanted to know.

    "Thank to our mole in Apocalypse's organization we just received exact coordinates. We'll be able to teleport all eight of you there safely."

    "I hate to be the one to state the obvious here but this could be a trap." "True Cyclops, but our source hasn't let us down yet. Our program, D.T.N.Y. also confirms the information for what it's worth."

    "So this is some asteroid that crash landed on Earth right?" "Not exactly, Chun-Li. It's in outer space."

    "OUTER SPACE? Wait a second! I just got through seeing dinosaurs and a demon from hell and now I'm going into outer space! This is fantastic!" "You said it Ryu! I just fought some zombie ninjas! I think the only thing we haven't done on this adventure is traveled to the future to stop a robot army from taking over the world!"

    "Yeah maybe we can arrange that, eh Slim?" "Now's not the time for levity Logan, onto matters at hand."

    "Right. We'll be able to send four of you at a time with the Teleporter. Your mission, get the nukes away from Apocalypse somehow and defeat him. Rescue all of the captured Super-Heroes and Martial Artists on board. Even with the destination coordinates, you should expect to be attacked by the eight remaining Dark Riders, Magneto and the remaining Horseman of Death. The base itself is most likely covered with a giant magnetic force field surrounding it, but we'll send a space shuttle to retrieve you if your mission is successful. Even though we are only sending a small force, our computer program D.T.N.Y. says you guys are our best chance of defeating Apocalypse."

    "Oh that's all we have to do. And I thought this was going to be difficult," chimed in Hulk. Ryu added, "Like Cyclops said to me earlier, never a dull moment!"

    Meanwhile on Asteroid M, we find Birdy and Doctor Senoh once again sitting before a large computer control panel. The door to enter the room slid open and Apocalypse enters with a cloaked Dark Rider. With them was also his trusted aid Ozymandais.

    "Birdy, did you think The Apocalypse was not aware of your betrayal? Even your leaks to S.H.I.E.L.D. were all foreseen by the great Aubuextl. When our guests arrive it will be our finest hour, destroying the greatest Super-Heroes and Martial Artist the world has to offer. Still, you're betrayal cannot be forgiven," he stated while walking forward menacingly.

    "Mistah Apocalypse! You've flipped you're gourd! They'll nevah turn the Earth over to you! You'll just wind up killin' millions! No, billions! I've killed in my day as a hired gun but you're talkin' genocide!" "If they do not let The Apocalypse rule the Earth as it is I shall wash it away in a hail of nuclear fire! Dark Rider, this betrayer requires thirteen pieces of silver, but red will suffice!"

    The Dark Rider held out his arm and from the sleeve thirteen red triangle shaped spikes fired from it! Birdy tried to get out of her chair and run away but all thirteen shards stabbed her in the stomach! She fell down while clutching abdomen and bleeding on the floor.

    "Ozymandais, get her to one of the capsules. I can still siphon her remaining power." "Yes, my lord."


    NEXT UP: Half of the next chapter is written up, but since it's a short one and this is a big one I figure this is a good time to break. Next time the heroes meet the remaining Dark Riders and all of their identities will be revealed! Just a few Radioactive Bytes this time so those should come really soon!
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    RADIOACTIVE BYTES: The stuff about the silicone compounds being used to speed up the healing process for our heroes is taken from Amazing Spider-Man #529, I added the bit about the nano machines. To put this in perspective, JMS the writer of Amazing Spider-Man at the time wanted to do a really long story about Spider-Man called 'The Other.' The story would've lasted a year or two and would've taken Spider-Man out of circulation, so Marvel decided to split the story up between multiple writers, have it run through all of Spider-Man's current books so it could finish up quickly.

    When all was said and done there was a mistake. In one book Spider-Man, mutated into a big monster broke Mary Jane's forearm backwards. In the next issue written by another writer, her arm was fine!

    So to clean up the mistake, JMS had Iron Man go through a long explanation to Spider-Man telling him how he was able to heal her up relatively quickly. So hey I figured I could just use the same explanation and all, make some use out of that storyline bit heh heh!

    Well hey if you do want to check out ASM #529 it also debuts the Iron Spidey Armor suit which you can use as an alternate costume in UMvC3 so if this is another incentive for you to track down that issue hey go for it!

    Speaking of alternate costumes, the new look for Spider-Man that Ken is talking about is a nod to the Scarlet Spider outfit, which you can purchase in UMvC3. It's from the Clone Saga which hasn't happened in this world just yet, even though Spider-Man references it a lot in his Capcom appearances, mostly after he wins a mirror match lol! I'm not a fan of that storyline but hey if you want it to happen at some point after this story in this world more power to you I guess. I prefer the recent retelling of the Clone Saga by Mackie and DeFalco personally so I'd go with that version, just get Lady Octopus in there somehow lol!

    Ryu dislikes spiders and he did wake up with one in his mouth during a camping trip, that much is true. It's funny that if you think about spiders in Capcom games they usually turn out to be villains or not-so-good people! Phantom in Devil May Cry, the Spider Demon in Okami, SSF4 Juri's whole spider motif, there's several examples.

    There's an old story about a young Peter Parker camping with his Uncle Ben. Marvel ran a series of stories that featured adventures Marvel characters had before they became Super-Heroes. For the life of me I can't remember the name of the series or the issue number but that's where the notion of Uncle Ben and Peter camping comes from. He didn't wake up with an action figure in his mouth though lol!

    His Kung Fu Grip joke is from the movie Trading Places, Eddie Murphy used that line to describe a G.I. Joe figure lol! Most likely in reference to the G.I. Joe Quick Kick.There's a few G.I. Joe connections to the Marvel world. J. Jonah Jameson has actually shown up in the G.I. Joe Marvel comic before! There was also another story where Spider-Man was fighting in a store and he crashed into some G.I. Joe figures! So I figure both G.I. Joes and their figures exist in this world. Not to mention that Capcom produced a G.I. Joe video game before! I just naturally assume that they went ignored by Apocalypse and he didn't capture them because they are soldiers and stuff. Well hey if you want Cobra to be one of the organizations that funded Apocalypse don't let me stop you!

    Oh hey speaking of other worlds and stuff recently I re-read Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1, the original series. IDW has recently been rereleasing those issues under Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics. TOTALLY forgot that the vile of Mutagen that mutated the turtles was the same as the one that blinded Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil when he was a kid! So yeah, I guess the turtles start their adventures 13 years after all of that and I don't know how long it would take Matt to get out of law school and stuff but if you want to shove the turtles in this world since I had Ken mention them earlier sure! Whatever incarnation you use DO NOT GO WITH THE UPCOMING MICHAEL BAY HOLLYWOOD TAKE WHERE THEY ARE ALIENS OR ELSE!!!! Or else nothing I guess but still ROFL!

    Back on topic, there is a substitute Fantastic Four team that consisted of Spider-Man, Hulk, Ghost Rider and Wolverine occurred in Fantastic Four #348. Pretty awesome that all four characters are in UMvC3 now!

    The back and forth about the robot army takeover is twofold. My personal perception is that just about every game franchise featured in the versus games, at least on Capcom's end is part of a shared Capcom Universe. Not that all of the games are related, but just in the versus games they are. So the robot army apocalypse, that kind of does happen after the Rockman AKA Mega Man X series so that's my nod towards that. Also, with the Sentinels taking over it also happens in X-Men's world with Days of Future Past. Which there is a background for in UMvC3! Almost all of the Marvel future stuff I chalk up in this world as alternate realities that do not occur and take place on different Earths while all of the Capcom ones happen. Of course I'm totally down with Marvel futures that don't interfere with a lot like Spider-Man 2099 and the MC2 Universe. So anyway yeah a double reference there.

    I talked about this before but since Birdy appears in like 5 comics total (one X-Men issue, the Sabretooth limited series) and dies off camera whoa... I'm a little sympathetic towards her. Her speech pattern is based on Harlequin's from the Batman Animated series, comics and Arkham video games. Namely the way Arleen Sorkin portrays her. She doesn't talk like that in the comics but that's just the vibe I got from the 'Yeah boss' she gives to Sabretooth in the Capcom games. Well while she did kill lots of ninjas and stuff in the Sabretooth limited series you do feel kind of bad for her since she was trying to get away from Sabretooth. So I painted her as not being all that bad. Kill people bad but not kill everybody on planet Earth bad...


