Need strategies for the US version CPU AI

I'm planning on beating US version ST with my mains Ryu, Ken and Chun li on hardest with no continues.


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    Try not to jump into the AI a lot or test their wakeup with meaties. Good zoning usually works wonders. Watch out for charge moves from the AI that launch instantly without charge (blanka, guile, balrog).
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    hmm, I was actually going to give a tip but then in the middle of typing I realized I actually have the japanese board. I should spend some time with the US board to figure out a strategy... What people tell me is that kara cancels and option selects screw up the CPU's input-reading / response. so those are usually the key to exploiting the AI, whether you're on the JP or US board.
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    Supers on wake-up won't be blocked if you deliver them just after they get up.
    The CPU usually falls for spammed tatsus on wake-up.
    The CPU usually falls for short tatsu into super.

    The CPU usually jumps slow hadous late, so you an often either sweep or fierce-shoryu them
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    I was gonna do a vid of various strats but I got bored. Maybe I'll do one for Ryu. Strats vary per character.

    There's a few fun tricks you can use but they're not 100% reliable because of the random factor. Like because the AI reads inputs, you can do stuff like kara specials to trick them into always getting hit.
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    Recorded this for some friends. Level 8 difficulty, USA version. Still need to figure out a way to cheese out Akuma on max difficulty. Level 8 is unstable...

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    Try beating SF2 World Warrior (US 910206) version on 8 stars/hardest difficulty. Would be cool to see it on Youtube
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    Jion_Wansu wrote: »
    Try beating SF2 World Warrior (US 910206) version on 8 stars/hardest difficulty. Would be cool to see it on Youtube
    Shouldn't be too hard. I'll try it in a few days. Hardest fight in WW was Bison (and Sagat when he wants to be a dick).


    Much easier than I remember. Performed on Groovymame, so the difficulty goes from 0 - 7 not, 1 - 8. Tried to showcase some of the known AI exploits. I really wanted the 5 second kill on Sagat but the AI wasn't cooperating.

    I sped the video up. WW is really slow.

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    Honda in that version deals a lot of damage. Guile Statue glitch doesn't work on Claw and Gief.

    Oh yeah, and Claw laughs like Chun Li when he wins
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