SRK's Capcom Fighters Network List (aka Grappling Buds)



  • ParryThisParryThis Joined: Posts: 439
    ParryThis | ParryThis | PS4 | NYC | RYU | Level: ASIAN
    My Mains:
    3rdStrike: Hugo
    SF5: Urien
  • LBCLBC KISHISHISHISHI Joined: Posts: 3,681
    "LBC once parried Daigo super....I SEEN IT!"- JAY "KILLA Z' TANNER

    3rd Strike: Makoto/Q/Alex/Urien
    MvC2: MSP
    SFV: Alex / R.Mika

  • Vantablack__Vantablack__ A-grap-pling-bud Joined: Posts: 5
    Vantablack__ | Bubblegumb-itch | PS4 | U.S. | Laura | Intermediate (to slightly advance)
    Street Fighter V:Laura,Fang and Juri
    Street Fighter IV:Juri,Decapre,Rose and Abel
  • CathraoCathrao Police brutality~ Joined: Posts: 597
    Larthy | Cathrao | PC | Czech Republic | Ryu | Silver
    Steam/CFN ID: Cathrao | SFV: Akuma/Menat | T7: Lili/Feng
  • FDreamFDream Joined: Posts: 879
    FDream|LeftOverGuy|Ps4|Europe/Netherland|Have no main yet| Newbie

    Calling all European players to add, really wanna learn this game and struggle to play this game correctly
  • NiiobuNiiobu Arcana Blart 3: LOVE MALL!!!!! Joined: Posts: 1,032
    TSnooze | BillyH | PC | East Coast, USA | Alex | Novice
    Changed Main
  • GuhawkGuhawk "You can't escap- oh you escaped" Joined: Posts: 7
    Could you please update my data? Thanks! :)

    Guhawk | guHawk | PS4 | Brazil | Laura/Alex | Novice/Intermediate
    Youtube channel (link on image):
  • aguamineralaguamineral Joined: Posts: 11
    aguamineral | AguaMineral | PC | Spain | Karin/Vega | Novice
  • JamesJoestarJamesJoestar Professional waifu hunter Joined: Posts: 46
    JamesJoestar|KarinsAnimeHair| PC|NA |Karin/Vega|Novice

    Looking for somebody better than me to give me advice
    SFV CFN: KarinsAnimeHair
    SFV Mains: Karin, Vega. Still torn on a third
  • Jaded_BuddhaJaded_Buddha Joined: Posts: 46
    edited May 2016
    Jaded_Buddha | Jaded_Buddha | PS4 | Australia - Melbourne | Guile (and a bit of Ken) | A little bit better than novice
  • UkioUkio Old School Noob Joined: Posts: 164
    edited May 2016
    Ukio | Abogalypse | PS4 | Spain (Western Europe) | Ken or Alex | Some... But not on my prime. (Novice/Intermediate)

    Edit: Sorry
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  • ThisisEubanksThisisEubanks Joined: Posts: 16
    SRK - ThisisEubanks

    CFN - ThisisEubanksPC

    Platform - PC

    Region - SoCal

    Main - Laura/ken

    Skill - Intermediate (but im switching my main to ken so novice lol)
  • Supa246Supa246 Joined: Posts: 5
    Supa246 | SupaFoopa | PC | Barbados | R.Mika | Newbie
  • A1BullA1Bull Joined: Posts: 3

    SRK - A1Bull

    CFN - A1Bull

    Platform - Ps4

    Region - America: East Coast

    Main - Alex

    Skill - Novice
  • DelcraigoDelcraigo Joined: Posts: 29
    SRK: Delcraigo
    CFN: Delcraigo
    Platform: Ps4
    Region: UK
    Main: Bison/Guile
    Skill: Intermediate.

    Don't have too many regular sparring partners now I'm on Ps4 lost all contact with most players I used to play on xbox live
  • DiasFoxDiasFox The Sleepy Fox Joined: Posts: 463
    CFN: DiasFox
    Platform: PC
    Region: SEA (East Malaysia)
    Main: Chun Li
    Skill: Scrub lvl Bronze
    Scrub artist :
    CFN: DiasFox Character: ChunLi (Bronze Level A.K.A NOOBSHIT)

  • Swave96Swave96 Joined: Posts: 4
    SRK: Swave96
    CFN: SwaveyLife
    Platform: PS4
    Region: Tennessee, USA
    Main: Laura
    Skill: Intermediate

    Looking for training partners to play against often.
  • DecoDaProducerDecoDaProducer Joined: Posts: 15
    DecoDaProducer | DecoDaProd | PS4 | East Coast | Ken, Nash | Novice
    Just put SRK in the box when you add me.
    Sean Matsuda for SFV. Respect my jumper. Jumpshot wet.
  • beagleboybeagleboy Joined: Posts: 53
    SRK: beagleboy
    Cfn: beagleboy13
    Ps4/ cammy
    South Carolina

