Zangief General Thread: Our Russian Skies Are Protected

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Raz0r wrote: »
I love punk's posting style. Those emotes are hilarious.


  • Raz0rRaz0r Did you really just write that? Joined: Posts: 26,300 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    I guess to have him fit into the SFV system, he had to evolve from a full-on grappler to a type of brawler. It's not surprising, but it is telling of how the game will play out.
    Raz0r wrote: »
    I love punk's posting style. Those emotes are hilarious.
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    I got so hyped when I saw this. He looks like he'll be top tier in this game.
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    No SPD super is... odd. Like... really odd. I'm not sure if I'm a fan.
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    He looks fucking boss and manly as fuck. Should have given him a grey/white beard though.
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    Ffs! This game is looking more and more like SF2 by the second! Why don't they just go ahead and announce Boxer and Sagat to complete the 'Boss' line up?

    Don't get me wrong I'm a grapple player by default, so I am a little bit pleased, but if I wanted to have the same characters I've been using for the last 20 odd years I'd never have left 1991.

    My 2 pence worth.
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    Tebbo wrote: »
    Exact same look and outfit...
    Christ Capcom... You really need some balls.

    At least his grabs don't look like they instant cut to a different camera angle. his spd in 4 is so incredibly stupid looking because it goes from normal gameplay screen INSTANTLY to a cinematic. now it seems like if there is a cinematicish element, it first connects from the typical gameplay angle and then does something flashier with the camera. that's an improvement.

    Yea that's my only complaint...he looks the same. I was hoping a little change to his attire or some grey hairs or something.
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    It looks like his V trigger is projectile invincible, like we can see in the combofiend's post.

    He has 3 Crush Counters (HK, HP and 2HP), an AA Grab, an anti climatic CA, a Hulk's like Command move (you know, the 6M in Marvel 3), a T bone suplex, an anti projectile headbutt.

    I'm not a big fan of Gief but I like it (even though I prefer Mika in SFV)
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    Looks aight, I like Gief so I'll probably play him at launch and make a decision from there. Karin is still the only one I care about tho.
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  • mykkamykka Joined: Posts: 2,628
    Is it me or did he hit Bison with his crotch? LOL
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  • Buster CannonBuster Cannon Cool head, heated heart Joined: Posts: 3,446
    I like how his V-Trigger sucks them in with the option to hit them, that's a great boon for a grappler.
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  • DANZANDANZAN Allow you to LIVE. Joined: Posts: 6,697
    r.mika and gief as grapplers and no alex.


  • PSYCH0J0SHPSYCH0J0SH Joined: Posts: 5,469
    Ahh, Zangief. As always it's a pleasure to see him!

    Hope that spinning kong move has hyper armor.

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  • KyouyaKyouya SSF2T Joined: Posts: 173
    YES, Zangief looks A LOT better than his desing in SFIV, can't wait to play him!!!
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  • ArtVandelayArtVandelay Architect Joined: Posts: 5,655
    Does that fucker have a focus attack or some shit?
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  • VolcanickVolcanick Rookie Magic Joined: Posts: 325
    He has something for every situation. Amazing. Still really curious to see if the SPDs will be 360 or 180. He's going to be so deadly in footsie range and pretty much anywhere with V Trigger. They fused Gief, Tager, and Potemkin to make the ultimate grappler. And that stage is terrific.
  • DaemosDaemos Survival of the Strong Joined: Posts: 10,940 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Why is he hitting Bison instead of Karin? Where is Final Atomic Buster? Why does he look exactly the same?!!

