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Historically, the SF community hasn't really done that great a job in keeping track of match videos. To help address that in time for the new game, I've decided to start a Google Docs spreadsheet to create a foundation for creating a match up database for Street Fighter V (and possible other games moving forward).

The Google Doc can be found here.

Of course, if we're able to grow this database, and we get the resources, I may look into creating an actual website for this.

For those who want to submit matches, please post with the ff. data.
Date - date when the video was recorded.
Event - which event the match was played at (list "online" for online).
Game version - which version of the game is being played.
Player 1 - who the player on the P1 side is.
Player 1 Character - who P1 is playing in that match.
Player 2 - who the player on the P2 side is.
Player 2 Character - who P2 is playing in that match.
Winner - who the winner of the match is.
Match type - whether the match is a casual match, a tournament match or an exhibition match.
URL - The link to the match (with timestamp if necessary).

Other guidelines: to allow a bit more detail, a video with multiple matches will be allowed multiple entries in the database. To help players got to the exact match, each URL for the match should include the timestamp.

Finally, NO DISCUSSION of the actual matches allowed. Limit discussion to things related to the database, whether it's new videos, corrections, or suggestions. This is so that the people helping run this database (me so far) can easily track down matches and add them in.

EDIT: Results are now hidden, clicking on the cell should reveal who won.
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