  • Off_The_TopOff_The_Top Joined: Posts: 1
    PS4: off_the_top
    Cammy, Birdie
  • Mr. FlowersMr. Flowers Omega Male Joined: Posts: 2,085 mod
    PS4: off_the_top
    Cammy, Birdie

    Don't nerf me!
  • blazzi_tokesblazzi_tokes Joined: Posts: 7
    Ps4 Ramendyne
    CFN Ramendyne
    Characters Chun and Nash
    Location Minnesota
    Level Beginner maybe slightly higher
    Looking for people to help me improve as well as people at my level so i can constantly improve
  • Sheng_LongSheng_Long Joined: Posts: 3
    edited May 2016
    Character: Ryu.

    CFN: Bushido-Zen.

    Level: Also Beginner but may be slightly higher.

    I'm also looking for people to help me improve, people to train with to help develop my skills.
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  • SnakeofNinjutsuSnakeofNinjutsu Kallen Kouzuki FTW Joined: Posts: 325
    edited May 2016
    Psn SnakeofNinjutsu
    Characters:Laura, Ryu, Ken
    Location: Florida

    Holding a ft3 8 man lobby Saturday night event on ps4. Got 2 spots open for the event. Message me on psn if interested.
    P4A - Elizabeth
    IGAU - Catwoman
    Jojo - Dio/Giorno
  • Mr. FlowersMr. Flowers Omega Male Joined: Posts: 2,085 mod
    Psn SnakeofNinjutsu
    Characters:Laura, Ryu, Ken
    Location: Florida

    Holding a ft3 8 man lobby Saturday night event on ps4. Got 2 spots open for the event. Message me on psn if interested.

    CFN? Skill level?
    Don't nerf me!
  • MesenkomahaMesenkomaha Joined: Posts: 579
    edited June 2016
    CFN/PSN:. Mesenkomaha
    Location: Midwest USA
    Character:. Gief
    Skill level: Super Gold. Above intermediate below expert.

    Looking for strong opponents to improve my game.
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  • denzjrdenzjr Joined: Posts: 2
    SRK - denzjr

    CFN - denzjr

    PSN - denzjr

    Platform - PS4

    Region - Turkey

    Mains - ken, nash, ryu

    Skill - pre-intermediate
  • crash_and_burncrash_and_burn "Another shade of empty, another shade of blue, another shade of yellow, Sunset yellow ..." Joined: Posts: 2,986
    SRK - crash_and_burn
    CFN - crash_and_burn
    PSN - crashandburn2016
    Platform - PS4
    Region - Buffalo, NY
    Mains - M.Bison (Dictator) [Intermediate]
    Zangief [Novice]
    Ryu [Scrub]
    Urien [when available]
  • Spinning BeatSpinning Beat Mr. creampie your girl Joined: Posts: 3,973
    Spinning Beat | weedandwater | PS4 | Baltimore/East Coast | Vega | Novice
    The most beautiful rose is cultivated in the blood of those who fall before me.
    SFV: Vega.
    3S:Ibuki, Yang, Ryu
    KOF 98:Kyo/Iori/O.Chris
    I play to learn, because you can't win if you don't know shit.
    July, 16 1991: That's when the beat dropped.
    R.I.P Bankroll Fresh
  • JeronadoJeronado Joined: Posts: 15
    Jeronado | Jeronado | PS4 | Ontario, Canada | Cammy | Newbie
  • Vincient WiseVincient Wise VinSapient Joined: Posts: 51
    Looking for a permanent training partner who play this games hours a day, and wants to grind it out in long sessions. Trying to become a tourney player.

    Vincient Wise | vSapient | PS4 | Long Beach, CA | Zangief, Dhalsim | Intermediate
  • timetravellertimetraveller Joined: Posts: 1
    timetraveller | timetrave11er | PS4 | Asia/Thailand | Ryu | Newbie
  • appomoappomo uupps Joined: Posts: 3,871
    wouldnt it be better to order the list via regions then alphabetical order?
  • JahlilwzJahlilwz Joined: Posts: 1
    edited June 2016
    SRK: Jahlilwz
    CFN: Jahlilwz
    Platform: PS4
    Region: Morocco/Ivory Coast/Euro
    Characters: Nash( Novice ) and second is R.Mika (Beginner)
    Skill Level: Novice
    I want to improve a lot for Online plays and also later on for tournaments but clearly a long way to go
    need a lot of help to train my main Nash so i accept anyone willing to help
  • Mr. FlowersMr. Flowers Omega Male Joined: Posts: 2,085 mod
    appomo wrote: »
    wouldnt it be better to order the list via regions then alphabetical order?

