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How do you think about the new KOF game ?

Yup it will announce on TGS2015.It's confirmed.As you know it only on PS4.50 characters and one third are new comers.

There are Japan team,Fatal Fury team,Art of Fighting team,K team,IKARI team,Psycho Soldier team,Iori team,nothing change of them.So let's talk about the new comers.Women Fighters team have one new member,Alice.And her costume same as the PACHISLOT "餓狼伝説PREMIUM".Mai,King,Alice,that's the new Women Fighters team.Kim team has his master and master's wife,all of them three using kick attack,may Taekwondo.By the way,master's wife very young.So where are Kim's two apprentices?There's another team,the BAD GUY,all the three are prisoners,Chang,Choi,and one new character,they wearing orange prisoners clothing.Mexico team,three wrestlers.If you know KOF enough,you may know who they are.Three Mexican wrestler,Ramon,Angel,and Tizoc with a dinosaur mask and tail.I hope he do not be so cute like Yoshi.Guess who the Hero team?Chinese team but I don't know the exact name.One youth,one child,and Tung Fu Rue.The youth have devil's power but is it likes Dante or Oishi?We will see it.No Elisabeth team this time.You won't see Duo Lon and Shen Woo.The official team,one Chinese girl with Sichuan Opera mask,one idol singer girl,and one hood man,may looks like Assassin of UBISOFT.South Town team,Geese,Billy,and a new character.South America team,one ninja,one cyborg boxer,and one girl.There also a team with other game or SLOT characters.Nakoruru,Love Heart,and Mui Mui.One boss from Russian,one final boss we don't know what is it.That's all 50 characters.See it on TGS next month.
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    Oh snap details!!! Where is you're source?
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