Biggest 3S Event of the Year: Clash of the Titans at TFC, Raleigh, NC



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    Can't wait for the next one, and I promise, one less beer

    No fun in that, I need at least one other person in the room with a beer in their hand by early afternoon.

    Uh, that actually was me over the course of the weekend.

    Watch the stream archive from friday night; you'll understand why.
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    Michael Jackson Greatest Hits Box Set w/ All Music Videos

    Is also surely to be the Christmas Gift of the year.

    Dressed up like pherai gouki 2K5
    In case you didn't know, Michael J was one of the most 3rd Strike dudes to ever exist.
    And with 3s videos about everything, there was of course one about him. It starts at 1:30
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    That was 3 minutes well wasted
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