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Looking for players on ps4

pantiesremovedpantiesremoved Joined: Posts: 11
Hello, I'm mainly a trophy hunter, I've done all the trials in ssf4 except fuerte 23 and abel 24 for the moment, so I feel my execution is good or at least with practice I can do anything, for example I found sakura's tatsu combos pretty easy.

But the point is, I suck at the game, I played about 20 matches online tonight and won 3. Doesn't help everyoine was B+ and A. So I wanted to know if anyone wanted to play so I can practice and not lose in 5 seconds to perfects :). I don't mind high level players, but I can't learn anything if I die in 5 seconds -.-


  • BurnYourEgoBurnYourEgo Ishikawa don't care about your weeabullshit avatar. Joined: Posts: 1,997
    This why they need to integrate blocking, throw tech and counter hit trophies.
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  • Trouble BrewingTrouble Brewing Super Coffee Fighter V Joined: Posts: 5,174 mod
    Moving to psn matchmaking.

    Please don't post matchmaking threads in the newbie dojo. If you want gameplay advice, come on back.

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