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Places to play in Toronto/GTA?

karduskardus Joined: Posts: 100
No luck finding any nice places in the Toronto area to play, anyone know of any?


  • NoMoreFunlandNoMoreFunland Perfection equals obliteration! Joined: Posts: 1,229
    There is still a very small community of friends who play in Toronto. Some folks show up to A&C games and play 3s on random Wednesday's or Friday's as well. Been a while since I've visited there. If you send me a PM I can arrange a time to meet at A&C so we can get some games in. If we're lucky some other A&C regulars who like 3rd Strike will come play with us.
  • karduskardus Joined: Posts: 100
    edited April 2016
    Sure that could be fun! I've never been to A&C but have been meaning to check it out. I suppose over there the games are on xbox/ps3?

    There has to be a cab floating out there somewhere!
  • NoMoreFunlandNoMoreFunland Perfection equals obliteration! Joined: Posts: 1,229
    Yeah over at A&C we would have to play with Xbox/PS3 and probably on low lag LCD too which adds to the problem but it's a place to start. There is at least one head to head jap cab close to Toronro but it's a bit of a trip.
  • karduskardus Joined: Posts: 100
    Oh, where is that head to head cab located?
  • NoMoreFunlandNoMoreFunland Perfection equals obliteration! Joined: Posts: 1,229
    It's in Whitby with my original 3rd Strike buddy. We used to play in Toronto around the first year or two of Online Edition. Then he bought a house in whitby and nobody else had room to house the Versus City cab :-/
  • EricGGMusicEricGGMusic Online Tournament Organizer Joined: Posts: 1,754
    Aside from A&C, there isn't really a place to play any of the older games. There are other places similar to A&C around the GTA but they're mainly focused on playing SF5.
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  • karduskardus Joined: Posts: 100
    Should have my portable CPS3 setup ready soon, hopefully!
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