Is this game worth picking up on ps3?

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Also is there even a remote offline scene in Michigan?


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    The PS3 version is universally hated so Id say no.
    Try the 360 version.
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    Well I don't have a 360 so I guess i'm out of luck.
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    Only get the PS3 one if your offline scene/friends plays it on PS3
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    Ignoring the PS3 vs Xbox 360 arguments

    Look if you like the game go for it, if you got friends online even better.
    Ignore any one that say "oh this sucks because of X" or "Get Y because its better", go with what you think you would enjoy and offer no apologies to anyone.
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    I'll probably just get it, it looks like a ton of fun. Even with the lag it looks like it plays well. Do you guys know of any offline venues in Michigan, I couldn't find any on the post dedicated to that but I figure it's worth asking you guys.
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