    Guess that's it for this time so I'll be back to update in December. We finally get to learn the identities of the remaining 8 Dark Riders! Then come next year I'll start the next round of fights! Check out Wreck-It Ralph if you haven't, it rules! I've used like every Street Fighter in the movie in either this fic or the X-Men vs. SF fic so hooray I feel relevant. Lol take care and my heart goes out to those suffering through Hurricane Sandy. Be easy.
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    CHAPTER 34: "One Small Step For Marvel, One Giant Leap For Street Fighters!"

    Captain America, Ryu, Spider-Man, Ken, Cyclops, Chun-Li, Wolverine and Hulk teleported inside Asteroid M as planned. Inside of this white futuristic looking space station Ryu looked outside of a giant window. He could see the Earth from quite a distance.

    "Wow this is an amazing view! I'm sure there are few that will ever get to witness something like this!" Everyone else took a gander. Ken and Chun-Li were a bit more impressed at the sight than the rest of the heroes since all of them have traveled to space before.

    "That might be the case Ryu, but our primary concern is those nukes down there," pointed out Captain America. From the same window, everyone looked down and could see four gigantic missiles floating in space and pointed at the Earth.

    "I guess there's no time to waste star gazing," agreed Ken. Suddenly he looked over to his extreme right and saw something that scared the life out of him.


    What he saw was a giant man that had a huge bald head that was almost the size of his body. Wearing a blue and white toga and strange alien footwear, his eyes held no pupils and he stood there silently watching.

    "No that's Uatu, The Watcher. A cosmic being. He pops in to watch the major battles we have and records them, especially the ones that will decide the fate of the World. This must be one of the big ones. Everyone give it your all. If he's here the chances of us winning are pretty slim, but we've been able to keep the Earth safe, so far." Spider-Man's response to Ken was a bit more serious than usual for him.

    "Yeah he watches, but doesn't interfere. Baldy won't help either side. He's like the peeping tom of the Super-Hero community. Try to ignore," added Hulk.

    With a bit of levity, Chun-Li said "I guess you can cross seeing aliens off your must-see list Ryu and Ken! All that's left for you guys is robots." "Covered once we rescue Vision. Now let's get a move on..."

    Captain America's words were cut short when eight Dark Riders teleported before them! Instantly all of them removed their cloaks to reveal their identities. There stood Psylocke, Guile, Sabretooth, Killer Bee, Juggernaut, Venom, Carnage and Doctor Doom! All assumed their fighting stances and were ready to assault our heroes who remained shocked at this assembly of friends, villains and deadly rivals they were about to square off against! Uatu, The Watcher was about to witness an incredible battle indeed!


    NEXT UP: Short chapter after a long hiatus so just wanted to end on the big reveal of the remaining Dark Riders. Writing up the next chapter now so hopefully it will be up soon!
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    CHAPTER 35: "The New Sinister Six, Plus Two!"

    To those that know him it should come as no shock that the talkative Spider-Man was the first to break the silence between the eight heroes and eight followers of Apocalypse.

    "Hey Venom, so not surprised you went back to being a villain. I knew your hero stint in San Francisco wouldn't stick. Mad props though, you were one of the good guys for a full five minutes!"

    As usual Venom would refer to himself, Eddie Brock and his alien symbiote as 'we.' "We were fighting on the side of angels, spider. But Apocalypse has shown us the light."

    "I get it. You were brainwashed. Wow that must've been the most difficult brainwashing session of all time. I bet Apocalypse had to work all night coming up with the question, 'Excuse me Mr. Venom. Would like coffee, tea or being evil again?' Decisions deciiiiiisiooooons..."

    "Ooooh daddy! Let me shut grandpa up before he starts talking about the silver age of Super-Heroes again. 'When I was your age all my villains wore green and we didn't have no alien symbiotes,' " chimed in Carnage. He referred to Venom as his father often since his symbiote gave birth to the red and black one Cletus Kassidy wears.

    "No Carnage, the spider belongs to us. Go play with that Ken doll over there." "Yippee! Can I rip his arms and legs off and pull down his pants to see if he's anatomically correct down there like I used to do to Barbie's boyfriend? I CAN HAS TEH BLOOD?"

    "Ken, be careful with Carnage. He's weak against fire, loud noise and electricity if it helps," encouraged Spider-Man to the Street Fighter. "Right." Ken assumed his stance and was ready to take on the homicidal maniac.

    Chun-Li stared at her friend who had his fists raised in the air with a rather serious expression on his face. "Guile! Don't tell me you were brainwashed too!" Guile remained motionless.

    "So that's Nash's friend, Guile? Chun-Li, let me fight him. I feel I owe it to Nash for saving our lives. Let me try to wake him up from Apocalypse's spell."

    "Right Captain America... I'll fight against Killer Bee. I've seen her in combat before (during X-Men vs. Street Fighter) so I know what I'm up against." "Is she one of Shadowloo's Dolls, like the other ones we fought in Madripoor?" "Yes, the most powerful. She nearly defeated Rogue all by herself (also during X-Men vs. Street Fighter).

    Killer Bee, who Juggernaut recently renamed Cammy shifted from left to right during her stance as was typical of the Dolls. With her ice blue eyes she glared at the Chinese Martial Artist. "Target confirmed. Interpol Agent, Chun-Li. Psycho Limiter, release twenty percent of Psycho Power. That is all that is required to defeat my opponent." After she spoke her body began to radiate slightly with light blue energy.

    "I take it I can add Psylocke to the list of brainwashed candidates. I'll do my best to save my fellow teammate," added Cyclops.

    A loud thud was caused when Juggernaut slammed his right fist against the palm of his left. "What d'ya say Hulk? Time we figured out who's really the strongest one there is!" "Okay Jugghead. LET'S ROCK!"

    "Hey runt! We've fought long enough. How 'bout I put you out of your misery once and for all! And after I finish with you your pretty blonde girlfriend who took me down with a lucky shot (during X-Men vs. Street Fighter) is next. If Carnage here leaves me a few table scraps," threatened Sabretooth. "Let's go bub! Too much is ridin' on this one. I'm gonna bury the hatchets, six of them in your ugly face!" As expected, Wolverine unsheathed all six of his deadly Adamantium claws. "HAHAHAHAHA BRING IT ON PIPSQUEAK!"

    "So I guess that leaves the tin man in the green hood for me to face off against," pointed out the Street Fighter in the white gi. "Ryu, watch yourself. That's Doctor Doom, arguably the most dangerous villain in the room. He's taken on the entire Fantastic Four by himself and has even won a few times. Just hold out for as long as you can and I'll help you once I defeat Guile."

    "Right, but don't underestimate Guile either. He trained with Nash who managed to defeat Apocalypse before and ultimately, Vega." Captain America gave a nod to show he understood his predicament.

    "It is too laugh. Is the mighty Victor Von Doom, ruler of Latveria supposed to face off against a mere child? So be it. Once I am done with him I will turn my attention to any remaining heroes until all are under the heel of Doom!"

    And with that, eight Dark Rigers and eight heroes ran towards each other (similar to the intro of the 90s X-Men animated series) to commence this deadly battle!


    NEXT UP: I'll do Radioactive Bytes in about a week or so to explain why I'm having all of these bonus fights in the first place. The short answer is I just want to play with as many Marvel characters as I can because at this slow rate it will take me 1,000 years to get up to Marvel vs. Capcom 2 lol! Anyway the first few fights, Cyclops vs. Psylocke and Captain America vs. Guile should come in May if all goes. Thanks for reading and catch you on the internets!
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    Radioactice Bytes: It's really typical for The Watcher to show up for all of the big Marvel battles so why not? Fun fact, for the story of Marvel vs. Capcom 1, the Onslaught Saga in comics The Watcher actually was there to witness the final battle. For me, I think in this world it's best if he shows up to all of the second acts. MSH vs. SF and MvC2 and not 1. For MvC3 / UMvC3, well, the final battle happens on a floating asteroid that he can probably see right outside of his window from the Blue Side Of The Moon so he doesn't have to go anywhere lol!

