The Rage Quitting Thread



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    I love rage quits they please me when I cause them :)
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    When there's things at stake in ranked of a finished game, I can half understand it as any competitive game can be frustrating, but there's no excuses in a beta.

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    Omnius wrote: »
    SimSimIV wrote: »

    To be fair SimSim, I played you and the battering I got made me take a break from the game and go and do something else for a while lol

    Haha that's intersting to hear! How it feels to play against me I mean. Is it really that rage inducing?
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    And to think I lost three games in a row before this. I didn't quit but I guess others can't do the same:

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    I only had rage quits from Bison and Necalli players. Don't remember names though.
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    Oddly enough I had no rage quits, not even from my Cammy hooligan shenanigans. Hopefully there are safeguards in place to make sure the Low Tier God's of the word are punished enough to deter them from not holding those L's like men.
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    I fought this Ryu w/ a 35 win streak that had like 1800PP, which scared me cause it seemed like he won every single game. Finally when I land a super to kill him, the screen freezes... and suddenly it all makes sense.

    Baffles me that people have such high egos to protect their wins for a game that didn't even come out.
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    I have no idea why he or she did that. My Ken is ass tier.
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    SimSimIV wrote: »
    Omnius wrote: »
    SimSimIV wrote: »

    To be fair SimSim, I played you and the battering I got made me take a break from the game and go and do something else for a while lol

    Haha that's intersting to hear! How it feels to play against me I mean. Is it really that rage inducing?

    Yes, it REALLY IS. Especially with no Yun. :(
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    Oh, was hoping SWBeta had rage quit on stream.
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    There is a bug with the pc version that causes the game to crash to the desktop every 5-10 minutes. I have to disable my tablet driver to prevent the crash.
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    This was quite a good one

    and the run back

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    A Ken :)

    Hail Satan!
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    Omnius wrote: »
    This was quite a good one

    and the run back

    Damn bro, you are fighting nothing but quitters ;)
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    I managed to record two rage quits, I received plenty of rage quits in the beta ;(

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    Spada wrote: »
    Match vs TheMayor

    Man alive. It's one thing when you get ragequit on after annihilating your opponent. I don't agree with the act, but I understand where the ragequitter is coming from in that situation. It's another thing entirely though when the match was really close between two evenly matched players. Like vs TheMayor there. That was infuriating to watch, especially since I knew how it was going to end. Like you work so god damn hard to pull out the win and he just refuses to let you have it.

    And I know, the points are meaningless, it was just a beta, blah, blah, blah, but really it's the principle of the thing. You work your ass off for the win and the validation that goes along with it only to have your opponent spit in your face and deny you out of spite.

    God people suck sometimes.
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    I guess this thread is going to live on for a while...

    Nachoortiz come on man...

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    I've only been able to finish 2 matches without losing connection, for what it's worth.
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    Beautiful ragequit by YoungThug. Classic form & perfect execution 10/10

    also yeah I know I need a new graphics card
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    Better than ragequitting is ragewinning, where you beat someones ass really bad then when they're at like 5% life in the 2nd just leave.

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    I don't mind if my opponent disconnects when it's a laggy match up. =/
    xaaz wrote: »
    Here are a few of mine from the past couple betas. Almost all of my ragequits have been from PC players for some reason.

    We are an angry bunch....

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    was this a ragequit? if so, then why??? it's not like i got a revenge stun, finished the round by shooting him into the bus, and then taunted
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    how come everytime i lose they take ponts away from me (as to be expected) but when i win it says failed to send results to server? seriously? maybe i should start rage quitting...
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    I'm terrible at fighting games even though I love them.

    But it really sucks when you rarely win matches but when your about to somebody just quits on you.

    I stopped playing killer instinct because everybody raged quit in that game.
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    According to Capcom they are aware of how many are disconnecting and they're and working on a fix... Hopefully it'll be implemented soon.

    In the meantime:

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    I just hope ragequitters get fucked retroactively.
    These pieces of shit need ranked bans and their points reset.
    I still get good laughs out of these wankers anyways.
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    I only managed to record 2 ragequits but I got a lot more :

    This match was lagging as hell, every time I tried to do cr.MK to Legs, I got uf HK :

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    I actually D/C'd at the beginning of rnd 2 twice yesterday, because of obvious lag switchers. A Chun Li with "Warp" in their name, that was literally warping all over the stage, and a Ken that was popping around just doing uppercuts that kept hitting me through rollbacks.

    This issue is just as bad as the ragequitting, because Capcom's current netcode is alot more susceptible to lagswitching, I noticed since the betas. Something has to be done about this just as much as the ragequitting. I don't want to feel the need to D/C when someone is obviously lagswitching and I have a great winstreak going. It was nowhere near as bad on SFIV. It's ridiculous on SFV though.
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    I'm on PC, and I've never once ragequit. And frankly, I'm not even sure how it's done aside from literally just pulling the internet cable out of the console/PC. If that's how it's done, then that seems awfully inconvenient for the ragequitter.'s just a freaking video game. Yes, it's nice to have the shiny record, but c'mon...99% of the players online are NEVER going to be competitive enough to participate in tournaments where actual money might ever be involved (I'm sure not). Our culture has become so damn averse to failing in any way whatsoever that this is what a freakin' game has become.

    The times I've been ragequit on (in both SFIV and SFV) have been at the beginning of round 2 after I beat the ever-living crap out of them in round 1. Doesn't make it right, but at least it wasn't a good, close, competitive match and then they ragequit (like so many of the videos posted here).

    Capcom does indeed need to figure out a proper punishment system. However, it needs to be in a way that does not penalize genuine loss of connections via connectivity problems. Maybe something like monitoring the connection latency and if it's below a certain acceptable threshold then any disconnect is punished severely. Laggy matches happen, and are quite irritating, as is the warping around (I thought it was just me that was seeing this anomaly), so if there was a way to monitor for those and enable legitimate disconnects with penalty that would be ideal. But since Capcom can't even seem to get their crap together with the netcode in general, it seems unlikely that anything like what has been proposed will ever be realized.
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    If you quit out of a very laggy match, early on, is that still classified as a rage quit?
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    KungFoo wrote: »
    If you quit out of a very laggy match, early on, is that still classified as a rage quit?

    I would personally say no. If the match is laggy, then it's laggy on both ends, yes (I'm no network expert)? So if there's lag and it doesn't clear up in the first round then someone quits (or if you yourself decide to), then I think that's perfectly reasonable.
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    say hello to DjCala

    angelpalm wrote: »
    People have to complain to counter act that massive influx of idiot gamers that just eat whatever shit pie developers and studios crap out in front of them. If people didn't complain we would all be playing NMS for years right along side the martian.
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    Good shit everybody, keep defaming these people. Here's my humble contribution:

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    This was a heartbreaker because I had just lost to him... Fadecy, come on... (skip to 2:08 if you just want the fight)

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    Omnius wrote: »
    This was a heartbreaker because I had just lost to him... Fadecy, come on... (skip to 2:08 if you just want the fight)

    Considering they were on an 8 win streak, seems like he's one of those people who just ragequits every match he's on track to lose to artificially boost his rank. That's probably the only reason he's 3k+ LP. I really don't understand the logic behind this behaviour, because surely the whole point is that your rank is a measure of your skill? It's meaningless if you act like this guy and quit all the time. Eventually he's gonna get to a high enough rank that he just gets bodied by everyone.
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    RQ from 'fadecy'
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