Socal Regionals 2015

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Haven't watched everything but from what i was able to watch

- Reynald was on a roll (he even OCVed Misterio) but it all came crashig when he went up against Misterio and he lost 0-3 to both Misterio and lost another 0-3 to Xiaohai thereafter

- Xiaohai IMO has the best Iori and Karate to date, although for Kim i maintain MadKOF is still above him
- Misterio is the man to beat and he has beaten every top player outside of Bala (only Tokido at least when it comes to one on one is the closest to come to beating him in FT-something sets)

I still maintain that a Focused Reynald with less emphasis on flashiness AND with practice (he stated on his twitter that he had zero practice) is still above Xiaohai

But right now the Top 4 (overall) for me in kof are

MadKOF Xiaohai and Tokido (even if he doesn't play much nowadays)

with Reynald (currently) below them by a tiny bit
Kurt Buseik: I am a Marvelite at heart, and I like Thor. So it did pain me to see Thor go down. However, in the depths of my heart, I knew this was the way it should turn out. Not because Superman is THE icon, but because even a post-Crisis Superman would win. Many will bring up Thor's ability to create vortexes and all of the other neat tricks Mjolnir can do, but Thor's history is to head in fist and hammer first, and unless he is on the ropes, Thor rarely utilizes his other abilities. I did find Superman's recognition of Thor as maybe his single greatest opponent an appeasement in light of Superman having died at the hands of Doomsday.

"As for Superman and Thor, it's like he said -- where he comes from, the dials go up to eleven. Superman is stronger and faster, which is probably more about the scales of power in the universe he comes from, but it was enough to let him win a very tough battle. If they fought again tomorrow, it might go the other way. Since being more powerful doesn't make you a better character, I don't see it as a slight on Thor, just as the way things are..."
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