    More on The Watcher -

    So from here on out will be a bunch of reasons why I'm doing all of these bonus fights. They've all been planned right from the beginning of the story when I mentioned all of the extra Dark Riders.

    MSH vs. SF is one of the few Capcom fighting games that I personally didn't care for the roster (and I'm a pretty hardcore Capcom fanboy, chances are if there's a game where you didn't like the roster I did, but not this time). It's fine on the Street Fighter side, but not really a good representation of Marvel as a whole. So I wanted to add a few more Marvel villains to make the story work a little better for me.

    Ideally I would love to keep fan fic writing this world until I got up to UMvC3 and beyond but it's taking me this freaking long to get up to this point! So this will be a chance for me to play with some fan favorites.

    Why no Thor or Iron Man? Well, here's the thing. Neither of the two were popular in the 90s when this game was in circulation. It's really the movies that have made them household names, especially Iron Man. And Thor doesn't even become a full fledged playable character until UMvC3 so I feel it's way too early to use him here. Besides, I'd have to brainwash them... Ah well, they are among the captured heroes.

    Using Venom a little early since he doesn't show up until MvC1, but I'm a HUGE Spider-Man fan and I HAVE to play with like the only real Spider-Man villain in the games heh!

    Why Carnage? He is kind of in MvC1 as a Venom swap so this is my way of using him here to just avoid a Carnage MvC1 appearance (if I ever get around to fan fic writing MvC1, ugh...). Besides the 90's Marvel comics for me were all about the Symbiotes so here's me reliving my childhood.

    Ken vs. Carnage is almost possible to accomplish in MvC1 if you do a swapped Venom vs. a Ryu-turned-red that uses Kens moves. So their battle will be based on that fight as much as possible.

    Killer Bee AKA Cammy and Juggernaut, along with Guile show up since they all have unresolved issues from either this story or going way back to the X-Men vs. Street Fighter fic. Regarding Juggernaut, I had no Capcom character that could really take the guy on during the X-Men vs. SF story so here I can go all out with Hulk. That's not a problem with later games when Darkstalkers and the like show up.

    Venom vs. Spider-Man, Wolverine vs. Sabretooth, Juggernaut vs. Hulk MAAAAANG these fights have been done before, some even on the big screen! Well so what, I never wrote them and no one's ever written these fights with people shouting out video game moves except for other fan fic writers so nya nya nya nya nya! :P Lol well since this is being written on mainly a Street Fighter website I feel it would be good to get some of the Marvel vs. Marvel character rivalries in here. These are all like 'bonus' battles anyway.

    All of the battles, except for Ken vs. Carnage will be largely based on MvC2 fights since that is the game almost everyone is the most familiar with.

    Lastly, I always loved the fact that in a lot of Capcom games, whenever you thought you were about to finish a game you were wrong and they made you fight a lot old bosses again. It happened in Strider, every Mega Man game and so many other games you can list. So it's my way of getting that flavor into this story. Of course only Sabretooth, Killer Bee and Juggernaut are actually returning foes, from the previous story so a little of old and new here.

    There's also a storyline reason why this is happening but just bear with me and all will be revealed in time!


    Next Up: That's enough pointless rambling from me. Catch you in May hopefully for Captain America vs. Guile and Cyclops vs. Psylocke! Iron Man 3 drops this week WORD! Thanks for reading and take care!

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    Working on the next chapter now, boy it's been a while. Hopefully I'll have something up in a few weeks.

    Anyway reason I'm posting is that I'm really surprised that they are dropping a TPB for the X-Men Soul Skinner storyline. And it includes the two Psylockes story as well. I keep these single issues handy for reference but it will be great to have it as a TPB!

    So far I referenced it way back during the X-Men vs. SF fic, you can see the team that came to Zangief's aid in this book. Also I plan to reference it again with Omega Red and possibly the Psylocke stuff in the next installment. So yeah for anyone that missed out!

    Finished my video game reviewing references for the next few fights, now I have to reread a few comics and things then get to writing the first few drafts before submitting. So creeping up on the next entry. Slowly but surely! Hopefully around Thanksgiving or so.
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    CHAPTER 36: "Brainwash, Rinse and Defeat!" Part 1

    Due to Captain America underestimating Guile's speed just a tad, the First Lieutenant in the Air Force managed to jab his chin with a left punch pushing him back. Quickly the Street Fighter hopped in the air for two left and right punches to his opponent's face! Upon landing Guile's body turned completely upside down for a kick to the Super-Hero's face (his Forward High Kick maneuver)!

    This last kick was blocked by Captain's shield and from here he easily transitioned into his "CHARGING STAR" forcing the upside down Guile away! The strike caused his foot to snap back with his knee absorbing most of the impact of the thrusted attack.

    Grabbing the floor with his hands Nash's best friend positioned himself back on his feet in an instant almost like a break dancer performing a windmill. His "SONIC BOOM" was completely dodged by the Avenger's Forward Cartwheel move and he passed right by it! With his Crouching Roundhouse kick Steve Rogers knocked Guile right off his feet! Next he jumped in the air to angle his "SHIELD SLASH" a bit better so his armament could strike the Martial Artist in the stomach!

    While this attack hurt immensely and caused the Military Officer to spit out blood immediately, there's just no slowing down a brainwashed minion apparently! "SOMERSAULT!" Before the World War II vet's feet could even touch the ground Guile nabbed him with his famous maneuver taught to him by Nash himself! Captain America went soaring through the air and Guile followed him to perform his Crossfire Assault Super Art! Caught unawares the Super Soldier was struck with every punch and kick of this Aerial Combo that finished up with an Aerial Somersault attack!

    Captain America landed on his back but rose quickly. The Lieutenant was on him like white on rice and caught him with his Aerial Launcher, his Crouching Uppercut! Guile leapt up to follow him but was smacked down by Captain America's shield! Not that it mattered. The blow to the head didn't seem to faze the brainwashed victim even though a trickle of blood poured down the side of his face. So he hastily performed yet another Super Art, his "SONIC HURRICANE!" Cap was only moments away from falling into this small tornado of sonic energy!

    "Come on," Psylocke and Cyclops stated simultaneously. Psylocke with a hand on her hip and motioning with her index finger on the left while Cyclops ran two fingers across his visor. The two words used for their taunts weren't the only things the two currently had in common. Both were panting a bit since they've already traded a few blows.

    "HEEYAH!" Elisabeth Braddock, Betsy for short performed a front flip and kicked the X-Men leader in the head. The beautiful ninja continued the attack with a hand stand and a kick to the face! Finishing up with a throw that involved lifting Cyclops in the air, flipping him around a few times and tossing him. Even so, Scott was skilled enough to land on his feet.

    "OPTIC BLAST!" "PSY-BLAST!" Cyclops' blast of red energy collided with Psylocke's blast of light purple energy which looked like the wings of a large butterfly. The projectile attacks exploded upon contact canceling each other out!

    Using the flash of reddish purple light as a distraction, Cyclops ran up to his fellow member of X-Men's Blue Team for his Raising Knee Back Breaker move. Tackling the British Mutant whose mind was transferred into a Japanese assassin's body some time ago, now Scott Summers was the one to flip around in the air with his adversary. Only she didn't land her feet but flat on her back!

    Standing right above Psylocke and ready to pin her to the floor with an Optic Blast, Cyclops never got the chance. She stood erect while yelling "KOLHO-GAKURE!" With this deadly Super Art a flurry of Psy-Blade style butterflies moved all around her attacking Cyclops! The multiple attacks of psionic energy were enough to send Jean Grey's fiancee far away with him landing flat on his face on the white metallic floor!

