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My SFIII matches against FightCade players around the world!

ShanytcShanytc Joined: Posts: 5
For all the SFIII Third Strike fans out there, I got almost around 400 recorded matches against different players at FightCade. Hope you'll enjoy watching!! And if you happen to log in into FightCade, and want some matches hit me with a challenge over there :)

* Note, the playlist is constantly being update daily/weekly!


  • DEZALBDEZALB "Yamazaki Nigari" Joined: Posts: 634
    id be down for afew matches,do you play on ps3 too?
    My name is - MountainDewFKR on fightcade and psn. What time are you usually on?
  • danomightydanomighty WTFSRK Joined: Posts: 1,349
    With that title I was hoping for some NG and 2I vids. :(
    I was hung over from both drinking and smoking yesterday so to clam down the smoking and hangover I smoked some more...
    Marn talking to Mike Ross @ FR14
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