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Character balance in fighting games

blackmetalblackmetal Joined: Posts: 4
Are all characters in a fighting game perfectly balanced or whether some characters are better than others


  • EasilynEasilyn Inactive. Joined: Posts: 1,405
    Nope. More variety comes imbalances. Keeping that at a minimum however, quite possible.
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  • ascensionXascensionX Joined: Posts: 404
    perfect balance is the goal, but it's kind of hard to achieve.
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  • JulianKPrimeJulianKPrime Joined: Posts: 114
    The goal is to perfectly balance a game, hence all characters should be balanced. The more variety in a system mechanic and/or character styles and movesets lead to a more difficult challenge. The number of characters factor into that too.
  • M3llow_BalrogM3llow_Balrog Cyberbots player Joined: Posts: 55
    Perfect balance = every character has even matchup across the board, and the only way to achieve that is by making everyone the same.

    Let's just stick to making every MU winnable. More diversity That way.
  • AllDayDreaminAllDayDreamin Joined: Posts: 41
    I don't know if you can ever perfectly balance a roster of characters in a fighting game. Tier lists will always exist.
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