    As we turn our attention back to Captain America and Guile, our hero Steve Rogers has landed within the vortex of the Street Fighter's Sonic Hurricane. However, he landed shield first blocking the attack until he surfed to the outskirts of the projectile with no physical damage! Still, now standing just outside of the attack while blocking, the Sonic Hurricane struck his shield a total of twenty times!

    Cap didn't escape the attack unscathed however. His shield is made from a Vibranium-steel alloy and while it can absorb vibrations it still reacted loudly to these waves of sonic energy, louder than a normal shield composed of regular steel would! It conduced visible white rings of loud noise as soon as the shield touched the Sonic Hurricane! Even after the attack was over both men remained screaming while covering their ears!

    Guile regained his composure before Cap did and utilized this opportunity to catch his opponent off guard with a spin kick to the ribs! Steve Rogers went down to the ground.

    While he was falling, a silver object flew out of his pocket. The Street Fighter turned into one of Apocalypse's Dark Riders grabbed the object by its chain. Giving the dog tag a read, he uttered the name "Nash..." His eyes raised just a bit. He seemed to recall that name.

    "PSY-BLADE!" Spinning around with her Psi-Knife, this uppercut was avoided by Cyclops' Backward Dash which involved a rolling maneuver.

    Cyke wasn't so lucky when she performed her Ninjitsu move. Using her Mutant psychic powers to fool her fellow X-Man, four Psylockes appeared. One was five feet in front of Cyclops while another was five feet behind his back. Both images of Psylocke had the other two Psylockes floating midair five feet above them.

    From here Betsy segwayed into her "PSY-THRUST" Super Art! The Psylocke that was above Cyclops at 10 O'clock turned out to be the real one! She rained down on him at an angle with her Psy-Knife piercing his forehead scrambling his thoughts! For maximum effect, she glided forward riding on waves of light purple energy pushing Cyclops back while still attacking his mind! With a second yell of "PSY-THRUST" while continuing the Super Art attack, she rose through the air with Scott at a 2 O'clock angle!

    Still rising in this area that housed quite a high ceiling, the suffering X-Men leader grabbed his teammate's forearm with both hands and rammed the Psy-Knife even deeper into his forehead! "PSYLOCKE! REACH INTO MY MIND AND SEE WHO YOU REALLY ARE!"


    Back to back chapters and this seems like a good point to break off. Check back later for the conclusion of these two fights!
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    CHAPTER 37: "Brainwash, Rinse and Defeat!" Part 2

    Guile remained looking at Nash's dog tag swinging side to side. If one didn't know better they'd think the object was hypnotizing him. When in fact, the dog tag was having the reverse effect on him. Helping to wake him up from all the meddling Shadowloo and Apocalypse performed on his mind.

    Captain America stood up and was about seven feet away from the confused Street Fighter.

    "Guile. This may be difficult to hear, but Nash didn't perish when he defeated Apocalypse. Apocalypse and Shadowloo managed to save him but they turned him into a brainwashed Cyborg named Agent Shadow to do their bidding. Ultimately, he was able to awake from his brainwashing and save my life along with Chun-Li's. He sacrificed his life once more to destroy Vega. This time... for good."

    "Nash... My friend... My partner..."

    "I had a partner, Bucky Barnes who was also a soldier. He too sacrificed himself to save my life. And for the greater good as well."

    Towards the end of World War II, the Avenger remembered falling in the night sky and seeing his partner Bucky riding on the back of a small booby trapped plane which eventually exploded. The imagery almost looked exactly like what happened to Nash, riding on Vega's back and destroying both of them and the Island Smasher with the self-destruct mechanism embedded in his body.

    Guile thought back to when he first met Nash.

    One night in a dense jungle in Asia, Guile was captured behind enemy lines. He was strung up on a pole and being tortured for information. Nash showed up and made short work of the thugs. He managed to free Guile.

    "You okay," questioned Nash. "Yeah, I'll live. That was unbelievable! Where'd you learn to fight like that?" Nash put the beaten Guile's arm around his shoulder to help him walk. "Stick with me kid and I'll show you a thing or two." (From the story "Charlie's Black Op." Featured in the TPB Street Fighter Bonus Stage Vol. 4)

    Captain America had a similar memory of when Bucky saved his life.

    During World War II, two robots who looked like they were assembled out of pots and boilers and had big swastikas on their chests held Captain America down on his knees one night in a deep forest. The Red Skull pointed a gun at him and said, "Since the dawn of the Reich have we sparred, herr Captain... and at last we have reached the final round. How long have I waited for this moment? Ten years? Fifteen?"

    "What's the difference. You can't count to either," joked the captive Captain. Bucky Barnes appeared and took the Red Skull out with a mighty shoulder thrust to his chest! "Oh, funny. Somebody's been watching a little Jack Benny." Bucky followed this up by knocking the head off one of the robot's heads with one punch. Freeing his partner to do the same to the other robot. "You're just jealous. Why should you always get the good lines?" "Because it's not 'Costello and Costello,' that's why." The two continued to quip while they easily defeated any remaining Nazi soldiers. Complementing his sidekick, Steve said "Nice K.O., by the way." "I had a good teacher." (From the story 'American Dream' featured in the TPB Captain America Red, White & Blue released in 2002).

    There was no way both Captain America and Guile could share thoughts on how similar their lost friends were and witness all of the parallels in their experiences. However, they felt it on a subconscious level. Even the brainwashed Guile could feel it, evidenced by the tears that steamed down his face.

    Back to Psylocke and Cyclops, while her Psychic Knife was within Cyclops' mind she started to remember how not too long ago she was in love with Cyclops. In fact, even though she was dating Archangel now there was still a part of her that hasn't moved on yet.

    After the events of Executioner's song a few months back, the X-Men Wolverine, Colossus, Ice Man and Jubilee were on the X-Men jet, the Blackbird. They were headed to the U.S.S.R. to visit Colossus' finally. Psylocke was piloting with Cyclops as the co-pilot.

    "Cyclops, after everything you've been through... was it really necessary for you to come on this journey? Perhaps you're pushing yourself too hard." Psylocke touched Cyclops' left hand while she spoke these words.

    "Maybe I just needed to get away from the mansion for a few days Betsy... I think I needed some space. Some time to think."

    "I can imagine. It must be difficult when the woman you love is a telepath."

    "Hmmm what?" For a brief second, Cyclops thought about kissing Psylocke. With her being a telepath just like Jean Grey was who she was just referring to, she could see this vision in his mind.

    "Oh... Sorry... I was... just thinking..." "You think too much Scott. You should try doing once in a while." (X-Men #17, 1992).

    Next Psylocke sees another memory which took place a few days later. This vision began with her approaching Cyclops while he was repairing the Blackbird in the hangar of the X-Mansion.

    Betsy Braddock was wearing a curve hugging tight blue dress that showed off the top of her ample bosom and long curvaceous legs. unbeknownst to her, Jubilee had dubbed it her 'I want sex' outfit. Cyclops was wearing a white tank top, green pants and a red headband tied around his head similar to Ryu's headband in the Street Fighter II era and beyond. Only the headband Cyclops was wearing housed several black diagonal stripes, almost like a long necktie would.

    While working on the Blackbird's main engine underneath the craft, a bit of machine oil spilled on his left cheek. He got startled and fell off the small latter he was standing on. "Aaagh! Urgh! Mmmrf!" All sound effects he made while falling on top of Psylocke! "Scott," was all she could express while the two tumbled to the ground.

    "Sitting on the floor with her ever lovely accent, the gorgeous Mutant inquired, "Are you hurt?" "Betsy? I... didn't... know, you um were here... uhm... I slipped... I uhm... I'm sorry..."

    With the two still sitting on the floor, Psylocke licked a little bit of machine oil off of his face. "Don't be sorry, Scott." Then she gave him an open mouthed kiss on the lips!

