Europe Street Fighter V PSN/Fighter ID

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Hello there.
Wanted to make a thread about SFV players from Europe.
This way players from Europe can search EU Only PSN ID`s and probably get to know someone new from their area.

My info requirement suggestion is:

Fighter ID: Idaten_Shinobi
PSN ID: Idaten_Shinobi
Country: Eastern Europe. Will move to Germany soon.

Currently Used Characters: Zangief, trying out other characters. Still not sure who to main.
Would like to find players using: Nash(hate the character with passion, but I wanna learn to play vs him), Shotos, other characters as well
Additional Comments: Currently I`m down to play all players who are actively trying to learn the game. I`m not sure if I`ll play the game seriously, but I would prefer to try and learn the system and the general flow myself rather than jumping on the "Fail Launch Bandwagon" just to be on the trendy opinion side.


  • Zoko LocoZoko Loco Wannabe Joined: Posts: 56
    Fighter ID: Bossomat
    Steam ID: 76561198074153400
    Country: Germany

    Maining Chun Li so far

  • RainomonRainomon Marin KARIN! Joined: Posts: 1
    Hello. I joined this forum exactly for this reason. I'm from Europe as well.

    PSN: SuperBoyMIX
    IGN: Rainomon

    Looking forward to playing with people and teaming up, thank you!
  • DelcraigoDelcraigo Joined: Posts: 29
    Psn Delcraigo
    Fighter ID Delcraigo

    UK bison
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