The Free Stuff and Hot Deals Thread

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We need one of these...


1. Everything must be FREE or a good deal. It can be something you are giving away or something you found online.

2. charging for shipping is allowed, must be within reason...

3. Don't just take.

4. Only take whats needed.

5. Reposting is allowed.

6. Do not be cheap!

Orange is experation date
Green means limited area

This is a collection I gather from alot of multiple sites, but I bring the ones that you might be interested here. I try to make is SRK friendly as possible.

ill post stuff in here if there is an incredibly good deal, or just FREE. if you guys find anything at your local stores (ex. 75% off after a sale all ready on a tyco RC) then u can post here.

Free Stuff

Pet Food
4 lbs. of Free Dog or Cat food - Call 1-866-894-BARK and just take the little questionare (its an automated robot), takes about 3 min tops.


Free Computer Magazine for 3 years- Fill this out, click "i do not have access code"

The rest

Free Posters - Pretty big selection of free posters here.

20 Free 4x6 Picture Prints - When you sign up at snapfish. I did it and it works great, you can ship to your house or pick up at Walgreens near you.

Free Cold Stone IceCream - Its for birthdays but just sign up and put ur bday to like a week later

Free US Stamps - Check out the address you have to mail it to.

Free $15 Gift Certificate to restaurant - Fill out this form. **States are limited

Free Act II Popcorn - Scroll down, on the right.

1 hour bowling at Brunswick - Sign up here

Free Sandwich from Blimpies - Sign up at and they send you buy one get one free coupons and a free sub on your birthday. Thanks to Ne0phyte

GTA 1 & 2 - download them!! Thanks to ShinAkumaX!

Free Head and Shoulders Shampoo - Fill the form.

Free XBLA Underow - Right here! Thanks to Toodles!

Free Charmin Toilet paper Extender - just fill this out and you're set

Free Clorox Wipes - clean up

Free Disneyland/Disneywolrd ticket - On your birthday, just sign up here starting in '09

Hot Deals

Buy One Board Game, get 2nd FREE - here KB TOYS!

X-Box 360 Wireless Receiver $16.99 - Its on sale here.

Ipod Noise Isolation earphones $1.99 - Clearanced out here, $1.99 including shipping

EasyBay Jackets $9.99 Retails at $60 bucks, good warm jackets

Call of Duty Nintendo Wii $4.97 - Hit up your local Sears store and hunt this down!! Only 5 bux.

I will post more as i see them!

You can help to by listing things, PMing me things you think are good and I wil l list, recommend me things you want more specifically (like if you want more magazines), telling me if the links are broken or expired, or just + repping me if you like what i posted.

Also, if you want something in particular, like if you're looking for an mp3 player, then post it here as well and I will try to find a good deal for you specifically.

I will try to update this thread every 3-4 days and delete things that expire or end.
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