    Scott pulled away and proclaimed, "Betsy... We shouldn't..." "Why not, Scott?" "I can't... I mean I shouldn't. .. This isn't right Psylocke." (X-Men #20, 1992)

    Here the telepathic Mutant went even deeper into the X-Men leader's mind and felt his love for Jean Grey. How nervous he felt around her when they first met as teenagers at the X-Men academy. The pain he felt when he believed she died during the Dark Phoenix saga, how happy he was when he found that she didn't actually perish, and even how he felt a few days after his kiss with Psylocke which was the next memory she saw.

    Cyclops had just returned from visiting his grandparents in Alaska. The very first thing he did when he arrived was give Jean Grey a long passionate kiss.

    "I'm sorry Jean... For everything. For not having seen how I was hurting you. For leaving...." "Shhh. It's alright Scott. We don't have to talk about it." (X-Men #24, 1992)

    Culminating with what was the happiest moment in his life next to his son Nathan (AKA Cable in later years) being born. When Jean Grey agreed to marry him very recently. "Red... I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." "I do Scott. I do." (X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Chapter 17)

    Since all of these thoughts really only took a few seconds for the telepath to register both were still soaring through the air! Clutching her forearm still, Scott 'Slim' Summers spun her around until he held her upside down facing the floor as if he was about to body slam her. From here he shot a gigantic Optic Blast that slammed her to the ground! Similar to one of his throw maneuvers, only he beamed Psylocke all the way down instead of her going straight up.

    Once Slim landed on the ground he felt a pain in his stomach. The same pain he felt back when he was fighting Blackheart and Dhalsim with Ryu. Pink dots of energy began to flow inside of him while he held his abdominal area like he suffered from food poisoning.

    "My stomach... It's like it's gathering energy... Feels like... my desire to awaken Psylocke... manifesting?"

    Psylocke stood up and held her head while she screamed in agony! Her mind was conflicted between her brainwashing and the feelings she still had for Cyclops.

    Finally she regained some composure, but she went back to being a brainwashed lackey unfortunately. She attacked Scott with a regular "PSY-THRUST!"


    Cyclops released a blast which also released all of the Ki that was gathering in his stomach! The thing about this particular Optic Blast was that it was a red vertical line with six points articulated. Yes, it was exactly like the attack Ryu struck Dhalsim with earlier! Cyclops was able to duplicate the attack!

    The line of energy struck Psylocke and once it pushed her back until she stood erect the six points attacked her Chackra points! Her body was immersed in a column of red energy! She yelled out in shear agony!

    After the blast Cyclops managed to catch her before she fell down. "Betsy! Are you alright," he asked the woman who looked as if she was fast asleep.

    Guile let go of the dog tag and once it fell it made a few clanking noises on the floor.

    Much like we witnessed Psylocke go through moments ago, Guile held his head in pain while his mind was in turmoil. "No... Nash... is an enemy of Apocalypse... and Shadowloo... Captain America... as a Dark Rider it is my mission to destroy you!"

    "Guile, Apocalypse and Shadowloo are responsible for the death of your best friend Nash. He overcame his brainwashing and I know you can too. With his final breath he asked me to look after you. If you're anything like my old partner Bucky, heck if you've anything like Nash I know you can beat this. In fact, I'm not even going to fight you anymore."

    The Super Soldier rested his shield on the ground and folded his arms.

    The howling, confused and angered Street Fighter ran up to the World War II veteran and was about to deliver a vicious right to his face! Cap remained there, unwilling to block or budge! Guile's fist moved at sonic speed leaving a trail of white energy! Could even Captain America withstand such an earth shattering blow?

    That's not a question that will get answered today! For at the last second, Guile turned the punch onto himself and struck himself in the face! The impact sent Guile flying back until the back of his head struck the large white metallic rectangular garage style door where Apocalypse resided behind! Guile was knocked out cold and remained sitting on the floor seemingly lifeless!

    "Psylocke! Are you okay?" Moving her a bit in his arms, Scott shook the British Mutant. "Ugh... yes. Not my first trip to the mind control rodeo. Hopefully my last." "You overcame it in the end Betsy. That's all that matters."

    "Not without your help. Scott, I must confess." "No Betsy, it's quite alright." "No... I... have to admit that I was in love with you for quite a spell. In fact, a part of me still is. I, never understood your love for Jean Grey until now. It's a love I've never felt for anyone, not even Warren. My conflicted emotions along with my obvious identity issues are several of the tools Shadowloo used to bend my mind to their will. Cyclops, I am so sorry..."

    Scott smiled and said, "There's nothing to apologize for. I pulled your Psy-Knife deeper into my mind only because I wanted you to see how great an X-Man you are, one of the best. I suppose we did have a few unresolved issues that we never discussed and that bubbled up to the surface. As you saw, with me and Jean Grey things were never easy. Even so, I'm sure you'll find that happiness someday," encouraged Cyclops with a smile.

    With an even bigger smile he added, "We'll always have the X-Mansion's hangar!" Psylocke smiled and gave him a playful wink. "Quite!" Cyclops helped her onto her feet.

    Captain America shook the resting Guile on the floor.

    "Ugh... It's okay Captain America. I'm back to my old self again thanks to you. And Nash..."

    Captain America stood up, raised his thumb and said "Thumbs up soldier!"

    "Heh. So everything you said about Nash is true?"

    The Avenger put away his goofy smile and seriously stated, "Yes. He's gone. Took down Vega with him." "I see. So all that's left is to stop Apocalypse." "I can always use another partner." Guile grinned and concurred, "Likewise."

    Steve Rogers handed Guile Nash's dog tag. Guile placed it around his neck, since he currently didn't have his own he decided to wear Nash's. With a strong handshake Captain America helped his newfound ally off the floor.


    Next Up: Radioactive Bytes for chapter 37. Not too much to say as these chapters are pretty straight forward and the references for the comics mentioned are detailed in parenthesis. So in a week or so. After that, the next time I update it will be Wolverine vs. Sabretooth and Ken vs. Carnage! Lots and lots of blood lol! Thanks for reading and Happy New Year. Be safe!
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    RADIOACTIVE BYTES: Thought I could skip chapter 36 entirely but there are a few things worth mentioning. So this will cover both 36 and 37 respectively.

    During Street Fighter Zero / Alpha 3 Guile is indeed a First Lieutenant which is why he is one here. Guile doesn't become a Major until Street Fighter II and beyond. It's only in the Hollywood movie and the American cartoon that he is a Colonel.

    Yeah, Cyclops and Psylocke do both say "Come on" during their taunts in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Just a funny coincidence I had them fight and found that out while I was researching them heh.

    About Nash's first name being Charlie, this is one of those things that gets argued about a lot in the storyline thread of this page. Mainly because in one of those anime intros for SF4, his name is shown to be Charlie Nash. Even though 'Charlie' is usually a nickname for Charles or Carlos. Anyway this story doesn't really convey or deny my feelings about it. I've been referring to Nash simply as Nash from the beginning and will continue to do so. That is why 'Nash' is the only name Guile reads outloud on the dogtag. However, since I did reference an Udon story with the name 'Charlie' if you want to take that as evidence that his first name is Charlie in this world don't let me stop you.

    When Captain America is falling out of the sky and sees Bucky blow up well that's right before he lands in a body of water, gets frozen for decades and gets awoken by the Avengers in the modern era. I didn't mention all of that in the story since I felt it was distracting a bit. I also kind of figure after the Hollywood movie, even though Captain America didn't exactly die the same way that most people would figure it out.

    Oh yeah, found many parallels between Nash and Bucky. Freaky how all that worked out. Recently, Bucky even came back to life (also the basis for the next Captain America movie) and Nash returns in MvC1 and MvC2, so ROFL! Still too early in Marvel's timeframe for me to mention the Bucky / Winter Soldier stuff I feel. Except for saying Cap 'supposedly' saw Bucky die heh heh heh.

    About the books referenced, all of the X-Men comic quotes can be found in the book 'X-Men a Skinning of Souls' I linked earlier.

