[Mar 12, 2016] River City Rushdown 2 - Grand Rapids MI

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You want a runback? Thank you all for making the last Rushdown such a success. Come join us at the second one now that you've had a month in the lab! We'll be seeing you monthly on every second Saturday.

Edit: Let us know at sign-up if you have any bracket requests, ie: "I don’t want my first match to be against the guy from my hometown that I drove all the way here with."

Twitch Stream
SF Bracket
MK Bracket
SG Bracket
Facebook Event

SFV/MKX/Skullgirls on PS4
Casuals till 2pm-2am
Setups are welcome

March 12, 2016
Sign-up from 3pm-4pm
MK @ 4:30
SF @ 5:30
SG after

The Geek Group
902 Leonard St NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

$5 per game goes into the pot
$5 venue fee goes directly to the venue
(No venue fee if you are already a member there, $20/mo, show your Membership Card)

Top 3 in each game split the pot for that game

Standard format

Your life might be ruined if you fail to desync your wireless controllers.

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