    Now that those are out of the way, I'm totally titillated by his return. He looks and animates great, a slot well deserved for a great character!
  • IAmYagamiIAmYagami Garuda Joined: Posts: 272
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    I dig him a lot. I see homages to SFEX's Darun Mister with the Alpha counter and the EX run-and-grab-then-jump-into-the-air-and-do-a-forward-flip-powerbomb-slam-thing.
    He seems to have a chargeable fierce punch that absorbs one hit as well, like Hugo in SF4? Unsure if that actually is a normal, or if it infact is a command move.
    I am really, REALLY excited for him. There's so much I like because he seems to behave so differently.
    Aerial grabs, no green hand (as far as I could see), a stupid looking tornado spinning thing that sucks the opponent in and then launches them (cancelable?).
    As someone who enjoys to be the underdog and really THINK in order to win, I can say that I will thoroughly enjoy my beloved Russian wrestler.

    His Critical Art wasn't so "wow", sadly, but I won't be using it that much... unless it can be done while in the air as well, which likely would be overpowered, but hey, who knows? Maybe it wouldn't be.

    - Edit. I also love that PlayStation will be promoting and showing him off in Russia, a country that has anti-gay laws prohibiting "gay propaganda". It is an unintended fierce kick to their government's ballsack.
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    His beard looks great. And I really like the stage, an underground fighting arena.
    A grappler with some sort of parry-skill? He looks like he is fun to play.
    Does he no longer have his green hand?

    But what is he doing in his critical art? Is he doing one back throw and after that he is just keeps pressing his opponent further into the ground?
    And I guess the reveal of Zangief means that we won't have any sf3 characters like Alex or Urien in the game :-(
  • Void92Void92 Joined: Posts: 34
    That muscles, that arena...truly Beast <3
  • mykkamykka Joined: Posts: 2,628
    Noatok wrote: »
    But what is he doing in his critical art? Is he doing one back throw and after that he is just keeps pressing his opponent further into the ground?

    I think so. Reminds me of Shermie's super in KOF
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  • GojiraGojira Watch out KOF here I come Joined: Posts: 954 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
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    I like it mostly, except for two things:
    1) No FAB... WHAT
    2) What the shit is that freaky spinning move? He's not Jack-X, his neck shouldn't spin 1080 degrees. Or is he a robot now? Enhanced by Russian science?

    EDIT: Okay after watching it again, it seems there's like one frame where his head spins around to keep up, I couldn't even see it when the video was playing at 30fps
  • xenwallxenwall Joined: Posts: 123
    About his V-Trigger spinning neck thing, set the speed to 0.25 and you'll see that he DOES spin his head around and doesn't break his neck. It's actually great dedication to form that they were so accurate for something that apparently nobody can see.
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  • JoshkazJoshkaz Princess Luna is my Waifu Joined: Posts: 15,348
    It's just to put fear in his enemies eyes.
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    Okay, so he does look pretty cool, except for two things:

    1. If SF5 is happening just before or around the time of SF3, wouldn't Zangief be like 70 years old by now?
    2. WTF is that super art? It looks like they used a normal back throw animation and just paused it for 3 seconds. You do not fuck with Final Atomic Buster, Capcom. Bring that shit back right the fuck now.
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  • KyouyaKyouya SSF2T Joined: Posts: 173
    mowr wrote: »
    Okay, so he does look pretty cool, except for two things:

    1. If SF5 is happening just before or around the time of SF3, wouldn't Zangief be like 70 years old by now?

    Apparently SF3 is no canon for Capcom just like SF1, so Zangief is in his 40's.
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  • GojiraGojira Watch out KOF here I come Joined: Posts: 954 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    The way he turns red is reminiscient of what would happen in the Vs. series when you spin during his FAB to make it stronger. Maybe the redder he gets the more damage he does, or it enhances his moves? Regardless it looks like his V-trigger is about absorbing hits and getting redder, whatever it does. Maybe that pose is a fixed hitstun animation in V-trigger?
  • DevilJin 01DevilJin 01 Get some shill in yo system Joined: Posts: 58,907 mod
    Cool. Not surprisingly is armor based. Figured thats the way they'd go in a game without focus.

    Alex is the only SF grappler I really like so waiting on him for post release dlc. He's definitely not making the initial roster now.

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