The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!



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    bakfromon wrote: »
    I'll take this representation of El Gado any day over Final Fight Revenge.
    Good ol' classic Bengus, never goes wrong.

    I agree, character's best rendition. The illustration is from designer Akemi Iwasaki.

    I just assume all SF art is from Bengus until proven otherwise.
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    Frágment wrote: »
    Is Zangief more powerful than Haggar?

    But i could see them making Haggar beat him by brain/technique, because in the past capcom used Gief as everyone's douchebag

    But in theory yes.

    He's bigger, heavier, stronger, tougher and his daily training is wander trought siberia in speedo slamming fucking gigantic russian bears

    Haggar was a wrestler of WCA, Zangief was considered so powerful/dangerous to be banned from it

    Zangief is one of the very most powerful wrestlers of Capcom world, if not the strongest
    Frágment wrote: »
    Is Ortega more powerful than Zangief?

    Ortega is another beast, but i think he's the 4th in terms of power.

    I think top 3 is Zangief, Hugo and Bratken
    Frágment wrote: »

    Do you think Ortega could beat Antonov from KOF?

    I don't know, but as general rule SF universe is 75% more badass than KoF (saving few exceptions who deserved better)

    Also Antonov as direct nemesis remind me more SFV Urien, who will give him the worst beating of his life =)
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    It's akuma. It's the same thing that happened with decapres reveal. Downplayed it then WHAM!!!!
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    Apparently Ono still resents media since those catastrophic Laura's spoilers one year ago.
    Bring Rose back, Capcom!
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    Speculators is went vague.. because they are not to justifying it to be a character

    Some thinks it's an Arcade mode with Akuma as boss because it about "Playable" in PSX, other thinks it's part of a new stage KO or just an alternate. While some thinks it is part of a new season? or worst an Alt for monster hunter...

    I tried to watch the teaser again, the voice is clearly from Akuma/Shin not from Evil Ryu, Ono would blow people away(mix reactions) if it's a new expansion patch or a retitled/renamed SF5?

    Or they would give a character but they would reveal a trailer for Akuma lol
    PVL_93_RU wrote: »

    Inb4 Akuma in King of Fighters XIV!

    That is forgivable than just another monster hunter alt or a stage ko.

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    I can see a cut-down arcade mode being playable at PSX - it's a PlayStation show, rather than a tournament and they'll have the eyes and ears of people who didn't buy SFV owing to the lack of arcade mode.

    For the main part, we're the people interested in new characters, and I think we'll possibly get our Akuma announcement after CPT finals. Two different things, two announcements: arcade mode, Akuma.

    Am I expecting too much? Yeah, I'm expecting too much.
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    Dammit, Ono and his "mindgames". I agree with D Dark, let's kidnap that fucking Blanka.
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    I dig this mystery as long as the payoff is great. I tend to find Ono's enthusiasm infectious. So as long as the announcement is something like season 2, arcade mode, a new vs game or something of the sort, count me in!
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    PVL_93_RU wrote: »
    What really is gonna happen:

    PlayStation is doing its PSX thing
    Now it comes to the fighting games
    SNK shows costumes
    Namco announces new character
    Capcom's turn
    Dark room
    Ono comes out on stage
    says some gibberish in awful engrish
    prepares the crowd for trailer
    the room goes dark again
    Capcom logo
    Ono comes back

    Can fantasy strike take sakura too? That will be like 2 good news
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    YagamiFire wrote: »
    This is dumb. Regardless of what the announcement is, the way Ono is doing it is pissing casuals the fuck off. People do NOT want to be yanked around anymore by SFV and they need to earn some good will.

    This is NOT doing that.

    The casuals don't give a fuck about SFV anymore, and Capcom won't bring them back. All they can do now is at least keep their current hardcore audience playing, expand the competitive scene, etc

    If those leave - SFV is done for. That's why I keep saying that Season 2 and whatever changes, content, characters Capcom is (hopefully) brining in 2017 have to be BIG, otherwise RIP fighting games
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    I hope fighting games don't die, thoe are the only games I am able to play for long periods of time when I work.
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    I mean, you CAN rely on the hardcore audience if you go in with that as a factor in your budgeting. Did Capcom do that? I mean, so many corners have been cut, it might be plausible.
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    What if Oni turns out to be partly canon, but an encounter with Necalli drains Akuma's power enough to revert back to his 3S self? That would make his CFN artwork valid without conflicting with his 3S appearance.

    The alt color of Shin Gouki in Third Strike looks like Oni
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    Final Fight will never "return" to its former glory. It was never an important Capcom franchise, their only truly "succesful", AAA game was the first one, the rest were just lesser games for the Super Nintendo.
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    or Voldo
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    bakfromon wrote: »
    Apparently, murder is his art.
    "He's about to paint his masterpiece."
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    The idea of a Jack the Ripper type of guy roaming the streets standing over 7ft tall is frightening as fuck. Mad Gear doesn't care who they allow into their circle.
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