Questions registering for EVO

TeH_JERGENTeH_JERGEN Joined: Posts: 2
Is it possible to sign up for a tournament after purchasing the tickets or do we have to do all of that at once? If we can sign up for the at a later date will the prices go up for tournament entries as well?


  • MrWizardMrWizard Supreme Commander Joined: Posts: 22,134 admin
    you can, just send a email from your Evo ticket, and ill give you instructions.
  • TeH_JERGENTeH_JERGEN Joined: Posts: 2
    That is great to hear. Thank you for the reply. I saw it before but was out and about and never remembered to comment back.

    I have another question now if you don't mind helping out. If I were to sign up for 2 different games and their playtimes overlapped would I be able to do both or would I have to choose one and forego the other?
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