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Street Fighter Alpha VCs for more obscure characters?

AlloAllo Joined: Posts: 2
Hi there, I was wondering whether anyone had a definitive list of VCs for the SFA3 Max characters?
- Evil Ryu
- Guile
- Fei Long
- Dee Jay
- Maki
- Yun
- Ingrid
- Eagle

For Guile, I use:
VC2 (MP+MK): c.MP -> (HK Flash Kick -> c.HP) x n
This works even in the corner.

For Maki, I use:
VC2 (MP+MK): c.MK -> QCF + HP -> (c.HP -> QCF + HP[miss]) x n, then when at corner, (s.HP) x n. When meter drops below 10%, QCF+HK, HK.
This works only on the ground, but you can start from the c.HP in the brackets if you catch them with a counter hit which knocks them into the air.

Be great if others could list their known VCs for the other console exclusive characters, so we could make these characters competitive as well.


  • HanzoHimemiyaHanzoHimemiya Joined: Posts: 28
    SFA3 Bonus Characters of SSF2X in V Ism are decent mid-low tiers

    Dee Jay

    VC General Loop (d,u+LK) x N


    VC General Loop (dp+LP) x N

    Fei Long

    VC3 Midcreen Simple: qcf+HP x 3 > s.HK > fj.MK > f+HK to Corner

    VC1 Midscreen Damaging: (rdp+LK > cr.HP > db,qcf,uf+MK) x N to Corner

    VC1 Corner: (rdp+HK) x N

    Yun (most easiest one)

    VC1 (qcf+LP/qcb+LP) > qcf+HP x N to Corner

    Corner qcb+LP > qcb+hp/mp x N


    VC1 Corner : dp+LP > (s.HP) x N Ender qcb+HP

    VC2 Midscreen loop: dp+LP > ( cr.HP > whiff qcb+LK) x N to Ender qcb+HP


    VC1 Corner: qcf+P > (s.HP) x to Ender qcf+HK,K

    VC1 Midscreen: cr.MK > qcf+LP > (s.HK > whiff qcf+MP/HP) x N to corner

    VC3 Corner OTG Loop : (qcf+HK,K) x N
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