Places to play in Tokyo?

tautau The Little BearJoined: Posts: 207
Last time I was in Japan in 2007, I played at Shibuya Kaikan. I've heard that place is now gone. Does anyone know where the top players like BAS play these days, if at all?



  • DevilJin 01DevilJin 01 Get some shill in yo system Joined: Posts: 57,984 mod
    I know some play at Gamespot Versus. Least they stream tournaments for it online sometimes.

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  • DevdanDevdan Joined: Posts: 538
    They do play it at Versus sometimes, but if you go on the wrong day it's not even running. I go there for 3S sometimes, and usually none of the machines are running it. Compared to 3S (a game most people consider dead) I think it's fallen off the map. Unless there's some place I don't know about that does regular events for it.
  • tautau The Little Bear Joined: Posts: 207
    Thanks for the info. It is really unfortunate to hear, but I'm not sure what I was really expecting, considering CvS2 was nearly dead 10 years ago. :(
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