    For just about all the quotes, now and then I omitted stuff, mostly when they started talking about lots of continuity stuff in those comics. They either still say those things or they don't in this world. You can say for the X-Men stuff Psylocke only pulled out important stuff and not 'Executioner's Song wrap up' speech stuff. Up to the reader honestly. Oh and the writer Fabian Nicieza sure used a lot of '--' for pauses which I swapped for '...' because Capcom, video games and manga like '...' in general. Hey '...' is the only Japanese to English translation no one can screw up! :P

    Oh at the end of the Charlie story, he talks about Guile leaving his dogtag behind. Omitted because um yeah, that's enough about dogtags lol! Still happens in this world if you want.

    Pretty cool thing about the Captain America Red, White and Blue book referenced here. Street Fighter comic book author Ken Siu-Chong also has a story in that book called "Why I Fight." Another reason worth checking it out. The story I did reference from this book "American Dream" was from Mark Waid. I did turn Cap's line from 'Nice kayo' into 'Nice K.O.' Because STREET FIGHTER lol!

    I went into Dhalsim's chapter before why there are only six Chackra points from the Ki Blast and not seven and given that it's Psylocke... OMG BLUSH lol! ^_^;

    That whole thing with Psylocke's crush on Cyclops never had closure in the comics. Because as usual a billion things were going on. So this was a nice way for me to wrap that up.

    Oh and while I borrow bits and pieces from those X-Men comics, for now take it as just those bits and pieces happening in both worlds snd not the entirety of those stories. Part of it is just me cherry picking stuff I want MWAHAHA! Another aspect is that certain things Capcom does with Marvel characters make a few of those events difficult to occur. Also stuff Marvel does later... Well probably shouldn't even start talking about that third Summers brother mess. ^_^;

    During those comic book events Cyclops is not sure if his son is Cable or Stryfe. Let's just say by now he knows it's Cable, since I established that way back during the X-Men vs. SF fic anyway. Pretty sure he knows in and around the time frame of Fatal Attractions when this story is taking place.

    By the by, if you do read that X-Men trade you'll come across Psylocke's body double Revanche, which is kind of tricky to explain. If you wonder where she is during this story well she was already killed by the Legacy Virus. Not mentioning it in the story directly because well, Psylocke is stuff is CONFUSING lol but there's two reasons for me having her bumped off already. I'll touch upon that again later.

    And um yeah, Guile really should have two dogtag chains, both his and Nash's but he is always depicted in the games as only having one so it's the same thing here.


    Ken vs. Carnage and Wolverine vs. Sabretooth coming in February / March hopefully. Thanks for reading and see you soon!
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    Had a pretty rough last year which is why this has been on such a long hiatus. Things are looking up now though, bit by bit.

    Nash is back in Street Fighter V! Vega/Cape will be back too! We will get a married Spider-Man in May! Spider-Man will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Lots of cool stuff happening with Marvel and Capcom!

    Anyway the reason I'm posting is because someone made a list of secondary female characters related to SF. Madame Celeste is included, who I included in this fic! You can even see her picture below if you are wondering what she looks like.

    I definitely want to start working on the next chapter soon. I'm not going to give you a specific time frame because life's been to crazy, but sometime in 2015? ^_^; Well see you soon with new material, hopefully! :-)
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    CHAPTER 38: "Making A Murderer Lose!" Part 1


    These howls from Sabretooth and Wolverine respectively escaped their throats while they were locked in a deadly embrace! Sabretooth held the X-Man's wrists holding his Adamantium Claws back as the two rolled away on the floor. Leaving a bloody trail since they have been at it for a while now, they were much further than the area where the rest of the combatants were trading blows. Even further from the area where they first landed when the X-Men and Street Fighters arrived at Asteroid M! They were not beyond The Watcher's line of vision so he was still able to watch and mentally record all. Including Ken's fight with Carnage.

    For appearance's sake it would seem the two beastly adversaries Wolverine and Sabretooth were at a standstill. Unfortunately, this was not the case for the Street Fighter and the man cloaked with the red and black symbiote over his body, giving him the look of a demonic Spider-Man. Cletus Kassidy, otherwise known as Carnage laughed while dodging all of Ken's punches and kicks! Moving left and right and hopping back whenever necessary to not get struck with all of the punches and kicks Ken Masters sent his way. He moved at such a rapid pace he left red after images of himself with every dodge! Ken would strike these images but did not land a single blow on Carnage even once! "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Carnage's maniacal laughter continued.

    With his back to the white metallic floor, Wolverine thrusted both feet into his foe's stomach getting him off of him finally. Victor Creed howled like a beast, ran to the now upright Wolverine and began scratching him in the his torso! Wolverine did the same with his former Weapon X team affiliate! With each claw mark on both of their chests and stomachs, blood would spray out in tremendous diagonal streams of red fluid! The blood would spray the floors, walls the giant window that looked out into space behind them and even the ceiling! At this point the room looked like a red laser light defense grid that a theif would maneuver through to steal a jewel in a heist film!

    "HYA! HYA!" Victor belted out these noises while he made a downward strike with his right and an upward strike with his left (his High Punch move) causing the appropriate sprays of blood naturally. The last blow launched Logan into the air a bit, but with a back flip he wound up five feet from his adversary. With a Backward Dash he hopped back another five feet and Sabretooth did his own Backward Dash going two hops back putting and them twenty feet apart. They both jumped fifteen feet in the air towards each other and met in the middle! Their bloody exchange of blows was repeated midair, with diagonal red streams of blood flowing once more! There were much less strikes since both had limited time in the air so each landed five quick blows a piece to the other's chest and stomach. The final blows involved Sabretooth's right claw slicing up Wolverine's right oblique while the Adamantium Claws on Logan's right claw dug to the right side of Sabretooth's abdomen. The momentum from these blows pushed them past each other.

    Again about twenty feet away, before landing they turned to face one another. The floor was covered with so many puddles of blood now that both slid an extra seven feet back while staring each other down and howling like the actual animals their costumed identities are based on. Rushing at eat each other each step made splashes in the crimson red fluid like a kid with galoshes having fun in a rainstorm!

    Looking back on Ken's fight it turns out he still hasn't made any progress! Carnage continued to dodge all of his blows and still didn't even bother to attack just yet! He was clearly toying with him like a cat with a dead mouse!

    "HE HO HE HO HE HA! Give it up Blondie! You can't defeat Uncle Clete by moves you learned fighting in the street! HA HA HA HA HA!"

    The exchange ended with his Carnage Crush move! The red and black symbiote around him from his waist up formed a huge neck and mouth, covering the serial killer's arms in the process. The giant mouth looked like a combination of a snake and a man eating plant. It tried to bite Ken attempting to cut him in half like a low rate Las Vegas magician, only for real!

    While not fast enough to land any blows, Ken was at least quick enough to not get hit with this attack. It was avoided with a Backward Dash in the nick of time, leaning back and moving away while leading with his left shoulder. Given the length of the huge snake head before him, there was still enough room for Ryu's favorite sparring partner to kick it where it's nose would be, if the faceless form had a nose. Still no luck connecting blows since it quickly retracted leaving Carnage just as gruesome as he was before.

    First to draw blood in this fight was the mass murderer who lives to draw blood! Carnage ducked to the ground while four sharp tendrils sprung from his back like the pole of a umbrella held horizontally (Hyper-Venom's Crouching High Kick Move). Two tendrils struck the Street Fighter in each breast while the other two got his stomach all piercing through his red gi! Four streams of blood flowed out, only not as intense as the fight the fellow Mutants are having at the same time. Ken edged back just enough so the wounds weren't fatal. He still yelled with both of hid his forearms covering his wounds.

    The Spider-Man villain pulled his tendrils back into the symbiote's visage but placed one tendril in his mouth just so he could taste his opponent's blood!

    After smacking his lips three times, Carnage offered his unwanted critique as if he was ate a wine tasting event.

    "Mmmm. Type B I presume. Aged about 25 years? Sweet! MWUAHAHAHAHA!"

    Ken's only response was cupping his hands and beginning to form his famous projectile attack.

