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The Food Situation

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The westgate is booty grease and inconvenient but it is what it is. the new management and remodeling since the 2014 event will hopefully make the stay more pleasant, but the main concern I personally have is regarding food. (see this thread)

My question is this: given our position off strip, and in the convention center area, what are the best options/recommendations ppl have for food near the hilton and the westgate?

I would like to take info from this thread and submit a guide to overseas players coming to the event. When you make your suggestions, try to list what kind of food it is, whether it is walking distance or how far the taxi ride will be/how much it will cost. please also try to note what kind of price level it is (for example, Kane bum riverburgers = ramen noodle hamburgers/ $ /walking distance .7 miles)

if at all possible, i would like to get suggestions from vegas natives (i know yall dont mess with the strip but, any advice is welcome when it comes to good eats)

*will update*
Breakfast options:

Lunch Options:

Dinner Options:
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