Yakima sf v players

mrNARAKUmrNARAKU Joined: Posts: 14
Any sf v players around? Long time fighting game enthusiast here looking for other ppl to battle on or offline. If ur interested hit me up! I have street fighter v, ultra sf4, and mkx on ps4, but i play most any fighting games (guilty gear, blazblue, KI etc)

Would like to get a group going for weekly fight night (Wednesday night fights style)


  • MrKarate2MrKarate2 Joined: Posts: 180
    Come to tri cities. Tournament this Saturday. Go to our Facebook page Tri-Cities FGC+
    Seichusen Godanzuki
  • mrNARAKUmrNARAKU Joined: Posts: 14
    sorry i missed it ill make sure to checkout the facebook page and try to get to one of ur events
  • MrKarate2MrKarate2 Joined: Posts: 180
    We have another one on the 24th.
    Seichusen Godanzuki
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