    That is a great idea! I've just implemented it. Good way to go since we had the reserved posts and the database of names has grown considerably. Thanks again for the suggestion.
    Don't nerf me!
  • VohnnyVohnny Joined: Posts: 2
    Vohnny | Vohnny | PS4 | Ohio, USA | Ryu | Novice at best
  • VaderFettVaderFett Another DLC is coming your way! #PayUp Joined: Posts: 44

    VaderFett | Vader-Fett | PS4 | USA | Nash | Novice/Intermediate
    PSN: Vader-Fett XBL: Vader Fett 1 FightCade: VaderFett

    "You know? I love cheap characters!"-Infiltration on why he plays Nash
    "Oh, this is the worst question to ask! Of course, I body him!"-Tokido on facing Wong
  • JanyX7JanyX7 Joined: Posts: 1
    SRK: JanyX7
    CFN: JanyX7
    Platform: PS4
    Region: Europe, Slovakia
    Main: Chun li
    Skill: Novice/Intermediate
  • Sifu VSifu V Is Lord_Grimulus Joined: Posts: 189
    SRK: Sifu V
    PSN: Lord_Grimulus
    CFN: Grimulus
    Location: United Kingdom
    Char: Zangief
    Skill Level: Intermediate/ Advanced
    Classic quotes #3: 'The older i get, the better i was'.
  • makahlmakahl Joined: Posts: 5
    edited August 2016
    makahl | Makahl | PC | Netherlands | Yuri | Newbie
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  • infrequent lurkerinfrequent lurker I'm not here Joined: Posts: 1,514
    Would anyone be interested in an online tourney? I'd like at least 12 people to participate. The more the merrier though. I can't do cash but I can do PSN, Live & Steam points (I think). Payouts would work like this.


    Let me know if you'd like to join in here. Or should I make a new thread?
  • AceKombatAceKombat (́◕◞౪◟◕‵) ”WINNERS DON’T USE ALMIGHTY.” Joined: Posts: 2,035
    SRK: AceKombat
    CFN: AceKombat
    Platform: PC
    Region: USA
    Main: Ken

    Steam (communication): xacekombatx
    With all the hope combined... there can be a chance in SFV that Ken can, one day, walk again. #TeamWheelchair
    If interested in SFEX2+ matchmaking:
    CFN: AceKombat Steam: xAceKombatx
  • infrequent lurkerinfrequent lurker I'm not here Joined: Posts: 1,514
    edited July 2016
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  • coolboycorporatecoolboycorporate TSG Joined: Posts: 150
    SRK: coolboycorporate
    CFN: coolboycorporate
    Platform: PC
    Region: Canada, East
    Main: Guile/Bison
    Skill: Novice/Intermediate

    UMVC3 : Deadpool | Doom | Nova or Deadpool | Doom | Wesker
    USF4 : Guile | Bison | Gief
    SSB4: Luigi | Jiggles | Ganon
    Melee : Marth | Yoshi
    Smash 64 : Fox | Kirby
    MK9 : Kung Lao | Scorpion
  • KingLegbertKingLegbert Joined: Posts: 2
    Kinglegbert | Legbert| PC| Maryland,USA| Bison| Intermediate
  • VisuraVisura Joined: Posts: 1
    Visura | Visura | PC | Germany | Juri | Newbie

    Side note: I'm a total newbie in the fighting game genre, just started playing Street Fighter V and would like to find someone to play and learn the game with. I'm fluent in both english and german so don't worry too much about communiciation :b
  • ViperPhaceViperPhace Joined: Posts: 11
    ViperPhace I ViperPhace I PS4 I NC, USA I Dhalsim (working on Juri too) I Beginner
  • Mayo88mMayo88m Joined: Posts: 2

    I've always been an avid lover of fighting games, but I also have never really put in the time to get good at them. I wish to change that. If you're interested in chatting, getting better, or just helping someone get better, please add me and let's play. My PSN is Nex-Ianua and my SFV name is DaMayoR.

    Thanks for the help!
  • GreenwoodGreenwood Earth, the only true God Joined: Posts: 886
    edited October 2016
    CFN: JujuGreendog
    Platform: PS4
    Region: LI, NY, USA
    Main: <-
    Skill: Intermediate/Ultra Bronze

    If you invite me, I will join.
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    Inj2: Wonder Woman
    SFV: Cammy
  • RexEffexRexEffex Joined: Posts: 1
    RexEffex | ClubAmerican | PS4 | USA | Ryu | not great...
    PSN: ClubAmerican
    Games: SFV
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