    Still charging at each other, Wolverine was going with his Forward Dash move which involves a quick sprint while Sabretooth's Dash involved him hovering above the ground, causing the blood bellow to part like the Red Sea and send diagonal waves at each side of Victor as he floated above, much like what happens on an episode of Dragon Ball Z when characters fly above bodies of water. "BERSERKER CLAW!" The six foot six villain struck the five foot three hero's upper body leaving a slash that followed the path of the scar Ryu gave Sagat at the end of the first Street Fighter Tournament! Blood gushed out like a fire hydrant opened on a city block on a hot Summer day. Creed didn't get much of the blood on him since the move involves gliding passed your opponent while they rise up and fall at your black. A lot of Wolverine's blood wound up on the ceiling which caused a brief rain shower for a spell.

    Wolverine landed on his back making a huge splash on the crimson soaked floor. "WILD FANG!" There was no time for the heroic Mutant to act with Apocalypse's Dark Rider already on top of him for another move! Pouncing on Logan to grab him by his head Creed jams his the pointing finger of his left hand into Logan's left eye since he was on the floor facing away from the Evil Mutant. Red fluid busted out of the eye socket like a tiny hole being punched in a water balloon! Still holding his dreaded arch nemesis with this one hand and his finger in the eye socket, Sabretooth performs a small hop, spins Wolverine counter clockwise and tosses him so he slams against the wall to complete his Wild Fang move! The hero's seemingly lifeless body falls to floor of intermingled blood causing another splash.

    "HADOUKEN!" Ken shot his fireball which was about the size of Ken himself right at Carnage. Carnage avoided it with a Backward Dash. Crawling on all fours like a cockroach and moving backwards at such a pace that left more red images of himself, he looked like a monster straight out of a horror movie! Ken Masters didn't put enough power into that projectile, so it wound up disappearing before it even had the chance of hitting Carnage.

    The reason the Martial Artist didn't put all his eggs in that Hadouken basket was because he was ready for another move just in case that strike missed! Jumping high in the air but towards the red and black villain's direction, he fired off a one handed Aerial "HADOUKEN!" The fireball came right at Carnage at a seven o'clock angle. With a Forward Dash Carnage avoided that blast too, which was an exact reversal of his Backward Dash. Leaving after images and crawling forward in a straight line.

    Ken performed an Aerial Tatsumski Senpuu Kyaku sans saying the name of the move. This move did not travel forward or at an angle which is sometimes the case. Ken just spun around with his leg stretched out while falling to the floor. This was in part to ease his landing but also to provide some measure of defense if Carnage decided to leap up and attack him in the air. However, the speedy Carnage wound up just below him in time to perform his own version of a Web Throw! Unlike Spider-Man and Venom he wasn't big on using webs however. From the top of his right hand he fired a rope of red and black coloring, making it an extension of his symbiote suit. The line went straight up and wrapped around the ankle of the foot Ken had pointing straight down in the midst of his Hurricane Kick. The symbiote rope had lots of little thorns around it like barb wire. The impact caused Ken to scream while blood gushed out of his foot like a sprinkler! Since it's not exactly a version of the Web Throw without an actual throw you can guess what happened next! Carnage slammed the Ansatsuken Practitioner hard against the metallic floor, once to his left and then to his right! Screaming in agony both times, Ken slammed to the floor and rolled about twenty feet away, remaining on the floor in a lot of pain.

    "HA HA HA HA! You don't stand against me pretty boy! What is it that they say in the letters pages of those comic books the kiddies are reading these days? Oh I know! MAKE MINE MURDER! HEH HA HEH HA HEH HA HA!"

    Carnage jumped up to the ceiling to perform a Kuuchu Dash. This involved shoving his claws into the ceiling to help spring himself forward. Still laughing like the lunatic he is, Carnage was ready to land on Ken so he could tear him to shreds.


    Back to back chapters. Check back either later today or tomorrow for the conclusion of these two fights!

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    CHAPTER 39: "Making A Murderer Lose!" Part 2

    Wolverine was propping himself up with his right elbow, laying there in a pool of blood. Sabretooth couldn't help but stand over him and gloat since his enemy was down on the floor long enough.

    "HAHAHAHAHA! You don't have the stones to go up against me dog boy. Those X-Wussies have made you two soft. I went easy on your blonde girlfriend Ken before, but if he manages ta survive his fight with Carnage I'm gonna carve him up like a Thanksgivin' turkey and use your intestines as stuffin'! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

    Logan's eye fully healed and he wiped away some of the excess blood. Since Sabretooth cut a hole in the outfit, his blue pupil was visible on his left while his right eye remained covered and looked entirely white thanks to his mask. Both of the torso areas of their costumes had several rips and tears. No wounds at this point since both of them had amazing Healing Factors that took care of all of their injuries.

    Victor Creed stood there still laughing at his own joke, even laughing over Logan's response.

    "Remember a while ago when we were just fightin' an' you weren't flappin' your damn gums? Good times. TORNADO CLAW!"

    This wasn't his regular Tornado Claw uppercut since Wolverine only had the claw over his right finger extended and it only landed one blow. It chopped off the tip of Sabretooth's tongue while he was laughing! That same laugh quickly turned into a scream with the blood spraying out from his tongue like a fire hose and hitting the wall!

    Thanks to his Tornado Claw, Logan was rising above his mortal enemy. He struck his head with a kick that resembles Ryu and Ken's Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku, but only lands one blow (Wolverine's Aerial High Kick). Once he landed on the floor the X-Man declared, "And I got your Thanksgivin' carvin' right here bub! BERSERKER BARRAGE!"

    Our Adamantium laced hero unleashed his favorite go to move while slicing up Sabretooth's body and landing rapid blows in every area minus Sabretooth's face! The blood that gushed out of the assassin for hire's body went flowing all over our favorite canuckle head almost as if he fell into a geyser!

    With his tongue already healed back to normal and the rest of his body already on the mend since his Healing Factor works even faster than Wolverine's, the Evil Mutant yelled "HYA! HYA," landing two claw strikes on Wolverine's chest followed quickly to a punch to his gut (Sabretooth's Low Punch tapped three times). From here he quickly transitioned into his Berserker Claw X Super Art! Howling "HYA" just before initiating the attack and each time with every strike, Victor dashed passed Wolverine. The first time slashing the left side of his jugular! With the second dash and slash he caught the right side of his rib cage! The third slice caught his right thigh, and the final slash left ten diagonal claw slashes on Logan's back thanks to Creed's claws! Needless to say blood sprayed out of Wolverine from every wound! He fell face first into a pool of blood yet again, but this time it was mostly of his own blood alone! He stayed on the floor with his mouth wide open. The one blue pupil we could see was no longer visible since it rolled back into his head!

    Sabretooth pulled a flask from his right pocket and had himself some whiskey while Wolverine seemed to remain their unconscious. Since he was a sloppy drinker he chugged back with a bit of alcohol trickling down from the bottom side of his left lip. All of his wounds were healed as good as new and he was just fine. The difference between Sabretooth and Wolverine is that Wolverine's Healing Factor keeps the Adamantium in his body from killing him thanks to metallic poisoning. With it working overtime to perform that task it hinders his ability. With no Adamantium, Sabretooth doesn't have that problem. So he heals up extremely fast no matter how serious some of his wounds are.

    Tossing away the empty flask, he stated "Aaah, that hit the spot." Looking at his down opponent, he continued, "How long we been fightin' each other shortstop? Since the Weapon X days? Too long, I'm thinkin'. I'm ending this now, pipsqueak! Rest easy in Hell knowin' that everyone you've ever loved will be joinin' you soon! You know that redhead that is dating the boy scout an' won't give you the time of day? Apocalypse has her in a glass jar right now. Easy pickin's. An' even if she manages to get out, you know my little assistant, Birdy? She ain't even gotta beat her. Just use her Psychic powers ta distract Jean Grey long enough for me ta make the rest of her body match the color of her hair! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

    This taunt caused Wolverine to snap out of it with his left pupil setting back into place. Only the eye wasn't blue. It was glowing red! Streams of diagonal flames rose from the floor all around our hero! He rose up and howled like a demon from hell! Threatening Jean Grey was a big mistake, because Wolverine was now in full Berserker Rage mode!

