PS3 Sticks are allowed at EVO?

KaineghisKaineghis Joined: Posts: 8
I was reading the additional rules of the tournament and nowhere it says that the PS3 stick are not allowed, but since you need to have a DS4 connected to the PS4 for the game to recognize your stick, my question is are they allowed? Will there be a DS4 connected so we can synch the stick to the game?


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    From what I've heard, most tournaments are going to require people to use something like the Brook converter for their PS3 sticks/pads. I wouldn't be surprised if EVO had a similar rule down the line, but we'll just have to wait and see.
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  • KaineghisKaineghis Joined: Posts: 8
    Thanks, I think i'll get a brook converter since is easier to use.
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