Corona CA, Offline sets -> Looking for 2-3 People who want to run serious sets

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Hey guys,

My name is Nick Tanella and I've been streaming on Twitch for over a year now,
I definitely feel like I've hit my peak as far as netplay goes and I really need to get on that offline life to see any more improvement,
I've made the drive out to UGC several times but it's just a little too far for my wallet to handle...

This is a call to any dedicated, serious players who want to level up their game (USF4 and MKX)
in the orange county/riverside/corona/chino hills area ->

If you want to run sets with me offline you can contact me @


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    if you live in the orange county area, i know valle runs wednesday night fights in santa ana. heard players of all skill levels come out. especially if you want to get good, some of the best players in so cal attend. check out their twitch streams on level up
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