    "HAHAHAHAHA! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT! LET'S FINISH THIS RUNT!" Sabretooth held his claws to his sides and each one had an orange colored sparkle on each end!

    "ROOAOUOWRRR LET'S GO! RRRROARRRR!" This wild cavemanish response was all he could muster as the eternal rivals rush towards each other to end their feud once and for all!

    Wolverine struck him with his deadly Fatal Claw Move! His Adamantium Claws dug deep into Sabretooth's body and left a giant letter X of blood pouring out of Creed! And that wasn't all! The blow made both of them move in the air at a two o'clock angle, and the enraged Wolverine continued to attack Sabretooth's fresh wounds with a tornado claw! As he attacked intestines and organs flew out of Sabretooth's body, following the bloody path of the gigantic X! This all happened so fast Victor didn't even have time to scream! After five of these deathly Tornado Claw spins Wolverine retracted all of his claws except one, the middle claw on his right fist. He rammed that claw inside the now gaping hole in Sabretooth's body and shoved that claw through his throat and right into Sabretooth's brain while screaming "UP YOURS CREED!" A red light emerging from the fury of Wolverine's berserker rage eclipsed the entire area they were fighting in!

    Before falling back down to the floor Wolverine shoved Sabretooth's seemingly lifeless corpse the way a samurai whips his sword to remove blood from it after a fight. Creed's mutilated body splashed onto the floor before Wolverine landed down. With Sabretooth's accelerated Healing Factor it was hard to tell how much damage he could heal from. The slightly calmer Wolverine ripped his own mask off since most of his outfit was in taters and he was tired of the stupid thing anyway. The top portion was so shredded that ripping the mask off caused the rest of it to fall away and exposed his hairy back and chest. Wolverine unleashed all six claws and took a step toward Sabretooth so he could finish the job.

    The only thing that stopped him from cutting Sabretooth's head clean off was that he smelled a familiar sent. Logan's snarled and spoke to what may have been Sabretooth's corpse. "If you manage to survive this, we'll settle things another time Creed." Logan started running back to where the rest of the X-Men and Street Fighters were battling. Coincidentally following the path of blood Wolverine and Sabretooth laid out when they rolled into this area, like a twisted variant of the yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz.

    "SHORYUKEN!" While Ken was not having any luck tagging Carnage with any blows before, it wasn't so easy for Carnage to avoid a hit while he was falling towards Ken so he caught a fiery punch to his face! This blow had an even greater impact than usual. It caused Carnage's entire body to be set on fire! He erupted in flames and the symbiote began to peel off of him in several areas, to the extent that you could see the red haired Cletus Kassidy himself underneath!

    Ken was stunned that he caused that much damage from one hit, until he recalled the words Spider-Man spoke to him moments ago.

    "Ken, be careful with Carnage. He's weak against fire, loud noise and electricity if it helps."

    "Heh. I thought flames from Ki would work just as well, but not this well! You might want to stop, drop and roll cancel there buddy!"

    The homicidal maniac was already rolling on the floor when Ken said these words to douse the flames. He arose when they were gone, and despite a bit of smoke he was raring to go!

    "You got in a lucky shot punk! Might as well call yourself Operation 'cuz I'm going full Milton Bradley on your ass!"

    The claws on Carnage's fingers extended to the foot long blades and he quickly ran towards Ken leaving red after images in his wake! He began slicing Ken's chest with blood flying everywhere, as if we were still witnessing the Wolverine and Sabretooth battle! Laughing while slicing and being way too overconfident, the deadly serial killer lets up just enough to allow Ken to ram his foot into Carnage's chest to perform his Throw Maneuver. Grabbing Carnage from here, rolling with him once and then thrusting his leg to push him away! Next, Ken quickly rose up and launched a fiery red "HADOUKEN," at Carnage's upside down body before he hit the floor! This projectile that was the same size as Carnage himself and it set him ablaze yet again! Cletus screamed in agony and rolled on the floor while this time the symbiote almost completely vanished.

    Ken assumed his normal fighting stance with one fist near his and his other arm to his side. He used this short time frame of Carnage rolling around in agony to gather his thoughts.

    "I may get lucky with a few fiery attacks here and there but the blows he lands are all potentially lethal. To win this match I'll have to match his speed, even if it's just for a little while. That Force Field I erected earlier when I was fighting Omega Red. Maybe..."

    While thinking this a red Force Field formed around his body like a giant bubble. It shrank closer until formed a thin red layer around his skin, much like it did during his fight with Omega Red.

    "This Field around my body, maybe I can use it temporarily to help increase my speed. I can't expend that much Ki for a long period. I have to concentrate and remain perfectly still until the time is right."

    With those thoughts he let loose a bit more Ki around himself and stood motionless. He wasn't even breathing or blinking. The thin red aura covering his body took on a light blue hue instead.

    Carnage finally doused the flames around him and faced his enemy! "BLAST IT ALL! You damn Martial Artists are annoying as hell! What are you doing now remaining all still like? Don't tell me let me guess. Haters gonna hate and meditaters gonna meditate! Well I got some Eastern philosophy for your Hong Kong Phooey ass! Confucius say it is good if boy meet girl in park. But it is better if boy park meat in girl! HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

    Several red and black triangle spikes fired from Carnage's body while he was still laughing! There were so many it seemed there were hundreds of them! They all bounced right off the protective blue field around Ken's body! He still didn't move a single muscle. A blade came right at his left eye and bounced off without him even blinking once!

    All of the spikes slithered back into Carnage's body like snakes while he spoke. "DAMN IT! Well of course anything that looks like a ninja star attack isn't gonna work on a Chuck Norris wannabe. You've probably seen every ninja movie a thousand times you stinking weaboo. Got hentai? Whatevs. After this move let's see if that Force Field holds and if you can stay blue, ponytail boy! BWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

    Carnage performed his Death Bite Super Art! His symbiote extended before him like a long shadow with whirlwinds of symbiote half rings of goo like jump ropes. Each giant strand housed deadly mouths with fangs ready to devour the Street Fighter!

    Red waves of Ken's Ki started moving about the blue Force Field turning it purple. And this is when Ken started to move at a speed that was even faster than Carnage's! He left several purple after image shadows of himself as he ran through the thick symbiote ropes causing them to splash like puddles of water! As he was getting closer Carnage quickly extended his claws once more and ran towards him leaving red after images, but Ken was too fast for him! He punched and kicked the villain about thirty times at super speed with each blow causing the symbiote to burn with purple flames! "AAAAAAAH!" All Carnage could do was yell as each blow further damaged his body! For the last six blows that only lasted less than a millisecond, the Street Fighter rapidly landed a kick to the knee, another kick to the face, a full spin kick to his ribs, a quick jab to the neck, a standing uppercut to his chin and a powerful right punch to his face! With this punch a purple light washed over the two covering Carnage's entire body with flames and burning the symbiote right off of him!

    Cletus Kassidy fell to floor with his eyes closed. With the exception of the red hair of his hair and eyebrows there wasn't a single hair on his thin frame. He was completely naked with the exception of his boxer shorts.

    Ken dropped to one knee since that attack took a lot out of him. Breathing heavily for a few seconds, he finally spoke to himself.

    "Heh. Awesome attack. Wait 'til I show Ryu. I wonder what I should call it. An Original Combo? A Custom Combo? Hmm. Guess I'll go with one of those names until I think of something better.

    Ken fired off a one handed small red fireball at the remaining taters of the symbiote on the floor, which now resembled a tattered piece of cloth. He turned away and didn't bother to watch it burn to smithereens.


    NEXT UP: Wow can't believe I haven't updated the story since 2013. So busy with el ife stuff ACK! I'll come back for edits to clean these two chapters up more and do Radioactive Bytes in about two weeks or so. As for the story itself, next up is Chun-Li vs. Cammy and Hulk vs. Juggernaut! Hopefully early 2017. Thanks for reading and take care!
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    Anyway, I'll read what you got tonight. Should be entertaining :china: I remember reading this in high school lol
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