New tournament in Miami FL

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Hello people!

I was looking around in Miami and realized there's no fgc tournament here. If I started one called Weekend Warriors, featuring games like MKX, GG, BB and SFV (when it comes out, and everything will be on PS4) how many of you in the area would come? It would be annual, held every third week in Feburary. I was thinking of starting it Feburary 2017, if I get a good response of people who would go.



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    I'd be down. by the lack of responses here, I'm guessing the SoFlo FGC is not using shoryuken to organize anymore.

    nothingxs said to go here a few months back :
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    I moved down here a few months ago and I would def be down, looks like regional matchmaking on SRK is dead though
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